Wearable Items (Neopoints ONLY)

Note: this page is divided into two parts. The first section contains items which can be worn by almost any species
(most clothing-type items cannot be worn by pets painted Baby, Maraquan, or Mutant or by Chias painted fruit or vegetable colors).
The second section contains species-specific wearables, grouped by species.

Last updated: 23-Dec-2008

Special thanks to rainbow_lilac_rose for her help compiling this list (and the "wearables" graphic link).

Looking for that perfect background for your pet? Click the Faerie Wocky for my page of backgrounds. ^-^

A-D | E-H | I-L | M-P | Q-S | T-W | X-Z |

A - B - C - D

AAA Daily Dare Badge

AAA Gumball Machine

Abigail Daily Dare Badge

Abigail Gumball Machine

Alien Aisha Ears

Altador Cup Fan Jersey

Altador Petpet Garland

Anemone in a Shell Pot

Annoyingly Hard Tree Stump

Anubis Fountain

Aquatic Arrangement

Artist Smock

Baby Wocky Puppet

Basket of Berries

Basket of Gross Berries

Biscuit Brigade Tower Toy

Black and White Neopets 8th Birthday Hat

Black Derby

Blue 9th Birthday Cake Hat*

Blue and Gold Neopets 8th Birthday Hat

Blue Codestone Lei*

Blue Neopets 8th Birthday Bead Necklace

Blue Newsboy Hat

Blue Ruki Puppet

Blumaroo Garland

Blumaroo Wooden Toy

Borovan Press

Bow Tie

Branched Antlers

Brown Toadstool

Brown Velvet Bow Hat

Brown Winter Hat

Brown Winter Scarf

Bruce Garland

Bruce Wooden Toy

Bucket of Sand


Censor Bar Glasses

Checkered Flag

Chia Clown Ball

Chia Clown Punching Bag

Chocolate Chia Gnome

Chocolate Sprinkle Doughnut Hat

Chomby Garland

Chomby Wooden Toy

Clockwork Techo

Colourful Building Blocks

Colourful Kiko Candy Basket

Crate of Fruit

Daring Adventurer Hat

Dark Faerie Wings

Destruct-o-Match Shirt

Destruct-O-Match Stacking Blocks

Directors Slate

Dr Sloth Beanie

Dying Rose in a Vase

E - F - G - H

Earth Faerie Wings

Eau De Skunk

Edna Costume Hat

Elephante Trunk Trunk

Esophagor Mask

Evil Twin Goatee

Explorer Backpack

Faerie Chia Gnome

Faerieland Petpet Garland

Fake Barf

Fake Sloth Tattoo

Fanciful Blue Gemmed Crown

Fanciful Green Gemmed Crown

Fanciful Purple Gemmed Crown

Fanciful Red Gemmed Crown

Fanciful Yellow Gemmed Crown

Ficus Tree

Fiery Dance Ribbon

Fiery Marshmallow Hat

Fire Faerie Wings

Floral Melted Candle*

Flower Purse


Giant Bubble Blower

Giant Moach Costume

Gnome Wobble Toy

Gobbler Costume

Gobbler Mask

Gormball Mobile*

Gormball Necklace

Grarrl Nutcracker

Green Apple Balloon

Green Crystal Shard

Green Hissi Float Ring

Green Neopets 8th Birthday Bead Necklace

Green Skeith Pencil Case

Grundo Garland

Grundo Wooden Toy

Haunted Woods Petpet Garland

Heart Flag Garland

Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Holiday Tutu

Hot Dog Mascot with Mustard

Hot Dog on a Stick

I - J - K - L

I Lost to Roothless Sign

Ice Chia Gnome

Ice Cream Scoop Hat

Ice Garland

Jack-O-Lantern Mask

Jack-O-Lantern Pail

Janitor Bucket

Jhudora Balloon

Jhudora Kite

Jubjub Garland

Jubjub Wooden Toy

Kacheek Garland

Kacheek Wooden Toy

King Altador Figure

Kougra Garland

Kougra Wooden Toy

Krawk Island Petpet Garland

Kreludan Grundo Slippers

