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Her Story

Oh Princess...

Being in her late teens, Princess knew it was time to be the new heir to the throne. She ponders if ever mother and father would be proud of her. She wishes she knew, like she wishes she knew what ever happened to her parent's mysterious disappearance, when she herself was a young cub. She remembers her parent's loyal servants, taking her into their care. She knows she is the legitimate heir to the throne, but is only able to be crowned when into full maturity, which happens to be tomorrow of her ceremony.

Princess' uncle kindly took the thrown, in place of her mother and father. He was a gentle king at most, but had anger issues. Most of the neopets in the land could not wait for the princess to become queen. Her mother and father's rule was known to be the best in all history. Her mother was known for her kind generosity, and her father was known for his proper rulings and not being very cruel to those who disobeyed the laws of the land. Whatever happened to them ten years ago, nobody knows. But now the pressure is on Princess, to now rule over the land.

Chapter 1

The room is warm but cool, as a gust of wind lifts the purple curtains. The walls are painted a very light purple, like the purple hue of a sunset. The white carpet seemed to shimmer with the moon's light piercing through the glass. The dresser drawers are made with the finest wood, with delicate carving designs carved into it. On the vanity was many pieces of priceless necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. There was a large brush and a picture frame of mother and father. The blankets on the bed are soft but not too warm to lie on. And the dozens of fancy, too poofed up pillows, are thrown on the floor since not comfortable to sleep on. Either way, it was very difficult for Princess to sleep tonight. Tomorrow is the big day, to step onto the steps and sit on the thrown, to be crowned as queen.

Princess' face was not one of excitement, but in concern. Many questions were forming, bouncing and spinning in her mind. Her thoughts were loud and noisy, but no sound was made in the room. "Will I be a good queen? Am I ready? What do the people expect from me? Would mother and father approve? What happened to mother and father? Was this destiny?

Out of all these thoughts and questions, something seemed missing, as if a question or thought deep down felt missing. In her gut, she felt something was out of the picture. "There must be more to being the perfect ruler, I mean my mother and father are still known to of had the best ruling of all history so far. There is something they would have told me, if... they were still here.

Her thoughts keep on the talking, "I mean, Uncle's rule is ok, but the way he sends neopets to the dungeons for such pity crimes." She shakes her head at the thought of the real punishments for much harsher crimes. "Besides, the people know as soon as I turn eight-teen, that will be all over. Just... there must be something I MUST KNOW!" She bit into the closest pillow by her, and shook it until feathers began raining down. "I hate this feeling, I really wish I knew what happened to mother and father. Not the same being raised by the servants, but still blessed that they were still there for my care.

Princess lays her head back down, a feather lands on the tip of her nose. Suddenly the feather flies off, as a huge gust of wind rushes into the room. Princess slowly rises from her bed, and leaps off towards the window sill. She stares straight towards the full moon, it's glow illuminating the entire city below. Her people are all asleep, nearly all the lights were off in the windows. There were no neopets flying, or walking in the streets. They know it's important to get rest for tomorrow.

Princess directs her attention to as far as her eyes can see. Past the buildings, and past the forest towards the mountains. She has flown around the boundaries of the city of course. Her large butterfly-like wings provided that. She stretched them out at the thought of flying, the aqua blue on her wings sparkled in the glow. Finally her mouth began to say the thought, "I think it's time to find out what's missing." She gets all four paws on the window sill, and leaps out of her eight story home. She spreads her wings and begins to flap. She flies straight into the night, towards where the end of where her eyes can see.

Chapter 2

The moon is still full, the stars can still be seen. The last few houses from the edges of town are just ahead. Everyone is asleep, so nobody will ever notice the Princess flying off. She has never seen the outside of town herself, since the servants were so afraid that, whatever caused her parent's disappearance, may be out there as well. Princess brushed that thought past her mind, it has been ten years now after all, no reason to be waiting that long.

Now the ground below is the forest, it stretches for miles until it reaches the mountains. She has heard stories of neopets living in this forest...or jungle some call it. She has heard of some being violent, or some eating other neopets. But Princess thought that as long as she is flying, she doesn't think anyone would bother her. Either way, she's a large kougra after all, even though with butterfly wings, she can still look pretty threatening. Large furry body, with large claws and fangs, Princess is pretty confident she can take a fight if need be.

A gust of wind slashes through her fur, this time much colder to the touch. A few seconds later, yet another gust of wind but much larger, pushing her off course a bit with her flying. "What's going on?" she grumbles to herself. Suddenly, it was much harder to see anything. Clouds have blocked the moon, and everything was covered in shadows. More gusts, a lot more frequent, began to thrash Princess about, making it much more difficult to fly.

BOOM!" a large crack of lightning crashes to the earth below. "OH no, a storm!" The winds even picked up more, and rain began hurdling down. "It's too late to try to land!" Princess screams. The wind is tossing her from side to side, she can barely see anything with rain in her eyes. She feels her body begin to twirl, it's useless to even try to fly. The rain pours harder, more thunder booms are getting louder. Princess screams in terror, "Help! Pleeease! Anybody?! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" suddenly everything fades to black...

