The Ingress

The strong scent of Shenkuu spices throws an ambience into the room; underlying smells of Lost Desert sand and Altadorian ink vie for dominance. The room is dimly-lit, and you wait a little while out for your eyes to acclimatize to your new surroundings.

After a while, vision is permitted to you. You eyeball the room. Ebony wood covers the floor, a highly decorative and superfluous material for a desert dwelling. You wonder if the occupant of the room is trying to preserve nostalgia for some sylvan setting, perhaps native to her home.

Tall shelves filled with books of all shapes and sizes line all four sides of the room. The Great Literature Wall pauses briefly only to allow the presence of two framed portraits and the door you have just slid open. If you were allowed a guess, you may say that the denizen of such scholarly of a dormitory is either a vicious academic or an old bookworm. Meanwhile, subtly, a carpet covers the floor; wool pleasantly meets your bare toes as you take off your sandals and walk into the room.

The only source of light is a slowly diminishing candle in the center. It casts a warm pool of light onto the desk it stands on; approaching this lonely establishment, you notice intricate patterns on the woodwork illuminated. Scattered sheaves of parchment paper the floor; you did not notice them at first, and are slightly taken aback as you step onto some.

It's a little strange, you think to yourself as you step back, conscious of your pedal paper vandalism. Wouldn't such a bibliomaniac have better respect for her own writing materials?

In that regard, you would be mistaken, amica.

Your reaction to this unprecedented uttering is summarized in an Internet phrase: lolwut.

Do not invade the confines of this room with your ridiculously advanced technology. However, if you have a DS, we may battle it out.


I digress. It is rude of me to not introduce myself.

A cream-colored feline form manifests herself in front of you. You notice that her back is adorned with a pair of brilliant blue and purple wings. With all the grace of a dandelion being dropped slowly to the ground, so did the four-eared Aisha lower herself to the floor.

_"My name is Essence Nani Ku," She explains, her brown eyes boring into yours. Despite her attempt at grandeur, you can tell that she seems to be supressing some turbulent emotion, probably excitement. "I see that Telemakhos has invited you into my room. Well, no non-enemy of my owner is an enemy of mine. Come closer into the room."_

The rest of this petpage is narrated from Nani's Point of View.

About Nani

I suppose that you're a little bit curious about me by now, huh? I would not blame you; should a voice suddenly begin talking in my head and then reveal itself to be a ravishing classical intellect like myself, -gesticulates- I would want to know more about said colorful character.


Full Name | Essence. Nani Ku
Enunciation | EH-sens NAH-nee KU
Neo Name | Essenaniku
Gender | Female
Date of Birth | 06/22/04
Alias | Nani
Blood Relations | See "Family
Love? | N/A

Eyes | Violet Chocolate
Hair | Burnt Flaxen
Skin | Tan, with a perennially pinkish complexion.
Build | Graceful for her height, albeit lacking in voluptuousness.
Age | 17
Height | 159 cm / 5ft3in
Weight | Ladies don't tell.
Attire | Traditional oriental wear for the most part.

Quad Eyes | Violet Chocolate
Fur | Cream-white, Blue, Lavender. See ref for coloring. Hints of Rose.
Wings | Blue and Purple, with Ivory dots
Texture | Fur is of medium length, but unctuously silky. Wings are sticky and powdery. (She'll never let you touch her, though.)
Build | Wiry, small, very lithe. Darts about with Mercurial speed. Can't take a blow.


This is what I look like, described in the third person because I can.

Human Form

Essenaniku is the embodiment of the unexpected. She appears at first aesthetic to the senses, with her pretty hair and skin and eyes, though one is keenly aware of her shortcomings--her height, her lamentable lack of curves, her frequent and distracting gesticulations. However, almost every factual point of her appearance is countered by a contrasting truth in demeanor or personality.

Essenaniku is not an outlier of Oriental stature; though considered fairly tall among her people, she is dwarfed when the entire world is taken into account. However, the tall nature of her sandals lends her a slowness which, when coupled with her natural grace, gives her an air of importance. When she is allowed to take off her restrictive wear for more casual habiliments, Nani darts about like a stray rocket.

It's true that Nani's not particularly voluptuous--that is, she isn't injecting herself with the nasty substances that everyone else in the Royal Shenkuu Court seems to be. She is secure with her appearance, which lends her more gravitas than appendage size.

