The Snowager A gust of cold wind assaults you as you enter this vast ice cavern. In the center you see
a massive pile of treasure... thousands, possibly millions of rare Neopian items, the biggest hoard you have ever seen.

On top of the pile of treasure you see a massive worm made out of ice. This must be none other than the Snowager! You
have heard legends about this beast, about its greed, and how it likes to eat Neopets for every meal (and sometimes between meals too!)

Current Status of the Snowager:

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Times he's asleep:
6am - 7am NST
2pm - 3pm NST
10pm - 11pm NST

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Table of Contents
Current Status of the Snowager

Times He's Asleep



What to Expect When
Visiting the Snowager

Unique Snowager Prizes

Snowager Items

Snowager Links

Welcome to my Snowager guide!!! I hope it helps a lot ;) I'm sorry if I am not able to reply to your neomails! I really appreciate all of them and try my best to go online as often as I can. I have put up a new poll!!! Make sure you check it out!

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Released on Dec. 8, 2004
You can get the avatar when you visit him during any of the three
times that he is awake and get blasted. However, this is a random event!

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Here's what you can expect from the snowager. It is only based on
visiting it 143 times but will be updated everytime I visit the Snowager.
I did not get the paintbrushes. People have only neomailed me saying
that they got it, and i just added it here. Please do not neomail me about this.
last updated: Aug. 21, 2006

I have been informed by mkdsm8485 that she is currently working on a theory that on odd seconds during
the snowager's sleep times, he does bad things like blasting ice etc. But on even seconds, you
get an item. So try it yourself!

Does the odd/even seconds theory work?

Yes: 165
No: 68


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Here are also some prizes that you can only get from the Snowager:

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Snowager Items

Snowager Yoyo

Snowager Ball

Snowager In A Box

Snowager Plushie

Snowager Rug

Snowager Bean

Snowager Bed

Snowager Pattern

Snowager Stamp


The Snowager (TCG)

Snowager Bed

Snowager Crystal

Snowager Poster

Ferocious Snowager

Snowager Tooth

Snowager Saga

Ice Lolly


Snowager Ice
Lolly (TCG)

Scale (TCG)

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The Snowager Photo Album

Art Gallery
Neopidea: The Snowager
The Snowager

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