Lava Fountain Toy

Lost Desert Petpet Garland

Lucky Pandaphant Doll

Lucky Red Pandaphant Doll

M - N - O - P

Mayonnaise Chilli and Cheese covered Corn on the Cob

Meerca Garland

Meerca Wooden Toy

Melting Ice Cube

Meowclops Mask

Meridell Petpet Garland

Mini Marshmallows on a Stick

Miniature Gorix Spaceship

Modern Art Sculpture

Moehog Garland

Moehog Wooden Toy

Mutant Chia Gnome

Mynci Garland

Mynci Wooden Toy

Mystery Island Petpet Garland

Negg Candy Bracelet

Neopia Central Petpet Garland

Novelty Glasses

Ona Puppet

Orange Codestone Lei*

Orange Melted Candle*

Origami Kadoatie

Origami Rock

Origami Spyder

Origami Uniocto

Pandaphant Puppet

Pant Devil Pants

Pile of Bones

Pile of Confetti

Pile of Dung

Pile of Loose Gears

Pine Melted Candle*

Pink 9th Birthday Cake Hat*

Pink Codestone Lei*

Pink Coral in a Shell Pot

Pink Dance Ribbon

Pink Knit Purse

Plastic Techo Figures

Plushie Eyrie Mask

Poogle Garland

Poogle Wooden Toy

Pretty Flower Mask

Pretty Pink Flower Hat

Pumpkin Lid Hat

Purple Cybunny Pyjamas

Purple Feather Boa

Purple Neopets 8th Birthday Bead Necklace

Purse of Despair

Q - R - S

Quilt Cape

Rainbow Codestone Lei*

Rainbow Dance Ribbon

Rainbow Sea Life in Shell Pot

Raspberry Plushie

Red 9th Birthday Cake Hat*

Red and Gold Neopets 8th Birthday Hat

Red Dance Ribbon

Red Derby

Red Melted Candle*

Red Toadstool

Resistance Battle Visor

Resistance Honor Badge

Roothless Tilt Maze Game

School Girl Hat

School Girl Jumper

School Girl Plaid Skirt

School Girl Shirt

School Girl Shoes

Seasonal Designer Purse

Shell Faerie Wings

Shenkuu Petpet Garland

Shenkuu-Inspired Paper Parasol

Shoyru Garland

Shoyru Wooden Toy

Single Grey Flower

Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap

Smarmy Monocle

Smug Bug Net Trap

Smug Bug Spray

Smug Bug Sticky Paper


Snow Wurm Socks

Snowager Cap


Sparkly Pink Neopets 8th Birthday Hat

Special Limited Edition Fair Maiden Quiguki Doll

Spectacles of Perception

Spilt Coffee

Spooky Skull Mask

Squid Hat

Star Flag Garland

Stylish Red Purse

Stylish Volcano Run II Shoes

Symol Hat

T - U - V - W

Tacky Lighted Holiday Shoes

Techo Kite

Techo Torch

Terror Mountain Petpet Garland

Tin Foil Hat


Torn Fire Gym Socks

Torn Pink Gym Socks

Torn Rainbow Gym Socks

Torn White Gym Socks

Toxic Waste Barrel

Toy Arrow Launcher

Toy Bullseye

Tyrannia Petpet Garland

Tyrannian Racing Goggles

Ultimate Arrow Hat

Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack

Usuki Beanie

Usukicon Y10 Attendee Badge

Usukicon Y9 Attendee Badge

Usukicon Y9 Magical Hair Usuki Mask

Valentines Day Tree

Vase of Pretty Flowers

Veiled Autumn Hat

Vintage Darigan Altador Cup Jersey

Virtupets Space Station Petpet Garland

Wax Lips

Wellington Boots

White Toadstool

Wicked Wocky Wobble Helmet

Winter Blechy Hat

Winter Shenkuu River Rush Board

Wooden Meepit Totem

Wooden Snuffly Totem

Wooden Stahkee Totem

Wooden Warf Totem

Woolen Cap

Woolen Scarf

X - Y - Z

Yellow 9th Birthday Cake Hat*

Yellow Neopets 8th Birthday Bead Necklace

Yellow Toadstool

Yooyu Mittens

Species specific wearables.
Use ctrl+F to find the species of your choice.

