My Wishlist

My Wishlist

Affluent Banker Shirt and Jacket

Amira Wedding Wig and Veil

Black and White Castle Background

Black of Night Wig

Black Ruffled Dress

Candy Dot Curtains

Candy Shenkuu Tunic

Candy Warrior Dress

Cosy Autumn Tree Background

Curly Valentine Wig

Dazzling Faerie Rainbow

Dusty Pink Lamps Garland

Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit

Floating at the Beach Background

Gothic Flower Wreath Wig

Green Apple Wig

Groovy Disco Ball

Gypsy Wrap Wig

Haunted Faire Background

Isca Wig

Journey Through Terror Mountain Panoramic Background 1 of 5

Limited Edition- Holiday String Lights Wig

Magicians Wig

Medicine Doctor Hat

MiniMME13-B: Gothic Sunbeam Shower

MiniMME13-S2c: Gothic Shimmer Makeup

MiniMME6-S2: Golden Outdoor Background

MME17-S2a: Snowy Curled Wig

MME2-S1: Mystical Rain Shower

MME9-B: Slimed Trail Foreground

Negg Faerie Dress

Ombre Colour Splat Wig

Ombre Tea Party Background

Orange Gypsy Trousers

Orange Ombre Dress

Ornate Altador Fountain

Parade Float Background

Philosophers Wig

Pink Mohawk

Pink Pastel Boa

Polka Dot Eyelash Facepaint

Rain Shower

Rainbow After the Storm

Rebellious Valentine Wig

Red Ruffle Apron Dress

Red Vampire Contacts

Respectable Shirt and Waistcoat

Scaly Sea Monster Facepaint

Snow Shower

Sparkling Heart Wand

Specialty Shop Spectacles

Summer Fun Beach Background

Tattered Straitjacket

Tyrannian Print Tutu

Whimsical Garden Background

Whimsical Winter Park Background

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My Tradelist

A Heros Welcome Background

A Rainbow of Petpets Tree

Advent Calendar Background

Adventuring Lulu Standee

Altador Cup Horn

Altador Cup Tiara

Altador Cup Training Gym Background

Altador Cup V Golden Hair Bow

Altador Cup V MVP Cleats

Altador Cup V MVP Jersey

Altador Cup V MVP Medal

Altador Cup V Uniform Shorts

Altador Cup Warm-up Tote

Altador Referee Whistle

Altadorian Doll House

Altadorian Warrior Plate Greaves

Antique Filigree Wings

Antique Key Wings

Apple Orchard Background

Are you Looking at Me Portrait

Artwork Display Garland

Autumn Harvest Wreath

Autumn Pumpkin Display Foreground

Autumn Wool Coat

Baby Button Boots

Baby Spring Jumper

Baby Tuxedo

Baby Valentine Wings

Balloon Centrepiece Garland

Bamboo Leaf Wrapped Fence Foreground

Basket of Holiday Biscuits

Beach Ball Garland

Beaded Curtain

Beautiful Bubble Maker

Beautifully Decorated Flower Arch

Birthday Cupcake Dress

Birthday Ribbon Wreath Wig

Black and Red Promenade Dress

Black and White Curtains

Black and White Sitting Room Background

Black Flowering Vines Foreground

Blast Off Space Rocket

Blinking Holiday Light Shoes

Blinking Holiday Nose Light

Blooming Spring Frame

Blue Snowflake Pyjama Trousers

Bog Shanty Background

Bouncing Warf Trinket

Bouncing Yooyu Foreground

Bowling Shirt

Braided Brown Wig

Bright Green Sunglasses

Brightly Coloured Spring Capelet

Brightly Coloured Spring Umbrella

Brilliant Altador Sun Sandals

Broiling Fire Foreground

Broken Heart Shower

Brown Fleece Lined Boots

Brown Tropical Wig

Bubble Gum Wig

Bundled Up Winter Scarf

Butterfly Face Paint

Candlelit Opera Stage Foreground

Candy Cane Glasses

Candy Cane Pitchfork

Candy Cane Sword

Candy Corn and Pumpkin Garland

Caramel Apple Hat

Carefully Gift Wrapped Wings

Caroler Cane

Caroler Jacket

Caroler Shirt and Tie

Caroler Top Hat

Caroler Trousers

Carved Meowclops Pull Along

Celebratory Drenching

Chariot Chase Chariot

Charming Acorn House Garland

Cheery Bonfire

Cherry Blossom Branch

Cherry Blossom Silk Dress

