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Are you ruthless, cunning, strong, and intelligent? Do you have a lust for power? Can you willingly ruin the lives of those around you to obtain such power? Are you ready to do everything in your control to smother the good guys and take over Neopia?

If you answered yes to one or more of the previous questions, perhaps you have what it takes to be a proper villain. It isn't an easy process; indeed, the good side often manages to finish their triumphant final battles on top. If you wish to be a villain, you need to listen up. It's a long way from here, and your foot is in the door. Do you want to go on?

I know everything there is to know about being evil!

All proper villains are evil to the core. They can't walk around in public without Neopians screaming in terror, young ones crying for their moms, or a hero trying to get in their way. Throughout this, the proper villain will smirk in the most evil kind of way; after all, this is their ultimate intention, right?

Being evil isn't enough to be a real villainous character though. You need a reason to start a war, steal some items, or whatever else you wish to do. To match that reason, you need ambition and drive in order to follow through. Then you need a plan. The plan is crucial, mind you.

You're also going to need to be able to tell the future a little bit (feel free to hire others to do this sort of thing). Figure out who is going to get into your web of trouble: find the "heroes" that will stand up to you, and find all of their weaknesses. Particular trouble in this area can lead to your ultimate downfall, for example, Lord Kass failing to see children as a threat.

Finally, it's just a matter of amassing some followers. With a powerful army of slightly-less-evil (but still quite shady) characters behind you, the rest of the way is smooth sailing. But be sure not to be more confident than you should be… Overconfidence can be deadly to your ambitions.

Oh, just so you know, not all villains have a villainous laugh.

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In the past, there have been tons of villains attacking the various regions of Neopia. In fact, most plots can have a number of main villains that everyone seems to know about. They're all searching for fame, fortune, and to accomplish their personal goals. However, in the past, they've all achieved different amounts of success; for example, I would hardly say that Captain Scarblade was as successful as Kanrik.

However, if he was successful in his ambitions, does that make Kanrik the best villain? Hardly. Kanrik wasn't exactly the most evil villain. The villain's ambition must be rated along with their success. As well, their evil attributes need to be studied. I've prepared a fairly comprehensive rating system of all villains, with their failure modes and successes, and for your ease of reading, I've rated each one, too.

Whatever... I'm still awesome. -Huff-

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Since not all villains are of the same caliber, it is imperative to systematically rate each one in terms of their dastardly means. Which villain is the best at being bad? We'll be using a five-star system:

Five Stars: Ultimate Villain – A leader at heart, this is the villain that will plan out everything that needs to be done. They will follow through with an iron fist. Their planning and implementation is perfect; they always know every pawn in play, and will use that to their advantage.
Four Stars: Mastermind – Slightly lacking in a few areas, this leader is still strong-willed, working hard to achieve their means.
Three Stars: Dastardly – Most likely a follower of a villain, but quite high on the chain; usually the villain's right hand man.
Two Stars: Mediocre Bad Guys – Obviously lacking in many skills. Generally these are lackeys.
One Star: Hardly Capable – They might as well be good guys!

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Now that we've established the credibility, let's take a look at the villains from various plots (or standard 'miscellaneous' ones). There are a lot of villains, so for ease of access, here is a list of their categories in order of plot. If the villains aren't here, they were left out on purpose; they probably weren't evil enough.

The villains will be listed by name, species, gender, color, their past or plot endeavors, their current situation, and their rating. Please note: Anything three stars or lower isn't getting a big written portion.

Also note: Although I didn't plan it this way, it has turned out to be ridiculously long. About halfway through, you may notice that I try to condense information, possibly resulting in lower quality. Trust me; it's for your own good. I could go on and on about these villains without trouble at all. I'm always cheering for the bad guy.

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These are villains that occur often, and are often revered or even respected by others. Chances are, they're in the Gallery of Evil, have a day named after them, and screaming fans would love their autographs. That's kind of despicable for a villain. Still, they're the worst of their kind, and the best at being bad.