Acara Nurse Hat

Acara Nurse Shoes

Acara Nurse Uniform

Acara Swim Fins

Acara Swim Mask

Blonde Acara Wig

Brown Acara Bodice

Golden Acara Headpiece

Mysterious Acara Archer Gloves

Mysterious Acara Archer Hat

Mysterious Acara Archer Mask

Mysterious Acara Archer Tunic

Patchwork Acara Skirt

Purple Acara Umbrella

Aisha Rain Boots

Aisha Rain Hat

Aisha Rain Poncho

Aisha Spacesuit

Lishas Glasses

Blumaroo Farmer Hat

Blumaroo Farmer Overalls

Blumaroo Farmer Pitchfork

Blumaroo Jester Bow Hat

Blumaroo Jester Dress

Blumaroo Jester Hat

Blumaroo Jester Mock Sceptre

Blumaroo Jester Sandals

Blumaroo Jester Shirt

Blumaroo Jester Shoes

Blumaroo Jester Trousers

Pink Blumaroo Bow

Pink Blumaroo Dress

Pink Blumaroo Slippers

Note: some of the Bori items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Bori Cozy Socks

Bori Engineer Cap*

Bori Engineer Keys*

Bori Engineer Scarf*

Bori Engineer Shirt*

Bori Gnome Beard

Bori Gnome Hat

Bori Gnome Shoes

Bori Gnome Trousers

Bori Gnome Tunic

Bori Orange Bow*

Bori Orange Dress*

Bori Orange Hat*

Bori Orange Purse*

Bori Rainbow Bow

Bori Rainbow Dress

Bruce Tuxedo Jacket

Bruce Tuxedo Shirt

Golden Bruce Locket

Pretty Pink Bruce Skirt

Pretty Pink Bruce Sweater

Tropical Bruce Shirt

Buzz Honey Collecting Boots

Buzz Honey Collecting Hat

Buzz Honey Collecting Suit

Elegant Buzz Gloves

Elegant Buzz Gown

Elegant Buzz Shoes

Coconut Chia Suit

Red Chia Dress

Yellow Stripe Chomby Bow

Chomby Spacesuit

Pink Polka Dot Chomby Boots

Chomby Knit Turtleneck Sweater

Bionic Cybunny Body Cover

Bionic Cybunny Collar

Bionic Cybunny Cranium Cover

Bionic Cybunny Hind Cover

Black Satin Cybunny Top Hat

Cybunny Pocket Watch

Cybunny Tuxedo

Cybunny Carrot Hat

Cybunny Carrot Robe

Cybunny Carrot Slippers

Basket of Baked Draik Goodies

Draik Archer Boots

Draik Archer Hat

Draik Archer Pants

Draik Archer Quiver

Draik Archer Tunic

Draik Space Boots

Draik Space Helmet

Draik Space Jacket

Draik Space Slacks

Precious Pink Draik Socks

Red Draik Dress

Ruffled Draik Bonnet

Elephante Peanut Suit

Elephante Peanut Umbrella

Feather Elephante Headdress

Pink Elephante Parka

Note: some of the Eyrie items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Eyrie Bass Guitar*

Eyrie Militia Boots

Eyrie Militia Coat

Eyrie pajamas

Eyrie Quiver*

Eyrie Ranger Hat*

Eyrie Ranger Tunic*

Eyrie Rockstar Shirt*

Eyrie Rockstar Wig*

Eyrie sleeping hat

Note: some of the Flotsam items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Flotsam Blouse*

Flotsam Bustle skirt

Flotsam Chef Hat

Flotsam Chef Jacket

Flotsam Guitar

Flotsam Spy Jacket

Flotsam Spy Sun Glasses

Flotsam Spy Trousers

Flotsam Spy Watch

Flowery Flotsam Hat

Flowery Flotsam Necklace

Golden Flotsam Necklace

Gelert Bone Glasses

Gelert Bone Hoody

Gelert Bone Pants

Gelert Bone Shoes

Gelert Feather Necklace

Gelert Feather Wrap

Gelert Headband

Gelert War Paint

Gnorbu Spectacles

Gnorbu Wool Boots

Gnorbu Wool Jacket

Plaid Gnorbu Trousers

Tweed Gnorbu Jacket

Wool Gnorbu Cardigan

Wooly Gnorbu Purse

Note: some of the Grarrl items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Grarrl Herder Staff*

Grarrl Menu*

Grarrl Sleuth Galoshas

Grarrl Sleuth Hat

Grarrl Sleuth Spyglass

Grarrl Sleuth Trench Coat

Grarrl Waiter Jacket*

Grarrl Waiter Towel*

Grarrl Warrior Hauberk

Grarrl Warrior Sandals

Grarrl Warrior Skirt

Pink Grarrl Bonnet*

Pink Grarrl Skirt*

Pretty Pink Grarrl Slippers

Note: some of the Grundo items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Green Grundo Hoodie*

