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Welcome to Exchange

Greetings, visitor! So glad you've decided to check us out. Let us tell you a few things about our guild!

Our theme is neo-related. We are all either 18 years old or older. Our features include activities such as 1 NP auctions, avatar lending, Pet of the Month, Member of the Month, Guild Point Earning, etc. But most of all... we look out for each other. Need help with customization, pet trading, avatar collecting, even just learning the ropes around Neo...? Each member is here for the other to lend a helping hand.

As awesome as Exchange sounds, we do have our rules - just as any other well-run places do - so as to keep structure and order amongst all the different kinds of personalities you will find here.

Guild Stats

Current Stats

Our Grand Opening was on: 11/24/11
Our Grand Re-Opening was on: 09/01/12

Current Guild Member Cap:
Member Cap Temporarily Suspended

Page Views: 264175
Members: 39
Messages: 29000+
Last Updated: 5/8/13

Council Members

Owner: Rebekah
Co-Owner: Kenzie
1st Council: Silver
2nd Council: Open Position
3rd Council: Open Position

Any reasons for absence? None at this time!

Guild Page Responsibilities?
Rebekah runs the Activities, the Guild Games, the Scoreboard, the Donation Shop, 1 NP Auctions, and this webbie.
Kenzie runs the Scattagories, and the Guild Pound.
Silver runs the Library and all extra sections therein.
Crystal runs Exquisite Exchange and its Closet.
Amanda runs Exchange Fonts.
Adamska runs Ask Adamska.

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Rule #1
You must be 18 years or older.

Rule #2
You must be active on the guild message board.
If you are not seen there within two week's time, you will be messaged. If no response/change in activity, you will be deleted as a member of the guild.

Rule #3
You must abide by Neopets' rules.
Any suspicious scam-like activity will be investigated and may lead to guild membership termination.

Rule #4
You MUST be literate.

Rule #5
NO DRAMA will be tolerated. Please take ALL possibly controversial matters to Rebekah in a Neomail or to the other person in a Neomail. The guild message board is NOT the place to have a heated debate, argument, fight, etc.

Rule #6
NO SIDE ACCOUNTS. A joint decision has been made amongst council that decides that most Neopians would most likely not be able to keep up with our guild and its fast-paced updates, activities, etc. while using a side account. In our opinion, if we're a secondary guild, we would be a secondary priority on their list. We are not that type of guild. What makes us so awesome is our devoted and regular guild members. c:
If you truly believe you might be an exception... feel free to message Rebekah (guild leader) to discuss this. :)

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Ready to Join?

Would you say you're ready to join us? Awesome! Please do fill out an application and send it to either Rebekah (US EST) or Kenzie)! They will respond as soon as they can.

My name is:
I am __ years old.
I'd consider myself to be _____ literate.
Some stuff about me:
I want to join because:
My dream/goal on Neopets is:
I will be joining on my: main or side?
Member you were recruited by:

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Here is our guild's ranking system:

Just Joined/Not Active on Message Board: New
Member for 3 weeks: Regular
Devoted + 4 week membership: Advanced
Advanced, active + extraordinary devotion: Loyal
Veeery long membership, devoted, active: Veteran

Council members will be ranked at their own personal names. At the moment, we ARE accepting applications for council.

Here are the requirements for the positions:

1. You must have been a member for at least 2-3 months.
2. You must have made 80+ posts on the guild message board.
3. You must be at 3rd rank or above in the guild's point system.
4. You must apply for the position and be accepted.

That's all the requirements at this point in time. Interested in applying for council? Please fill out the application below and mail it to Rebekah. Please include Application for Council in the subject line.

My Name and Username:
I am ____ years old.
I have been a member of Exchange for ______ months.
I am ____ rank in the guild point system.
I am applying for a ________ position.
I want to be a council member because:
I believe that I can help improve Exchange by:
Other things/qualities you should know about me:

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What's New at Exchange?

Other Guild News Pages

Portal / Guild Library / Guild Pound / Exquisite Exchange / Portal / Scattagories / Exchange Wishing Well

• Our guild till will now be displayed on the guild's homepage for all members to see! The till will be placed there so that it will not be seen publicly. Call us paranoid, but we don't want to attract the attention of a possible scammer/hacker. Thank you for helping to keep our private guild information SAFE! c:
EVERYONE'S Scoreboard Rank Icon has been updated! Go see what rank you're sportin' nowadays. :D
• Our Guild Games have been updated! Make sure to check them out and send your entries to Rebekah. :D
• Lastly, tomorrow night is the deadline for Acronym entries and we've only had 1 so far! Let's get brainstorming and make a fun and competitive poll for this weekend. ^^
• The last couple of weeks for 1 NP Auctions were missed, and we're terribly sorry about that! Our next day for 1 NP Auctions (Promise!) will be this upcoming Monday, June 3rd. :) So make sure that if you've been an active member for 14+ days that you've sent in your friend request to Rebekah so that you can bid! Thanks, and happy bidding. :D

• We had a lot of fun at our Baby Festival yesterday! We hope you all did, too. :D Congratulations to the winner of our Baby Game - Kenzie! She won with HALF of the answers matching! Great job. :D
Also, a BIG congrats to Chiaka for winning the Baby Paint Brush 1 NP Auction! She scored the brush with a bid of 19 NP. :D
Thank you everyone for coming out to the festival! We sure enjoyed ourselves, and we look forward to our NEXT Exchange Festival! Keep your eyes and ears open for the next event. ;) You never know when it might be!
• Congratulations to the following members for becoming Regulars!