Cherry Shower

Chia Goalie Gloves

Christmas tree lot background

Cinnamon Bun Wings

Clockwork Wings

Clothesline Garland

Cloud Castle Background

Cloud Flower Bouquet

Colorful Beach Umbrella

Colourful Campfire Background

Colourful Candy Heart Bouquet

Colourful Candy Topiaries

Colourful Crayon Wig

Colourful Draphly Hat

Colourful Kite

Colourful Mitten Shower

Colourful Mushroom Foreground

Colourful Negg Hair Bow

Coltzans Ceremonial Armour

Comfy Purple Culottes

Commemorative Sliced Negg Wings

Commemorative Unidentified P3 Infestation Background

Contacts of the Cosmos

Crazy Altador Cup Foam Hat

Crazy Snowboarder Hat

Crystal Heart and Flower Garland

Crystal Star String Lights

Crystalline Belt

Cupcake Flower Foreground

Curly Pink Wig

Dancing Snow Fir Toy

Dark Blue Contacts

Dark Enchanted Forest Background

Dark Faerie Shadow

Dark Faerie Smoke Dress

Dazzling Feather Earrings

Deathly Valentines Garland

Decorative Snow Shovel

Delicate Lace Garland

Delina Handheld Plushie

Dreamy Hanso Cardboard Cutout

Dress Shirt with Holiday Vest

Easter Negg Frame

Edmund Wig

Egg Splat Shower

Electric Charge Wings

Emo Hair Wig

Extravagant Birthday Stage

Fabric Clothesline Garland

Faerie Bubble Foreground

Faerie Cloud Racer Garland

Faerie Lenny Bouquet

Falling Ice Block Foreground

Fancy Ice Cream Cone Garland

Fancy Red and Blue Wig

Fancy Sailor Dress

Fancy Snowboarding Helmet

Fantasical Plushie Land Background

Fashionable Flowered Scarf

Fashionable Knit Beanie

Feathered Space Wings

Ferocious Negg with Negg Balloons

Festive Birthday Wig

Festive Holly Tiara

Festive Holly Wings

Festive Lighted Tree Foreground

Festive Summer Picnic Table

Festive Tree Hat

Fiery Flower Foreground

Fire and Ice Wings

Fire Pit

Fire Umbrella

Flag and Arrow Garland

Flashing Background Ornament Lights

Fleece-Lined Parka

Fleece-Lined Snow Trousers

Floating White Ona

Flower Cart

Flower Footie Pyjamas

Flower Heart Decoration

Flower Throne Background

Flowering Logs Foreground

Flowering Spring Branch Wings

Flowery Cutlass

Formal Flower Feather Shirt

Fountain of Rainbows

Frosted Sugar Cookie Wings

Funky Rainbow Wig

Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Gold Medal

Garden Gnomes Background

Garland of Yooyus

General Kass Jacket

Gentle Autumn Tree

Ghostkerchief Head Bonk

Ghostkerchief Swarm

Giant Gemstone Heart

Giant Oversized Pawkeet Plushie

Gift of a Bouquet of Roses

Gigantic Pink Hair Bow

Gingerbread House Garland

Gingerbread Tree Trinket

Glittering Gold Contacts

Glittery Feather Facepaint

Glittery Leaf Wings

Glittery Silver Contacts

Glowing Book of Spells

Glowing Paper Star Wings

Gold Trimmed Valentines Wings

Golden Glitter Shower

Golden Lulu Medallion

Golden Snowflake Wings

Golden Yooyu Locket

Gothic Buckle Shirt

Gothic Costume Kacheek Plushie

Gothic Leather Wings

Gothic Ornament Wings

Gothic Star Wings

Green Clover Wig

Green Island Hat

Green Knot Hair Clip

Green Lace Up Boots

Green Warlock Wig

Grumpy Cloud Wig

Gwortz Beanie

Hair Bow Shower

Halloween Candy Bowl Hat

Handheld Moustache

Handsome Icicle Jacket

Hanging Flower Lamp

Hanging Mirror Garland

Haunted Ballroom Background

Heart Beauty Mark

Heart Shower

Heart Thermal Shirt

Hearts on Fire Shower

Heavy Snowfall Shower

Helpful Garden Gnomes Foreground

Hip White Sunglasses

Holiday Bell Garland

Holiday Bumbluz Light Wings

Holiday Candy Headbonk

Holiday Greeting Card Garland

Holiday Hat Wind Chimes

Holiday Ornament Garland

Holiday Party Background

Holiday Petpet Background Carousel