Chapter 3

Bits if tiny light try to get through what seems to be green foliage. Princess' vision begins to clear, and she realizes it's a green canopy above her. Her brain immediately snaps, and she jumps on all four paws, looking frantically to her left and right. Her hearing begins to take hold, the sound of what seems like a thousand different birds is heard above, and the sound of millions of insects is heard everywhere. The holler of a mynci is heard, echoing through the trees. All around her she sees plants, trees, and more plants.

Where…where am I?!!! Where did this storm take me?!" Rustling of leaves is heard to her left, Princess leaps and faces whatever is in the bush. She is scared and confused, but she is not one to show. Her tail is held high, and her hair is standing straight up to appear larger. She snarls her large fangs, and produces a low but loud growl. The bushes shake and rattle even more. "Who is there?!" she growls. A pink leg pokes out from the bush and waves saying, "Hello!

Is this bush alive but can speak?" she thought. Until a large head finally pops through, then the rest of her body; a plushie gnorbu! "Hey don't get all grrr at me! You're the stranger here so calm down," the gnorbu replied. "Man, you look a mess! Where did you come from? How did you get here? What is your name?!" Princess began to relax he body, and decided to just stand firm. "First, will you please tell me your name?" "Oh!" the gnorbu blushed in embarrassment, "My name is Floufi! I know, I don't look the type to live in this type of scenery, but I love it here! Now what is yours?" Floufi marches up to Princess, and puts her face up to hers, "Hmmmmm???

Princess is unfazed, and tries to stay mature. "My name is…," she stops for a second, thinking it would be best to hide her real name for the moment. "My name is Siss, it's a nickname of mine, given to me by my umm friends!" (Which is true, the servants began calling her Siss, since the end of "Princess" the "cess" turned to "siss.") Floufi tilts her head to the side in suspicion. "Well hello Siss!" she replied cheery and with a smile.

I'm guessing you are not part of this neck of the jungle, even though you fit this scenery more than I do haha!" she laughed. "I've lived here long enough to know nearly every neopet that calls this place home, and I would never have missed you. I'm guessing you must have been swept in by that storm huh?" Princess was shocked by Floufi's knowledge; she was pretty good at guessing she thought.

Yes I was, it was such a clear night before, I never expected for the weather to turn like that so quickly!" "Hah, I knew it was coming from a MIIILE away! Once you lived out here long enough, you can tell of a bad storm coming by wind and shaking of leaves. You are soooo not from here! So where are you from?" She leans upward, looking at the pendant on Princess' forehead, then leans down to look at the large golden necklace on Princess' neck.

Hmmmm, you seem like royalty, you wouldn't happen to be some kind of relative to the kingdom nearby?" "Crap, this gnorbu is clever," she thought. "I'm just… a friend of a friend to the king of that kingdom, they gave me this jewelry as a birthday gift." Suddenly she realized something… she just turned eight-teen today.. today is her birthday and the big day!!

Floufi tilted her head once again, but smiled and took the lie. "Welp, I'm not going to ask any more questions, I'm betting you wanted a night flying, since last night was so nice before the storm, and you got caught into it." Princess takes that as the excuse, it seems legit.

So where am I?" Princess finally asking. "Oh, you must have had quite a bumpy ride! You are in the jungles off the north side of the mountains. Everyone believes the mountains are surrounded by all forest, but that's not completely true. This one spot is pure jungle! It's only a very few miles wide, but many call it home here to escape the city life. Nobody knows though of why this one spot is jungle, and everything else is forest. The climate shouldn't be able to support such plants, but it does. It never snows here; it will snow in the forest, but not here! It's a strange phenomenon, but nobody here is complaining. It's astonishing that you landed here and nowhere else! That's like…finding a needle in a hay stack!

Princess could not believe what she was hearing, she has never heard of this place. She was told so many stories by the servants of the kingdom, city, forest, and mountains…but never this?! "So..," Princess finally got to guess, "You wanted to stay away from the burdens of the city and found this place?" Floufi giggled a girly cute giggle, "That's right!

I used to live by the city, which was by the kingdom. All my family wanted me to be, was cute and cuddly, but NEVER rough. Hey, I can be sweet and cuddly, I mean look at me I'm a plush! But I'm the more independent type, and want to learn to fight to stand up for myself. I lived in the forest the longest time, till I stumbled here and never left. It gives me the everyday challenges I need.

