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Evastasia is a lonely shapeshifting dream entity who lives within people's minds, hopping from one dream to the next. They try to convince people to stay with them and sleep forever, so that they will have a friend. They're selfish, cunning, manipulative, and very persuasive, but they feel that she has to be in order to better convince people to stay with them. They're very good at putting on acts, and often changes their outer personality with their looks. On the inside, though, they're always very mellow and melancholic, and quite naive, as well.

If one were to accept her invitation to remain in their dream with them, the dreamer would automatically fall into a deep coma and stay with Vasti in the dream world until they died, unable to ever wake again. Evastasia is perfectly aware of this, but considers it okay and feels no remorse since they're don't put anyone in comas without their consent (even though they normally do not outright tell people "you're gonna go into a coma until you die", but they still get them to agree to stay in their dream world forever). Once their host (the dreamer) either wakes or passes away, they instantly find themself in a new dream. They can't leave someone's dream and enter another's of their own free will, and they have no control over whose dream they'll enter, so the chances of them encountering the same dreamer twice are extremely low.


They're able to shift any aspect of their appearance at will, except for the color of their eyes, which are a slightly pale gold (they turn pure white if they're in a nightmare or if they lose their ability to manipulate the dream). They favor muted color schemes, especially purple ones, but aren't opposed to switching it up.

Their default design that I draw the most, just for the sake of having some consistency, is a pale, feminine humanoid with long, dark purple hair and rabbit ears, a pale purple dress, a dark purple scarf with a pale gold star pin on it, and two more star pins on either side of their head. Their default quad form is a dark purple hare-like critter with the same scarf and clips (as well as an additional clip by the tail), and pale gold, seemlingly glowy star-like speckled markings.


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• Has severe athazagoraphobia (fear of being alone) and mild ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)

• Even if the dreamer isn't afraid of snakes, is snakes are present in a dream and Vasti sees them, they'll likely be terrified and accidentally turn the dream into a nightmare

• Their favorite colors are purple and white

• If they lose control of their emotions and feel very strong negative emotions, the dream will turn into a nightmare that they has no control over, and they won't be able to regain control even if they reign in their emotions. Nightmares are hard for them to control in the first place, but when it gets bad, they aren't able to change or manipulate them at all. Also, anyone treating them poorly often turns the dream into a nightmare, but as long as they control themselves they are still usually able to manipulate the dream. (They cannot willingly decide whether the dream will be a pleasant one or a nightmare)

• They has no sense of object permanence

• They named themself; They change their name pretty often but Evastasia / Vasti is one they keep coming back to pretty often.

• They're based off a dream I had once, where I met someone who basically like. told me i was dreaming and that none of this was real and HE wasnt real and he existed only in my dream and when i woke up he would cease to exist, and he tried to convince me to sleep forever so that i could stay there with him forever. He seemed very sad and lonely...i pitied him in the dream and felt sorry for him. He didn't look at all like vasti tho, i just put the character onto an existing design i already had.

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