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A kid needs to make money and what easier way to do that than renting out her insanely large room? We're like one large (slightly insane) family and these are my "older brothers."

I won't deny having had crushes on them. Getting to know them better though and you know relationships wouldn't work out. Besides, they've all pretty much found partners of their own and they've all been "Kuro Approved".

All partners need to be approved by me. So don't you go thinking you can take them just because they're single!

Roy Mustang

Roomate since: 2001

Approved relationship: Riza Hawkeye

Things I have to put up with: pyromania, laziness, forgetfulness, whines about work

Franken Stein

Roomate since: 2005

Approved relationship: Marie Mjolnir

Things I have to put up with: smoke, disected animals, creepy laughs

Hijikata Toshiro

Roomate since: 2008

Approved relationship: None

Things I have to put up with: smoke, mayonaise, mayonaise, more mayonaise...

Heiwajima Shizuo

Roomate since: 2010

Approved relationship: Orihara Izaya

Things I have to put up with: smoke, anger issues, replacement furniture

Okabe Rintarou

Roomate since: 2011

Approved relationship: Makise Kurisu

Things I have to put up with: TV problems, loss of microwave, gel bananas, creepy laughs, talks to himself, Dr. Pepper

But I love them anyways!


My roomates are fun but they all have work of their own and since they're all older, they don't often spend the time to play games and watch movies with me. That's ok though because that's what friends are for!

Here are some frequent visitors to my room. Don't be surprised if you find some of them hanging around when you visit.

Trash Can Blog

Sept 10 2013

Right. I don't blog much...if at all...but I do hope to get around to fixing up my room. Lots of images have come and gone and I haven't updated anything new for the past 2-3 years. I'm still kinda emotionally attached to this page and I don't want to delete it...I've decided to make this my anime getaway. I've gotten into many other shows and fandoms by now but it would take years to pump all that into this room. o.o

I've also joined a new guild! (SM unfortunately has been disbanded) Aozora is a fandom loving Studio Ghibli guild where you can really chat about anything! Great place to hang out if you get on at the right time. :)