As soon as she finishes her sentence, without even looking, she karate chops a large mosquito that was about to attempt to drink her blood…if she has any blood. "Here, let me show you something I believe you will love!" Floufi stands up on her hind legs, and points east. "This way! Come on, you can trust me! It's not like you're going anywhere any time soon!" So she starts walking, and so Princess follows. But what's back in the Princess' mind is…. she's supposed to be crowned Queen right about now…

Chapter 4

Floufi marches ahead, tall and proud as if she owned the area. Princess has never had to go through such terrain before. Her only "terrain" was not knocking over the vases in the hallways of the castle. But now she must dodge leaves smacking into her face, thorns that she may step on, and any possible mosquito wanting to drink her blood! Princess keeps calm though, keeping her eyes peeled as she maneuvers herself through the thick brush. She thinks to herself, "I am a kougra after all, we originated from the jungle, so why should I have any difficulty with this?" "SMACK" a branch hits Princess straight in the nose. Princess makes no noise or yelp, she stands firm and keeps on walking as close as she can behind Floufi.

Floufi stops, turns around to face Princess, and puts her hoof to her mouth, "Shoosh! I want you to be able to take all this in!" She then turns around, and pushes aside the remaining leaves. A large body of water was crashing down from what looked like the sky. Princess whispers to herself, "A..a waterfall!" Her jaw was completely dropped, and she steps forward with her eyes agape. Keeping her voice calm, "I have…" Floufi interrupts her, "I knew you have probably never seen a waterfall, but every kougra needs to see one in their life time." She smiles. Princess approaches the falling crashing water, it was getting louder with each step closer.

Princess forgets about her posture, and now was in one of curiosity. She was crouched down, as if creeping up on the waterfall. She finally reached the water, she has never seen water this clear before! She bends over, her face now staring down, her reflection looking right up at her. All of a sudden, Princess feels something push her behind, next thing she knows she's under the water. Princess has never swam in many years, they have a large pool in the back of the castle, but she swam when just a kitten. She's beginning to panic, her adrenaline pumping, but that's when her instincts kick in.

Her wings are first folded, and her powerful hind legs begin to kick. Next her front paws and paddling, and she swims to the surface. "GASP!" She gulps down air as Floufi is laughing her heart, on her back and nearly crying in laughter. "BAHAHAHA! I'm sorry but I just could not resist! It was hahahaaha too easy! I knew instinct would come along and help you swim. But still ….bahahahaha!

Princess swims to the ledge, and finds a rock to put her legs on for support, and leaps out of the water onto Floufi. "Don't you dare do that again!" Princess warned. Her face was directly in front of Floufi's, her teeth snaring as Floufi's face is dead…calm? "Gosh, just calm down, it was a joke! You were going to go into the water eventually, so I thought I'd just give you a …"push!" She begins laughing again.

Princess lets it go and walks off. "Hey look, I'm sorry Siss, please forgive me, I'll stop laughing." That was the first time Floufi said her name…nickname anyway. Princess shakes off the water of her fur, beginning from head to tail. Water droplets fall every which way, and Floufi is hit. "Hey I get it I get it!" Floufi shouts, "Payback alright!" Princess turns around, and sits facing the water fall. She used to play the "shake your fur after swimming" trick to her parents when a kitten, those were good times.

So after some of that, both Princess and Floufi take a nice swim by the waterfall. A few times even, Princess flies to the top and dives down to the water below. They spent hours there playing, untill the sun began setting and the sky turning into a purplish orange. "Ok, that was enough fun for one day, time to head to bed." Floufi announces, and she scrunches up one of her ears to get water out. "You know, this is the problem of being a plush in this neck of the woods. Absorbing water, and constantly having to sew up rips and tears in your own body, but hey, very worth it after having a day like this!

It's getting late, why don't you spend the night with me Siss? I have plenty of room, I don't mind." Princess, being much farther this time, shakes off the water off her fur. "Um, sure, where is your inhabitant anyway?

Don't talk like that Siss!" Princess turns around with a clueless look, "Talk like what?" Floufi stands up, "Don't talk all mature and proper like. This is the jungle, no proper anything here. Be yourself, like when you were jumping off the waterfall and diving into the water today. I could tell that's the real you. You even have a certain glow when you did it." Princess was confused on the glow description, but mostly gave thought that…Floufi is right. She hasn't had this much fun in years, and she is away from all the pressures of being queen.

Chapter 5

Well, then where do you live, under a tree?" Floufi smiles, knowing Siss knew she was right. "It's much closer than you realize." Pointing straight at the waterfall. Princess now tilts her head, "You live in the waterfall?" "No silly! Look, just follow me.

Floufi walks straight to the side of the waterfall, onto some rocks. She leaps from rock to rock, until she makes one large jump into the heart of the crashing water. Princess gasps and screams "Don't do it!" But Floufi, didn't go into the water..but behind it?! "Come on in silly!" Floufi shouts, "I have a cave behind here, and you thought I was going to get all wet again after taking forever to even get a little damp!

Princess follows her lead, walking up to the rocks, but deciding to use her wings a little bit to help gain air when jumping. She finally jumps behind the waterfall, and surprisingly…it was a lot quieter than out there. She peers around, noticing it was a pretty large cave indeed. The ceiling was covered in colorful purple to green stalagmites, and the ground was smooth rock. There was a bed, made of weaved long grass on the left side. Along with a very large rock nearby, with some berries and fruit on it. Princess' stomach begins to growl…she hasn't eaten in who knows how long!"