Thank you so much for being so loyal and active, guys! :D We appreciate you all more than you could know. ^^

• SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! Exchange will be having a Baby Festival all day this Saturday, May 18th! During this event, there will be a GC chat board where you can show off your favorite baby pet as your active (whether on your side account or your main - doesn't have to be the account you're joined as a member on), and there will be a special Baby Paint Brush 1 NP Auction! So mark your calenders, and don't forget to be online for this exciting event! It will be the start of a succession of fun-filled Exchange-hosted festivals to come! You DON'T wanna miss it. :D
• We still have some super fun Guild Games up to participate in! Take the opportunity to win GP (whether you guess correctly/guess wrongly/someone gets the right answer before you, etc.). You only have 'til Tuesday night/Wednesday morning to send your guesses in!
• Don't forget about our new Acronym up for this week! Send your entries so that we can vote this weekend for which one is the funniest! Earn GP just for participating. :D
• This week's 1 NP Auctions are up! Check them out and place your bids before they're gone! They'll only run for 48 hours.
PLEASE NOTE! If you have been a member of Exchange for 3 weeks and you have not become friends with Rebekah yet, please send her a Neofriend request so that you can place bids on the auctions! They are set up for Neofriends only.
Kenzie has added even MORE items that she can lend for avatars! Check out our Avatar Lending section to see what those avatars are!

• Our Guild Games have been updated today! You only have until Friday evening to get your guesses in, so guess away! :D
• Congratulations to Dolly for winning this past weekend's Acronym challenge! We have a new Acronym up now (RTIPO), so get your guesses in before the deadline, Friday night!
• Remember that it's a new month! Be thinking about which guild member you would like to nominate for Member of the Month. Also, if you haven't sent your pet in already, Mail Rebekah with your pet's name to enter them into Pet of the Month! We've got one entry so far. Also be thinking about who you'd like to vote for, if you'd rather observe than enter.
• Some of you are already aware, but just to make it known - we are temporarily suspending our member cap and inviting any and all to apply to join Exchange right now. Council is unsure when they would like to do so, but eventually we may put the cap back up - but for now, we will be recruiting new members and giving Exchange a chance to stretch, expand, and acquire even MORE awesome new people. ^^ So get spreading the word, whenever and however you can! Remember, that doesn't mean you have to start a board on the GC and spend tons of time chatting with guildless people - you could do your share by simply using one of our snazzy member-made banners and posting it in your shop, on your lookup, etc! The Advertise section of the Activities page was made especially for you guys, to help you see the different options available to advertise Exchange. Please do take advantage of it! And mail Rebekah or Kenzie with any questions. :)

• Welcome to May, everybody! It's a new month, which means a new Member of the Month and Pet of the Month! See them in all their glory at the links provided above. ^^ Congratulations, Casidy and Crystal!
• Our Guild Games have been updated for today! Make sure to check them out and send your guesses in to Rebekah. :) Congratulations to Saturday's winners!
• Don't forget to send your Acronym entries in! They're due Friday evening. Congratulations, again, to Truly for winning this past weekend's Acronym!
• Thanks to all for participating in April 22nd's 1 NP Auctions! Stay tuned, as our next auctions start on May 6th! See an archive of our past 1 NP Auctions at the link provided above.
Ask Adamska has been updated! Make sure to check it out when you get a chance, and send your questions into Adamska for answering! Any question you can think of. :D Congrats to Truly for being chosen to have her question answered! She won 15 GP as a result.
• Lastly, we have made a slight change in how we'll be getting the news out about guild updates. Rather than our previous method on the message board of using "KTT" topics, we encourage you all to check the guild's homepage every day for updates from our individual council members! There in that section you will find game updates, news updates, new features, personal things going on with the council, etc. A portal of news! Please keep your eye on that section of the homepage, daily if possible!

• Our Guild Games have NOT been updated today - hahaha. Psych! ;D
Rebekah is unable to update them today due to internet/new computer problems. ;) So she will get them up tomorrow once she's got everything straightened out!
• It's halfway through the week and we've just now been able to put up our new Acronym! :p Again, for the reasons stated above.
Quick! Send your entries for Acronym to Rebekah!
• A couple new BEAUTIFUL banners have been added to our Advertise! section of the activities page! All thanks to Chiaka and her fabulous graphics-making skills. :D These banners have also been added to our Creative Corner on display for all to see and admire! She earned 30 GP for sending those banners in. 15 GP each!
Go have a look-see - maybe you'd like to add 'em to one of your own pages to help get the word out about Exchange...? ;)
• We haven't had any MOTM nominations yet for this month! Please send the name of the member you believe should get special recognition this month to Rebekah ASAP! The month is almost over and council still has to vote.
• Our 1 NP Auctions for this week went well, although last minute. ;) Sorry again for that!
Morgin won the Plushie Petpet Paint Brush for 17 NP.
Morgin won the Cookie Negg for 7 NP.
Morgin won the Race to Riches Scratchcard for 3 NP.
Morgin won the Spooky Treasure Map for 5 NP.
Boy, Morgin sure got lucky this week! hahaha Thanks to everyone for participating! :D

• Don't forget to vote for this weekend's funniest Acronym! You can vote on the guild poll in the sidebar next to the guild message board. ^^
• We have a new guild feature ! Want to know what's new with council members and their activities? Keep up-to-date by checking the guild's homepage! In the text box, each council member has their own section to announce updates and such in. Check it every day to see what's going on, so you can stay informed on games such as Scattagories , the Guild Pound, the Weekly Exchange and more!
• Our Guild Games have been updated! Make sure to check them out and send your answers in to Rebekah. Congrats to this past Wednesday's winners! ^^
• Lastly, don't forget to send your questions into Adamska for his advice column. He answers a question every Wednesday! You earn GP for having your question chosen and answered by him. ^^ Message Adamska with your questions.

