Hello and welcome to my Faerie Bubbles guide. Believe it or not, there was a time when I could hardly score 600 on that game, then the avatar came out and when I saw how pretty it was, I was encouraged and I kept practicing till I eventually got the avatar^^. Note:I recently got frozen so you will not be seeing my main anymore, I use the account 'yomna' now.

The Basics:


(can be used once each)

Bubbles: Turns all bubbles into one single colour.
Slumberberry: Makes your bubbles go back to the top of the screen after being pushed down by the dark grey bar.
Faerieland: Gives you a rainbow bubble.
Stardust: Gives you a nova bubble.

If you would need to aim straight upwards to get that perfect shot, simply press the up key on your keyboard.
If you shoot a bubble to a group of three or more bubbles of the same colour, forming a group of four, you will set off a combo. Each combo has different effects depending on the type of the bubble. Shooting a bubble on a pair of the same-coloured bubbles will only cause the three of them to fall off.
I always play Faerie Bubbles on normal screen mode, because it's the most convenient, in my opinion. Also, turn the sound off, the faerie bubbles song tends to get on your nerves xD.
The game consists of 20 levels. For the avatar, you only need to pass level 19 with a score of 1750+, because by passing level 19, you automatically earn 250 points, which when added to 1750+ equals 2000+ which is the avatar score =D.

Note: The level screenies weren't all taken on one game so some of the scores might be unproportional.

Click here to play or read on ^^. The avatar obtained looks something like this xP:

Yes, I do confess that it took a LOT of practicing, but it was all worth it in the end. I've decided to write a step-by-step guide on how I managed to get the avatar, to help those who want and are trying for the avatar. Normally, if you are trying for the avatar, you'd know each and every bubble combo, but in case you don't, I'm gladly going to list them:

Bubble Combos:

Water Combo: Causes all water bubbles on the level to disappear.
Fire Combo: Burns away all bubbles touching it except water ones.
Air Combo: Makes a new line of bubbles appear where it was.
Light Combo: Converts all the bubbles it is touching to one random colour.
Earth Combo: It itself disappears but a new line of bubbles is formed at the top.
Dark Combo: Turns all dark bubbles into random colours.

Special Bubbles:

Nova Bubble: Clears the bubbles it touches.
Rainbow Bubble: Turns into the colour of the bubble it touches.


Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5
Level 6 | Level 7 | Level 8 | Level 9 | Level 10
Level 11 | Level 12&13 | Level 14 | Level 15
Level 16 | Level 17 | Level 18 | Level 19

Level 1:

Only play this level, if the top bubbles are fire (as in the screenie), water or light because those score the most points. If you get a level full of dark/earth/air bubbles, I suggest you restart the game. Level 1 is as easy as it looks, try to shoot as minimum as possible because that earns you more points.

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Level 2:

It's not usually this bad, but you need to be ready to get through each level whatever the bubbles are so here, basically, you need to activate the light combo, touching the earth ones to change their colour.

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Level 3:

Here just get rid of the light combos first then deal with the middle bubbles, try to shoot as minimum as possible.

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Level 4:

Basically, level 2, 3 and 4 have the same pattern, just different colours. So in this screenie, you /have/ to activate the fire combo so that the earth bubbles would burn away. Then you just get rid of the water bubbles and voila!

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Level 5:

This is the usual combination of level 5. All you need to do here is just get rid of each set of bubbles.. Personally, I try to get rid of the earth bubbles before the fire ones because the fire combo tends to burn one of the earth ones away.

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Level 6:

Here is where you need good aiming! Just simply get rid of each pair of colours and if you get an unneeded bubble, just place it under one of the others, say the water bubbles (see orange * on screenie) and then when you activate the water bubbles, the unwanted bubble will simply fall too.

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Level 7:

Pretty much the same, don't you think? xP

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Level 8:

One of the trickiest levels. It usually consists of water, light and dark bubbles like the screenie above so here's what I do. First, activate the water combo, so all water bubbles fall off the screen. Then activate the light combo on the left which will change the colour of the dark ones to another colour. Then, activate the other dark combo, which usually changes into light/fire bubbles, so when you activate those, you won't have any earth/air/dark bubbles left.