Even the grumble of her stomach echoed throughout the cave. "Haha you are hungry! Would you like some fruit?" Floufi offered. Princess stuck her tongue out in distaste. "I'm guessing you would prefer meat huh? Well thank goodness I'm a plush gnorbu, or I'd be a pile of bones probably haha. There is a little bit of sunlight out there, just do a little fishing, sure to fill you up.

Princess' head is laid low, even her ears are perked down. "What? What's the matter…Oh! You have never hunted before huh?" Princess just nodded her head up and down. "Well, I don't hunt, but I have a few buddies of mine who I know can teach you all you need. You see, it's a good thing you crash landed here, you wouldn't be learning to be a real kougra. Now cheer up, I'm going to sleep. Sorry you don't have a bed, but you sure do have fur." Floufi hopped into her little makeshift bed, and huddled into it. "Night night Siss, get some sleep for a big day tomorrow.

Princess waited until she heard some snoring, and decided to sleep outside on the grass by the waterfall. She wanted to have a little time alone to think. She flops down by the edge, and her head dangles above the water. The moon came out quickly, and she can see a bit of her reflection in the water.

I was supposed to turn Queen today, and all I did was follow a sassy gnorbu around and swim today, but…" She smiled just a little bit, "For once I had fun, I was being a real kougra. Maybe this is what mother and father wanted me to know. I mean, I feel less empty, but guilty that the entire kingdom is probably mad or disappointed at me."

She lets one of her paws dangle above the water's surface, she protrudes a claw and uses it to make circles in the water. "I'll see of what becomes of tomorrow, if not I'll head home. Either way I'll head home, the kingdom would still allow me to be queen, just it was supposed to be today. Nothing about not being queen by being late." Eventually the mosquitos got hold of her, and she ran into the safety of the cave for a well-deserved rest.

Wake up sleepy butt!" Princess opens and begins blinking her eyes to focus. Once again, Floufi was in her face. "It's time to become a real kougra! Here's my buddy that will help you out. Just call him Crook." Floufi moves to the side, and in the front of the cave stood a large krawk. Princess jumped on all fours, and roared at him. "Hey easy easy, this guy will not eat you. He's a good krawk I promise." Crook had his arms folded; one of his claws was tapping impatiently on his arm. His eyes seemed serious, but he had a grin on his face.

Don't worry precious, I'm not going to eat something as furry as you," he snapped. Princess began tensing up a bit less, but keeping her eyes peeled on him. "Now I have some more foraging to do, you'll be learning to hunt fish today by him. Now I have to go." She makes her way to the entrance of the cave.

I'll see how you are doing later, now see ya!" She bounces out of the cave, leaving Crook and Princess alone in the cave. "Now then, shall we start by getting into the water?" Crook jumps backward into the falling water, and a large kaploosh and splash next.

Chapter 6

No no no you are doing it all wrong!" Crook snaps his jaws. "You can't just dive your claws into the water, you must think like them." "Now how on earth am I supposed to think like a dumb stupid fish?!" She plunges into the water, pouncing over and over again after swimming fish. "Well if they are so stupid, how are they getting away, and you are just keep jumping up and down like a complete idiot?" "Are you going to teach me or not?!

Well first, you must try to think from their point of view. Stop moving around so much and stay still. Concentrate on stillness; they notice movement in the water than anything." His head lowers just above the water. "Instead of using your claws and paws, use your fangs and jaw instead. It's a much quicker action, and it will make sure your catch doesn't escape.

Princess copies his movement, and lowers her head. "Now don't make a move, and wait till one gets close enough, and try for one who is less focused on you." She waits patiently, hardly breathing and staying as still as a statue. A fish swims past her leg. "Wait for it to come towards you." The fish swims lightly towards her chest, the necklace around her neck is glimmering in the water. "The fish seemed to be attracted to the jewelry around your neck. Use that to your advantage!

The fish stays in mid-water, focusing at the shiny object. "This is it," she thought. The lunges her head down, jaws wide open, and clamps down full force on her prize. "Hmmm you did it. I say, without that darn necklace of yours you wouldn't have been so lucky." Princess ignores and jumps up on land to eat her scaly friend. "First meal in days, and I'm going to enjoy it." She swishes her tail and give a little "humph" under her breathe. She isn't in any mood to deal with anyone when hungry, and this one fish is only going to be too little for her angry stomach. Like eating a bite of a cookie, but not eating the rest.

Don't get snappy at me Princess, but you have more to do today than hunt for only fish." Princess' ear perk up, "What did you call me?" "I called you Princess, since you are acting as snobby and sassy as one..your majesty." He joked. "He doesn't know who I really am" she thought, "Well that's good, he would probably kill me or keep me for ransom if he knew." She ignores the comment and eats what's little left of the fish.

