Hello there! Welcome to Secret Garden, a database for UFA UCs, run by Lia. Here at Secret Garden, we aim to list as many up for adoption unconverteds as possible. Feel free to look around, and maybe even apply for a pet.


19th November, 2018: C O M E B A C K
Eolk is back on track after real life has been quite a challenge. Some ufa pets will be added soon~!

15th August, 2017: Mutantastic!
 ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww615 the UC Mutant Skeith was added!

14th August, 2017: Two more
 Julie_4_Bidden the UC Mutant Skeith was added!
 Votuefu the UC Grey Ixi

10th August, 2017: This is Halloween
 halloween_mutant the UC Halloween Zafara was added!

2nd August, 2017: Sad kitten
 joe_rolypoly the UC Grey Kougra was added! Give him a hug.

26th July, 2017: Extended Deadline
 The Deadline of Ken_Ho, Lazarus_Heart and Taur_Gwilwileth is now the 10th August!

24th July, 2017: New look!
 Cyn has made Secret Garden another new layout! (:

22nd July, 2017: New affiliate
 Secret Garden and The Zafara Spectrum became affiliates!
Check out this wonderful Directory!

16th June, 2017: Another bunch of pets
 Alpenbluemchen the UC Baby Kougra was added!
 buzz_plushie the UC Plush Buzz was added!
 Scidei the UC Mutant Skeith was added!
 Queen_Rabshibah the UC Faerie Peo was added!
 big_feet_1028 the UC MSPP was added!
 Sheyraise the UC Darigan Jub was added!
 SqueekyTwilight the UC Grey Jub was added!
 Dora_Priscilla the UC Grey Wocky was added!
 littlecooljay the UC Plush Flotsam

15th June, 2017: Smoll Bean 2.0
 purryfella the UC Baby Kougra was added!

14th June, 2017: Smoll Bean
 tothea the UC Baby Kougra was added!
 tothea's owner decided to pause the adoption process! I removed her from the list.

10th June, 2017: Extended Deadline!
 Trillionaire_King's deadline has been extended to 25th June.

6th June, 2017: An evil dinosaur!
 Trillionaire_King the UC Darigan Grarrl was added!

4th June, 2017: Pets, pets, pets
 Ken_Ho the UC Faerie Kougra was added!
 Lazarus_Heart the UC Mutant Lupe was added!
 Taur_Gwilwileth the UC Grey Gelert was added!

29th May, 2017: Newcomer!
 Kodiath the UC Darigan Lupe was added!

28th May, 2017: Deadline added!
 There's now a deadline for the pets added 4 days ago.

24th May, 2017: A bunch of new pixels!
 _taynah_ the UC Faerie Ixi was added!
 Dyxerc the UC Sponge Lupei was added!
 Tondrake the UC Darigan Kougra was added!
 Cialion the UC Grey Lupe was added!

17th May, 2017: It's grey and fluffy!
 MissForlorn the UC Grey Wocky was added!

14th May, 2017: Happy Mother's Day!
 Crangori the UC Maraquan Gelert was added!

11th May, 2017: New pet & affiliate
 Sonalyn the UC Grey Lupe was added!
 luciasan2 the UC Grey Yurble was added!
 The Grey Guild, an UC Grey Directory was added to the affiliates. Check it out!

10th May, 2017: Update... finally!
 mebi345 the UC Faerie Pteri was added!
 PeoPeoPhin28 the UC Faerie Peophin was added!
 I can assure that I'm active again, back from my 'hiatus'. Sorry for being absent, real life got me harder than ever.

21st December, 2016: Secret Garden is active again!
 5 new pets were added!

16th September, 2016: New pet:
 Luchiss the UC Faerie Wocky was added!

8th September, 2016: New pets:
 Missionara the UC Grey Acara was added!
 Saki_Amamiya2001 the UC Faerie Aisha was added!
 Sugi2000 the UC Faerie Aisha was added!

6th September, 2016: Look, an update!
 Trongaradder the UC Faerie Lenny was added!
 There was an update on Pantherian's page. The new owner will most likely be chosen by the end of the month.

25th August, 2016: Zurebo Update:
 Since Zurebo's owner wasn't online for almost 20 days now, I decided to move him into the "Busy in real life section".

12th August, 2016: Finalists:
 The finalists for xoxotwinkxoxo and Obbonso were announced on their pages!

10th August, 2016: Added a new pet:
 xoxotwinkxoxo the UC Robot Ixi was added. Deadline will be the 11th August!

9th August, 2016: Another Obbonso Update:
 The semi finalists were announced on /~Obbonso!

5th August, 2016: Obbonso Update:
 The deadline was extended (again) to the 8th August!

3rd July, 2016: Moved Pedegro to Status Unknown:
 Due to past happenings such as the transfer thing and the fact that Canvas wasn't online for 20 days now.

29th July, 2016: Obbonso Update:
 The Ixi's deadline was extended to the 5th August!

28th July, 2016: New pet:
 Criore the UC Darigan Aisha was added!

27th July, 2016: New look:
 Cyn has made a new layout for Secret Garden!
It looks absolutely beautiful, doesn't it? :)

26th July, 2016: News, News, News!:
 Pantherian's deadline was extended to September 1st!
 bellthizar the UC Werelupe was added!
 The finalists for Jewel_200194 & Scabberz6 were announced!

16th July, 2016: Some news:
 Added chrisxxx4life the UC Darigan Lupe!
 Also, there seem to be a problem with Pedegro the UC Faerie Ixi. She's "travelling" for almost a day now. It isn't confirmed yet, if Canvas was hacked once again.

6th July, 2016: New UFA pets!:
 UC Grey Kyrii, Tyrannian Techo, Faerie Aisha & Faerie Lenny
 BREAKING NEWS: Epejuid was pounded ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Due to some drama after she haven't found a new home for her.

23rd June, 2016: New categories have been added!:
 I added the following sections "Apps are closed" and "Status unknown" due to current events where at least one owner suddenly disappeared.

22nd May, 2016: Eolk has a new owner (again!):
 Dusteh has decided to let someone else take over the page. Here I am! I will give my best to keep the site updated, so PLEASE keep the NMs coming!


None at the moment.
Make sure to check back later! :)




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