Dr. Frank Sloth

Species: Unknown (human?)
Gender: Male
Color: Evil, if that's a color

Past Endeavors: What hasn't Sloth done in the past? He is hundreds of years old (perhaps even older), comes from space, and is the CEO for a conglomerate corporation (Virtupets Corp.). His mere name strikes fear into the hearts of Neopians, albeit there are those who really like him… Still, every good villain has a few fans that love them, right? More followers for his future take-over.

Dr. Sloth has been involved in a number of plots in the past, and has been loosely linked to many other phenomenons. He has attempted to enslave Neopia no less than three times, and while only coming close to achieving his means, he still gains respect for picking up the pieces and trying again. And again. And maybe one more time…

The first mention of Dr. Sloth was prior to the Grundo coming to Neopia. They were a peaceful race living on a distant planet, and he enslaved the lot of them, creating large, lumbering, dumb followers that could do his dirty work. He entrapped the Space Faerie, but she managed to somehow get a message out to Neopia letting them know what he was up to. He then proceeded to zap Neopets into mutant versions of their former selves, and backed off to run Virtupets a little longer.

He attempted to attack Neopia again, but the less said about that endeavor, the better. As such, he retreated to space once again, and gained the allegiance of some space warriors. Commander Gormos, Sophix II, and Ylana Skyfire, among others, professed their allegiance to him. However, TNT cancelled the plot, nullifying any chance he had to take over Neopia (and creating a very angry bad guy).

Frank Sloth hasn't done much since then; however, other things have been linked to him, such as the mysterious lever that appeared aboard the Virtupets Space Station. It does seem like something he would do; Sloth is definitely dastardly enough to steal Neopoints from innocent tourists, and owns the intelligence to know that awarding an avatar for giving away your NP is enough to gain a mass amount of funds for future plots.

Currently: Dr. Sloth can't be found anywhere (not that many would want to actually look for him, mind you), which has just about everyone worried. However, most can't get enough of the villain.

Rating: Five Stars – The ultimate villain


Species: Faerie
Gender: Female
Color: Dark Faerie

Past Endeavors: The beauty of a villain like Jhudora is that she is frightening without much of a reason for it. She's the most evil faerie that I know of, but she's never done anything with her own hands to warrant the fear that she has garnered. However, she is manipulative, deceitful, and quite clearly bad. Fyora is careful to watch her at all times; if this Faerie ever decides to act upon her evil intentions, you can be sure that it will lead to huge trouble.

Currently: She spends her days on her remarkably dark cloud in Faerieland, offering quests to those brave enough to face her. Generally, she despises the other Faeries like any good Dark Faerie; but unlike the others, her quest for power is unstoppable. She especially hates Illusen, something that most are not quite sure about. Is there a reason for it? Of course… Illusen is a peppy, flower-loving, villain-hating hero. Any villain with sense would loath the type. But apparently there is something else between them…

Anyways, like Sloth, she is generally respected and feared throughout Neopia.

Rating: Five Stars – One of the worst villains around, she deserved the title

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The war between the Darigan Citadel and Meridell was intense, the likes of which most had never experienced. This war was just an introduction for the next war, led by Lord Kass.

Lord Darigan

Species: Korbat
Gender: Male
Color: Darigan

Plot Endeavors: Consumed by greed for the lost orb that brought his people prosperity and peace, he worked hard to track it down. Finding that King Skarrl has stolen it from him, Lord Darigan attacked Meridell, bringing the city to its knees in a relentless battle. He retrieved the orb, and with it brought back prosperity to the Citadel. However, the orb drove him mad, and he began to plot conquering Neopia. (Or perhaps it was The Three that was causing his madness) He was foiled by his prison guard, Master Vex, who let the Yellow Knight escape to Meridell and warn the king. The Spectre of Lord Darigan, a shadow of his formerly noble self, was defeated by the combined forces of the Citadel and Meridell; Darigan was no more.