Aroooooooo!" A very loug howl is head echoing through the trees, and sounds pretty close. Crook snickers, "Ha so they are here after all. Ok Princess, onto your next training." She stands up at full attention, "Who is they? And what other training?" But Crook jumps into the water and swims off downstream. "Hey wait! Answer my question you ugly, stinky krawk!" "It's not nice to call names," a voice tells behind her. She twirls around, and a large pack of lupes is standing at attention. How on earth she didn't hear them come right up behind her, she will never know. "Hello, I'm Bohlk!" an electric lupe barked. "This is my pack, but Floufi told me to teach some faerie kougra to hunt. Such an odd request, to teach what is supposed to be the greatest hunter in species." He begins circling her as he speaks, "So are you Siss? Not my sister, but you know!

So Princess introduces herself as Siss, the rest of the lupe pack give their final howls and run off, leaving behind Bohlk. "Only I can teach you to hunt, I was raised as a loner and learned to hunt by myself before my pack came together. You kougras hardly ever hunt in packs, so I'll teach you how to hunt solo." Princess begins licking her paw, she knows no mere lupe can harm her.

So, how do you know that wako gnorbu?" she questions. Bohlk sits down, knowing she is probably a talker. "I caught her in a hunt once, but I couldn't eat her since she is plush. She began talking to me, and that's it. Very odd for a krawk, lupe, and kougra to get along with a gnorbu, but that's Floufi for you! Now enough of this talk, the sun is about to set, it's the best timing to hunt!

Bohlk runs through the brush, and Princess is once again behind. "I know a spot with a ton of jungle deer, you'll be hunting there! Princess leaps, jumps, and ducks from branches, thorns, and fallen over logs. "I'm getting the hang of this" she thought. Suddenly her legs begin moving faster and faster, and Bohlk seemed to be getting closer and closer.

Bohlk looks to his side, and Princess was right next to him. His jaw was agape and he shakes his head and barks. He begins running faster, but Princess keeps on going! She's running faster and faster, her legs seemed in slow motion the way she was moving! She catches up, and runs past Bohlk with a huge smile of victory on her face. "Ha ha! She yells!

Eventually is forced to slow down, not knowing where the heck she was going. She allows Bohlk to take the lead again, and follows him to their destination. They both stop for a break, Bohlk is panting and so too is Princess; their tongues dribbling out, their chests trying to pump in air. "Lupes are supposed to be faster than kougras," he attempts to say through breathes, "How on earth are you able to move that fast? In all my years I have only seen one feline outrun a lupe! And..

He walks up and sniffs her necklace. "That thing was glowing! Unless the moon's light bounced off of it." Princess lifted up her necklace, and held it in her paw. She stared at the large sapphire in the middle. Her mother gave her this, just before her disappearance. Her mother wore it before she handed it down to Princess, but she was supposed to give this to her when she was made queen. "Mother, what made you give this to me so early?" she thought. "Now onto business! Let's get hunting!"

For several hours, under another moonlit sky night, Bohlk teaches her to hunt larger prey. She is taught to lay low, and use those big eyes, born with night vision to use it for this purpose. He teaches her again to lay low and still to the ground and to try to blend into her surroundings. It wasn't hard for her instincts to kick in once again, and this time her instructor wasn't such a jerk. Once she got close enough to the herd of deer, she bolted like lightning. She was able to once again, catch her prize with one shot. She shares her mean with Bohlk, as an appreciation for teaching her.

You..learn…munch munch much.. quite quickly!" as Bohlk chews on a bone. "Once again that necklace seemed to glow as you ran. I seriously don't know if it's just me or the light of this moon tonight, but again I could have sworn it glowed!

Princess munches on the last bit of meat left on a bone. As soon as she is about to reply.."Kah kah…kah kah!: echoes from above. "Looks like another lesson for you. "Aroooooo" another howl is heard in the distance. "Looks like my Emakura is calling me! Restock will help you out with questions. It was nice meeting you, we have to hunt once again. You have much potential. Now I got to run!

He dashes into the brush, disappearing into the night. A sound of rustling is heard above, some leaves fall onto Princess. She looks up, on a branch, was the shadow of a large faerie lenny. "You must be Restock, what more lessons must I learn that Floufi told you?" she smiles with a confident grin.

You are beginning to get the hang of this young one. And yes I am known as Restock, please don't ask." He swoops down and lands before Princess. A pretty large lenny at that. "So what must I learn now? I got hunting by water and land. So what's next?" Restocked flaps his wings, until he is in the air and flies through the canopy into clear skies. "Flying and star navigating.

Chapter 7

All night long, Princess is taught to fly with maneuvers she never even knew she was capable of: Twists, turns, dodges, and speed. At the same time, she was taught how to navigate a few star constellations, so she would know which direction she would be going by night. Restock mentions her necklace was also glowing when she was learning the sky maneuvers. But it was a very long day, so she flies back to the cave, and finds Floufi asleep, with a bunch more berries and fruit on the rock.