Holiday Sled with Packages

Holiday Striped Dress

Holiday Tree Windchime

Holiday Trousers with Suspenders

Hook Line and Bait Garland

Hot Cup of Borovan

Ice Block Wall Background

Ice Cream Cone String Lights

Ice Crystal Bouquet

Ice Fishing Pole

Ice Skates Garland

Ingenious Flying Contraption Wings

Ink Mustache

Iridescent Scales Skirt

Jazan and Amira Wedding Arbour

Jellyfish Umbrella

Jewelled Mushroom Umbrella

Kiko Hammer

Kiko Match Stringlights

King of Green Gloves

Lab Jellies Shower

Lace Flower Dress

Land of Gifts Background

Lavender Lace Skirt

Lavender Trellis Background

Layered Autumn Leaf Dress

Layered Jelly Skirt

Leather Leaf Mask

Lighted Gothic Tree

Lighted Hillside Background

Little Babaa Shepherdess Babaa Foreground

Little Babaa Shepherdess Dress

Long Gemstone Wig

Long Striped Sleeping Cap

Lost Mittens Garland

Lovely Valentine Frame

Lulus Adventure Satchel

Lupine Flower Foreground

Lutari Nutcracker Handheld Plushie

Magical Birthday Celebration Background

Magical Cape of the Forest

Magical Gears Staff

Magical Land of Jelly Beans Background

Magical Stick of Bread

Mask of the Eclipse

Miniature Winter Village

MiniMME10-S1: Mystical Genie Lamp

MiniMME4-S1: The Trees Have Eyes Foreground

MiniMME4-S2: Spooky Tree Face Mask

MiniMME5-S1: Rainbow Ribbon Wand

MiniMME6-S1: Golden Wand of Wonder

MiniMME7-S1:Delightful Springabeehive

MiniMME8-S1: Extended Holiday Luggage

MiniMME9-S1: Pretty Spring Umbrella

Misty Rainbow Tree

Mitten Earmuffs

Mitten Scarf

MME13-S1: Magical Shrunken Heads

MME13-S3: Voodoo Practitioner Dress

MME14-S1: Snorkle Bank of Prosperity

MME14-S3: Striking Golden Caplet

MME16-S1: Menacing Forest Path Background

MME16-S3: Glowing Vine Dress

MME4-S2: Hand Crafted Wand

MME4-S4: Sparkling Wand

MME6-S3: Beautiful Bubble Earrings

MME6-S3: Beautiful Bubble Necklace

MME6-S4: Lighter Than Air Bubble Wings

MME6-S5: Poppable Harris on a String

MME8-S5: Flower Bodysuit

Mummy Candy Holder

Musical Notes Shower

Mystery Island Hut Background

Mystic Topaz Wings

Nautical Souvenirs Garland

Negg Hunting Background

Negg Necklace

Negg Pinata

Negg Shower

Neopian Battle Shield

Neovian Sitting Room Background

New Years in Altador Background

New Years in Moltara Background

Nightmare Doll Face Paint

No AAA Allowed Sign

Nostalgic Spring Picnic Background

Ombre Ballet Shoes

Ombre Cloud Garland

Ombre Glitter Dress

Omelette Shower

Opera Stage Background

Orange Spectrum Contacts

Orchid Lei

Origami Flower Garland

Ornate Lace Bracers

Ornate Ormolu Chandelier

Ornate Travel Bag

Orrery Staff

Out of Control Hose Foreground

Outdoor Canopy Background

Overstuffed Larnikin Handheld Plushie

Overstuffed Polarchuck Plushie Pull Along Sled

Pansy Shower

Parchment Garland

Partially Melted Snowman

Pastel Blue Spring Shoes

Pastel Cotton Candy Cart

Patchwork Cargo Shorts

Patchwork Staff

Patchwork Tiara

Patterned Wrap Shirt

Paw Print Ferris Wheel

Peppermint Candy Earrings

Peppermint Pillars

Peppermint Queen Sceptre

Peppermint Queen Sceptre

Peppermint Queen Wig

Petpet Pajamas

Picnic Skirt

Pile of Glowing Skulls

Pink and Blue Fountain Trinket

Pink Peony Field Background

Pirate Bunk Background

Pirate Coral Reef

Pirate Fence

Pirate Navigation Room Background

Plain and Simple White Shirt

Plowed Snow Foreground

Plushie Slorg Shower

Pogo Stick Trinket

Poinsettia Bouquet

Polka Dot and Flowers Shirt

Polka Dot Clouds Garland

Polka Dot Ombre Scarf

Polka Dot Short-Sleeved Hoodie

Polka Dot Sunglasses

Polka Dot Tree Swing

Popcorn and Candy Garland