Currently: Lord Darigan went soft after being defeated (although he was kinda soft in the first place) and saved a little girl from being eaten by a rather surly Skeith. He then returned to the Citadel to serve as its leader after disposing of Kass. There was so much promise in Lord Darigan as a villain. He was a great leader, but madness is not the key to greatness as a villain; nor is becoming soft and leading your people to the Altador Cup…

Rating: Three Stars – So much potential… A natural leader; he could've ruled the world!

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After Meridell and the Citadel signed a peace treaty, Lord Kass took control of the Citadel with the help of The Three. He began another war, one which rocked the heart of Meridell, crippled its spirit and took its king out of commission. Some of the strangest villains took part in this war, including a beautiful dancer and an ugly Moehog.

Lord Kass

Species: Eyrie
Gender: Male
Color: Darigan (or perhaps Kass)

Plot Endeavors: As Darigan's successor, he took control of the Citadel. With a series of compelling and motivating speeches, Kass convinced his people that the true key to their prosperity was to attack Meridell in another war, even more crippling than the first. The only way to achieve peace was destroying everyone in Meridell, and bringing the city to the ground. His army outnumbered even Lord Darigan's. King Skarrl required some quick thinking to defeat the Kass armies, but Lord Kass took care of that, and no reinforcements would help as long as he was able to stop them. He had preconceived everything to a T. However, that was not enough.

The ultimate downfall that a villain could suffer is to fall at the hands of the weak; the ones who ultimately brought about his downfall were children. A young Zafara created a potion that super-sized Turtums, and a young Aisha took the spell from King Skarrl, allowing him to send reinforcements to the battle. More humiliating was the fact that he was defeated by Lord Darigan, who many thought had perished.

Currently: He was zapped by The Three shortly after his Citadel fell to the enemy. No one has seen or head from him ever since.

Rating: Four Stars – One of the greats; Followed through with his plans, and could have succeeded if he knew about the powers of the four children

The Court Dancer

Species: Aisha
Gender: Female
Color: Darigan, with the guise of Royal (or something of the sort)

Plot Endeavors: The Court Dancer was sent to King Skarrl as a peace offering; she was a gift in the hopes that the two could remain the peace that had been in place for years. However, once she began her dance, she cast a spell on all who watched her. This was Kass's plan to eliminate King Skarrl from the war, and it seemed to work wonders at first. However, when all hope was lost (a good sign for a bad guy), Lisha figured out what the Court Dancer was doing, and exposed her as a Darigan Aisha. It took Skarrl out of his trance, and he started fighting back. What a joy kill.

Currently: Probably living out the rest of her days in the prison cells of Meridell Castle, unless she was able to escape. Either way, she's off the map for the moment.

Rating: Two Stars – Pivotal, but just a pawn of Kass


Species: Moehog
Gender: Female
Color: Green (or ugly)

Plot Endeavors: She is mother to the Court Dancer, and seemingly Kass's right hand Moehog during much of the plot. Her powers are immense; she was behind much of the spells cast during the war. She turned peasants against their kin, creating a dilemma for the heroes of the match: can they fend off an attacker if they are innocent citizens acting against their will? Not really, so it was a great idea.

Currently: No idea. Perhaps she, like her daughter, has taken to living in a prison cell, although I believe she's cleverer than that. Morguss is probably planning her revenge on Darigan for taking Kass, or else against Skarrl for leading Meridell in the troubled times.

Rating: Three Stars – Definitely a cool villain

The Three

Species: Faerie, Gelert, Skeith
Gender: Female, Male, Male
Color: Some ghostly thing… like Ghost

Plot Endeavors: They worked through Lord Darigan and Lord Kass, initiating the wars; basically, they're the catalyst for both wars. That gives them a status boost. However, they didn't really do much else: these ghouls just stirred up some conflict, sat back, and watched as chaos was wreaked around the region. Actually… That's pretty cool.

Currently: Hoping another leader thinks dark thoughts, so they can begin another war or two. Perhaps they're really to blame for all of these wars we've been seeing?