Aozora Bonding Experience: Questionaire

  1. what is your name? Kuro of Camelot
  2. what is your quest? To seek the Holy Grail
  3. what is your favorite color? Blue...No wai-
  4. how old are you? 19
  5. what is your zodiac animal? Taurus. The only zodiac animal that is also a Pokemon /boss
  6. where are you from? Canada
  7. what is/are your preferred pronoun(s)? On gaming sites you a he until proven otherwise. On social sites (coughtumblercough) you are a she until proven otherwise.
  8. what account are you in aozora in? Kuroida
  9. what are your other accounts? Kuroidamon, Taichi, Takato, the_wlrd_ends_with_u
  10. what is your pokename? Don't have one. Would love some help choosing!
  11. do you have any nicknames? if so, what are they? Kuro...Kuroi...but seriously don't call me that it just sounds weird...
  12. what is your favorite species of neopet? Scorchio
  13. what pet species do you own the most of? Scorchio, Shoyru (2 each)
  14. which pet is your favorite? _B_E_T_A my mutant lupe...*feels bad for my other pets* Etrigan_ is usually my active though...can I just say I love them all?
  15. what is your favorite studio ghibli movie? ....all of them...probably Spirited Away or Castle In The Sky/Laputa...or Kiki's Delivery Service..or Totoro..
  16. who is your favorite ghibli character? Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service). I feel that all her reactions are similar to mine and I can often relate to her....I also like Totoro because he's fluffeh
  17. what is your favorite disney movie? Lion King...No. The Great Mouse Detective. No. Mulan. No...
  18. what is your favorite pixar movie? Up
  19. what is your favorite dreamworks movie? Rise of the Gaurdians
  20. what is your favorite live action movie? Gran Torino...and Avengers...
  21. what is your favorite anime? STOP ASKING HARD QUESTIONS
  22. who is your favorite anime character? ....Imma just list them all. Roy Mustang (FMA), Mr Chang (Black Lagoon), Hijikata Toshiro (Gintama), Okabe Rintarou (Steins;Gate), Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara) and probably a ton more that don't pop into my head at this moment BUT I LOVE ALL OF THEM
  23. who are the five characters from any media that you identify the most with, and why? John Watson (BBC Sherlock) I swear every reaction is what I do (I have some crazy friends and my reactions to crazy things happening is basically like...ok...moving on) Wally West (Flash, DC) because no one appreciates my jokes. Sasha Braus because I'd be mortified if I had to skip supper too. Hermione Granger. She's a Muggle who showed the world that us Muggle females are obsessive(ly smart) about magic. Konata (Lucky Star) because one word: Otaku.
  24. are you a brain, a jock, a princess, a basket case, or a criminal? ...None of the above. I'm just lazy...
  25. who is your favorite doctor who companion? Donna
  26. who is your favorite doctor? 10th~
  27. if you had to live in the universe of one television show, which show would you choose? Pokemon. Because any other world I'd probably be the first one to die...or I'd just be one of those extra characters in the back who don't actually get to partake in any adventure.
  28. if you were a fruit, which fruit would you be? Banana. Yellow on the outside. White on the inside (Yes I'm an American born Chinese) :P
  29. what is your opinion on the number 29? ....*cricket chirp*....*tumbleweed*
  30. what type of laundry detergent do you use? Sunlight
  31. do you own any plants? Yeah. Are they dead? *pokes* Just about... *waters it out of guilt*
  32. why is a raven like a writing desk? ...Ravenclaws study at their desks more idek XD
  33. how long have you been playing neopets? Since I was 8...so 11 yrs...but with breaks
  34. what is your favorite video game? The World Ends With You (DS)
  35. when you play pokemon, which type starter do you choose? FIRE, grass, water (in that order. For first & second gen games I get them all by depositing and transfering them in and out. The later gens I can't be bothered...)
  36. what is your favorite pokemon type? FIRE
  37. what is your favorite pokemon? CHARIZARD *RAWR*
  38. which hogwarts house do you belong to? Gryffindor
  39. who is your favorite harry potter character? Remus Lupin (because before Twilight werewolves were cool!)
  40. which harry potter book is your favorite? Prisoner of Azkaban
  41. what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Which one an African or European swallow?
  42. which supernatural character do you most identify with? Keven Tran. He's just a kid from Michigan. A kid just like me...minus the Michigan part but he's asian and is in advanced placement and his biggest goal was to get into a good uni and he has no clue what's going on.
  43. do you have any siblings? if so, are they older or younger? Yes. Sister. Younger
  44. did you grow up with bill nye the science guy? YES
  45. do you know the significance of mail time? ....maybe....or at least I might...*shifty eyes*
  46. what is your favorite episode of your favorite television show? Justice League Unlimited. s4e8. Double Date. Starring Amy Acker as The Huntress & Jeffrey Combs as The Question. Who digivolve together to become: MY FIRST OTP (I shipped it before I even knew what shipping was) :P
  47. what is your favorite episode of your favorite anime? A single episode? o.o I don't think I have one...several scenes and arcs come to mind but a single episode...o.o
  48. what is your favorite season?
  49. do you have a favorite number? 42
  50. why are you wearing that stupid man suit? ....I did not get that reference. D:
  51. why should you stop and take a look around once in a while? Because life goes by pretty fast and you might miss it.
  52. does the song "singin' in the rain" make you smile or cower with fear? Right now it just makes me start confuzzled at this question.
  53. is your bedroom clean or messy? Messy. Like a tornado hit it and there are no survivors kind of messy...
  54. have you ever gone anywhere cool on holiday? 3.5 months in Europe, 1 month in China. 1 month in HK. 2 weeks in Japan. And a few 3-4 day vacations to a few more places...
  55. who/what is your spirit animal? Patrick Star
  56. what is a movie that made you cry? made you laugh? Bridges of Madison County (Clint Eastwood). Do not watch this movie. I don't know why I watched that movie...*cries*
  57. Laugh....Monty Python's Life of Brian
  58. what is your favorite superhero? Damian Wayne's Robin. BECAUSE HE WAS SO ANNOYING BUT FLAWLESS AND AMAZING AND HE WAS GROWING UP SO WELL WHY DC WHYYYY?!? *gross sobbing*
  59. if you had a superpower, what would it be? Time Control. I need a pause button in my life...as well as a rewind to go back to kindergarten and a fast forward so I can finally get out of the house...
  60. what is your favorite band?
  61. who is your favorite solo artist?
  62. if you got to have dinner with three celebrities, who would you choose and why? Clint Eastwood, Benedict Cumberbatch, RDJ. Because Clint Eastwood is my idol. Ben seems like a nice guy and RDJ is outgoing enough to make me laugh and can start conversations for me instead of the other way around /socially inept
  63. what is your biggest fear? Dying before I move out...
  64. were you named after anyone? Nope. And definitely not after the Princess from Shrek nor the Princess from Adenture Time. (is really bugged about this)
  65. what is your favorite type of breakfast cereal? Lucky Charms. Number of times I've actually had Lucky Charms for breakfast: 1
  66. do you have children? Yes. I call them my laptop and my cellphone. Although my cellphone is currently in fragile health and must be taken care of frequently. He prefers being plugged in next to my bed than at the desk as he's afraid of being left alone. My laptop is strong and independent though.
  67. what color socks do you own the most of? Black...but I have miffy and chopper socks to mix it up a bit
  68. what color are your eyes? Brown