• Our Guild Games have been updated! Make sure you guys check 'em out and get to earnin' that GP! Congrats to this past Wednesday's winners. :D
Crystal has added a post to our Bulletin Board! Check it out when you can, and see if maybe you can help her out!
• The poll for Acronym has been posted on the guild! Please cast your votes when you get a chance.
• No one has been nominated for MOTM yet this month! Please send your nominations to Rebekah ASAP!

Congratulations Dana (SO sorry for the late announcement) - you won March's MOTM competition! You can see your snazzy, personalized badge in the MOTM section of the webbie. We ♥ you girly, so much!
• Our Guild Games have been updated! Check 'em out and send Rebekah your answers to earn GP! Congratulations to everyone that won this past go-around! Winners got 30 GP, and attempters got 5 GP per attempt. ^^
• Congratulations to the winning bidders from this week's 1 NP Auctions! Here is a list of those lucky members:
Casidy won the Speckled Paint Brush for 102 NP.
Morgin won the Green Kyrii Morphing Potion for 507 NP.
Dana won the Petpet Laboratory Map for 22 NP.
Morgin won the Ten Dubloon Coin for 140 NP.
Hope you guys had fun! :D Our next 1 NP Auctions will begin April 22nd.
• Check out our Guild Pound! A new dreamies list has been added, as well as a couple others things!
• The Avatar Lending section of the Webbie has been updated! Casidy can lend out items for the Lawyerbot avatar. Mail her if you're interested!
• Our Guild Shop is fully stocked! We've had some awesome 1 NP Auctions thanks to all you guy's donations. ^^ If you would like to see more of this, please make sure to see Sera at the shop! :D Thanks to all who have contributed! ♥
By the way, Top Donator was unable to be determined last month due to technical difficulties *COUGH*TNT*COUGH*. 0:)
HOWEVER, this month we shall have a Top Donating member announced. :D And, as always, ALL donators will be listed in the shop monthly. ^^
• Congratulations to Marie! You have moved up in guild rank. You are now officially a Regular member of Exchange! Congratulations, girly, and thanks so much for sticking with us! We love to have you around, and can't wait to get to know you more and more. :D
• We haven't had any Acronym entries for this week! Please send your entries to me so you can be included in the vote this weekend!
• The Creative Corner has been moved to the Portal page! Make sure to have a look-see!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - If you have made a banner, button, etc. for Exchange, and it has not been listed in the Creative Corner yet... PLEASE send Rebekah a Neomail letting her know. She does not want your work to go unseen! We all appreciate everything you guys do and make for us and our guild... ♥

• Check out our BRAND NEW and revamped Activities Page! And while you're there, see what are our new Guild Game challenges are for this weekend through Tuesday. ^^
• Rebekah and the members of council have come to a decision on a change for MOTM. This change was inspired by some of you guy's Survey answers!
From now on, guild members will nominate other members, but it will be the council's decision on which nominated member deserves the spotlight for that month.
These new changes are effective immediately (for the month of April).
If you have not sent your nominations in yet, please do ASAP!
• Congratulations to Kim! You have moved up in guild rank. :D You are now one of our Loyal members! You deserve it, girl. ;) You've been here since our grand re-opening. We can't thank you enough for all you do! ♥
Kenzie, Dana, and Kim have all earned 10 GP for sending in their Neopets item wishlists! Make sure to send them in to the Wishing Well ASAP to earn your own GP and give your fellow members an idea of what kind of gift would mean the most to you! ;)
• Lastly, please don't forget to vote in our Acronym poll up on the guild right now!

• Our new Acronym has been up since Monday, and no one has sent in a guess! Send Rebekah your guess for this week's Acronym so we can have entries to vote on this weekend! Even if your acronym is not a winner, you will earn GP for participating. ^^
• Good news! The Guild Battledome has extended its application deadline by 1 month! You now have until May 1st to apply to participate in the big battle, and to increase your stats!
• Today's Guild Games have been updated. Congratulations to last week's winners! Make sure to check out the new ones and send in your guesses to earn GP. :D
• A new Guild Chat Board has been started today! Come join in and get to know your members even better! ♥

• New Guild Games will be updated tomorrow! There are a still a couple games unsolved. Make sure to get your guesses in before they change!
• Congratulations to Sann! She has moved up in guild rank from Advanced to Loyal! Sann has been with us since our grand re-opening, and has been awesome and active ever since! Thank you so much for sticking with us and making our stay here at Exchange a fun one. ;D
• It's Friday, and we haven't had any Acronym entries sent in yet!! Send them in QUICK before tomorrow so we can vote for which is the funniest and earn some GP!
45 GP has been added to King Skarl's jackpot! An unlucky member attempted to make a meal and was rejected. :c Their GP spent has been sent to the jackpot for someone else to try for! So head on over and see if you can figure out the ingredients the king's having a hankering for!
• A new Weekly Exchange will be starting soon! Get your answers in before this week's opportunity is over, and keep your eye out for when the new one starts!
• Lastly, our 1 NP Auctions were quite a hit this past Monday! Here is how it ended:
Yellow Ogrin Morphing Potion sold for 13 NP to Morgin.
Baby Paint Brush sold for 81 NP to Crystal.
Bag of Broken Neopoints sold for 7 NP to Alissa.
Orn Codestone sold for 11 NP to Sarah Lou.
Congrats you guys! Our new auctions will begin April 8th. Keep your eye out for them and don't miss out!