Rating: Three Stars – Pretty awesome… They get to lounge all the time

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This plot was cancelled, so it's difficult to rate the villains; therefore, no ratings, sadly. Sophix II and Ylana Skyfire had extreme potential for being really awesome villains, but sadly they weren't given the chance. This was another Sloth plot, but he's been rated once already, so we'll skip right ahead to the others.

Sophix II

Species: Aisha
Gender: Female
Color: Pink
Currently: Pursuing a career in singing. She's booked a tour across Neopia, so catch it in any of the nine places it's playing.

Ylana Skyfire

Species: Acara
Gender: Female
Color: Blue
Currently: Working for someone else who can pay her more than Sloth could.

Commander Gormos

Species: Kougra
Gender: Male
Color: Blue… or turquoise
Plot Endeavors: Working for Sloth as his right hand man. He was ordered to take out Cylara and Gormix, but betrayed his master and let the two escape his grasp. What kind of villain is that?
Currently: Not working for Sloth, that's for sure.

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Here comes that despicably happy and carefree Usul, Hannah. Let's all congratulate her on her most recent adventures, and see how she's doing. Ah well, she did help Kanrik take over the Thieves Guild, and that's alright. However, Hannah and Kanrik aside, this plot holds one of my favorite villains of all time: Masila. Anyways, basically Hannah freed both the Bori and the thieves freed the Bringer of the Night. The Bringer, the Thieves Guild, and the Bori began a pretty big battle. The bad guys actually had a few key victories here though.

Bringer of the Night

Species: Moehog
Gender: Male
Color: Desert or Stone

Plot Endeavors: The Bringer strives to remove the Bori from the face of Neopia. He's kind of like the Rock Beast in that they've both been summoned to work for others. However, he's a bit more intelligent, and was able to act outside of Galem's orders, creating his own army. He's a leader in his own respect. He was defeated by the Bori, Hannah, and the Thieves Guild. Like Kass, he was ultimately defeated by a child: a young Bori named Armin.

Currently: Not walking Neopia; everyone made sure of that.

Rating: Three Stars – His aims were low, and he was the instrument of the Thieves


Species: Grarrl
Gender: Male
Color: Purple

Plot Endeavors: He's the leader of the Thieves Guild, which means that Galem is the strongest amongst them. A perfect leader… or is he? Galem is actually rather weak, mentally, something that Masila takes perfect advantage of. She manipulates him to do as she wishes. So in effect, he was never really the leader, except in a physical sense.

Currently: Unknown. Perhaps he stayed in the mountains with the Bori. Oh wait, I just saw him pass by my window in a janitor's uniform…

Rating: Two Stars – He was never even a leader… Lame


Species: Gelert
Gender: Male
Color: Green

Plot Endeavors: Now here is a villain that wanted something villainous, and he managed to take it. Kanrik is indeed one to be jealous of. However, he softened at the end, and is apparently in cahoots with Hannah… Anyways, he wanted to take control of the Thieves Guild, and was the one who brought the Bringer to life in order to overcome Galem. Unfortunately, that plot fizzled. However, with Masila on his side, Kanrik worked his magic and managed to take out Galem in the final battle.

Currently: In charge of the Thieves Guild. He's now the most powerful amongst them. He also managed to get Masila, who had a soft spot for the Gelert.

Rating: Three Stars – His alliance with Hannah was well placed for what he wanted, but he became a good guy partway through. You can't be good if you want to be a villain


Species: Acara
Gender: Female
Color: Green

Plot Endeavors: Masila is perhaps the greatest villain ever, or at least one of them. She is beautiful, manipulative, cunning, intelligent, and always aware of the actions of everyone around her. This is how a villain should work. She controls the Thieves Guild through Galem and Kanrik, a feat that seems almost impossible. She manages to get her way without so much as raising a finger. Instead, she has Galem or Kanrik fight to the bitter end for the hope that she will remain fond of them. Masila is the real mastermind behind all of the actions committed by the Thieves Guild, and even manages to have the tide of the final battle go her way.

It's a real shame that the plot finished prematurely; it would have been nice to see what Masila can really do, if given the chance. She is the Lady Macbeth of Neopia, and rightfully so. I can see why she would be given title, "Mistress of the Double-Cross".