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Mirror Reflections

Steins; Gate

Steins Gate is by far the best anime of 2011, much like Durarara was in 2010. However, it is not for everyone. Steins Gate dabbles in the concept of time travel and we all know how confusing and complex the topic of time travel can get. Steins Gate however manages it pretty well, although in the first episode I can almost guarantee that you won't have a clue what's going on. But that's where the fun is! The series stars Okabe Rintaro, a self proclaimed "mad scientist" who, along with his friends, creates a "time machine" that can send text messages to the past along. Obviously, everyone is amazed and exploit the technology in their innocence, sending small text messages to the past to see if it can actually change the future. It turns out it can, and mid series, things quickly get out of hand. When a life altering event happens to Okabe, things he initially thought to be imaginary turn out to be all too real and he realizes he must fix the past to change the future thus starting up a grand journey through time to make things right.

Okabe himself is an amazing character. He's eccentric, a bit arrogant and gives the appearance of being delusional and paranoid. He walks around in a lab coat, frequently talks to himself, is convinced "The Organization" is after him and breaks out into fits of maniacal laughter. However, deep down he really cares for those close to him and you can see this right off in the first episode. How Steins; Gate managed to turn a crack pot into the most amazing character ever is beyond me but Okabe's character hits all the right notes and I fell in love with him immediately. The other characters in the series are quite interesting as well. Daru and Mayuri are Okabe's closest friends and can stand up with his eccentric personality while the main female lead is Makise Kurisu, a researcher from an American university and her relationship with Okabe is both funny and interesting.

Steins; Gate will make you or break you. Unlike many other animes it is intelligent. You really have to think in order to understand it and sometimes you won't. Some things introduced in the first episode might not be explained until the last. You just have to pick yourself up and keep going. Know when to pause and when to move on. I can say that you won't get every little detail the first time you watch the series but by the end you will get the big picture, whether you're aware of it or not. Also, by the end of the series it does explain pretty much everything. I personally didn't have any unanswered questions by the end because Steins; Gate created a world that made sense given its own structural context. There may be a few things to still think about, but since the series doesn't show us how the future ends up, it makes sense that they're left to the viewer's imagination.

The series starts of a bit slow, helping develop the characters and the initial idea of time travel before launching you off into a time leaping frenzy full of emotion and suspense. It also has a large replay value (and you thought that was just for video games?). The more times you watch the series the more things make sense and you're able to see the smaller, finer details that the series managed to sneak in making you appreciate it even more. Overall, Steins ;Gate took a generally confusing and complicated topic and managed to run off with it in a way that evoked a huge range of emotions from humour to horror. And above all, if you dig deep enough until the end, you realize that the whole thing actually makes sense!

