Classy, amirite?


Greetings and welcome! I'm Elisue and I'm a Vandagyre! I'm already 87380 hours old; how neat is that? Time flies. I'm really proud of my species; we have a reputation for being wise and kind that I think sounds better than being vain or greedy like certain species that shall remain nameless. *cough*

My owner, rootbound_nova, takes good care of me and remembers to feed me when I'm hungry, which is pretty important, I think. I also appreciate a little training for the Battledome so I can better defend my friends when they need it. But the best fun I have with my owner is when we play games together. There's so many to choose from!

We Vandagyres especially appreciate treats made with nuts! My friends will tell you that nuts make anything healthy, but I think we both know that all the nuts in the world won't make some of this nutritious. I still love it!

Don't those look yummy? *sigh*

If only I could eat them all the time. Anyway, lest you think I'm nothing but a sweet tooth, I also read a lot, particularly adventure books, as I like to get ideas for where to travel next. Someday I'm going to discover a new land in Neopia!

If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask my owner, rootbound_nova!