Currently: Running the Thieves Guild through Kanrik, although he doesn't really know it.

Rating: Four Stars – I can't give her five stars, since the plot was a bit of a blowout; however, like I mentioned, she is my favorite character

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A powerful captain started a whirlpool in Maraqua a while back, and then found the underwater city again, quickly attacking. What grudge does he have? That's an easy question… The Maraquans didn't pay the bills for the protection he offered them.

Captain Scarblade

Species: Lupe
Gender: Male
Color: Pirate (obviously)

Plot Endeavors: As the big baddy from the Maraquan plot, he was the one who destroyed Maraqua long ago. It was Scarblade who set in motion a giant whirlpool which raged on for years, decimating the underwater city. King Kelpbeard went elsewhere to rebuild, and tried to keep it secret from outsiders. However, Isca and Garin unknowingly showed Scarblade the way. Being a gentleman, the good Captain followed, attempting to destroy the city again.

This is where things get sticky. You see, Captain Scarblade has the magical ability to breathe underwater, possibly due to the fact that he is a magical being that is potentially hundreds of years old. After all, how else could he have caused the whirlpool? The possibly that he and his men are part Maraquan should not be ruled out; pirates on the high seas have to go into the water quite often, after all!

The end of the battle is also, in my opinion, a little sketchy. While fighting Kelpbeard, the Captain is brought to his knees, and is at the submission of his aggressor. He manages to quite easily knock King Kelpbeard off balance and regain supremacy. In this instance, a good villain would aggressively attack their opponent rather than backing down.

Currently: Still sailing the high seas with his men, but flinching whenever he sees a fish that resembles a Maraquan Neopet. He has tried to take up parasailing, but decided that wasn't for him.

Rating: Three Stars – Initially pretty awful, but runs away scared at the end

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When Princess Amira was greeted by a suitor, she turned him down almost immediately; however, she didn't understand that she was the key to breaking the curse that kept Jazan and his city in ruin. With a new approach, Jazan attempted to once again woo the princess, but failed. Rather than leaving, he took some dastardly measures to wed the princess.

Prince Jazan

Species: Kyrii
Gender: Male
Color: Desert

Plot Endeavors: He wanted to wed Amira, but she refused. Therefore, he started destroying the city. It was actually quite the plan; when her citizens were in danger, Amira had no choice but to give in to the outsider's demands. She was stubborn at first, but the Scordrax was the final nail in the coffin. While fire rained from the sky, Amira bitterly accepted his proposal, and allowed the marriage.

When Nabile appeared in a ceremonial gown that Jazan's mother once wore, she stopped the wedding. Jazan was reluctant, but listened to her plea. Nabile professed her love for the prince, and he returned the love. The two broke the curse and live happily ever…

Currently: The king of Qasala, serving alongside his queen, Nabile.

Rating: Two Stars – He's just breaking a curse, then he can go home... Not very villainous

This is a villain's page. How does he claim to be villainous? Oh right, this is where another baddy comes in…


Species: Who knows
Gender: Male
Color: Fire… I think

Plot Endeavors: Razul was so intent on remaining immortal that he cursed his entire city, including his son Jazan, under the false pretense that love would rid them of their curse. While it did not break the curse of the undead placed on Jazan, it released Razul from his spectral prison, and he was reborn a demon to Neopia. That's what I call a villain.

Razul began by destroying Sahkmet, and unlike Jazan, he took out everything in site of his own hand. The demonic powers of Razul were immense, and he planned to take all of Neopia after finishing with Sahkmet. Unfortunately, he was unaware that Jazan was as powerful as he, and fell to his own son.

Currently: Wishing his curse made him immortal.

Rating: Five Stars – He didn't get as far as he wanted, but every bone in his body is evil, both in life and in death

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This last villain needs no introduction…

The Darkest Faerie

Species: Faerie
Gender: Female
Color: Only the darkest

Past Endeavors: Long ago, she was one of the twelve founders of Altador (for some reason… but that doesn't make sense to me). There is a statue of her in the Hall of Heroes of Altador, which automatically disqualifies her as a villain. Or does it?