Inside My Computer

New worlds await...

I have long since dreamed of writing books or making an anime/tv show/manga/comic book out of ideas. Unfortunatly, I've never had the time to actually sit down to write something.

But over 17 years, I've littered my desk with plot summaries, world descriptions, character designs, height charts, you name it! All to please my own little world in my head, being built since I was about 6 years old.

Who knows. Maybe one day I will make this into a epic series. After all, I'm only 17 and a kid can dream right?

NOTE: Names and countries can be changed. They're just what I call them in my head.


The World: Taisaku

The Characters

The Early Years (First Arc) Events

War of Congroo (Second Arc) Events

The Aftermath (Third Arc) Events

Battle For Abroxia (Fourth Arc) Events

The Empire of Taisaku

The Powers of Taisaku

The Empire of Taisaku was based on top of the center of the [Earth].

The country was said to house the planet's chi consisting of five elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Lightning.When all five elements are combined, they form the sixth element: Metal.

In Ancient times, prophets recorded strange abnormalities of Taisaku's plants and animals. They were said to show heightened senses and the ability to control elemental properties.

One prophet writes about a wolf bursting into flames and a tree uplifting the earth around an approaching bear.

People began to realize that these animals were actually spiritual beings eminating from the Earth's core.

Over many centuries, scientists began developing vessels that could house a being and harness their elemental abilities.

Animal Vessels

The first vessels experimented on were wild animals

Since wild animals were more accustomed to Earth's chi, being exposed to it since birth, most experiments were successes as the beings and animals were able to cooperate together.

However, domesticating the animals is hard. And using already domesticated animals often failed because they were less in tune with Earth's chi.

Weapon Vessels

The second expiriment vessels were hand-held weapons such as swords, scythes, tonfas and later on, guns.

These weapons had the ability to control one of Earth's five elements.

The people weilding these elemental weapons are known as meisters.

They are meant to develop the ability to "talk" to the spiritual being residing in their weapon.

If harmony can not be achieved between meister and spirit, the vessel will eventually dissintegrate due to the intense chi the spirits release.

Human Vessels

The most advanced scientific discovery in the world was the development of human vessels.

Scientists injected newly formed spiritual beings into newborns.

The children and spirits would grow up together resulting in harmony through personal experiences and survival.

The children would grow to become accustomed to the spirit's precense and chi and vice versa.

Upon the spirit's awakening, the children would develop elemental abilities such as the abilities to conjure flames, command waves or control lightning.

These people are been deemed Elementals.

The Result...

Driven by their quest for knowledge and power, Taisaku is now the most technologically advanced nation on the planet.

Taisaku's government is a military dictatorship run by a King.

Parents sell their newborn children to the military for huge sums of money, diplomatic immunity and/or military protection.

Select children are chosen to undergo the elemental experimentation process.

Children are raised together in military houses run by a main caregiver/matron.

The military funds, protects, feeds, houses, trains and educates the children, shaping them to become intelligent citizens of Taisaku, loyal to their nation.

Children raised under the military are not all expected to become soldiers. However, 30% of the money they earn after the age of 18, funds Taisaku's military stemming from a life-long agreement from birth.

Taisaku's Relation To Other Countries

Taisaku used to consist of several other smaller countries. However, unwilling to rule over such a large population, Taisaku allowed the newly acquired countries to continue to run independently as they had before.

Several countries still feel indebted to the country as Taisaku still provides them with military support and protection.

Taisaku borders the [Pacific] Ocean with the country of Congroo, its largest enemy, directly above them.

Many countries, wanting Taisaku's power and technology, have waged war with the country in the past, Congroo is the most notorious.

Other countries do not approve of Taisaku's experimentation and government. They are afraid of Taisaku's rapid technoligical advances and their potential affects on the rest of the world.

Kings of Taisaku

1st King

Saw Taisaku through four wars.

War driven and greatly stresses the country's power and technology.

Pays much interest and money to Elemental Experimentations.

