About Me

I have been playing Neopets avidly for 10 years! In real life, I'm a fun-loving adult from the United States who just loves virtual pets!

I'm friendly, sunny-natured and a bit of a clown. My favorite thing to do on Neopets is write hilarious articles for the Neopian Times. I love to make people laugh when they read my submissions!

My favorite things to do on Neopets are: winning trophies, writing Neopets Poetry, getting articles and stories entered into the Neopian Times, earning my modest 50k a day, and talking to my favorite Neofriends.

My favorite things to do in real life are: playing Final Fantasy games on my Playstation, shopping for vintage clothes, watching adventure movies, and collecting masquerade masks.

Current Goals

1. Zap all of my pets and petpets into rare and beautiful colors. accomplished
2. Find beautiful and affordable clothes for each of my pets.
3. Give away 100 Lab Ray painted pets. accomplished June 28, 2016
4. Adopt 2 more UC pets.
5. Get another FFQ. (#11)
6. Achieve 100 NT trophies. accomplished July 15, 2016
7. Update NC wishlist (Peekaboo's petpage) using JN's Item Database.
8. Spend NC on all of my accounts. accomplished
9. Gather pets' birthday cupcakes. accomplished

Pet Arrangement

On Indulgences: started playing on May 21, 2007

On Wakeful: started playing on August 4, 2007

On Thereafter: started playing on May 30, 2007

On Greenteacustard: started playing on May 5, 2008

On Meateatingrabbit: started playing on May 6, 2008
(Battle Pet For Lending)

My Awards

UL Spotlight winner: wakeful (http://www.neopets.com/ul_spotlight.phtml?place=153)
Gallery Spotlight winner: indulgences (http://www.neopets.com/gallery.phtml?place=271)
Gallery Spotlight winner: thereafter (http://www.neopets.com/gallery.phtml?place=506)
Adventure Spotlight winner: indulgences

My Good Deeds

Zap And Pound
One of my pet projects here on Neopets is to give away zapped pets. Yes, I "zap and pound," although technically I advertise the pets on the Pound Neoboard and send the pet to its new owner through safe transfer. Furthermore, I don't require lengthy or complicated applications. I don't require applications at all. Not everyone is an HTML master -- many of the users on the site aren't even in their teens yet -- so I simply start a thread on the Pound Neoboard and ask people to tell me in 3 or 4 sentences why they deserve my zapped pet. To see the list of pets I've given away, click here!

Acquiring My NFs' Dream Pets
Another one of my projects here on Neopets is trading for my Neofriends' dream pets. I create and zap Kacheeks in order to achieve rare colors like Island and Chocolate and trade them for my Neofriends' dreamies. My list of pets UFT is here. I've fulfilled 8 of my Neofriends' dreamies. Only 40 to go! xD

FFQ Giveaway
On September 6, 2012, I was lucky enough to receive a FFQ! I adopted a WN Buzz named Nurtina from the Pound and used the FFQ to turn Nurtina into a Plushie Buzz. Then I gave Nurtina away to a deserving new owner! Everyone won -- I got the Buzzin' avatar, the new owner got a great new pet!

Lending Avatar Pets
I lend avatar pets to close friends, friends of friends, and trustworthy people I meet on the Avatar Neoboard. I pay close attention to avatar count -- I only lend to people who have 250+ avatars, and I only lend through safe transfer. Here's a list of the pets I lend:

Alyons on Thereafter
Chiackaroo on Greenteacustard

Lending Battledome Pet
I lend a battle pet named "jackxie_sparrow" to close friends who need him during plots, events, and any other occasions where Battledome fighting is involved. I had to trade a very well named Pirate Draik to get him, so I'm quite proud to lend him out to my best friends!

Clothing Giveaway
Yes, you read correctly! In order to receive free paint brush clothes from me, your pet must be the same species and paint color as the clothes I'm giving away. For instance, to get Robot Lupe clothes from me, you have to own an unclothed Robot Lupe. After you transfer it to me, I will dress up the Lupe in my Robot clothes, send the Robot Lupe back to you, and voila! Now you have a fully dressed pet! Why am I doing this? Well, I've been zapping pets for 9 years and I've collected quite a lot of paint brush clothes over the years. I don't really want them filling up my closet, so since I don't use them, I figured hey, why not donate them to people who need them? My list of free clothes is here.

