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Expulsory's Screenies

Finally updated the page... x.x;
I added new screenies, deleted some old ones,
and put the screenies into categories.
Guess what else? I'm in a few screenie directories! :*
And I added some link-backs. Check 'em out at the bottom of the page. ^^
Some of the screenies are quite old, and you'll know
which ones they are due to their bad quality. xD
If you hate screenies (you must be really unhappy person if you do), click here to visit a 404 Error. :)

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This screenie was so long it stretched the page. x.X; I had to reduce the size. Just drag to the address bar to view at it's original size.

Hover mouse over the screenie above, please

Awards for YOU

Please don't use the award(s) below without my permission.
If you do have my permission,
I would have neomailed you or commented your screenies on the boards.

The award below is for people who received an 8+ out of ten from ME.


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