• Our Scoreboard has been completely revamped, due to our change in GP distribution! Make sure to check it out and get familiar with it. ;)
• Don't forget to fill out the Survey we've worked up for you guys! You earn a whopping 100 GP just for filling it out and sending it to us!
• The amount of GP earned for winning one of our Guild Games has changed! You will now earn 15 GP when you win a game instead of the previous amount of 10! How's that for incentive to get your answers in before this Wednesday...? ;)
• The votes for Acronym were SO CLOSE! However, one of the entries sadly got lost in Neomails and was left out! ;n; No worries though! The winner of this weekend's poll will go up against that forgotten entry. Head to the homepage/guild message board and vote right away!
• So many of you are excited about the new Guild Battledome, as well as the council members! If you haven't sent in an application to join the battle and/or have not chosen your stats to increase, please make sure you get them in! The deadline is next Monday, April 1st.
• The 1 NP Auctions have started today, which includes Kim's donated Baby Paint Brush! Don't forget to send Rebekah a Neofriend request and place your bid!
Exquisite Exchange has been updated! New items have been added to its gallery. So quick have a look-see and start trading wearables!
• The council has added a new rule to the Rules section on this page, although not a new idea. It is a reminder about our KTT arrangement. Please, everyone, read it and take it into account!
• The council's Reasons for Absence has been updated. Silver and Crystal will be/have been inactive for personal reasons outside of Neopets. Check it out so you know why they're gone and how long they'll be gone for!
NOTE: It would be wise to check this section out every so often if it seems one of the council members has been inactive and you're not sure why. :)
• Lastly, we've had some members move up in guild rank! Congratulations to:
Sarah Lou, Ashley, Dana, and Alissa!
You have all ranked up in the guild! Sarah and Ashley are now Regular rank, and Dana and Alissa are Advanced! Great job, you guys. :D We love you all so much! ♥

• Good news everyone! From now on, any and all game, activity, etc. guesses/entries will be awarded GP. :) Did you send in an answer to a game and it was incorrect/already guessed? No worries! You get 5 GP anyway for your time and effort. Pretty cool, huh? That should make it a lot easier to rack up GP so you can increase your guild battledome character's stats more often! ;)
I will be updating the Scoreboard soon to reflect these changes.
• Today is the last day for Wednesday's games! They will be reset and updated tomorrow. Don't forget to send in your guesses before then!
King Skarl is getting very hungry and VERY grouchy. No one has figured out what he wants to eat yet! Grab your GP pouch and head over to Skarl's kitchen to guess what ingredients he would like to have in his meal!
PLEASE NOTE: The selection of ingredients that have been up for a while now will remain there until guesses are sent in and the game is set in motion.
• Don't forget to check out this week's Weekly Exchange! It will end and be updated soon, and there goes your chance. So hurry over now and earn GP for simply trying!
• Lastly, our new 1 NP Auctions will be starting on Monday! They will be EXTRA exciting this week. Why? Because Kim has donated an AMAZING item for you guys to bid on!
So all you members that have a baby pet as their dreamie... on your mark! Get set! We'll see you Monday. :D
Check out the auctions section for the list of other items that will be up for auction on Monday!

• We at council are so excited to start the Guild Battledome with you guys! ♥
Have you sent in an application to participate yet? Only the first 8 applicants will be able to compete!
Have you started converting some of your GP into stat increases? Only 10 GP per stat increase, 5 stat increases per week!
Don't miss out on this awesome activity! The battledome will be opening on April 1st, so there isn't much time!
• Our guild has just become even more simple and easy to use! Introducing our brand new Guild Portal. We have consolidated all guild links onto one page, so everything is easier to find! All of our guild's features, and links to those features - all on one page! It doesn't get easier than that. ;)
PLEASE NOTE: The Bulletin Board and Helpful Links sections have been moved to that page.
• We have received 3 surveys so far from our members! Thank you Dana, Sarah Lou, and Crystal - you have all earned 100 GP for filling it out!
Don't miss out on that 100 GP and getting your voice heard! Send in your filled out survey ASAP. ^^ If you have any questions about it, or how to code it, drop Rebekah a Neomail.
DON'T FORGET to send in your Member Biography to Kenzie! Also, if you have already filled it out and sent it in, but it is not showing up on the page - please resend yours? :c There was a coding mishap and, sadly, we lost some of your bios. *sigh* We're so sorry about that! ♥
For the inconvenience, we will award you 5 MORE GP for just sending it in again. ;) Thank you!

3/20/13 • Okkk, alright... you guys are just DYING to know what that announcement is, aren't you? XD Ok - we'll give it to you straight up, first update.

......... *DRUMROLL* ............

Thaaat's right! Our very own battledome, JUST FOR members of Exchange! All the juicy details and features can be found here.
The page is run by Silver, but the Guild BD is a creation of the entire council's. :) We're SURE that you'll enjoy it!
To get you started with the new BD... Read how it works very carefully, submit an application as a battledome participant, and once that's all squared away - Make a visit to the Battle Genie and get to work on upping your stats! You will have 1 month to up your character's stats (details on how to do so on the page) and be ready for the first go-around.
ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT THING: You must purchase your battledome stats with GP! So if you would like to have a strong fighter, you have to earn that GP so as to spend it on stat increases! Hence the council's recent remarks about earning those precious Guild Points... ;)
Alright! That should be good as far as starting you guys out. Like mentioned before, read the page carefully, apply, and you're on your way to even MORE super fun Exchange activity. :D BUT DON'T FORGET TO PLAY GAMES TO EARN GP!
And speaking of GP... here is an opportunity to make an EXCELLENT amount in 1 quick, easy step!
The council at Exchange has comprised a Survey for guild members to take. If you take and fill out this survey and send it in to Rebekah, you earn a WHOPPING 100 GP for doing so!!! That's pretty much 2 WEEK'S worth of free stat increases from the genie! So make sure you check out the survey (linked above), fill it out, and send it off. :) Not only will it earn you some crazy GP, but you'll be helping out the council and sharing how you deeply feel about the guild and its structure. That is so valuable to us! ♥
If you have anymore questions about the Guild BD, feel free to contact Silver or Rebekah. Contact Rebekah about the survey.
Now... on to other guild updates! ;)
• Our new Guild Games have been added! Make sure to check them out and give them a whirl when you get a chance. ^^
• Congratulations to Marie for making it onto the Scoreboard! Welcome to the ranks, and enjoy racking up those points as you continue to participate in the guild!
• Got a list of items you wish to eventually acquire on Neo? Don't forget that you can send your Neopets item Wishlist to Morgin! She will post it at our Wishing Well for other members to see. :) You never know if someone might have one of your dream items tucked away in their SDB... or maybe they would just like to get something for you. ;)

