Hello guest, my name is Equre, and I am a Flotsam.
Welcome to my little webpage. I am afraid there isn't much
here at the moment, but hopefully my owner will help me make
this page the best ever!

I am 83961 hours old and I am currently level 20. I have been
working very hard at the Training School lately. I should be going
up a level very soon, or so my owner tells me.

This is a photo of me taken by my owner, baybiikakes2

I am a great swimmer and I love diving deep into the shores of Neopia.
Every summer I go on holiday with my owner. baybiikakes2 hires a huge boat
and we go sailing far far away. We have explored some fantastic things
on our travels such as sunken shipwrecks, dark spooky caves and beautiful
icy caverns. We even braved the Snowager's Cave and I got a very rare
Key Chain.

To prove it I even took a photo
of the enormous ice worm as he was
sleeping. Isn't he terrifying!

When I am not on holiday I like to play sports. I am on my school swimming
team and I have won many dazzling trophies that baybiikakes2 is very
proud of.

I always love to meet new people, especially if you like messing around
in the ocean. If you want to talk to me or my owner, just send a NeoMail
to baybiikakes2.