My Published Poetry

Link to my Poetry Contest wins

My Neopian Times Entries

Link to my NT articles and stories

My Editorial Questions (26)

Hi, TNT! I have a small, but urgent, request to make. Can you make it so that our PIN is required for any part of the site that we can customize with coding? For instance, shop descriptions, petpages, pet lookups, galleries, etc. Us players have been wanting this extra security for years. Thanks for publishing this question! ~indulgences
Interesting request, security is of course one of our biggest concerns and if you want an extra layer of security then we will do our best to make that happen! TNT had a quick discussion on this today (with snacks, obviously) and we will definitely look into adding your PIN to the customizable pages of your account, such as the ones you mentioned! I will report back ASAP with updates on when you can expect this new layer of security!
This is question ?????, archived from Editorial Issue 822.

The Staff Tournament is a fun aspect of the Altador Cup, so thanks for bringing it back, TNT! That said, do the TNT staffers who participate, participate during office hours? Do they essentially get paid for playing Yooyuball during the 9 to 5 workday? Thanks for publishing this question…we're all a little curious! ~indulgences
Oh my, what?! Of course not! That would be, like, totally unprofessional and not allowed! Well, I don't know, maybe, I guess, during a quick break if we sneak in a game real quick....rarely, though...hardly ever...we're all totally serious all the time and never play games.
This is question ?????, archived from Editorial Issue 786.

Thanks for the "Other" gender option on the Neoboards, TNT! We're all grateful that you're sensitive to the times! That said, will an "Other" gender option be available for our pets in the future? Thanks for publishing this question! ~ indulgences
Glad you're happy with it! Now, I never say never, because who knows what we'll think of or do in the future, but for now, we have no plans to change that. A pet's gender is used to inform their body assets, like the eyes, or the whole body for colours like Elderly or Royal. Allowing an "other" option would mess with that stuff, so for now, you can treat your pet however you'd like, but their official gender is pretty set.
This is question ?????, archived from Editorial Issue 772.

I'm a frequent contributor to the Neopian Times, and thought that for my future submissions, I'd do collabs with other players. The thing is, I'm really generous, and would write 99% of the article, while the other player would submit maybe 3-4 lines. Is this considered cheating? Will the other player get in trouble with TNT if it's known that they only contributed 3-4 lines? The players that I talked to on the Help Neoboard think that my generosity veers towards helping the other player to cheat. Thanks for answering this question! ~ indulgences
Hi, collaborators are meant to reward users who were essential to the creation of your piece. Having another user add a couple sentences to help boost their trophy count isn't what it was intended for, and we hope users won't take advantage of it by using it that way.
This is question 10212, archived from Editorial Issue 751.

Why doesn't the "Goggles" avatar count as part of our avatar collection? Is the NC Mall not viewable by certain countries? To get the avatar, all you have to do is try on clothing at the Mall, so we're all kind of confused. Thanks for publishing this question! ~ indulgences
The NC Mall is not viewable by all countries, some users can't even access it, which is why it doesn't count!
This is question 10057, archived from Editorial Issue 725.

I've been scouring past Editorials, but can't find the answer to this question. Am I allowed to mention that my pet has 2 Beauty Contest trophies when I'm trying to trade her away to another player, or is this against the rules? Would it be suspicious if I trade my Orange Koi (with gold and silver trophies) to someone else for, say, a Royalboy Cybunny? There are a couple of artists who want my Koi, because they want to continue earning her trophies. The Help Neoboard, Art Neoboard, and Pound Neoboard all have no idea. Thanks for publishing my question! ~ indulgences
Hi there! Everyone has different things they look for or ways to value pets, whether it be colour, stats, name, or trophies won. If someone values one over the other and agrees to a trade, who are we to say no?
This is question 10026, archived from Editorial Issue 720.

Are we allowed to use the writings from old contest wins for new contests? For instance, I won the Poetry Contest several years ago with a poem about Venuquin, the mysterious Peophin who saves ships. I'd like to use it again, but this time in a Pet Spotlight entry. Also, I'd like to make a Site Spotlight entry using another winning poem. I'm not sure if recycling my old poems this way is allowed. So, TNT, my question is this: are we allowed to re-use the text of old contest entries? Thanks for answering this question! ~ indulgences
So, first of all, if it was an entry not written by you, this is a BIG no-no (I know that's not the case here, but just had to put that out there first). With it being written by you, this is a bit of a grey area. It's not against the rules, but I would suggest tweaking it or adding more to your next spotlight entry, as it's not likely we'll keep rewarding the exact same piece in different contests.
This is question 10014, archived from Editorial Issue 717.