When required to wear formal clothes, Nani reacts by choosing the most colorful and showy of kimonos, and putting on as many accessories as possible to annoy her conservative parents. She prefers wearing a simple silk yukata normally, with a purple obi ribbon-belt around the waist.

Fun Fact: In Japan, conservatism in wear is of paramount importance.
Nani: Where else do I put my chains?

Her hair, which is the blond of when someone leaves straw too near an open flame, tumbles down to her waist. For the most part, she wears it naturally: long and straight. When occasions require it, Nani ties her hair up. Her eyes are a delicious shade of violet-chocolate, and are quite glossy.


Like her human form, Essenaniku counters shortcomings in appearance with the fire of her personality. The smallness of her body fades to the back of one's mind when she leaps about. Her seeming fragility is betrayed suddenly whenever she opens her mouth to talk with a voice more Romanesque than Caesar's.

This also means that physically attractive points are tempered by her brazen nature. While her fur is coveted by many for its silkiness and creamy luster, the fact that it is almost perpetually soiled is generally not well received by the Royal Shenkuu Court. Nani's wings are resplendent. However, they are her closest confederates in crime besides her Petpet Fu, and one abnegates her wings' majesty to bemoan the tragic destruction of something.



Working against her appearance of pulchritudinous meekness, Essenaniku is the quintessential fireball. She is unafraid of voicing her opinion, physical restraints be cursed!

While her dynamic attitude would imply that people take her either very flippantly, or very seriously if she happens to have them underneath her paws, the opposite is closer to the truth. Her voice is affected so that it is relatively deep for a female, and so she speaks with a maturity that is not reflected in her wild actions. There's a popular saying in the Ku household regarding this discrepancy: "You see her still--she is a plucked rose from the garden; you see her moving--she is a firework at night; you hear her talking--she is Cicero declaiming an argument against a political opponent. (You smell her--you regurgitate your breakfast.)

Fun Fact: In China and Japan, "Individualism" is statistically ranked one of the lowest values.
Nani: Tell that to tua mater.

It is ironical that Nani should have great enthusiasm for classical Greek and Roman (Altadoran) civilization, being herself almost a living oral incarnation of any given consul. She modeled her own speech habits after them, trying to acquire the gravitas of Roman rhetoric. This didn't work out too well, since a) Nani was female and b) she was too excitable to execute a perfect declamation. However, it did succeed in affecting her conversational habits: Nani's flamboyant gesticulations are a subject of much gossip amongst the stupid inbred nobles, and a cause of wariness amongst acquaintances.

Fun Fact: In Japan, extraneous hand gestures are avoided; communication does not occur through gesticulation.
Nani: Well, that's just too bad.

Being raised in a family of diplomats, with her father being the genius academic heading the whole affair, Nani's life was pretty restricted to Shenkuu, seeing as most of her lessons, et cetera occur there. This lack of free rein, and a natural irrepressible desire to express herself, can make Nani a dangerous character. She organized a small gang with her wily confederate Fu, the Faerie Kazeriu, to, more often than not, irritate her strict father by stealing/destroying/eating stuff.

In spite of her seemingly malicious eccentricities, Nani is not an evil person at all. Her acts of varying degrees of criminality are leveled strictly on personal enemies, be it parent or stupid noble at court. She is not allowed to mingle too much with the plebeians, but this does not deter her from acquiring a host of commoner friends, with whom she is on generally good terms with.

However, hidden underneath all of this quintessence is a conflicted character. She does not understand where she belongs; her academic heritage gives her a deeper insight into the world and Earthly operations, yet her body yearns to break free of rhetorical tedium. At the same time, she loves antiquity. Mostly, she settles her discontentment by busying herself with her 3rd Guardian Duties.

Guardianship && Normal Life

After the tumultuous events of the conflict between Past, Present, and Future (please click here for the exciting details), Nani formally becomes a Guardian of an Essence (in this case, almost ironically, "Culture.")

Unlike most others who find themselves in similar situations (being trapped either as a Mystical Guardian, Superhero by Night, or combination of like-structured titles), Nani does not allow her new responsibilites to dominate her personality. She wants to live a "normal life" in Sakhmet, working quietly on her Guardian duties (which for your convenience have been listed here:)

and also contributing anonymously to various newspapers.