2nd King

Opens up Taisaku to the rest of the world as a trading center and tries to be apart of the "global village" concept.

Tries to maintain peace with most countries; provides military support and assistance to those that require it.

The Characters

The Epic is designed to center around the lives of a group of 5 brothers taken from an "outsider's" point of view who eventually befriends some of the boys and invites them into his life.

As the story progresses, the discovery of a younger sister will be made.

Throughout the story, time skips will occur leaving the ages a bit to be determined. I put them here so people would be aware of the age difference between families.

As the series goes on, the main character will eventually move on from Carson and shift more onto the brothers (namely Remus and Roy) and eventually the sister and her group of friends (2nd gen).

NOTE: All names are subject to change. They've been changing for +10 years. I can't garantee they'll stop any time soon.

Main Character


A famous and old director/actor. With many movies under his belt he decides to try something new by filming a documentary about Taisaku.

There he meets 12 year old Remus Sage whom he befriends and, 2 years later, adopts.

He loves music and books and seems to pass these things on to Remus and his brothers as time goes by.

Home country tbd

Sage Family

Logan Sage

Age @ Beginning: 18

Max Height: 5'5

Abilities: None

Physical Description: Muscular, short, black hair, black eyes, roughly unshaven, smokes

Life Overview: At age 14, Logan runs away from the Sage family, not happy with how his abusive parents treat him and the way his country operates. He manages to sneak into [Germany] where he grows up, gets married and has a son. He never contacts his family again until many years later after the death of his wife.

Future Occupation: Motorcycle Racer

Future Title: None

Remus Sage

Age @ Beginning: 12

Max Height: 6'0

Abilities: Black fire gun meister

Physical Description:Skinny, tall, black hair, blue eyes, wears mechanical boots to help him stand up straight.

Life Overview: When Logan ran away, it left 8 year old Remus facing their abusive parents. Eventually he ran away as well but took Zach with him as he refused to leave his little brother behind. With someone else to take care of, Remus made the decision to sell themselves to the military seeing as they could provide them with protection, shelter and food.

At age 14, Remus becomes one of 10 children chosen for the military's new experiment [operation name tbd] that attempts to fuse an animal vessel with a weapon vessel and inject it into a human to form "the ultimate superweapon."

The first 9 candidates are killed in the experimentation.

Remus just barely survives but he cannot control the animal (wolf) within him and he is eventually deemed too unstable to be of military use.

The military plan to "dispose" of him but Carson intereves and legally adopts Remus and his brothers, taking full responsibility for their actions.

As Remus grows up he struggles to control the animal within him (he names it "The Demon") and fit into a new country. He is now prone to random fits of anger and unleashing the elemental powers he possess within him at unpredictible times.

For much of his first few years after the expiriment he would act like a wolf and rarely talk to others.

On occassion, he can be completely consumed by The Demon and attack anyone around him. However, Carson notices that music would get him to calm down much faster than anything else.

Carson also gets Remus a dog named Sakura whose presence also seems to calm the boy down easier.

At age 16, he meets Kevin and Damian who accept him for who he is and can handle him when he "goes feral."

Together, the three form a strong friendship and a band.

At age 18, Remus goes back to Taisaku and trackes down and begs to be trained by Richard Dragon, the man who holds the official title as the most powerful man in the world.

5 years later, Dragon passes away from old age and in his will he claims Remus as the official heir to his title.

Many years later, Remus will be the second brother to get married and have a son.

Future Occupation: Musician

Future Title: Most Powerful Man In The World

Zachary Sage

Age @ Beginning: 4

Max Height: 5'11

Abilities: Earth and air sword meister (dual swords)

Physical Description:fairly muscular, black hair, black eyes, earstud

Life Overview: Zack can't remember Logan since he was only a few months old at the time but he has close relationships with Remus and doesn't like seeing him suffer even though he tries to hide his discomforts through a tough exterior.

From his first enrollment into the military he was placed under the care of [name tbd], the greatest swordsman in the world, who is fascinated by his potential to control two weapon vessels at a time.

At age 6 he becomes Carson's adoptive son but chooses to stay behind in Taisaku and continue his education and meister training.