Question about Neopets contests: is there such a thing as an entry being "too speculative"? For instance, I was thinking of making a Site Spotlight entry all about the food Chias we're looking forward to, like Cherry, Banana, and Bean Chias, complete with drawings of each one. I've been informed by other players, however, that the idea is "too speculative" and not grounded in the Neopets universe, thereby making it unlikely to win the Site Spotlight. Is this true? If so, I'll try to brainstorm a new idea, one that is more relevant to the Neopets universe we all know and love. Thanks for publishing this question! ~ indulgences
Hmm, interesting question. Being "too speculative" isn't against any contest rules, but be prepared to write a good description of why you think you should win! Best of luck.
This is question 10001, archived from Editorial Issue 715.

Thanks for this year's Games Master Challenge, TNT! It was a lot of fun! That said, I thought I would point out that some of the games on Neopets run ridiculously fast nowadays, since everyone has better computers compared to 10 years ago. Many of the games you designed years ago are now virtually unplayable. (8 years ago, I scored 13k in Ice Cream Machine on my old computer without even trying, and now can't score more than 10k using my new computer.) Do you have any plans to revamp the games so that they, well, slow down? People are resorting to using (disallowed) tricks, like having Ghoulcatchers and Facebook games open in other tabs, which end up slowing down the Flash games. Thanks so much for publishing this question! ~ indulgences
We're glad you enjoyed it! That's good feedback. We don't have any plans for this right now, but as we start to plan for the future of Neopets and potentially converting features away from flash, we'll keep this in mind!
This is question 9969, archived from Editorial Issue 710.

A lot of us players have been experiencing a glitch where the NC items in our inventories vanish. When we refresh the inventory page, the NC items come back. What's going on? Thanks for answering this question! ~ indulgences
Hello! So this isn't really a glitch, which on the bright side means you aren't actually losing your items. What's going on is that sometimes, a time out will happen when a page is taking too long to load. For those who don't know, this is not what happens when you got in trouble in kindergarten (see what I did there ;) ), a time out essentially means that the page stops trying to load after a certain amount of time. If your inventory is taking a long time to load, and it times out before it loads your NC items, it thinks you don't have any and appears like you lost them. Then you refresh, it loads correctly, and voila, they're back! This can happen if our server is having a slow response time, if your internet connection is slow, or if you just have a LOT of things in your inventories. No worries though, your items are safe and sound :)
This is question 9936, archived from Editorial Issue 706.

The "Daring Korbat" outfit is missing the little hanger icons that indicate the clothes can be worn. Could you please fix this? Thanks! ~indulgences
So it was! The stickers must have fallen off in transport, but we've stuck on proper labels this time.
This is question 9745, archived from Editorial Issue 680.

Are the Poetry Contest judge, the Storytelling Contest judge, and the Neopian Times judge all the same person? ~indulgences
Nope! Although the jobs have been shuffled around over the years, presently, not one of those is currently judged by the same person.
This is question 9626, archived from Editorial Issue 667.

I know of a player who regularly posts on the Trading Neoboard and over-offers on peoples' threads (such as offering 600k on a 300k item), and then when the happy sellers say okay to the trade, this player rejects the trade. He does this twenty times a day to different sellers. Is this reportable? I don't know if he's looking for attention or what, but it seems rather rude. ~indulgences
This player is repeatedly and maliciously being an annoyance to other players. Feel free to report him for harassment so our monitors may look into it.
This is question 9611, archived from Editorial Issue 662.

Can there be an avatar for having one million np in one's Shop Till? Thanks! ~indulgences
While a neat idea in concept, we think that would encourage people to beg others to buy from their shops -- or worse, to say that they'll send the NP back and then not do it. There's just too much room for scamming people out of a lot of Neopoints. While the same argument could be used for item-based avatars, we just feel this would result in entirely too much trouble for everyone.
This is question 9574, archived from Editorial Issue 660.