Poppy Foreground

Potted Easter Negg Tree

Premium Collectible: Taelia Handheld Plushie

Premium Collectible: Ultimate Cloud Bow

Present Hat

Pretty Patchwork Dress

Pretty Petpet Coconut Purse

Pumpkin Seeds and Guts Shower

Queen Buzzer Sceptre

Rainbow Eye Facepaint

Rainbow Lane Background

Rainbow Rain Slicker

Rainbow Sunset Background

Rainbow Watering Can

Raindorf Facepaint

Raindorf Handheld Plushie

Red Holiday Cracker Gram

Red Satin Holiday Gloves

Referee Smasher

Regal Gemstone Staff

Regal Sequin Dress

Resplendent Wings

Roasting Marshmallow on a Stick

Rolling Bales of Hay

Romantic Music Box

Rough Game Bandage

Ruffles and Rivets Jacket

Rustic Polka Dot Kitchen Background

Screaming Mask

Sea Foam Green Wig

Seashell Bouquet

Seashell Throne

Seasonal Autumn Rake

Seed Pod Shower

Shadowy Forest Wig

Shallow Pirate Grave Foreground

Shamrock Tree Foreground

Shenkuu Bridge Foreground

Shenkuu Growing Flower Vine

Shenkuu Tangram Shower

Shimmery Star Dress

Shiny Icicle String Lights

Shiny Rose Gold Flower Wand

Short Purple Wig

Shoulder Blades Valentines Cape

Side Ponytail Green Wig

Silver and Blue Facepaint

Silver Candle Tree Foreground

Silver Dress

Silver Glitter Necklace

Skeith Plushie Handheld

Skeletal Hoodie

Sloth Clone Make-Up

Slushie Slinger Table Top

Snow Ball Blaster

Snow Covered Flowers Foreground

Snow Lift Garland

Snowagers Spare Cave Background

Snowball Fight Shower

Snowbunny Lollypop Bouquet

Snowflake Glasses

Snowflake Tote Bag

Snowy Cast Iron Gate Foreground

Soft Magical Hair Usuki Plushie

Solar Eclipse Staff

Sovereignly Jacket

Sparkling Cobweb Earrings

Sparkling Emerald Earrings

Sparkling Mushroom Foreground

Sparkling Negg Wig

Sparkling Peppermint Dust Shower

Sparkling Pink Chandelier

Sparkling Shamrock Headband

Sparkling Winter Ornament Garland

Spectral Candles Shower

Spinning Altador Cup Star Belt

Spooky Goblet

Sporting Suit Jacket

Spring Clothes Line

Spring Flower Coat

Spring Flower Earrings

Spring Flower Head Wreath

Spring Flower Shield

Spring Hair Flower

Stained Altador Cup Workout Shirt

Stained Glass Flower Garland

Stained Glass Flower Wings

Stately Hat

Steam Shower

Stepdance Tights and Shoes

Stocking Garland

Stormy Eyes Contacts

Stormy Seas Background

Strawberry Pinata

Striped Scarf Tie

Sturdy Caroler Shoes

Sugar Plum Faerie Wings

Summer Scarf

Sunset View Background

Super Sleuth Hat and Wig

Swaying Clover Foreground

Swirls of Numbers Background

Tennis Racket Snow Shoes

Three Headed Monster Costume

Tiara Updo Wig

Top Chop Coin Shower

Tousled Brown Wig

Traditional Plaid Bagpipe

Travelling Wagon Foreground

Tree Tent

Trumpet Fanfare Shower

Turmac Hoodie

Turmac Sweater

Turquoise Polka Dot Trousers

Underwater Jeran Statue

Unsettling Fog Foreground

Valentine Bow Tie

Valentine Garden Background

Vivacious Purple Shirt

Vyssas Shrine Background

Vyssas Shrine Background

Wanderers Coat

Water Lily Wings

Waving Altador Cup Pennant

Wilting Garden Foreground

Wings of Darkness

Winter Couture Wig

Winter Flower Staff

Winter Hair Flower

Winter Prince Trousers

Winter Snowflake Booties

Winter Starlight Snowglobe

Winter White Ric Rac Shoes

Wispy Cloud Wings

Wooden Funicular

Written Word Shower

Yooyuball Shoulder Padding

I created this wishlist automatically at Jellyneo's Item Database! Check it out to make your own!

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I want to stay on Neopets,
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Meepit invasion
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