In all honesty, it's not as glamorous as a job as it sounds, and it is a whole lot more mundane. Nani would have abnegated it except for the fact that sometimes it could be kind of hilarious to see Shenkuu people of the 300 B.C.s wearing tuxedos and talking with vernacular "gangstaa" Neopian Central. Oftentimes, she has to do some pretty weird stuff to get things to run smoothly, and this takes a lot of experimentation. Fortunately, Fu, and Qiozu and Shuu if they can help, are usually there to assist Nani in her various tasks.

Her Guardianship title is formally "Essence," earning her the abbreviated "Esse." in her Neopian name.


- Altador
- Exotic cool stuff
- Latin
- Antiquity in general
- Being free
- Outside
- Being smart
- Other smart people
- Fu, I guess
- Shuu
- My friends - Being smarter than other people


- Being confined
- Slow/Stupid/Ignorant people
- Being inside anything
- Pointless lessons
- Dad (sometimes)
- lists

Fu, Family, and Friends

Fu the Faerie Kazeriu

Fu is Nani's lovable Petpet (though the "small" connotation of the word does not, at all, apply to Fu) companion.


Fu has a rather comical appearance, in juxtaposition to the his owner's air of vocal gravitas. His bill is more duck-like than draconian, and his eyes are large and animated. His limbs are long and awkward, and instead of having separate wings, his insect-like wings drape translucently across his arms. During flight, however, these wings expand and make him look majestic from a distance (but if once gets too close, one is disappointed by his hilarious face.)

Fu is very large--instead of the standard Kazeriu two feet, he is easily four yards long. It is this size that led to Father's interest in him as a baby Kazeriu at the Shenkuu market, and Fu's subsequent adoption into the Ku household.

While inside a house, Fu customarily keeps his body coiled in the manner of an Oriental mosquito-repellent. Outside, however, Fu likes to swan about with his body extended, if space allows it and Nani is in a temperate mood.


Fu's personality lives up to his appearance. He is known for his tasteless and bland jokes, but he is quite warm-hearted (very) deep inside. He is constantly pulling pranks, much to the aggravation of the Ku household and delight of accomplice Nani.

Above all, Fu loves to have fun, and this zeal for excitement has landed Nani and him in plenty of morasses.

The Family

This part introduces you to Essence Nani Ku's (Essenaniku) family members to you so that you may be more familiar with them.

This section is relatively short, as I believe it is a bit repetitive to introduce the characters here and then later again in Nani's story.

* to clarify: I do not own Ghariz, my friend Bobbling does.

Blood Relations

Name: Yu Hua Zhan
Relation: Mother
Employment: Housewife
Role in Story: As mother to Nani, Yu Hua's influence on her daughter is maximal. Her lenience led to her daughter's wild flowering.

Name: Haro Ku
Relation: Father
Employment: Diplomat of Shenkuu
Role in Story: Haro's stressful job as diplomat hardens him, and so he is very strict with Nani. His constant repression of her desire to express himself eventually leads to her successful escape from home.

Name: Zheng Zhan
Relation: Grandfather (Mother's side)
Role in Story: Grandpa is Nani's closest human confidant. He is the recipient of her letters from the Altador, and later, the Lost Desert.

Circle of Three

Name: Ghariz *
Relation: Fusion-Brother
Employment: (Essence) Guardian of Timely Interactions
Role in Story: Although their rocky acquaintanceship leads to an initially inhospitable relationship, Nani and Ghariz eventually grow to trust each other. Their, along with Eumaios's, exemplary performance in the events caused by ___ ** 's misbehavior leads to their promotion to these lofty titles.

Name: Eumaios
Relation: Fusion-Brother
Employment: (Essence) Guardian of Celestial Order
Role in Story: Instantly likeable, Eumaios keeps the unformed 3Circle together with his interminable compassion when they are first forced to work together. He also plays an important role in securing ___'s extermination.

Friends" refer to non-family members and the other members of the 3Circle.

The Friends

This section is dedicated to the numerous friends that I have made.

Perhaps more shall be added as time goes on.

In rough chronological order, from when I met him/her/it.

Name: Qiozu
Relation:Criminal" Friend
Employment: Leader of the rogue society "Shenkuu Bats" and later, founder of the Shenkuu Cultural Preservation Club in Sakhmet after Shenkuu Vanishes.
Role in Story: Qiozu's stubborn and rather rock-like personality, as well as scientific diffidence, is generally incompatible with Nani's volatile fire. However, she is a very dependable character. Several times, Qiozu helps Nani out of trouble, the first time being helping aid her escape from the E household after Nani's thieving expedition fails.