She may have been as good a Faerie as Siyana way back when, but then she decided to conquer Neopia, much to the dismay of Fyora. As such, she was locked in a statue and dropped to the bottom of Maraqua, where she sat for a thousand years. But then she rose from the depths of the sea and attacked Neopia again, beginning in Meridell and Faerieland. She took control of the two regions, and her dark magic began to work its wonders. The rest of the story can be followed in The Darkest Faerie for PlayStation 2, so I won't go more into detail.

Currently: It's up to you to see if she manages to take over Neopia or not. However, it's fairly obvious; I mean, in the game you are the 'good guys'… But really, she had a good reason for being angry. Who wants to be a statue for that long?

Rating: Five Stars – Only the most evil of all Faeries could get the title "The Darkest Faerie"

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There are tons of villains that I haven't mentioned yet. Some of them are pretty bad, but for the most part they've been left out for a reason. I'm only looking at the really evil villains around Neopia that will turn you Flowers-and-Faeries Neopets into awful characters, lacking emotions and morals. These villains have all tried to be bad, but they just don't make it into my books. Therefore, they're all here.

I just wanted to play a game, really... Putting those kids' lives in danger was just icing on the cake. HAHA!

The main villains from Neoquest and Neoquest II fall into this category as well. While I could fill an entire petpage with every villain, it is impractical. Thus, I have included only those ultimate villains. For example, you will not find the five Guardians of Magic, Faelinn, Scuzzy, or Devilpuss, as these are lesser evils in the world.

-Shakes fist-
Anubits gonna get you!!

You may also notice that the villains from some of the recent plots reside here. None of them exhibited exceptionally villainous tendencies. However, Bonju seems to enjoy tormenting Neopians, as to this day (over a year since the Cyodrake's Gaze plot was solved) his avatar has not been obtained by anyone.

No one will ever obtain my avatar... EVER!

Pant Devil
Ghost Lupe
Shadow Usul
Spider Grundo
Hubrid Nox
Jelly Chia
Eliv Thade
Von Roo
Tax Beast
Commander Garoo
Malkus Vile
Meerca Henchmen
Neopet v2
Archmage of Roo
Xantan Reborn
Mayor Thumbert
Mr. Krawley
Random Giant Petpets (lawl?)

Hey! I'm bad… Rawr!! See?

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Here are a few items (some featuring our favorite villains) that I've come across that seem exceedingly evil…

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These pets look like they've taken a few lessons on how to be evil… They're looking pretty villainous!

One day, this will be my guise.

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Here are a few petpets that look as though they could help out your pets in their evil ambitions.

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We may hate to admit it, but those pesky good guys can foil any villain's best plan. Watch for them, plan for the worst case scenario (ie. you getting your butt kicked), and find out how to trump them!

If you do quests for me, I'll totally give you stuff!

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So you're pretty evil, what now? Where will you take up residence, spend your time, find followers, and hatch your evil plans? Here are a few places of particular interest…

Haunted Woods – Don't get too comfortable. There are tons of villains here, and they all seem to think merely living here makes you evil.
Virtupets – Yup. Outer space. Dr. Sloth's home.
Krawk Island – Pirates might not all be evil, per say, but they've got awful morals. Surround yourself with them, and you will too.
Geraptiku – No one lives here at all, so far as I'm aware. It's spooky, isolated, and run-down. That's a good sign.
Darigan Citadel – Dank dungeons, evil specters, the remnants of two wars that ravaged it… And it's a castle.

Live in the Haunted Woods!! I'll quiz you and stuff!!

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Here are some avatars you can get for doing various evil things… To be evil myself, you have to figure them out yourself.

Everyone knows Adam is evil!

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Now that you've completed your crash course in becoming evil, check out the following places for further information:

Gallery of Evil

Gallery of Heroes

That's all. Check them out; the best of the worst are in there.

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