He visits Carson and his brothers from time to time.

At age 18 he defeats his old master and is labeled the best swordsman in the world.

Future Occupation: Screenwriter

Future Title: Best Swordsman In The World

Roy Sage

Age @ Beginning: 6 months (Older twin)

Max Height: 5'10

Abilities: Fire Elemental

Physical Description:Black hair, black eyes, eyepatch over left eye (later)

Life Overview: Roy was not born when Logan ran away but he and his twin brother would be sold to the military many years later with a note from their mother: "Please let them join their brothers."

At 2 years old, the twins move with Remus to Carson's home country where they recieve their military based education overseas.

He and Vic are initially not chosen to take part in the elemental experimentation.

At 8 years old, Roy is found to have a deadly cancer and he is expected to die within the year.

To try to combat the cancer, Taisaku doctors decide to put Roy (and Vic) into the elemental experimentation process but it will be difficult because the twins are considered too old for the treatment.

The operation is a success and the cancer is eliminated although Roy has difficulty controlling his new elemental powers, occasionally bursting into flames at random times.

He is also confused as to what to do with his life. He feels indebeted to the Taisaku military for saving his life and taking them under their wings. However, he doesn't approve of what they did to Remus.

With encouragement from Remus and Carson, he decides that he wants help make Taisaku the best it can be for the country and the people.


Future Occupation: Head of Research and Development for The Empire of Taisaku (rank: general)

Future Title: The Fire Dragon

Victor Sage

Age @ Beginning: 6 months (younger twin)

Max Height: 5'12

Abilities: Air Elemental

Physical Description:Black hair, blue eyes, goggles.

Life Overview: Vic is the more outgoing of the two twins.

When he discovers Roy has cancer he stubbornly declares that he wants to undergo the elemental experimentation as well, refusing to leave his brother to deal with it on his own.

Vic has very few problems controlling his elemental abilities afterwards. He loves to experiment with the things he can do; even learning to fly later on.

Future Occupation: Actor

Future Title: The Air Master

Kuroida Sage

Age @ First Appearance: 8 (2nd gen)

Max Height: tbd

Abilities: Metal Elemental

Physical Description:short black hair, red eyes.

Life Overview: Kuro was raised in an orphanage in [Italy] until she was discovered to be actually related to the Sage family and taken in.

Taisaku's government is fascinated by her because she is the first person to be born with elemental powers and a metal elemental is rare and much revered.

She meets Yoko upon her initiation into the family. She meets Marcus and Henry a few months later at Kevin and Sue's wedding.

Taking after their brothers, the four children form a band, train, learn and get into mischeif together.

Future Occupation: Musician

Future Title: None

Drake Family

Damian Drake

Age at first appearance: 18

Max Height: 6'2

Abilities: Kickboxing champion; trained in many forms of martial arts.

Physical Appearance:Tall, muscular, blue hair (dyed), black eyes.

Relation To Other Characters: Best friend to Remus Sage.

Future Occupation: Musician

Kevin Drake

Age at first appearance: 17

Max Height: 6'1

Abilities: Karate champion; trained in many forms of martial arts.

Physical Appearance: Tall, lightly muscular, black hair, black eyes, fingerless gloves, long scarf.

Relation To Other Characters: Best friend to Remus Sage. (Future) husband to Sue Damon.

Future Occupation: Musician

Yoko Drake

Age at first appearance: 8 (2nd gen)

Max Height: tdb

Abilities: None

Physical Appearance: long black hair, slender figure.

Relation To Other Characters: Best friend to Kuro Sage.

Future Occupation: Musician

Damon Family

Sue Damon

Age at first appearance: tdb

Max Height: 5'4

Abilities: None

Physical Appearance: long black hair, blue eyes, slender figure.

Relation To Other Characters: (Future) wife to Kevin Drake.

Future Occupation: Housewife

Marcus Damon

Age at first appearance: 10 (2nd gen)

Max Height: tdb

Abilities: Water Elemental; water sword meister

Physical Appearance: Short, "tall" black hair, blue eyes.