Name: Shuu
Relation: Flight instructor
Employment: Employed by Nani's father as Shuu's private instructor. Also has several other students.
Role in Story: Shuu is quite possibly the only teacher of Nani that she likes. She learns many things about flight (and life) from him that help aid the proper development of her core morals and principles.

Name: Eumaios
Relation: (later) Fusion-Brother
Employment: (orig.) Swineherd of Altador's pigs; (later) (essence) Guardian of Celestial Order
Role in Story: Eumaios is a character trapped in time--the Healer from Altadorian History performed a spell inaccurately on Eumaios in an attempt to save both of them. Eumaios was fired to modern times with the Altador Plot's conclusion. (read more on his petpage if interested.) Eumaios helps Nani find lodging in Altador, and later goes with her to the Lost Desert.

Name: Ghariz
Relation: (later) Fusion-Brother
Employment: (orig.) Thug from the Darigan Citadell; (later) (essence) Guardian of Timely Interactions
Role in Story: At first an almost anti-hero, Ghariz proves himself to be valuable to the cause of rescuing the Vanishing Cities, and also as a good friend to Nani and Eumaios. Later, he is selected, along with Eumaios and Nani, to become Essence Guardians.

Her Story

Prologue - Chapter I - Chapter II - Chapter III - Chapter IV - Chapter V - Chapter VI - Chapter VII - Chapter VIII - Chapter IX - Chapter X - Chapter XI - Chapter XII - Epilogue


The Lost Desert pans into a spectacular view. Feelings of peacefulness are invoked. Then, suddenly, an epic magic sandstorm sweeps into view and consumes Sakhmet City.
A young woman with a feline figure on her arm is shown yelling, and a white dragon carries her away just before they are sucked into the tempest.
As abruptly as it appears, the sandstorm dissipates, with Sakhmet gone.

Chapter I - Early

In a run-down dirty old temple in the capital city of Shenkuu (Kyo'shan), Essenaniku is born to a midwife and her screaming, superstitious mother.
Some minutes after her delivery, her father runs up to them and informs the two women of his success in the academic exams and promotion to Foreign Minister of Shenkuu.
yay happiness confetti
The chapter concludes with Nani burping and the midwife fanning herself.

Push! PUSH!

With these words, Essenaniku was announced into the world.

With grabby, sweaty hands, her mother beckoned Nani to her; the midwife complied, and gave the delirious woman her child.

So this is my beautiful Nani," Mother whispered, brushing carnage from the baby's eyes.

The smell of damp newspaper, and other odors that generally accompanied childbirth, mingled with the cool spring air and ancient smell of the Shenkuu temple. Through a small occulus in the roof, sunlight streamed through and touched the fat little child's forehead.

Ma'am, please give the child to me," The midwife said tiredly. After some persuasion, Nani was handed over to the midwife. With lack of maternal tenderness, the baby was handled and cleaned roughly.

Nani's first recollection of conscious thought wasn't the tender caress of her mother, nor the stern but loving voice of her father, but rather the suffocating feeling of drowning under a stream.

In later years, she would find the prophetic qualities of her earliest memory oddly ironic.

."Give her back," Mother said hoarsely. The midwife obliged. Mother smoothed whispy tendrils of blonde hair from Nani's eyes, and whispered, "Oh, she's Shenkese but she has hair like cornstalks. This means that she will one day live far, far away from Shenkuu and Kyo'Shan.

That's lovely," The midwife said, wondering when the Ku's were going to pay her. As it so happened, the Ku's were strapped on cash. But, if Haro Ku--the man of the family, and Nani's father--performed well on the academic testing for bureaucracy positions held yearly in the capitol of Shenkuu, Kyo'Shan (where Nani had just been so unceremoniously born), then it was very possible the Ku's were going to become very, very rich.

It was because of this reason, the testing, that Haro wasn't present for the birth of his daughter. His wife, a deeply superstitious woman, declared in her delirium that she had to give birth in a temple if her husband was not present. Not willing to argue, the midwife and the manservant (then the Ku's only servants) shuttled Yu Hua Zhan and her pregnant belly off to the nearest temple.

Some excruciating hours later, when dawn had passed into noon, Nani had been born, and was now coughing up little globules of spit and stream water.

You handled her too roughly, servant," Mother said. The midwife shrugged, unapologetic.

Several more minutes passed, with Mother busy attending to Nani and the midwife trying to wash the aftermath of delivery off of her clothes. Mother was just starting to wonder just where in the world her husband was, when the loud patter of sandals announced his arrival.

