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Charter Galleries
Username • • • • • • Theme • • • • • • Gallery
_cera_ Dreams Nightmares, Dreams
_forest_sol_ Kougras Kougras In The Sky
a_ramsell Terror Mountain Terror Mountain
airmansbaby Lollipops Lolli's Lollys
altariagirl280 Rain Let the Rain Fall †
andjelka_ Water Faerie The Mermaid Lagoon
anothercheapheart Drinks The Thirsty Neopian
antgoo Jelly Jellies 'R' Us
  Gormball Gormball Explosion
avielend Science Scientific Enterprise
  Stained Glass A Tribute to Stained Glass
baby_lake Mallows Fireside Friends
bejeweledinmyhonour Crokabeks Crokabek Haven
bemine_4ever Faerie items Faerieland
bluecanoe Love/Heartbreak Sleepless in Neopia
caileanmalfoy Snow/Ice The Snowlands
chavo_guerrero Wearable Frames You've been Framed!
cheyennexcrystal Pizza The Brick Oven †
codylynn69 Rukis Ruki Round Up
darface37 Brains Brained's Brains
deadfoot92 Jetsams Jetsam Sanctuary
deliriumm_tremens Oceans Swim With Me Fishies
  Neggs The Sum of Our Ambitions
  Avatar Items Web of Addiction
egyptfrost Sunflowers Larrissia's Sunflowers
emaciate Kikos Kiko Kuties †
french_pianist Coffee/Hot Drinks The Coffee Cup †
gmdaddy Unis UNI MAGIC
hottendott Poogles The Treasure Box †
ice Ice Ice-scapade
imaworththemoney Neovia Neovian Faire
jawsch Grundos Grundo Recreation Deck †
  Gormball Gormball Championship Hall of Fame
jendarkus Plushies Cookie's Plushie Hoard
jerrycool1992 Love Love / Valentine Items
kimchica Plot Mysterious Obelisk †
  Unpainted Petpet The Petpet Menagerie
  Plumpy Plumpy Paradise
loraloral24 Cafe Illusen's Grounds
lorratee Maraqua Maraqua and More!
makgan Kikos Kiko Kollection
mansonfollwr666 Eyes Windows Into the Soul
martia_elior Lollipops Lollies & Pops
megh4n NC Mall Gift Boxes Little Boxes
mike11695 Movie Theater Concession Stand The Concession Stand
monosaccharides Food-themed Toys and Games Playing With Your Food †
  Food on Sticks Speak Softly...
  Rain Gear Gettin' Caught in the Rain
  Things Wearing Hats Tip Your Hat
mradew Slushies Slushie Heaven
pan_briefs Niptors The Niptor Nest
petodiepet Biters The Gnashery
phatboofscsu Kougras Kougra Korner †
princess_daisy186 Lost Desert Archaeologist The Traveling Scholar †
quietdefiance Flowers The Flower Shop
raginasian Space Faerie The Goddess of the Galaxy †
rarechinook Food (That Bites Back) Incredible Inedible Edibles
rooislandbaby Roo Island/Blumaroos Roo Island Treasures †
rookjade2002 Slushie/Usuki RookJadeSlushieShop
roxisurfrchick Poogles Poogley-Oogley-Woogley
sabresfan77 Altador Cup Contenders for the Cup
sammkt Snow The Snow Museum
sarika_ambrielle Backgrounds Background Bonanza
  Tonus Tremendous Tonu Treasures
  Lutaris Lutari Love †
  Keyrings Rings and Things
  Buzz Big Bunch of Buzz Bits †
scatsmom Unis Wonderful World of Uni
shonnie666 Plushies Perfectly Plush
stargate_area_51 Starry Just Starry
summerofjoy Grooming Merinus's Spa
tayway2007 Yooyus Yooyu
teishan Aishas Aisha Envy
thebeatlesfab School Yes, Teacher!
trubiekatie Jewelled Headwear Crown Jewels
tudorrose1558 Lanie and Lillie Lanie and Lillie Land
tyuio_k50 Chocolate Chia and the Chocolate Factory
ummagine3284 Ummagines Ultimate Ummagines
vanillerrybeitje Motes/Novas Magical Friends
waning Moon The Moon Phase
waterbird333 Kaus The Kaullery
  Valentines Cadanze's Collection
  Glitter Glitz & Glam
wolfhowlsz Cakes Got Cake?
zyphbeblbrox Spooky Spooky Goodies †

† Refers to Galleries that have won the Spotlight

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