Are you looking for the answer to today's Vampire Trivia .
Running Water" is the answer for October 26, 2009

Thank you to slmarsey1 for information about the Vampire Trivia and for providing me answers. Additional thanks to gin287, rlmel, xxsweetqueenxx, writerwolf2000, mari_moo_moo, magicsspottedstables, and ginnyxpotter for also providing answers to the trivia.

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Did you try the Capt'n Crunch Community Challenge?

You had to join a team (Either team Capt'n or team Crunch) and then collect "water drops". You collected drops by answering trivia and also by playing the Capt'n's Hull Catch game.

This game ended on Oct 11 at midnight NST.
Final results: team Capn Drops: 4392329
team Crunch Drops: 4304482

At the end of each week, winning team members got an additional 500np and on Oct 12 the winning team gets virtual items.

GO Team Capt'n

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Thanks to rlmel, daddyattitude, slmarsey1, tsutomu_83, crabclaws, lone_midnight_wolf, mortire, luciecat280,stabbing_westward, kime21tunnel,rubberduck_u82, nutty_about_nuts, and kllven11 for helping me with the trivia answers

And thanks to anshulm29 for some personal competition and letting me know what prizes were given to team Crunch. Thanks to turkeybabe241 for always encouraging the team to try better. And thanks to meanmoddy for advice on how to play the game.
Special thanks to members of BOTH teams for their hard work and effort.

I was unable to update this guide Sep 12-14 because of a code glitch. I had to remove all images and links because of the glitch.

Go team Cap'n
Winners by week
Week 1-team crunch
Week 2- team Cap'n
Week 3- team Cap'n
Week 4- team crunch

Congrats team Cap'n
Congratulations! Your team has won the Cap'n Crunch Fill it Up! challenge. Great job! For your hard work, you have earned 2000 NP and 2 cool virtual prizes! Check your inventory to see what you won!

Mini Waterfall Pond Maraquan Tambourine

Team Crunch was very competitive and were given prizes too.
Team Crunch members were given 1000 neopoints and a Maraqua Puzzle Box

Congrats to both teams for their hard work and effort. Also congrats on the good sportsmanship I observed in the games boards.
Ya'll are awesome!

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