Haro Ku burst down the cobbled pathway to the temple and up the short flight of stairs. He was breathless, and doubled over; it was a funny sight to see a scholar recover from physical exertion. As soon as he became intelligible, Haro--an imposing, tall, dark figure--asked for his daughter, "Give me to her.

Like husband, like wife, and Yu Hua gave Nani to Haro. Haro hugged his daughter, nearly squeezing the breath out of the baby. He made some polite inquiries as to Yu Hua's health, but for that moment his attention was occupied by his immaculate little daughter.

She is so beautiful. Her hair is like the sun," Haro, now Father, said poetically.

Yes, she is," Yu Hua agreed. The midwife watched this exchange. "Oh, love, by the way, how did you do on your government testing?

The midwife perked up, as this fact affected her pay.

.."I performed excellently!" Father exclaimed. "Now all that is required of us is patience, and I am sure that we will soon have a big house and servants"--the midwife shot the bigshot a nasty glare--"and a real family, and more children.

The couple embraced. Nani burped. The midwife fanned herself.

Chapter II - Slow

Nani talks about her feelings of slow people. They are not flattering.
A 4-year-old Nani is shown tearing through the streets of Shenkuu, squealing in joy as she has just absconded with a precious golden statuette from a noble's daughter.
She is caught by guards and is brought to her strict father. Her father reprimands her harshly, but before he scares her into a breakdown, he presents to her a dragon egg and tells her to warm it every night in the fire to hatch it.
Excitably, Nani follows her father's orders, and after a few weeks, Fu the Kazeriu hatches.

I really don't like slow people very much.

Why would you decide to laze about, indoors, away from the company of others, when you could be outside: enjoying the beautiful day, the hapless passerby and their fat pockets of treats?

It puzzles me, really.

Nani's breath was shallow and ragged. She hid herself behind a wall, panting like a Warf, as two angry guards yelled at each other.

."You bumbling fool! cursed one of the guards. "How could you lose her? She was right there in front of you!".

."Well, you ain't any better," shot back the other guard. "How could ya let her spit in your face? And Good Empress, I learned meself some new cusses!".

Nani couldn't help but let out a small snicker. Her quiet giggle gave way to a fiercer, more piggish snortle, and she had to press a paw over her mouth to stifle the noise.

."I think I hear something," The first guard remarked.

The little Aisha decided then that it would be a smart idea to scram.

Chapter III - Strange

A 5-year-old Nani formally begins her tutelage. She immediately hates her teachers, who are all stupid and old in her opinion.
Fu, who has grown rambunctiously over the past few months, assists Nani in her daring escape from Shenkuu. It *almost* succeeds, but her father's giant Quilin captures the two before they run away.
Nani is brought back to her father and reprimanded. This time, she does end up breaking down in tears, but as a consolation her father presents to her books on Altadoran (Greco-Roman) civilization.
The newly literate Nani begins to read the books at night out of curiosity, kindling her love for classical heritage.
Right before the chapter ends, Nani hears a strange noise outside. She goes with Fu to investigate, and discovers an abandoned shrine a few miles away from her home.
This shrine looks like it might be from the Lost Desert and has no place in Shenkuu. However, Nani feels a strange kinship with the shrine, and decides that she will visit occasionally with offerings to a god she invents.

Chapter IV - Enemies

Repressed by lessons for over a year, and feeling deprived of her toddler zest, the 7-year-old Nani successfully runs away from home (with the assistance of Fu.)
They enter town and are presented with the problem of getting past Shenkuu's well-surveyed gates. They wander around for a few days, eluding the capture of the noble guards.
An underground rogue society--the Shenkuu Bats--takes them in. The ringleader of the rogues, Qiozu the (female) Peophin, agrees to exchange help from the Shenkuu Bats if Nani were to steal important documents from a noble family, the E's, that presumably led to a hidden treasure spot in Shenkuu. (note to self: in story, focus on the dim-wittedness of this plan--why not just steal a bunch of money?; Qiozu asks Nani for help because she has Fu, before that they get into some sort of argument)
Nani breaks into the house, gets the documents, but before she can get them back to the Bats the nobles wake up and find her. In her desperation and juvenile confusion, Nani feeds the documents to Fu.
Nani is once again brought to her father, captured, and is reprimanded severely. She establishes permanent animosity with the E's. There is no consolation prize this time.
Surveillance of Nani's room is tightened, so she can't go to see her shrine, but she prays to it and hears music.