• DON'T FORGET! Vote for the entry you believe is the funniest guess in Acronym! You can do so by choosing your answer in our guild's poll from the message board page. ^^ The deadline is Sunday night, so hurry!
• Our Guild Games have been updated for today! Don't forget to check them out and send your answers to Rebekah!
• Please remember to participate in the following activities to earn GP whenever possible!
Ask Adamska (DEADLINE: Tuesday)
Scavenger Hunt
The Weekly Exchange

• Our new games have been added! Check them out and send in your guesses for GP. :*
• Don't forget to send in your nominations for MOTM and your votes for POTM. We currently have a tie in votes for POTM! Help break it by sending in your vote. ^^
• Keep your eyes and ears open for a very special Exchange announcement coming very soon! In preparation for that announcement, I HIGHLY encourage you all to get earning that GP! You are going to need it for this new feature... ;)
Not entirely sure where to start as far as how to earn lots of GP? Here is a list of all the activities you can take part in and earn GP for doing so!
Guild Library
The Weekly Exchange
Exchange Wishing Well
Guild Games
Scavenger Hunt
Ask Adamska
Feed King Skarl
Exquisite Exchange
Creative Corner
Not to mention all the GP you can earn from adding your UFT/UFA pets and dream pets to the Guild Pound, adding a member biography to the Member Page, listing the items/pets you can lend in Avatar Lending, and much more.
SO MANY opportunities! You will be happy when you make yourself busy earning that GP and the announcement is made - you definitely want a jump start on this exciting activity coming real soon! ^^
• Congratulations to the members that won our 1 NP Auctions this week! Here is a list of the winners:
Sann won an Orn Codestone for 7 NP and a Race to Riches Scratchcard for 6 NP!
Morgin won a Green Uni Morphing Potion for 7 NP and a Snow Paint Brush for 8 NP!
Our next set of auctions will start on March 25th, so stay tuned and make sure your Neofriends with Rebekah if you've been a member for 2 weeks so that you can take part in those auctions!

• Has a draik always been one of your dream pets and you just haven't been able to acquire it yet...? Fret no more! Kim has got Tinaw the Gold Draik UFA! Head on over to her application page to see how you can soon own your very own draik!
• A new entry has been sent in for POTM! We now have 4 contestants. Send in your vote ASAP for which pet you believe deserves the spotlight in Top Customization for March!
• Don't forget that today is the last day you can vote for Acronym! The guild poll is up and awaiting your choice of who's got the funniest entry. ^^
Lissa still has a 1 NP Auction up for Exchange members only! Neofriend her and bid here right away before it ends!
• It's getting to be mid-March and we've only had 1 MOTM nomination! Send Rebekah a Neomail stating which guild member you believe deserves the spotlight for the month of March!
• In conclusion, some very exciting news: We will have some new 1 NP Auctions listed for tomorrow! The auctions will only last for a day or two, so make sure to keep an eye out on this page for the announcement of their post!
If you have been a member for 2 weeks, make sure you send Rebekah a Neofriend request so that you can take part in the bidding as well! You must be Neofriends with Rebekah in order to participate!

Kim has so kindly decided to put Tinaw the Gold Draik UFA for Exchange members only! You can check out the rules for applying to adopt on this page!
Alissa has also extended a generous invitation to Neofriends from our guild ONLY to bid on a 1 NP auction! Check out the auction here. And hurry! It doesn't have much time left!
• Congratulations to Dana for winning The Weekly Exchange! She earned a total of 30 GP for winning and participating. A new one is up, so give it a shot and earn that GP!
• A big congrats to the following members for ranking up to Regular rank in the guild!

Thank you SO MUCH for your guy's support and friendship! We value you highly, and are so happy to have you here. ^^
• Don't forget to send your questions in to Adamska for Ask Adamska, the official advice column of Exchange! You earn GP for just sending in a question - so do so ASAP! ^^
Kenzie's activities, Scattagories and Scavenger Hunt are still up and waiting for your entries! Don't forget to check them out and give it a go! Rack up that GP every opportunity you get! ^^
• Lastly, our Acronym poll is up on the guild! Don't forget to cast your vote - tomorrow night is the deadline!

• Our Guild Games have been updated! Make sure to check them out when you get a chance and give it a go. :)
• No one has fed King Skarl yet! D: He's going to be VERY angry with us... :/
• Congratulations to Ashley for making it onto the Scoreboard for the first time! Keep up the good work. :D You're going to need that GP later. ;)
• Lastly, a warm reminder to check out ALL of our News links above, and to give all of our activities a try! Rack up that GP... cuz you're going to need it! ;D You'll see why soon. :)