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Level 9:

This is one of the easiest levels, if you aim correctly, but if you misaim a lot, then you could end up losing on this level so try your best to aim accurately. Since most of the bubbles on the screen are in pairs, it's usually really easy to get rid of them so you shouldn't have a problem on this level.

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Level 10:

90 % of the time, this level consists of a set of earth bubbles in the middle, dark bubbles on the sides, and fire ones beside them. What I do here, is activate one of the fire combos to get rid of 2 of the earth ones so that there wouldn't be any nasty combo, then activate the other fire combo, then just simply clear the level and voila! In the screenie above, just activate the fire combo to get rid of the earth ones then clear the air and water bubbles.

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Level 11:

This level usually consists of 2 sets of fire bubbles one on each side, air and light bubbles in the middle, and water bubbles on the far sides so in that case, I start by activating the air ones, since they only lead to the formation of around 2 bubbles because the space is already occupied. Then I activate the light bubbles, then the fire ones beside them which burn the ones touching them, after that, the other set of fire bubbles then the water ones. In the case of the screenie above, activate the fire combo to burn away the dark one then activate the water combo and clear the rest.

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Level 12 and 13:

Those are quite the same, just different bubbles. In the screenie above (level 12), just get rid of each row consecutively and you will face no problem. The light bubbles tend to change the row they're touching into light bubbles too, and this happens most of the time. One of the very common combinations on level 12/13 is the one above (level 13) where the outermost row is dark, the middle one is air and the top one is light, with a fire bubble in the middle. All you need to do is activate the dark combo, then activate the air ones, so that they'd all fall off the screen, then get rid of the fire bubble, afterwards just activate the light bubble combo and there you go!

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Level 14:

At the beginning of the level, type 'stardust' and aim the nova bubble to the right side of the screen, some people prefer to get rid of the whole half but I never manage to do that and I find that doing it this way is easier.

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Level 15:

At the beginning of the level, type 'bubbles', usually they turn into a good colour, like light or water, sometimes they turn into dark or earth, then you'd have to, unfortunately, restart the game. To be able to finish the whole level in one shot, just type in 'faerieland' afterwards then shoot. If you are really lucky, they might turn into nova/rainbow bubbles, bear in mind that you /still/ need to use the 'faerieland' code.

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Level 16:

Try as hard as possible not to use the code 'slumberberry' in this level. On this level, I tend to get rid of the middle bubbles first, in this case, the earth ones, so just get rid of those, then get rid of the light ones at the top so that the whole line would fall (see arrows on screenie). Do that on both sides and you will end up clearing the level.

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Level 17:

Again, try not to use the 'slumberberry' code as you'll need it more on level 19. On this level, you should get rid of the earth ones in the middle, then the light ones above then (see * on screenie), so then you'll have access to the rest of the bubbles and you'll be able to clear them off.

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Level 18:

To be honest, I HATE this level, as I am a bad aimer and I admit it xD, I almost never aim correctly. This is one of the levels which you are supposed to finish in one step, if you get lucky, the first bubble you'll have will be the same colour as the top bubbles on the screen, in this case, water, so just try to aim correctly (by aiming to the right side of the screen) and if you get colours other than the ones at the top, then forget about clearing the level in one shot as you won't be able to in this case. Another tip is, if the top ones are water bubbles, but you cant manage to reach them, then try to form a bubble combo at the bottom so that all the screen would be cleared!

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Level 19:

If you still have the code 'slumberberry' then you shouldn't have to worry, just stay calm and shoot carefully so that you wouldn't misaim, and when you use the code, you'll have plenty of space to clear the level. Remember, you can stop after clearing level 19 ONLY if you have 1750+, but if you have less than that, I suggest you start on level 20 so that you'd gain some points which would equal to 2000+ when 250 points are added. Also don't hesitate to use the code until you're sure you won't be able to pass the level without it, because if you do pass the level without it, you can end up passing 20 too!

This is basically what I do when I am aiming for the avatar and it has been working fine. Remember that all you need is practice =), neomail me with any comments, suggestions, if the guide helped you pass a level/get the avatar or anything you'd like to enquire about. Good luck getting the avatar!

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