Grundo Antennae Straps

Grundo Earwarmers*

Grundo Flipflops*

Grundo Jogging Suit*

Grundo Sloth Sock Puppet

Grundo Space Belt

Grundo Space Goggles

Grundo Space Jacket

Grundo Space Shoes

I Club Sloth T-Shirt

Hissi Herder Staff

Hissi Knight Chestplate

Hissi Knight Gauntlets

Hissi Knight Helmet

Hissi Thief Belt

Hissi Thief Gloves

Hissi Thief Hood

Hissi Thief Mask

Hissi Thief Shirt

Purple Hissi Turtleneck

Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Chest Covering

Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Gloves

Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Hat

Traditional Shenkuu Hissi Tail Covering

Yellow Hissi Bonnet

Yellow Hissi Sundress

Green Ixi Pyjama Bottoms

Green Ixi Pyjama Top

Ixi Bandit Belt

Ixi Bandit Feathered Headband

Ixi Bandit Leather Pouch

Ixi Bandit Leg Wrappings

Ixi Blue Bandana

Ixi Deluxe Gold Collar

Ixi Forest Cape

Ixi Forest Hood

Purple Ixi Rain Coat

Purple Ixi Rain Hat

Note: some of the Jetsam items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Jetsam Concertina*

Jetsam Head Laser

Jetsam Muumuu*

Jetsam Pretty Bonnet

Jetsam Sea Captain Rain Hat

Jetsam Sea Captain Rain Slicker

Jetsam Sushi Chef Apron*

Jetsam Sushi Chef Hat*

Jetsam Sushi Chef Knife*

Blue JubJub Sandals

Cloud JubJub Socks

JubJub Coconut Watch

JubJub Hard Hat

JubJub Rainbow Socks

Red JubJub Hoodie

Striped JubJub Beanie

Yellow JubJub Bow

Kacheek Clown Pants

Kacheek Clown Shirt

Kacheek Clown Shoes

Kacheek Clown Wig

Kacheek Shell Bathing Goggles

Kacheek Sun Block

Pink Kacheek Bathing Cap

Pink Kacheek Bathing Suit

Kauboy Badge

Kauboy Boots

Kauboy Hat

Kauboy Pants

Kauboy Vest

Milk Maid Kau Bandana

Milk Maid Kau Blouse

Milk Maid Kau Milk Jug

Milk Maid Kau Shoes

Milk Maid Kau Skirt

Milkman Kau Coat

Milkman Kau Hat

Milkman Kau Milk

Milkman Kau Shoes

Milkman Kau Trousers

Black Kiko Plaster

Fancy Pink Kiko Dress

Kiko Diving Suit

Kiko Drummer Drumsticks

Kiko Drummer Headband

Kiko Drummer Sun Glasses

Kiko Space Exploration Gloves

Kiko Space Exploration Helmet

Kiko Space Exploration Suit

Kiko Toy Communicator

Lime Green Kiko Plaster

Rainbow Kiko Plaster

Starry Kiko Plaster

Golden Koi Bracelet

Koi Life Preserver

Koi Seaweed Ensemble

Koi Shell Lei

Koi Shell Tiara

Koi Spelunker Backpack

Koi Spelunker Helmet

Koi Spelunker Jumper

Koi Spelunker Rope

Koi Woven Seaweed Purse

Yellow Polka Dot Koi Dress

Note: some of the Korbat items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Gothic Korbat Nail Varnish