The next few days, she decides to stay. Her skills beginning to sharpen, and herself beginning to open. She learns more of what she was already taught, but with the addition to fighting moves, thanks to Crook and Restocked. Floufi has done nothing much, but stay by the side lines and watch, as if she was watching her star pupil. Once again, the necklace glowed when she was running at high speeds, flying in spectacular motion, and now when she even learned to fight. It glowed best when she learned to trip enemies with the swift of her long tail, her favorite move. Princess was now with them for a month.

It's late once again, and as Floufi snores away, Princess heads out towards the water again like the first night. She lies down, and stares once again into her reflection. "I have been here for a month, becoming a real kougra. But I know I must return to the kingdom and become queen for mother and father, and the people. Did learning these skills really help me out; was I destined to learn all this? I mean, I don't have to hunt at the kingdom, the food is already delivered. No need for fighting and probably star navigating.

Why didn't I think this through, I was being immature and not thinking straight! This is not what the kingdom is asking for! And this thing," she lifts up her necklace at the large sapphire. "Why do you glow whenever I am having…fun? And, why do my skills exceed my abilities every time you glow? None of my mentors noticed that my skills are unbelievably being learned in hours than in years. They are nearly perfect, nearly exceeding my mentor's skills, when they all told me it took years for them to learn.

When I ran, I ran like lighting. When flying, I can do turns in quicker movements than a dragonfly. When fighting, my moves became faster. Besides gaining speed though, my night vision is like seeing in pure daylight; I can memorize a constellation by hearing the name once and seeing it once. I never was able to achieve these skills before, but why now?! I know it's this necklace, but why it's activating now…from having fun? But why? Why did mother give this to me so young, when the tradition is to pass it to the next king or queen? Too many questions, and not enough answers! This is not what I was searching for! Gahhh!

She roars into the night, it echoes into the trees. The sound of wings flapping in the distance, scared bird flying from danger. Princess looks down at her pathetic reflection. "Mom..Dad….I'm sorry for being a complete failure!" "But you are not a failure." a small voice replies. "Who is there?" Princess looks around.

Floufi if that's you, just go away." All of a sudden, a large ray of golden light illuminates from the necklace. She stares at the beaming sapphire inside. It speaks once more, "I can answer all your questions Princess." A blinding light bursts from the necklace, she is forced to look away, and drop the necklace. She turns, and sees a white figure hovering above the water.

The white figure begins to take shape, and the light begins to fade. "Who…who are you?!" A light and airy voice speaks. "I'm the power and spirit which lies within that necklace of yours." The figure finally is shown, a white little Ona. "So you have been the one giving me those abilities?" Princess now stands up. Her ears are fully perked, her face serious. She wasn't going to miss one word that's for sure.

Yes, my power only works with whoever wears it. The powers and abilities are at random though, and can only activate when the holder is...themselves. Princess you seen, you were being yourself at every one of those instances I glowed. I can tell you were happy in your heart, you were you." That explains a ton but, "So why did mother give me this so early? What was the point? And…do you know what happened to them?" Her voice is in deep concern.

(Meanwhile, Floufi woke up to the sound of the roar earlier. She looked around, seeing Siss wasn't sleeping beside her. She stumbled out of the cave, and noticed the glowing white ball over the water, and Siss talking to it. She is hidden in the bushes nearby, listening to the entire conversation.)

The white Ona flew closer towards Princess. "Your mother gave you this early due to the threat of war." Princess was now seriously confused. "What war? What on earth are you talking about?" The white Ona sighed. "Don't interrupt and I'll explain. You see, your mother and father were in the crisis of a war starting. The entire kingdom, guards, and not even the servants knew of any such war. You see, past the mountains are the Darigans, you have heard of them in stories correct?

She nods her head up and down. She remembers the servants telling her about them, so she would hide and then go to sleep. Somewhat like the "boogy man" stories. "Well they exist, and have been threatening war for a while now. Your uncle…was their leader. He kept in in secret for the longest time, until he heard you were born. You see, that meant you were next in line, and he would never become ruler."

Princess could not believe what was being told to her. She kept struggling not to speak several times, but kept her mouth shut to her more. "He made a compromise to your mother and father. If they stepped down from the thrown, he would promise not to start a war and not harm you. They agreed, but were sent to the dungeons deep under the castle. Nobody would think of them being there. They disguised it as a disappearance, so nobody would suspect. Your mother gave you this, knowing one day you would receive this message. I can only speak to the real you.

And that yes, if your uncle was to get hold of me, he could have possibly found out and used me for evil. I made that storm come that night, when you made that move of flying; I had enough power to create it, to send you here. I knew you would become yourself, so I could give you this message. Now I know what you are about to ask, why did your uncle keep you around and not get rid of you? Because it would then be way too suspicious, and the servants were constantly keeping an eye on you." The Ona sighed and took a deep breathe. Her voice was a lot more in concern.

Princess the night right before you left, there was one of his Darigan guards right outside your room. They were sent to eliminate you before you were to become queen! It's a miracle you decided to leave that night! Once he was going to be done with you, his army would be strong enough to control the kingdom.

