Let it be known
that the winters forest hides more then we know.
In the cold, it calls us home,
But dear child stay near the fire
The windigos a liar

Hello readers! I see you stumbled across my project page for an UC werelupe! I am Dragon and I will be your guide! Some key things first though. I shall be calling the lupe Gonda in this project page, the nickname would change depending on the pet name. Now without further ado, lets dive in!

To see how this was made you can look at Ryllex's page under secrets!

I was not forced to make this project page!

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Character Profile

Name: Gonda Sharpwind
Age: 161
Do you know what a windigo is? A north American legend that has been scaring people for ages. Its a wintery spirit that no matter the temperature before they entered, the area will drop to below 10 degrees Celsius or 14 Fahrenheit!

They hunt down those who enter its woods alone. Gonda lives in a place near the arctic, close enough that there's often snow, but south enough for forests to be. There is a clearing with a small town nearby, the locals know enough to avoid the woods and often warn travelers about it. Once in awhile a traveler ignores their warnings. But when that happens, they wish they had taken heed.

Gonda was born in a cold winter night, where a blizzard howled and creatures and man alike hid in their homes. He had no mother, no father. He had no eyes yet could see. See he was alone...He at first had so many questions. Why was he here? Who was here? How did he get there? But then he felt the hunger... And he slowly got up, snapping his jaws he started his first ever hunt. He does have a personality and it shows. He is a top predator and because of this acts cocky at times. Due to this when he fails he acts like a spoiled child having a fit before calming down. Windigos are born of winter and as a result he likes the cold, snow, and winter and despises fire, summer, and warmth. He is also hunted by human hunters that come into the forest to help the village out. This annoys him and he often has to hide for a while. Despite this he is fascinated by the stars and the night. Often spending many hours watching the sky.


The Cold.



The night.

Star Gazing.






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The Why Section

Why Gonda? To avoid a giant block of text I have decided to shortly answer questions, I hope this does a good job for answering the why Gonda and why me type of questions!

Why make a page in the first place?
-I have always loved UC werelupes, they just seem to stick out to me. When everyone else was saying they wanted UC plushies I had my eye on the UC lupes. During my time here, I have made many applications for UC werelupes, this is my 3rd one and I hope to be my best one. I have been trying to trade up for one as well, I'm currently been training Amlika to hopefully get into the UC tier soon.

Why Gonda? Why not a converted lupe
-I have owned a few converted werelupes in the past, but they never really seemed to capture the thing that made me love the unconverted lupes! The old art makes them look fierce and noble, something the new art lacks.

Trading Plan

Train Amlika to even 600HSD then offer directly onto UC werelupes. 180HSD/600HSD « Previous | Next »

Future Plans

Gonda would have a spot on my main, darkdragon4x4. He would stand beside Vointe, Janzira, and Ryllex. Why here?

I plan to enter Gonda into the beauty contests like I have done before with Ryllex and Vointe, who have both won a trophy. It would give me plenty of practice on wolf anatomy as I would be using different art every time he entered! I have gotten into coding and am now making my own pages, though very basic I would make Gonda his own page!

I would of course, customize Gonda, even though UCs are hard to customize I'm quite happy with this theme. The wintery woods match the wintery character. It also makes Gonda's colours pop! I have the foreground and the background already! If you are seeking proof of my art claims, you can see art on Vointe and Ryllex's petpages and I have done plenty of art trades with others for art of them. I have been very busy but I am working on writing Vointe and Ryllex's petpages.

In terms of a petpet, I think a halloween Blugar would do the job

Why this? Gonda wouldn't have really chosen a pet. The pet chose him. It follows him around looking for food and after trying to hunt it and chase it off it always gets away and comes back. Gonda just tries to ignore it now but once in awhile he has to admit he likes the company...Why this over plenty of wintery pets? Because it stands out! The colours compared to the theme make it seem weird yet I think it fits.

He would get his own petpage as I am learnign to code and so far have coded 2 petpages myself! His character would grow and change by how often I will write him, animate him, and maybe even roleplay him! I do like to roleplay.


,lightdragon4x4 , Panther_star_ The_most_epic_person

Art By Others~

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About Me

I am a proud Canadian girl. I love animating, anime, drawing, writing, chatting, and watching movies/videos. I consider myself very cheerful and fun. I love smiling and laughing, but don't we all?

Online I play neopets, skyrim, minecraft, and other websites. I spend most of my time here though. I took a small break because i have been busy but came back and plan on staying for a long time. On neopets I spend most of my time doing my dailys, on the boards, or writing and working on my pets. I plan to get into restocking as well at the old attic. I have become very active you can say..

Offline I ride horses, play with cats, walk my dog, draw, eat, and animate. I prefer the cold over the heat. I also love role playing and plan to go live action role playing one day. I play with my friends while I struggle with the normal problems faced now a days, such as pizza or pasta and all in all, enjoy my life. « Previous | Next »

Meet the Family

I have somewhat restarted my accounts Vointe, and Ryllex as my main pets. Theres no doubt that Gonda would join them.

Ryllex was traded for on the 2nd of April, and has already won a silver beauty contest trophy! His character is he is a young monster/undead hunter that is full of himself. He has a pet zombie dog named Mutt and the 2 travel the world doing their job.He can be a bit of a coward if something appears to big for him to handle but won't let anyone else know it. Mutt helps him track down the ghouls and Ryllex wouldn't be able to do much without him.

Vointe was gifted to me form a kind user who saw me searching for a wraith peophin on the pound chat. His character is that he is a keplie, living in a lake in the middle of nowhere he lures people into their doom. I am seeking another peophin and may have found one that will go with him to add more to his story.

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Thank you for taking the time to read through this application. I hope it was an enjoyable experience. I would like to thank you for the chance at adopting your pet! If you have any questions feel free to neomail me or if you just want to chat! I have some lupe bases for everyone to use!

Where The Cold Winds Blow

-Dont steal or claim you own
-These are more like bases, edit them to fit your needs but leave credit to me please!


Template from That Kills Me. Bullets and divider from The Lunch Box. Background and art by me. PNG from Details.

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