Gothic Korbat Shirt

Gothic Korbat Skirt

Gothic Korbat Wig

Korbat Aviator Helmet

Korbat Aviator Jacket

Korbat Aviator Pants

Korbat Aviator Scarf

Korbat Aviator Shirt

Korbat Flower Dress*

Korbat Miner Coveralls*

Korbat Miner Gloves*

Korbat Miner Light*

Korbat Miner Shoes*

Korbat Miner Tail Cover*

Kougra Adventurer Boots

Kougra Adventurer Hat

Kougra Adventurer Shirt

Kougra Adventurer Shorts

Kougra Buzzer Costume Shirt

Kougra Buzzer Costume Slacks

Kougra Buzzer Costume Wings

Kougra Buzzer Headband

Kougra Sailor Hat

Kougra Sailor Top

Kougra Sailor Trousers

Jagged Purple Krawk Trousers

Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Arm Bands

Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Hood

Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Toy Axe

Krawk Axe Wielder Costume Trousers

Pink and Purple Krawk Shoes

Pink Krawk Hair

Purple Krawk Cloak

Purple Krawk Top

Sinister Neovian Jacket

Sinister Neovian Pants

Sinister Neovian Shirt

Sinister Neovian Shoes

Sinister Neovian Top Hat

Kyrii Guru Hat

Kyrii Guru Jacket

Kyrii Guru Ring

Kyrii Guru Trousers

Kyrii I Hate Apples Sign

Kyrii Mage Bracers

Kyrii Mage Cape

Kyrii Mage Circlet

Kyrii Mage Robe

Kyrii Mage Sandals

Kyrii Playing Cards

Kyrii Shooting Star Barrette

Red Plaid Kyrii Dress

Blue Lenny Kimono

Fake White Lenny Beard

Lenny Wizard Hat

Lenny Wizard Magic Wand

Lenny Wizard Robe

Wooden Lenny Clogs

Blue and White Striped Lupe Trousers

Chia Fruit Lupe Hat

Lupe Chia Costume

Lupe Dance Show Makeup

Lupe Hero Cape

Lupe Hero Mask

Lupe Hero Suit

Lupe Hero Wrist Guards

Multi-coloured Lupe Ruffle Dress

Red Lupe Scarf

Ruffled Lupe Shirt

Simple Blue Lupe Hat

Spiffy Lupe Mustache

Fancy Orange Lutari Dress

Fancy Orange Lutari Hat

Futuristic Lutari Diving Boots

Futuristic Lutari Diving Gloves

Futuristic Lutari Diving Helmet

Futuristic Lutari Diving Pack

Futuristic Lutari Diving Shirt

Futuristic Lutari Diving Shorts

Simple Starfish Lutari Necklace

Ferocious Negg Suit

Fish Negg Meerca Costume

Meerca Negg Sneakers

Meerca Theiving Garb

Meerca Thieving Beanie

Pink Meerca Tail Bows

Pretty Green Meerca Dress

Adorable Black Moehog Shoes

Black Sparkle Moehog Dress

Moehog Ankle Sweatbands

Moehog Poet Hat

Moehog Poet Shirt

Moehog Poet Trousers

Moehog Sneakers

Moehog Sweat Towel

Moehog Sweatband

Moehog Workout Bag

White Moehog Boa

Banana Mynci Shirt

Banana Mynci Shorts

Banana Mynci Slippers

Mynci Riding Boots

Mynci Riding Gloves

Mynci Riding Hat

Mynci Riding Shirt

Mynci Riding Trousers

Gothic Nimmo Makeup

Gothic Nimmo Shirt

Gothic Nimmo Shoes

Gothic Nimmo Trousers

Nimmo Adventurer Hat

Nimmo Adventurer Outfit

Nimmo Adventurer Shoes

Nimmo Adventurer Torch

Nimmo Adventurer Trousers

Nimmo Lily Pad Pyjamas

Nimmo Ninja Hood

Nimmo Shenkuu Headband

Nimmo Skull Bracelet

Ninja Nimmo Costume

Fluffy Pink Ogrin Slippers

Ogrin Rain Galoshes

Ogrin Rain Hat

Ogrin Rain Slicker

Striped Ogrin Pyjamas

Striped Ogrin Sleeping Cap

Peophin Blue Exercise Shirt

Peophin Desperado Hat

Peophin Desperado Jacket

Peophin Desperado Mask

Peophin Desperado Scarf

Peophin Exercise Headband

Peophin Exercise Tailwarmer

Peophin Wildlife Shirt

Plaid Peophin Bow

Plaid Peophin Dress

Rugged Peophin Hat

Note: some of the Poogle items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Blue Poogle Slippers

Lacy Poogle Sleeping Cap

Lacy Poogle Sleeping Gown

Poogle Black Shoes*

Poogle Green Knit Dress*

Poogle Green Purse*

Poogle Green Ragdoll*

Poogle Red Bows*

Poogle Running Shoes

Poogle Running Suit

Poogle Sweatband

Poogle Witch Doctor Arm Bands*

Poogle Witch Doctor Headdress*

Poogle Witch Doctor Mask*

Poogle Witch Doctor Necklace*

Poogle Witch Doctor Skirt*

Poogle Wizard Hat

Note: some of the Pteri items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Pteri Cello Jacket*