Right now, I have no clue what may be going on, but you must return, or that war will start. The kingdom is in huge danger! Princess this was not a waste, it was to test you! You must go back and take over. Let the people know what's really going on! We have no time..hurry!" The Ona is forced right back into the sapphire of the necklace. Princess picks it up with her paw, staring right into the gem once again." I…I have to go!" She turns around to take flight, but notices Floufi walking out of the bushes.

Princess just stared at her with a straight face, knowing she heard everything the Ona said. Floufi walks up and sighs. "I'm not mad at you…Princess, for lying to me. It was for safety I understand. Now, it looks like you must leave and defend your kingdom. I'm proud of you girly." She smiles, a few tear drops flowing from her eyes. "Now go! The kingdom is due straight south! Restocked taught you constellations, you know the way." Princess nods her head, and leaps into the sky. "You better visit you rotten fur ball, or I'll go over there myself and personally kick your feline behind!" Floufi yells at her, as she concentrates on flying. Her eyes are reading the stars above, memorizing which ones are south right now. "It's time to take back what's truly mine.

Chapter 8

Wings now flapping faster than any known bird, her legs are running, to rain more speed. The necklace glows bright, as she travels faster than any land mammal. Her face stares at the stars, until she sees the lights of the city. She gasps at a sudden thought, "What if uncle has secret guards around, keeping a watch for me? If only I can turn invisible."

She looks down at her paw, wishing for the thought…but her paw was gone! She panics and looks back at her wings, no body, tail or wings. "This must be one of my powers! Well, no need to hide anywhere!" She flies over the bustling city, and spies her castle straight ahead. She first thinks of heading to her balcony, but knew there were probably guards there. So she was going straight into the front doors, they won't be suspecting anyone simply doing that.

She quietly lands behind the large willow tree in the garden. She looks at her body, hoping the invisibility will stay, but sadly it looks like it only works while flying. "Darn it!" She hears the draw bridge lowering in front gates of the castle. She notices a large cart, carrying food about to enter the castle. "This is my chance." She runs like lighting to the back of the cart. She wants to not grab attention, so sneaking in would be the best. She quietly crawls into the cart, filled with boxes of food. She hears the steps uni pulling the cart from soft "clip clocks" to louder ones.

The castle allows uni's to pull in their cargo all the way into the castle, and she knew it was now walking on the tiled floor. She hears the large sound of the gate closing behind her, and the guards about to carry out the boxes. "This is it, use what Crook and Bohlk taught you".

Several large guards grab boxes of food. One lifts up a box, but turns his head around noticing a pair of large green eyes staring back. "Intruder!" Guards from all sides, pull out freshly sharpened blades. Princess leaps out of the cart. The uni is startled, and runs off with the cart still behind it. Now it's only Princess, and the very muscular guards. She doesn't recognize any of them, must be uncle's. Their blades are wielded straight at her. She snickers and starts fluttering her wings.

She is in midair, and has suddenly vanished. All the guards gasp. "Where ..where did she go?" They all look around in a panic. Suddenly one of the guards is tripped over, and his sword is taken. Princess appears, on her hind legs, wielding the sword in her hand. Crook taught her this with a bamboo stick.

The guards come charging, but she uses her tail to trip them, and fights off with her blade. Her moves are too quick, and she wounds several of the guards. She didn't want to kill, she sliced deep wounds but not enough to kill them. They are all down, and she stares straight up the stair case. She knows uncle is up there, she can smell him. Placing the handle of the blade in her jaws, she runs up the carpeted steps, right to the top floor of the castle. "No other guards in sight, must have gotten word and fled." She laughed on the inside. But shook her head, knowing she must be serious now. She seeks her uncle's room, which used to be her parent's. She barges in, her uncle's back is towards her. He's on his patio, staring down into the city.

Ah, so she lives! How grand!" he turns around, his lips are curled into the most wicked looking smile. His red eyes are stern and fierce. His saber teeth seem even more sharper. "I knew my guard lied to me, saying he got rid of you that night. I knew you went off, adventuring somewhere and was bound to come back. You are too late now my little niece, my army is now complete. I can now take over the entire kingdom, without any threat of ruining it!" He once again, faces outside.

Princess, the people should finally bow down to a real ruler. I have been too nice for too long. Your mother and father were…too kind and sweet. A true leader is violent, keeping the people down, so they know not to stand up to their king! There is only one thing standing in my way, of the perfect kingdom…and that's you. Oh I regret not killing you as a mere kitten, but that would have been.." A blade is held directly under his neck. "Ah, I see the necklace is real." Princess keeps her cool, not trying to let his words get to her. She holds that blade close, her eyes are locked on. "Princess I have heard legends of that necklace, but didn't believe it until now. It isn't going to stop me though!" He quickly backs up, and grasps the blade in his mouth, crushing the raw steel in his jaws.

Now, let's have a real battle, shall we?" He leaps straight for her, his claws fully protruding out towards her. She of course dodges quickly. She believes he cannot get her, until she feels a blow to her leg…he got her. Blood spills from her back hind leg; four claw slashes have dug deep in. Princess roars in her pain.