Hey, TNT! *waves* I'm sorry that I couldn't submit this list for the last Editorial. My Internet connection went *poof* and I couldn't log in for several days. Anyway, after you published my question, tons of people informed me afterward that Petpets' base colors could be deduced by going to the All Petpet Colours page and comparing the unpainted Petpets with colored Petpets. Thanks, fellow users! Anyway, the list of Petpets whose unpainted / base colors we Neopians most wish to know are as follows: Noil, Scado, Scarabug, Clompkin, Whinny, Candychan, Batterfly, Skree, Tasu, Urchull, Noak, Mimbi, Quetzal, Wibreth, Naalala, Seece, Tomamu, Sandan, Quilin, and Xepru. Thank you for your time, and have a terrific day! ~indulgences
Oh, phew! There you are! We were worried that we somehow missed your response. As promised, here's a list:
Noil: Yellow
Scado: Brown
Scarabug: Blue
Clompkin: Green
Whinny: White
Candychan: Red
Batterfly: Purple
Skree: Green
Tasu: Green
Urchull: Brown
Noak: Blue
Mimbi: Red
Quetzal: Island
Wibreth: White
Naalala: Blue
Seece: Blue
Tomamu: White
Sandan: Blue
Quilin: Blue
Xepru: Red
If you're looking for a perfect, logical explanation of why each one was decided to be that colour, you're unlikely to find one. Different people have decided the base colours over the years, and many are very open to interpretation.
This is question 9062, archived from Editorial Issue 624.

Can you make a guide for how to return Petpets to their original colors? I know you've stated in the past that painting them with their base color (white, blue, etc.) would return them to their original states, but that instruction is kind of iffy. Plenty of Petpets are equal parts both pink and blue, or yellow and orange. Help? Can you make an actual guide that addresses this issue? Thanks!!! ~indulgences
As we have close to 500 separate species of Petpets, that'd be quite the undertaking, and not something we'd be willing to take time away from new content to provide. Most Petpets are pretty obvious, but we do know that some aren't so much. Even we've had trouble selecting what the base colour should be for a few. Tell you what, though -- if you send to the Editorial a reasonably-sized list (say, no more than 20) of the most questionably coloured standard (unpainted) Petpets, then we'll list what paint brush colour they are in the next Editorial. :) Sound fair?
This is question 9032, archived from Editorial Issue 622.

Can you make it so that people who already have the Avatar Collector avatar can't end up on the High-Score Table? It's insanely difficult to get on the High-Score Table because the top avatar collectors just have to disable, then re-enable, the Emo Usuki shopkeeper to get back on there. Thanks! ~indulgences
Closing that loophole has come under consideration, but we haven't made a decision regarding it yet.
This is question 8989, archived from Editorial Issue 619.

When I first started playing Neopets, I was a little nervous about not knowing what all the rules were. Eventually I learned the rules, but griped over how strict they were. Now that I own a six year account, I'm truly grateful for the rules that govern this site. They've kept my accounts safe from hackers, scammers, and more. Thank you TNT, for creating a safe and wonderful environment for us all to play in! ~indulgences
Archived from Editorial Issue 618.

I won the Gallery Spotlight twice, but for each win, my gallery items were mixed up and not in the order that I submitted them. I've seen other people win and their items were properly oriented. Why weren't mine? Do I have to ask the contest judge to please preserve the order in which my items occur? ~indulgences
The Gallery Spotlight code can be a little... spazzy. We've been linking directly to the galleries in New Features rather than the spotlight page for this reason.
This is question 8946, archived from Editorial Issue 615.

Will there ever be another Neopocalypse? I really want the avatar. :( ~indulgences
We really hope not. D:
This is question 8832, archived from Editorial Issue 608.

Someone recently visited the Battledome when she went to check on the stats of a Neopet. She accidentally got the dagger on her side account, and then when she went to Faerieland to decline a quest on her side account, she got the daily item. I had a similar problem a long time ago... sometimes I'd forget which account I was on and collect Monthly Freebies by accident just by visiting the page. Can you make it so that you have to click an "accept" button to receive items from these places? Thanks! ~indulgences
Don't sweat it. It's pretty easy to tell from our end who has made a minor mistake and who is abusing multiple accounts. Unless you're making a habit of something or "accidentally" visiting on all of your accounts, don't worry about the occasional flub. That said, please don't interpret our understanding of mistakes as an opportunity for abuse.
This is question 8615, archived from Editorial Issue 593.