Pteri Cello Pants*

Pteri Cloud Pyjamas

Pteri Clould Pyjama Hat

Pteri Feather Cello*

Pteri Hood

Pteri Lemon Dress*

Pteri Pink Hoodie

Blue Heart Quiggle Shorts

Pink Quiggle Hoodie

Quiggle Ballet Leotard

Quiggle Ballet Slippers

Quiggle Ballet Tutu

Quiggle Fly Head Bobber

Quiggle Fly Pyjamas

Quiggle Quiguki Flag

Quiggle Socks

Quiggle Swim Goggles

Quiggle Swim Trunks

Cozy Ruki Pyjamas

Fuzzy Pink Ruki Slippers

Ruki Construction Boots

Ruki Hard Hat

Ruki Safety Vest

Ruki Scientist Hat

Ruki Scientist Jacket

Ruki Scientist Pants

Ruki Scientist Vial

Ruki Work Shirt

Ruki Work Trousers

Yellow Ruki Dress

Brown Scorchio Pants

Pink Scorchio Dress

Pink Scorchio Glasses

Red Scorchio Dress Shoes

Red Scorchio Necklace

Scorchio Country Hat

Scorchio Country Shirt

Scorchio Country Shoes

Scorchio Walking Stick

Scorchio Works Gloves

White Scorchio Gloves

Rocket Shoyru Gloves

Rocket Shoyru Helmet

Rocket Shoyru Pullover

Rocket Shoyru Rocket Pack

Rocket Shoyru Shoes

Rocket Shoyru Trousers

Shoyru Aviator Gloves

Shoyru Aviator Helmet

Shoyru Aviator Shoes

Shoyru Blue Aviator Shirt

Shoyru Pink Aviator Goggles

Shoyru Pink Aviator Jacket

Shoyru Pink Aviator Scarf

Shoyru Pink Aviator Trousers

Note: some of the Skeith items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Blue Skeith Backpack

Curly Blonde Skeith Wig

Red Skeith Pen

Skeith Banana Purse*

Skeith Bib

Skeith Cutlery

Skeith Grape Dress*

Skeith Ice Cream Shorts

Skeith Notebook

Skeith Overalls*

Skeith Pineapple Hat*

Skeith Pitchfork*

Skeith Sandals

Skeith Straw Hat*

Skeith Straw Pile*

Skeith Strawberry Pin*

Note: some of the Techo items are not yet searchable/released.
Clothing names with an asterisk (*) after them indicate names I have not been able to verify or confirm (my best guess).

Techo Bandit Belt*

Techo Bandit Mask*

Techo Bandit Shoes*

Techo Bandit Tunic*

Techo Fancy Dress

Techo Bandit Belt*

Techo Bandit Mask*

Techo Bandit Shoes*

Techo Bandit Tunic*

Techo Fancy Dress

Techo Fighting Robe

Techo Roller Cheese*

Techo Roller Hat*

Techo Roller Stick*

Techo Roller Tunic*

Blue Tonu Ballet Slippers

Blue Tonu Tutu

Fire Tonu Horn Decoration

Tonu Camouflage Head Scarf

Tonu Camouflage Shirt

Tonu Camouflage Shoes

Tonu Camouflage Trousers

Flowery Tuskaninny Headband

Purple Tuskaninny Scarf

Sunny Tuskaninny Sundress

Tuskaninny Pale Blue Suit

Tuskaninny Pale Blue Top Hat

Tuskaninny Parka

Tuskaninny Wrestling Belt

Tuskaninny Wrestling Cape

Tuskaninny Wrestling Mask

Uni Garden Boots

Uni Garden Hat

Uni Garden Smock

Uni Parade Harness

Uni Parade Headdress

Usul Beatnik Beret

Usul Beatnik Glasses

Usul Beatnik Outfit

Usul Beatnik Poetry

Usul Beatnik Sandals

Usul Ski Ear Warmers

Usul Ski Goggles

Usul Ski Mittens

Usul Ski Poles

Usul Ski Suit

Usul Skis

Fluffy Pink Wocky Slippers

Pink Wocky Pyjama Shorts

Pink Wocky Pyjama Top

Pink Wocky Sleep Mask

Wocky Space Hero Beard

Wocky Space Hero Boots

Wocky Space Hero Pants

Wocky Space Hero Vest

Xweetok Popstar Dress

Xweetok Popstar Earrings

Xweetok Popstar Hat

Xweetok Popstar Microphone

Xweetok Space Boots

Xweetok Space Flag

Xweetok Space Helmet

Xweetok Spacesuit

Yellow Yurble Sundress

Yurble Mop

Yurble Noil Tamer Hat

Yurble Noil Tamer Jacket

Yurble Noil Tamer Shoes

Yurble Noil Tamer Stool

Yurble Noil Tamer Trousers

Yurble Noil Tamer Whip

Zafara Agent Gloves

Zafara Agent Hood

Zafara Agent Robe

Zafara Tourist Camera

Zafara Tourist Hat

Zafara Tourist Shirt


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