That is right," he snickers, "KNOW WHO YOUR LEADER IS!" He charges once again, but she dodges to the right successfully. She thinks..if she is invisible. She flies up, and vanishes. "Ah another trick I see, but I see a flaw in your little plan Princess." His eyes stare at the droplets of blood hitting the floor, his leaps up, and tackles her to the floor. A loud "thud" is heard when her body lands. "Stay below your leader at all times!

He has her pinned, she cannot move her body. "Such a short fight, you didn't think this through at all didn't you? Now your mother and father shall die in the dungeon, as I rule this land for the rest of my days! Now…prepare to die Princess. He raises one paw, and flicks one large claw open. "Good bye Princess, you would have been a horrible ruler anyway. You are too pathetic to be my niece! "He raises his paw up, "Goodbye!

Is this is, am I really going to die this way? Letting the entire kingdom down…my mother and father…" She shakes her head, and roars, "NOOOOO! NEVER!"

The roar is loud….too loud! She sees her uncle try to make the final blow, but is held back…as if a strong wind was preventing him. He flies backward, and smacks into the wall. Princess slowly stands up. "A supersonic roar huh? I guess you weren't ready for that huh? I'm not letting you take over this kingdom. A true leader is kind to their people. That is the true way of a leader!" She lunges and her uncle, but he stands on his hind legs, and dodges. He slices a bit of her wing off, pieces of her wings slowly land on the floor.

You think that attempt is going to stop me?" he charges straight towards her, on all fours. He roars and he charges. "I shall win!" Princess stands up on her hind legs,…and does her favorite move. She waits until he is close enough, she rushes towards him..taking him off guard. She moves slightly to the left, and turns to put her tail in front of him. He gasps and trips, he flies out towards the balcony, and over the edge. He doesn't possess the ability to fly, and falls. She hears him roar, it stops when she hears a loud "thud"…'s finally over.

Chapter 9

( The servants find Princess, exhausted and bleeding. She tells them of what has happened, and to get the real guards and release her mother and father out of the dungeon. They did as they were told, and the guards took over the premises. The servants venture into the dungeon, finding the king and queen, releasing them from their decade of imprisonment. The king and queen tell the kingdom of what has happened. They order an army, so the Darigans would know they were prepared this time for any attack. Without their leader anyway, they were hopeless.

Princess stayed in recovery mode for a while. The slashes on her body and leg were severely deep, and took many months to heal. Her damaged wing regenerated not too long after the fight, must be the last power of the necklace. Now, she greets her mother and father in their bedroom, to talk about the ceremony tomorrow. )

Mother…Father. I know I am to be crowned Queen tomorrow. But must I be a ...real queen?" Her father and mother turned to look at each other and then at her. "What do you ever mean sweet heart?" her mother asked. "Must I be treated with royalty? Must I stay in this castle and be fed, be washed, and be served? Must I always be guarded by the guards, and never venture out? I want to be able to explore, and fly out past the kingdom. I don't want to rely on the servants for meals; I want to hunt my own. I don't want to require personal guards, when I can fight myself. Must I live this way becoming queen?

Her father and mother both chuckle, and her father speaks. "Darling, do whatever you would think is best. We trust you to take control of the kingdom properly. There is no law that the queen must be treated that way. You can be a regular kougra.." her mother interrupts, "You can still be yourself hunny." Princess smiles, her eyes are sparkling in joy. "Thank you Mom and Dad for answering my question….now I have one more to ask, a favor for the ceremony tomorrow." "And what is it Princess?"

Floufi sits all alone in here empty cave, it's sunny outside, but it's been boring ever since Princess left. She sulks, and stares at the back of her cave. She sighs, "I guess I have to go over there eventually and kick her butt…but I sure hope she's ok." "But I am fine." Floufi's face lights up, she twirls around and sees Princess at the entrance.

I promised I would come back didn't I?" Floufi gallops up to her, Princess' arms are held out wide. Suddenly, Floufi runs past right past her. She kicks Princess straight in the butt, and sends her flying into the wall. "I guess you would have to come back to get your butt kicked huh? Floufi snickers. Princess gains her leggings and stands up. "Oh how I have missed you you crazy gnorbu." She runs up, and gives her a nice hug..but squeezes her enough for her to have a hard time breathing. "Ok…ok…pay..back I get it!

Princess flies Floufi back to the kingdom, to be alongside her during the ceremony. Atop the balcony..coincidentally the one her uncle fell to his death upon. She was crowned queen, in front of the hundreds and thousands of her people. She now rules the kingdom, and the people are pleased. She occasionally visits that crazy jungle, visiting Floufi, swimming with Crook, hunting with Bohlk, or flying with Restocked. She continues to train, with the added bonus of knowing her powers. Once in a while that poor lonely Ona…now finding out named Tenshi, comes out to chat with Princess. She is now the kougra she has been looking for, that empty feeling that is now filled. It was finding her true self, and the truth itself. She now enjoys being…the first "real" queen.



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