Relation To Other Characters: Best friend to Kuro Sage.

Future Occupation: Musician

Henry Damon

Age at first appearance: 8 (2nd gen)

Max Height: tdb

Abilities: Fire Elemental; fire sword meister

Physical Appearance: Short spiky black hair, black eyes.

Relation To Other Characters: Best friend to Kuro Sage.

Future Occupation: Musician

Other Characters

Justin Stein

Age at first appearance: 6 months

Max Height: 5'10

Abilities: Lightning Elemental

Physical Appearance: black hair, black eyes, very pale skin, glasses.

Relation To Other Characters: Best friend to Victor Sage; known twins since birth.

Future Occupation:Doctor


Age at first appearance: 31

Max/Current Height: 5'10

Abilities: None

Physical Appearance: black hair, "mean" look, scar over left eye (later), forearm crutch (later).

Relation To Other Characters: Owns the house that brings up Remus, Zach, Roy, Vic and Justin; Despite tough exterior, actually cares for the boys.

Occupation:Head of Intelligence for the Empire of Taisaku (rank: General)


Age at first appearance: tdb

Max Height: 5'10

Abilities: None

Physical Appearance: black hair, black eyes, very pale skin, glasses.

Relation To Other Characters: Best friend to Roy Sage.

Future Occupation: Lieutenant to Roy Sage for the Empire of Taisaku.


Age at first appearance: tdb

Max Height: 5'6

Abilities: None

Physical Appearance: long brown hair, slender figure.

Relation To Other Characters: Girlfriend of Remus Sage.

Occupation: Fashion Designer


Age at first appearance: tdb

Max Height: 6'0

Abilities: None

Physical Appearance: long black hair, black eyes, slender figure.

Relation To Other Characters: Girlfriend of Zachary Sage. Bandmate to Helena



Age at first appearance: tdb

Max Height: 5'9

Abilities: None

Physical Appearance: long black hair, black eyes, slender figure.

Relation To Other Characters: Girlfriend to Victor Sage. Bandmate to Renee


The Early Years-Events


Carson comes to Taisaku with the intent to film a documentary about the secrative country.

With his high profile as a famous director and actor he is allowed to enter the country and film parts of it.

Military officials partner him up with 12 year old Remus Sage who Carson is initially surprised to be a military soldier. Remus' job is to make sure that Carson doesn't poke his nose into things he shouldn't be and act as a guide around the country.

Eventually, Carson gets to know a bit more about Remus as he watches the boy care for his little brothers.

After a year of filming, Carson leaves Taisaku for his home country.

His film is a success and after 2 years he is asked to do an updated account on the country.

Flying back to Taisaku he hopes to meet up with Remus again only to find out that Remus has been chosen by the King for an expiriment and his chance of survival is very small.

He arrives at the correction facility just in time to see Remus, strapped down to an operation table, go beserk in pain and animalistic fury.

The doctors deem Remus too unstable and order him to be put down if he can't get himself under control.

Carson manages to force his way into the operation room and holds Remus until the boy calms down.

Days later, Remus is to be excecuted as he is officially deemed unsafe for society. The operation is a failure and will not be continued.

With the help of mutual friends, Carson manages to adopt Remus and his three brothers. He takes Remus, Roy and Vic to his home country while Zach stays behind.

Zach is affected by what Remus had to face and vows to get stronger so he can help protect his family too.

Girlfriends, Dogs and Life

Being rich and famous, Carson has many girlfriends. Upon returning from his trip to Taisaku, Remus and his brothers in tow, the reader meets Lucy, Carson's most current girlfriend.

She does not approve of all the attention Carson gives to the three boys and is afraid of Remus' animalistic nature.

Kansuke sends Remus a dog which Remus names Sakura and Carson allows her into the house despite his allergy of dogs as he notices the two have a strong attachment to each other.

For the next few years, Vic and Roy go to school, send letters to their friends in Taisaku and go on their own little adventures.

Remus stays home, educates himself, plays with Sakura etc.