• I am proud to announce that a new co-owner has been chosen for Exchange! Please welcome Kenzie to her new position as co-owner! *applauds* ^^
You care so much about this guild, and have been loyal to it since the beginning of our grand re-opening. You have gifted so many dream pets, you love and care for our amazing members... and the list goes on and on about how AWESOME you are. :D You totally deserve the position, and I am honored to have you by my side. ^^ Thank you, Kenzie! And congrats. :D
• Make sure you vote for which guess is the funniest in Acronym! Our guild poll is up and waiting for your opinion. :)
• Congratulations to Heather for making it to the Scoreboard for the first time with 10 pts! Great job, keep it up! :D
Casidy has added her member biography to our Member Page! She also earned 5 GP for doing so. c:
Make sure to check out the Member Bios Page and read up on your fellow guildies! You might learn something about them you didn't know before... ;) Send in yours, as well, so we can get to know you and can award you 5 GP!
• If you haven't already, Kenzie encourages you to add your birthday to the guild calender if you have not done so yet. Sounds like she's got something planned for you if you do... ;)
• Last, but DEFINITELY not least, Monty has earned the rare and honorable guild rank of Loyal in the guild ranking system!!
Congratulations, girl! You TOTALLY deserve it. :D
Monty has been with us loyally and regularly ever since BEFORE our grand re-opening on September 1st, 2012. She has been here since July 2012!
Thank you so much for sticking with us this long and being as awesome as you are! This guild would be incomplete without you. ;)

• It's a new month in Neopia! Don't forget to get your freebies and free 2,000 NP!
• Congratulations to our winner of MOTM - Morgin!

You totally deserve it! Thanks for being as awesome as you are. :D
• Congratulations, also, to our winner of POTM - Chervyak owned by Adamska! Great job, you too. :D It was a close one, so all entries were amazing! We look forward to March's competition. ^^
• I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to February's donators!

Lissa was our Top Donator !
You guy's donations have helped and will help fund 1 NP Auctions, guild gifts, and dreams come true. :D Thank you!
• The latest installment of guild trivia is up! Try your hand at The Weekly Exchange from today until next Friday and earn GP doing so!
Battle Royale -- Doughnut has officially begun! The following members have signed up for this event and will be able to participate:

It's time to get those yummy pastries in the air! Don't forget to target someone daily!
• Now that it's a new month, it's time to send in your entries for POTM and your nominations for MOTM! Send them to Rebekah ASAP!

• Congratulations to the following members that have ranked up on the guild's GP Scoreboard!
2nd Rank:
4th Rank:

Great job, you guys! Keep up the great work. :D
• Next, we would like to congratulate the following members for ranking up in our guild ranking system!
Robert, Kate, and Sammi - You are all now Regular members of Exchange! Congrats!! ♥
• Please do not be alarmed by our decrease in members from 39 to 38 - there was a small member sweep today. ;)
• Our Guild Games have been updated for today! Make sure you check them out and give them a go. ^^
• Our Exchange Wishing Well is officially up and running! Send in your Neopets item wishlists and get them posted to earn GP! You can also earn GP by gifting other member's wishlist items. :) Learn more here on the official page.
• Tomorrow is the last day for MOTM (on our guild poll) and POTM! If you haven't cast your votes yet, please do so ASAP!

• There are still some unsolved games on the Activities page! Make sure you check them out and give them your best guess. You'll need to earn lots of GP to play Feed King Skarl, and who knows what other big events you might need those points for.........
• Congratulations to the following members for making it onto the Scoreboard!

Keep up the good work, guys! ^^
• Some new pets have been listed UFA at our Guild Pound! Make sure to check them out - you never know if it might end up being your dream pet! ♥
• The Donations Shop has adopted a NEW shopkeeper and mascot! Go meet Sera and see what she has to say about the shop and 1 NP Auctions!
• The poll for Acronym starts tomorrow - today is the deadline to get your entry in, and there are only 2 slots left! If you think you could come up with a witty one and would like to earn a good chunk of GP, hurry and get your guess in!
• The poll for MOTM is up on the guild! PLEASE don't forget to cast your votes - you only have 6 days to do so!
• Also, don't forget that POTM will be ending in 6 days as well! If you have not voted yet, please vote for which pet you believe deserves the spotlight this month!

• Congratulations to the 1 NP auction winners for this week! Keep an eye out for more new auctions in 2 weeks. Perhaps you will be eligible to join in them at that point in time! If so, make sure to Neofriend Rebekah!
• Our Guild Games have been updated for today! Make sure to check them out and send your guesses to Rebekah. :D
• We haven't had any Acronym entries yet this week! Make sure you send yours in ASAP! ;)
• Also, if you haven't signed up for Battle Royale -- Doughnut just yet, make sure that you do! Mail Silver with any questions/comments about the event.

1 NP Auctions have begun! Check them out here to bid! You must be Neofriends with Rebekah and a member for at LEAST 3 weeks before you can participate.
• Don't forget to check out our NEWEST guild game, Feed King Skarl! Don't have enough GP to play? There are SO MANY WAYS to earn GP! See the Scoreboard for ways to rack up that GP.
• The winner of this week's Acronym has been announced! Congratulations, and thanks to all members that participated. c: We had so much fun, I'm sure you'd agree!
• The Guild Shop has been fully restocked with over 75 items to choose from!
DON'T FORGET! Send in your votes for POTM and MOTM!

Guild Games have been updated! Check 'em out and send your guesses to Rebekah. c:
• A new game section has been added to the Guild Games - GP Games! Participation in the games will require your earned GP, but in return you will definitely be reaping better benefits. ;)
• In the new section, a new game has been added! It's called King Feed Skarl! Check it out and participate as soon as possible! The game ends next Monday (not this coming Monday), and you're allowed two entries per week. c:
Exchange's Wishing Well is officially open! Send your Neopets item wishlist to Morgin today!
The poll has been posted for Acronym! Cast your vote at the guild now. :D

• One council spot has opened up! Interested in becoming a council member? Check out the requirements, fill out the application, and send it to Rebekah!
• The Weekly Exchange has been updated! No one participated last week. DON'T BE SHY! c: Give it a shot, and mail your answers/questions to Silver!
• Doughnut is accepting participants for Battle Royale -- Doughnuts starting 2/14/13 until 2/28/13. So send those applications over to Silver today!
• A new entry has been made in POTM! Go check them out and vote for which pet YOU believe should have the spotlight this month!
• All five spaces for Acronym have been filled! Now we await voting day - Saturday! Thanks so much for everybody's entries!
• Also, if you haven't already, please vote for which member you believe should be chosen for MOTM! We have only had one vote, so far. Give the nominee a challenge! ;)