Chapter V - Now

Transitioning into chapter V, a 13-year-old Nani is shown praying feverishly at the shrine. The cause of her distress is not revealed. Fu is shown flying above to keep an eye on intruders.
Fu alerts Nani of unsavory arrivals with screeches. She hurriedly leaps onto Fu's back and tales to the air, muttering a rudimentary spell that would keep the shrine concealed from her pursuer.
It is revealed that they are being chased by a Hegelob and a male adult riding on it. Blue fire from the pursuer dragon causes Fu to crash into the ground.
Nani tremulously greets her attacker--her charismatic flight instructor, Shuu-sensei. He compliments Fu and her's performance, but tells the two what they need to improve on. (note to self: other skills--? Fu's fire-breathing?)
At the end of the chapter, Nani has a conference with her father to discuss her poor reviews from all her tutors except Shuu. They disagree on many subjects and angrily her father dismisses her to her room.
Nani studies Latin Magic furiously by lamplight.

Chapter VI - Change

The city of Qasala disappears from the Lost Desert. There is much public outcry over the subject.

Nani reads of the above article in the newspaper.

A 15-year-old Nani wants to throw up and cry at the same time when she learns that her father has arranged a marriage for her.
Now almost full-grown, she still doesn't care at all about how she looks, and Father thinks that this is a serious problem.
She is to be married to Shinji E, and when she learns that this is also a political maneuver, she makes up her mind to leave.

After many days of planning, she and Fu abuse a lapse in the guard system and a flaw in the weaving of her father's magic, and they escape Shenkuu for Altador.

As she leaves, a small Shenkuu village is shown crumbling into the ground. Soon, earth swallows the town.

Chapter VII - Endanger

Nani and Fu rest in a clearing in a forest on a cliff overlooking the Shenkuu sea. Fu expresses his concerns over leaving, but Nani convinces him that her father and family deserved it for doing this to her.
The two talk a little more and then go to sleep.

They set off the next day and wander across the ocean, with food in their stomachs and in their make-shift bags...

... meanwhile, everyone is being evacuated from Kyo'shan once the news of the mysterious earthquake in the small Shenkuu village reaches the capitol.
Father is very distressed about Nani's disappearance but has to pack his bags and leave, along with the rest of Nani's concerned family. The E's aren't very happy too.

Shuu decides to set out and try and find Nani.
While traveling in the streets, trying to hear rumors of the little diplomat's-daughter-who-gets-around, he is apprehended by the Shenkuu Bats.

Chapter VIII - Notions

A Faerieland Cloud drops out of the sky and is driven into the sea, where it is swallowed and disappears.

One of Qiozu's gang members is shown reading about the news, while Shuu is strapped to a chair and vaguely recalls the events of the previous day.
Qiozu pressures Shuu for information and Shuu admits that he is looking for Nani.
The two continue to talk and by dint of conversation, Qiozu agrees to release Shuu and the two both agree to try and help Nani.
They plan.

Nani and Fu reach the other end of the sea, and they enter a bustling seaport (a little way off the island), which is cleverly titled "Seaport City.
The two find jobs as street performers after Nani demonstrates her abilties with Latin Magic (in truth, she can't do many impressive things, and it's only with Fu's fancy fire effects that she wins a reputation.)
They join the street performing group "Dancers of the Seas" and host a performance in the square.
There, they attract the attention of a certain smith,

Gunco welcomes Nani and Fu into his house. The two decide to make up aliases, "Esux and Ku." Gunco eats this up, and they eat dinner.
He shows them newspaper articles of the disappearances of the Faerieland section and the Shenkuu village, and also of the evacuation of Kyo'Shan and Faerie City.
They all express concerns over what the problem was.
They go to sleep.

Chapter IX - Antecedent

Nani and Fu wake up and eat breakfast with the Smith family. Meanwhile, Gunco shows them his wares and they ooh and ahh.

Back in Shenkuu, Shuu, Qiozu, and the Shenkuu bats have left Kyo'Shan and are following some vague rumors of Nani's flight.
They are not really going anywhere.

Father is shown imploring the Shenkuu Emperor for help to find Nani. After some insistence, the old Emperor relents and grants him some men.

Nani and Fu quit their brief tenures as Dancers of the Seas and decide to leave Gunco.
They thank him for his hospitality and explain that they are going to Altador, "because Altador is amazing.
Gunco decides to follow them.

To Be Continued

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