1) You CANNOT enter them into any contest.
Note that I scout the BC every week without fail for stolen art.
2) You must NOT claim these as your own.
3) You MAY use these wherever, as long as you link back to this petpage, or my main account (Jodieklns)
4) DON'T remove the credit on the picture.
5) DO NOT upload onto your own image host. Keep them on mine.
6) Customs- If the design isn't yours, you CANNOT use it.

Custom status-
Coat of Arms- Closed
Vector- Closed
Old set- Never open

Coat of Arms Draiks.


Old version

Vector Draiks

Note- the template to this set is a little messed up. So don't expect any more colours. Sorry


Some really old draiks that never really had a home :3



Wut? You want me? Come and adopt! :3


Rawr! Lynx on NeopoundTina on NeopoundHeartless on Neopound. LolIlikeknownoonesusername

Edited Makeables (Sorry for not making them clickable x.x")

Art of Evarius

By me

Sketchy doodley things I've drawn

These were supposed to be the Likes and Dislikes images, however I couldn't think of a single thing for the section.

By others
Manta -
Pesh -