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Long ago, there existed a vast kingdom beneath the sea. This kingdom was leaderless, but thrived with prosperity and peace. The inhabitants strongly believed that someday, the fated leader whom was said to be "dancing amongst the clouds" would come to guide them.

Everything went well for many years. Unfortunately the peace did not last.
On the tenth day of swimming in Neopia's second year, a dark shadow fell over the kingdom. An evil man attacked the beautiful kingdom with an army of jetsam and sinister looking peophins. The residents fought with all they had, but they were driven back. It seemed all hope would be lost...

Suddenly, a light shone through the darkness. A mysterious green peophin appeared, wielding a bright silver blade. He bravely swam forward and fought off the intruders in an epic battle. Hope was restored in the heart of the kingdom, and soon the army of darkness was chased away.

The inhabitants of the kingdom had been saved, but...
The youthful peophin who had led them to victory had fallen.

The great faerie Illusen heard of the Peophin's great deeds, took pity on him and restored him to life. However, it cost him a great price.
She gave him four legs, made him walk on land, for Neopia needed help as much as his kingdom had. Torn from his home, the youth would train hard and fight, with hopes that one day he could return to the sea.

We are well met, guest. My name is Charm, short for Epona's Charm. I was named after a legendary mare, known for her valor on the battlefield, and even more known for helping her master on many heroic quests.

I'm afraid I do not have much to offer you--being a wanderer, I haven't the time for many creature comforts. There is a spring to the East of here, if you'd like a drink, and the wild berries flourish nicely there as well. You're welcome to stay as long as you like.

I work very hard at the training schools to keep my strength up. You never know when another war will start up--best to be prepared.

Level: 59
Strength: 111
Defence: 110
Agility: 46
Endurance: 111
Intelligence: 61

Battles Fought: #BD_PLAYED
Battles Won: #BD_WON
Battles Drawn: #BD_DRAWN
Battles Lost: #BD_LOST
Meridell Points: 35
Hannah Points: 173

Swords are among the most honorable of weaponry. They are objects of chivalry and courage, and must be respected. No sword should ever be used other than to protect those that need to be protected.

Below is some information on the legendary blades in Neopia.

The Fire and Ice Blade is a perfect balance of both fire and ice elements. Being burned and frostbit at the same time would be devastating to any opponent. It is rumored that the water and fire faerie teamed up to create this powerful sword.
Jerans_Sword is quite possibly the rarest, most expensive sword in all of neopia. This sword is rumored to once been held in the Meridell hero's very paws! To hold this would be nothing short of incredible (Had to put the underscore in because apparently the filter thinks it's a bad word XD ).
The Ghostkersword is a popular, rare sword. It's not as expensive as Jeran's sword, but not by much. It is said that this sword was once used by a pet named Sunshine monk, though it could just be a rumor.
If you want to see my collection of swords, you're more than welcome to visit the family gallery here.

A small brown whoot lands softly on top of Charm's head and peers down at you with large black eyes. "Hoot! Welcome stranger. It's not often we get visitors here."

Charm chuckles softly, eying the petpet with friendly affection. "guest, this is my friend and partner, Kaep the Whoot. He's been with me for nearly eight years now."

With a proud grin, Kaep nods. "You bet I have. Hoot!"

Charm smiles. "Kaep is just as adventurous as I am, if not more so. He acts like a guardian to me, flying ahead on dangerous roads to search for safer passes. He's gotten me out of quite a few scrapes."

Kaep grins. "Like that time you were poisoned by those snowbeasts. It's a good thing I was there to get Linko for you."

Charm catches the curious look on your face and smiles. "Linko is my sponsor. She has many names, though her most common alias is linksage or linkoftime. She's been helping me train. Send her a neomail sometime if you'd like to meet her, I'm sure she'd be happy to become acquainted."

Zelda and I were childhood friends. She and I were recently united after I saved her from a nasty gang of bandits. Since then, she's stuck by me, convinced somehow that I need some looking after, myself. Don't know where she got that idea...

She loves to dance, and she's really quite good. I wouldn't be surprised if she became famous someday.

Leiravine is a mischievous little forest sprite that I've encountered several times through out my journeys. Though her tricks have often caused a lot of grief, she generally means well. She's a fun loving little creature--it's said that only the luckiest will ever get to lay eyes on her.

I met this easy-going Zafara at the Neolodge. He's a talented fellow, who makes a living going from place to place, playing the trumpet for anyone who will listen. He wanders just as much as I do, I expect, so perhaps one day we will meet each other again.

This mysterious uni found me one day, and claimed that she'd been sent to guide me. She's very formal and polite, and rarely speaks unless what she has to say is important. She refuses to call me by my name, instead referring to me as "Hero" or "Illusen's chosen..." I'm not sure why.

Marihn was one of the first neopians I met upon starting my new life on the land. She found me injured on the shores of Mystery Island and brought help to me. I owe her my life. We've become great friends. I wish fate would allow me to stop by and visit her more often. I know she worries.

I love to get fanart. Feel free to make me some if you have time! ;) It will be posted here for all to see! Some of my owner's drawings are here, too! To really get a good look at these, you'll have to either right click and select 'full view,' or drag and drop the images into your address bar.

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