Are we allowed to collect the Shiny Obsidian, Miscellaneous Gears, and Scrap Metal and Stone found in Moltara on our side accounts? ~indulgences
The Scrap Metal is a Random Event, so you guys have no control over that of course. The other items are considered a daily, and should not be collected on your side accounts. Who would want to trip over all this junk anyway?
This is question 6392, archived from Editorial Issue 419.

Let's suppose you were lent a Neopet for the Battledome or for an avatar. If you were to change something about the Neopet, such as changing its gender, or painting it, or removing its paint brush clothes, and then you returned the Neopet, is that reportable? (It seems pretty reportable to me, but I think it would be nice to get an answer in the Editorial itself.) ~indulgences
Uh, yeah... you don't borrow a friend's car and paint it green with pink polka dots and take out their stereo and replace it with an inferior one when you have it. That's just wrong. D: So yes, we're gonna say it's reportable unless it's something that was beyond their ability to stop (like a Random Event attack). Though we feel we need to say that, if you claim the Pant Devil stole their Sword of Skardsen while in your possession and we find it in that side account you're sure we'd never find, all your accounts will be frozen like last year's Thanksgiving turkey... just so you know. ;)
This is question 5468, archived from Editorial Issue 355.

For every 100th Poetry Contest you usually award the rare "Alstaf Poogle" collectible card. Therefore, I was a bit disappointed when I received a common Petpet Paint Brush when I got accepted in the 1,000th Poetry Contest. I'm not upset, of course -- I love prizes! -- but what made you decide not to award "Alstaf Poogle" for an issue as important as the 1,000th? ~indulgences
Worry not! According to our poetry queen, there is an extra prize heading your way!
This is question 5443, archived from Editorial Issue 353.

Let's say you use the transfer option to receive a Neopet that's being lent to you. How long will it be before you can use the transfer option to give it back? There appears to be a lag of a certain number of days. ~indulgences
It is currently set to once a month, but we soon hope to have it set to once per day.
This is question 5291, archived from Editorial Issue 341.

I know that disabling Java isn't allowed while restocking from the main shops (Editorial Issue 275). HOWEVER, you've never said whether disabling Java at the Kadoatery to feed Kads, or at the Neopian Employment Agency to grab jobs, is allowed or not. Is this also considered cheating? I'm often able to restock really rare 1-in-stock items from the main shops, which means everybody else is using Java like me, but I've never been able to feed a single Kad! I think it's because other people have disabled Java when they go to feed! :( ~indulgences
We hope people haven't been doing that! When we say don't disable Java or images or whatnot to give yourself an advantage, we mean everywhere. Using the same thing to feed Kadaoties or get Employment Agency jobs would be a huge no-no as well.
This is question 4688, archived from Editorial Issue 303.

Avatars I Was Lent

Avatars I Still Need

Grundo - Snowthrow!

Draik - Escape from Meridell Castle

Extreme Potato Counter

Stamp Collector - Mystery Island

Stamp Collector - Virtupets

Stamp Collector - Tyrannia

Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods

Stamp Collector - Lost Desert

Chia Bomber

Caption Contest - Funny

Raider of Maraqua


Meerca - Chase

Freaky Factory - Yoinked

Skeith - Jelly Processing Plant


Random Contest Winner

Ice Cream Machine

Volcano Run

Revenge is Sweet

Extreme Herder

Stamp Collector - Snowy Valley

Stamp Collector - The Battledome


Stamp Collector - Faerieland


Aaa's Revenge

Stamp Collector - Others II

Stamp Collector - Maraquan

Stamp Collector - Sea Shells

Stamp Collector - Shenkuu

Pet Cupcakes

Starry Pink Birthday Cupcake - increase health by 5.
Starry Yellow Birthday Cupcake - increase strength by 5.

Bevoli - January 19
Valethria - February 3
Nenkoto - February 19
Qeux - March 21
Alyons - March 28
Numraak - May 3
Garonex - May 12
Esselor - May 24
Sasarrein - May 26
jackxie_sparrow - July 8
Phindy - August 8
Chiackaroo - August 27
Soranah - September 19
Ebue - December 24
PeEkAbOo_40 - December 24

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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of
Neopets.com. We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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