HOORAY! We have reached our member cap of 40 members! Thank you all so much for your participation in helping to recruit new members! I would like to extend a big, warn welcome to all our new members! We are so happy that you're here with us. :D
Exquisite Exchange is officially back up and running! Would you like to trade some of your wearables for a new wardrobe...? Check out the EE Closet (linked above) and contact Crystal for details/questions! REMEMBER that you can also earn GP via EE by signing up your POTM entry as a model for EE! Again, for more details, contact Crystal.
• The Donation Shop has been reopened and is now run by Rebekah! Support Exchange and its activities by donating today!
• Some new 1 NP Auctions will be starting next Monday! If you have been a member for AT LEAST 2-3 months, send Rebekah a Neofriend request (if you are not Neofriends already) so that you can take part in the auctions! You will only be able to bid if you are Neofriends with Rebekah.
• Our Guild Games have been updated for today! Make sure to check them out and send your guesses to Rebekah!
• Last, but definitely not least, here is a BIG shout-out to our returning, long-time member - TORIE!
We are SO HAPPY to have you back! Thank you for coming back to us. c: We missed you so much, and can't wait to get to chat with you, just like in the old days! ♥

• For those who didn't notice (as I did not announce it, like I should have XD) Ask Adamska had been updated with a question answered on Wednesday! Make sure to check it out. :D It's pretty wacky. XD
Games have been updated for today. Make sure to check it out and give each game a shot before Wednesday comes!
• The poll for Acronym has been posted on the guild! Vote for the Funniest Guess!
ALSO - I've added a couple new rules to the Acronym section of the Activities page. Make sure you re-read them all so you're sure to have seen everything you need to see! Thanks. ;)
• JUST A REMINDER - Be thinking about who you want to vote for in POTM and MOTM! If you have not entered into POTM yet and you would like to, simply mail me with your pet's name!

• What a super fun, 1st ever round of Acronym! We only had 3 entries, but I think it was a given which one would win. XD Congratulations, Adamska, for having the Funniest Guess! Thank you to all other participants. :) Give it another shot in this week's Acronym!
• Congratulations to the following members that ranked up on the Scoreboard!
Adamska, Llama, and Amanda: 3rd rank
Kayla: 2nd rank.
Great job, you guys!
• There are 5 new pets UFA at the Guild Pound! Make sure to check them out when you get a chance. :D Never know! Your dreamie might be waiting for you there...
• It's a new month! That means it's time to enter your pet into POTM and nominate members for MOTM! Be thinking about who you want to nominate, and if you would like to enter your pet, and send your votes to Rebekah ASAP!
• Speaking of POTM, we have had 3 entries submitted already! Check them out on the runway and be thinking about who you want to vote for!
• Lastly, there are three new avatars added to the Lending section! Check Kenzie's lends.

Games have been updated - wha? What's this? How exciting! A NEW Guild Game has been added to our Games section of the Activities page! Make sure to give it a whirl when you guess this Wednesday's games. :D
• And look... ANOTHER new guild activity! :O It's called Ask Adamska. Hmmm, you should probably have a look-see!
• A new post has been made to the Bulletin Board! You should check it out right away. :D
• Tomorrow is the last day before voting ends for POTM and MOTM! Please send in your votes to me before it's too late!

• As you may have noticed, Guild Games updates were skipped on Saturday as a result of real life interruptions... /facepalm. (A real epidemic for me lately. :/) But hey! There's an upside to everything. Now you have more time to guess at the unguessed games that still remain! :D Make sure to mail your answers my way. ^^
• We've had a couple AWESOME members move up in guild rank!! Congratulations to Savvy and Kevin - you are now official Regular members of Exchange!
• And a big welcome to all of our amazing new members. c: Thank you so much for joining! We're all excited to meet you guys on the guild board. ^^
• Only 2 more days left!! If you haven't voted for MOTM on the guild poll yet, please do ASAP!
• A new post has been made to the guild's Bulletin Board! Please view "Do you have sock puppets?" on that page.
Also, please check to see if you have any old bulletin posts on the board so that I can take them down. Thank you!
• A while ago, I added some handy-dandy links above this News section. Those links are other pages found on the guild that are updated regularly! Please remember to check them weekly, as well as the guild message board. When those activities are updated, the amazing council members running those pages will let you know when it's been updated! Please check out the games/activities they have prepared for you all - they work so hard to help you enjoy your stay here at Exchange! c: Show them you appreciate them by giving their activities a shot, if you don't/haven't already. ^^

• Wooow, what a super close and SUPER intense poll for MOTM this month!! :O We have 14 votes, and 37 members - let's get voting! Before it's too late. D: Voting ends the last day of January, which only gives those of you that haven't voted yet 6 more days to do so. *taps watch*
• Also, please don't forget to vote for your favorite pet in POTM! We've only got about 7 votes, there...
• ALSO keep in mind that our new Guild Games start anew tomorrow! Mail Rebekah your guesses for this half of the week's games before you lose your chance! Guild mailings are unavailable on the weekends, so the only way you'll know the new games are up is if you check News tomorrow and/or the guild message board. So keep your eye out!
• A new post has been made to the Bulletin Board! There is a WN (well-named) Mutant pet up for quick adoption! Make sure to check him out before it's too late. The pet will be pounded if no one claims him! ;n;

• Our new Guild Games were updated today! Congratulations to Adamska and Morgin for being last week's winners. ^^
MOTM is now at the guild polls. Make sure to cast your vote! We have 3 nominees this month: Kenzie, Adamska, and Amanda! Good luck, you guys. :D
• There are only 8 more days in January, and we have a tie in POTM! If you have not already, please send your vote for which pet you believe deserves the spotlight for the month of January.