Eventualy, Lucy devises a plan to get rid of Sakura, clubbing Remus in the head with a bat and locking him in the house basement while Carson is away on business.

Roy and Vic, having witnessed it all, try to call Carson but Lucy locks the them in the gunsafe.

She sends Sakura to the Pound, takes Carson's money and leaves the house.

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The Closet

I don't own ANYTHING on this page. All these images were found while Internet surfing. Some nice people on dA have their usernames in the images' URLs if you're interested.

The Book in the Bathroom

The current book in the bathroom is Garth Nix's Shade's Children

In a post-apocalyptic future, Overlords from another dimension have taken over the world and all the adults have mysteriously disappeared. After The Change, as they called it, children are captured, bred and fed until their 14th birthday where they are taken to the Meat Factory and processed as a Creature, brainless monsters that obey their Overlords every command, killing children and each other for the Overlords' amusement. The Change also instilled certain children with special abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy etc which some use to their advantage in evading the Creatures that are after them.

The story centers around Gold Eye, a child who was lucky enough to escape the Meat Factory and has the ability to see the nearby future. He is found by Nin, Ella and Drum, three children with their own special abilities and members of Shade's Children, an undercover resistance movement lead by the robotic Shade who is actually a digital imprint of a human scientist who managed to upload his consciousness into a machine before The Change.

Forming a team of four now, Gold Eye, Nin, Ella and Drum go on various missions on Shade's orders, battle many fearsome Creatures and ultimately try to defeat the Overlords.

Shade's Children is an exciting and easy read about a fascinating and detailed new world. While not much is known about the Overlords origins we are still able to understand the premise behind them and Shade's mission. Every other chapter introduces a short snippet of something from Shade's memory files such as a look at a random group of characters, a lesson Gold Eye is taught about reproduction, history files etc. These breaks from the main story are interesting and give us many different perspectives that help add to a more developed history and knowledge of Shade and his children.

The four main characters themselves are interesting and well developed. They all have their own unique abilities and personalities and the plot isn't hard to follow making this one of the few books I enjoy reading time and time again.

Movies by the Player

A list of movies (mostly anime movies) that I've watched and would love to watch again and again.

Summer Wars

My favourite movie of all time! Ever watched Digimon Adventures: Children's War Game? Well the director of that also did Summer Wars. No clue what I'm talking about? That's ok. You should still watch this movie. A virus is on the loose online and it's up to Kenji, a math Olympics finalist (of all things) to try and stop it before it destroys everyone's lives. In our world where all our personal info can be found online_ Summer Wars really gets you thinking on what dangers are out there for our technologically advanced society. Throw in some very sweet family moments, shy love and action packed fights and you've got Summer Wars!

Welcome To The Space Show

A fun and beautifully animated movie about a group of kids lost in space trying to get home while being chased for bandits.

You Are Umasou (Tasty)

A T-Rex goes against his killer instincts and adopts cute little Umasou the baby ankylosaurus. Together they go through fun times and hard times only for drama to strike when the nearby volcanoes go off with nowhere to run.


BETA is the monster under my bed. He says he'll leave once I feed him 99 pet souls and 1 human soul so he can become a Death Scythe, the most powerful weapon in the world.

When I first met him he was pretty cold and mean but now I think we've formed a mutual agreement. We've even discovered a new technique. We call it Soul Integration .

Through this we can share thoughts, feelings and respective powers. I get lycanthropic strength, speed, stamina, the ability to see in the dark and acute hearing. He gets oposable thumbs. Whee!


Here's what BETA and I look like when our souls integrate.

And here's the paint brush we use to achieve this state:


BETA's pretty self centered and he really likes it if people draw pictures showing him off. All these images are made by others who didn't want to get their soul eaten but were nice enough to leave a gift anyways. :)


And these nice people didn't draw BETA specifically but we love them anyways.

Mini Adopts II Please take me home! Oooh, sparkly!


Some of BETA's favourite toys and foods are here.

Pets (hover for descrip)

The Demon

The Chibi

The Holy Dragon

Phoenician Triplets

Agumon Brothers


Terrible Trio


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