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Message from GM


Stripe, Baby, and Mutant added. Custom open! Color Me! Section added also.


Woot! More people are acknowledging this page's existence!! Camouflage, Pirate, Chocolate, and Fire added. More coming up! ;3


Haha, thanks for visiting this page. So I'm experimenting on pixel art (this is actually the reason why I created this page). As the title of the page says, this is going to be a page about Xweetok. Xweetok adoptables. ;D I'll try to make some more soon.

About GM

Well, my name is Grace. But call me GM. ;3 I enjoy making graphics (I'm still a novice though xP) and drawing chibi. I like anime, manga, cats, and chocolate macarons. you don't know what a macaron is? Go search for it because it's the most awesome teatime snack ever invented! :3

I'm considered to be a quiet, geeky, and easily amused girl. Don't be afraid to send neomails to chat with me. But I probably won't stay for long though. D;

Ok, I'm going to end my intro now. Be sure to visit my screenies page!


To copy the code, right click "Select All" the text box (the box below the preview of the Xwee) and hit "Ctrl+C" to copy the whole code!


Now open for business! ^^ (Well, until I got too busy anyway).

Slot: 0/3

Color Me!

Just copy the image below, paste the image on Paint and color the Xwee! So easy, even noobs can do it! ;3 But please do not remove the credit though!

Mi Customs

Thank you so much for taking your time to draw my Lookkiky! ^^

Pwned! Award

Muahaha! Free award to everyone because GM is awesome just like that!! *0*


Apply today! ;D

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