• A new Weekly Exchange has begun today! Make sure to head on over and answer as many guild member-related questions as you can! If you're top scorer, you earn 30 GP! :O
• A new bulletin has been added to the Bulletin Board! Make sure to check that one out, as well as the other ones still posted! There are beautiful well-named pets up for quick adoption, paint brushes/lab map pieces for sale... etc. Don't miss out!
• The end of the month is right around the corner, guys, and I have not gotten ONE vote for POTM! D: Send your vote over before it's too late!
• Some new additions have been made to our Avatar Lending section! Be sure to check them out and see if you can work out a way to get some new avatars... ^^
• All games have been guessed except for the Treasure Hunt! Send in your guess - it will be WELL worth your try at it. ;)

• Some new links have been added to our Helpful Links section of the activities page! In fact, a whole new section has been added - for directories! Silver's shop directory, Harmonious, is included there.
ALSO keep in mind that any helpful links you think you can provide for your guildmates, mail them to me and I'll list them there! c: You will earn GP for doing so, as well.
• Congratulations to May for ranking up to Regular in guild ranks, and to Adamska and Amanda for ranking up to Advanced! You guys are an AMAZING asset to our guild. Thank you so much for being here and being as amazing and active as you are! c: ♥
• A new bulletin has been added to our Bulletin Board! Sharon has a pet UFQA (up for quick adoption). Please check it out when you can!
• Lastly, games have been updated for today! Make sure to give them a shot. :) Congratulations to Saturday's winners! ^^ You each earned 10 GP on the Scoreboard.

• Sorry for taking so long to post another guild update...! :O That doesn't mean nothing's been going on - quite the contrary! There's been no News entries because I've been kept so busy updating pages!! hahaha. You'll see in these next few updates. :D
Games have been updated as of yesterday! Hurry and get your guesses in - two games have already been completed!
Monty has kindly added a pet for avatar lending in our Avatar Lending section! This pet will award you with the Pink Popcorn avatar if you have a popcorn item in your inventory. :)
• We've had a new post on our Bulletin Board! Adamska is in search of Lab Map Pieces. Make sure to check out the bulletin if you think you can help out!
• We've had quite a few new POTM entries! Don't forget to be thinking about/sending in your vote! Also, if you wish to enter your pet, hurry and do so! Entries are only open 3 weeks out of the month! The last week is usually left for votes only.
Silver's self-run website, Harmonious, has now been added to all of our guild's portals! Why? Harmonious is an excellent shop directory that lists independent shop owner's places of business! Need an item from a Faerie Quest? Need/want to go on a shopping spree, but don't want to mess with the Shop Wizard/Neoboards? Let Harmonious be your first stop for browsing! Mail any questions about this shop directory to Silver.
Heather (heatherlux) has ranked up to Regular in our guild ranks! Congratulations, Heather. :D
• And speaking of ranks... we've had QUITE a jump on our guild's Scoreboard! :O
Adamska is now 2nd rank.
Heart and Morgin are now 3rd rank.
Sarah Lou is now 4th rank.
Becky and Silver are at 6th rank.
Kenzie is now TOP RANK of all members, with 1000+ GP - 7th rank!!! Congratulations, Kenzie! :D What an incredible level of activity!
We appreciate SO MUCH all of you guys and what you have to bring to the table at Exchange. Keep up the GREAT work! Earn that GP. ;D Get competitive!

• As some of you have noticed already, our Guild Games (although late) have been updated! Make sure to check them out and give them a shot before they change tomorrow afternoon - 2 have been guessed already!
Congratulations to Bobby, Susan, Adamska, Kayla, and Zabora for moving up in Guild Rank! You all have earned the position that is an official Regular member of Exchange. :D Great job, you guys! That also means that you are able to take part in our guild's 1 NP Auctions. Make sure to add Rebekah as a Neofriend! You must add her in order to bid.
• We have had a pet entered into POTM for January! Check them out here and keep them in mind when you vote later on this month!
Lastly, the Weekly Exchange has been updated today! Try your luck at guessing guild member trivia and try for the gold: 25 guild points to Top Scorer! Plus 5 GP just for participating. :O

• Wow guys! It's 2013 already... O.p I hope your first day in the new year is a great one!
• Our winners for MOTM and POTM have been announced! Make sure to stop by those sections of the Activities page and see who gets the glory this month!
• There has been an update to our Bulletin Board! Someone's got a nice, well-named painted pet up for quick adoption. Make sure to check it out!
• We have some special 1 NP Auctions up to start off the new year! Make sure you check them out and give them a shot before it's too late! NOTE: If you do not see any auctions up at this time, keep an eye on them! Becky is in charge of them, and she has a different time zone living in the UK. Check them periodically during the day! She will be putting them up for the first of the year. :)
• Someone has contributed to our Avatar Lending section once again! Zabora has the items for a lovely avatar. :) Make sure to check it out when you get a chance, and message her if you would like to be lended to!
• Lastly, on a more personal note... I have decided to abandon my alias and accept/use my first name: Rebekah. So I will no longer be known as Elorei, but my real name. :) It's deep, and stupid :p But yeah. c: I know it's a lot to ask you guys to start calling me a totally different name since you know me so well as Elorei... so don't sweat about calling me Rebekah instead of Elorei! Elorei is still fine as a nickname c: I just want to start referring to myself as who I really am. I've come to realize that your name reflects a lot about you. And I am ANYTHING but fake. ;)

Guild updates reach back past our grand re-opening on 9/1/12 and have been deleted in order to make room for more content on this page.

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