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Just like the butterfly,

I too will awaken in my own time.

The fabric had finally begun to take form. What had started as just a pile of various patterns and colors was now in the shape of a strange creature. They met in the dusty attic every day for the past week. Every stitch and painstaking detail was done by hand. Now only a few final touches were to be done.
You want to use that as the heart? Tobbsi said this with great disdain as he raised his eyebrows at his friend.
And why not? Talie retorted as she held the limp body of the butterfly gently.
Don't you think it's a bit…grotesque?
Not in the least! This poor thing deserves a proper grave. I even made a special pouch for her.
Talie proudly held up a small, powdery-yellow, home-made looking pouch. It was in the shape of a square that was just the right size for the tiny creature. There was a light pink heart stitched on the front.
You found that thing a week ago! You kept it all this time? There was an edge of disgust to Tobbsi's voice.
I kept her safe and dry. Now you can keep being grumpy or you can make a wish with me! Talie saw that Tobbsi was rather annoyed but she grabbed his hand anyway and they both held the pouch with the butterfly now inside it.
The two children had a rather strange tradition. Every time they made a new plushie they gave it a heart. This "heart" was always some random, small object that was at hand at the time. They then made a wish on this fake organ and placed it in the plushie, as they were doing now. Tobbsi's mood lightened a bit as he clutched the pouch with his friend. His eyes were shut tight as he concentrated on a wish. Talie knew what to wish for from the start. It was always the same wish. A wish that could never be fulfilled.
As their ritual came to a close, Talie silently stitched the small pouch shut in a loving manner. The vessel was then placed in a small cavity that was left open and unstitched. With the heart in place, Tobbsi sewed the hole in the chest of the plushie shut. No conversation was exchanged between the two friends for a long while. The final few touches were made by Talie. The eyes were sewn as small, curved lines to simulate a sleeping face and a bow was sewn behind the creature's right ear. Feminine touches, she had said. Much to Tobbsi's protest, the plushie was dubbed a female. Talie gently placed a hand on the flank of their creation after the final stitches were sewn.
She'll come to life for us. I know it this time. Won't you..Elavira?

At the Seams

Name : Elavira
Nicknames : Ela or Vivi but never Vira
Gender : Female
Date of Creation : June 16th
Creators : Tobbsi and Talie
True Age : Unknown
Past Life : Butterfly that was killed
Cause of Death : Unknown
Current Form : Plush toy
Occupation : Dream Catcher


Because she has no mouth (or eyes, for that matter), Elavira's personality is rather cryptic at first. The children didn't even know she could come to life! Ela turned out to be a big, old softy (as ironic as that is). She is a very innocent creature. Though her age is unknown, it is presumed that she is rather young as she knows almost nothing about the world she lives in. At first, Ela was rather vengeful and pained about her death, but she became quite grateful of the children since they allowed her to live on. After she gains her eyes and can speak, Ela is a bundle of curiosity that is astounded by the world. She takes her new job as a dream catcher seriously and is very grateful of the Prince for giving her the task.
Ela is a 'social butterfly' of sorts. She enjoys the company of others very much, though she can only interact with Tobbsi, Talie and the Spirit Deer. She loathes being left alone. It scares her quite a bit. As a butterfly, she was part of one of the few species that traveled in groups. This need for company translated into her new form and left her glued to the sides of her creators.


Elavira's design doesn't deviate much from that of the original Plushie Gnorbu. I love the concept way too much, but I played around with the colors. I like to base my designs off of the actual color of the pet. It's what inspired me in the first place, so why change it so that it's unrecognizable? You can see Ela's character sheet to the left.

Likes & Dislikes


Kaleidoscope by the Sleepy Rebels
refresh to see the lyrics from the begining
The world goes on and on,
Twisting kaleidoscope,
Of things you never dreamed you'd be there seeing.

Hold your dreams, then fly,
No need for looking back,
You've got it now don't ever let it go.

Cause once you know you know
Your heart will always be,
The thing that life has given here to you,

So heres to you. Connecting all the times,
You follow and you find,
That love is waiting everywhere for you.
The people in your life,
Will never leave your side.
We're all connected, everyone, it's true,
So here's to you.

Fly fly fly fly away.
Here's to you.

The world goes on and on,
Twisting kaleidoscope,
Of things you never dreamed you'd be there seeing,

Hold your dreams, then fly,
No need for looking back,
You've got it now don't ever let it go.

Cause once you know you know,
Your heart will always be,
The thing that life has given here to you,
So heres to you


Chapter 2: Awakening
The air was chilled. Perhaps that was what woke her up. Talie swiftly sat up as the covers entangled her with their slight warmth.
The window is open. She observed this through bleary eyes that were still heavy with sleep and lost dreams.
She pondered over this. Perhaps Tobbsi's mother came in during the night to let some fresh air in. Tobbsi and Talie had fallen asleep quite early, after all. The two had planned on staying up all night. Why, you ask? To observe. To observe their strange creation dubbed Elavira.
The children had noticed strange, strange things that were most certainly not products of their active imaginations. Talie had sewn a strap under Ela's chin so that she could hold a net. A butterfly net, to be precise. Both of the children loved to catch butterflies in the garden that was between their homes. Talie wanted the plush to join in on the fun, so she gave her a net to 'hold' with the newly-placed strap. Both the net and plush stayed intact over a few nights, but one morning the net was quite out of place. It was strewn halfway across Tobbsi's bedroom floor. This seemed unnatural and unsettling to the pair. What was even more haunting was the great switch that had taken pace one night. You see, the two took turns sharing Elavira. One day Tobbsi would take her to his house for the night, and the next day they would switch and Talie would get her. On one of Tobbsi's nights to have the plush, Talie woke to find Elavira in her room.
The two then decided to get to the bottom of things. Tobbsi's narcolepsy and Talie's not-so-iron will to stay up had played against them, however. Talie's eyes wondered the room, but the friendly mound of yarn and fabric was nowhere to be seen.
Psst, wake up! Waking Tobbsi up was a nightmare in itself. As the boy came to his senses, Talie leapt out from under the covers and reached under Tobbsi's bed. She grappled in the dark for a toy lantern that he kept under there. Once the prize was in her possession, she turned the toy on to illuminate the darkened room as she searched for her shoes and a jacket.
What's going on? Tobbsi asked this as he robotically put on his shoes while stifling a yawn.
Ela's gone. Was the short but direct reply.
We better get going, then. Tobbsi replied as if he had expected this to happen.
Talie grabbed the lantern and climbed up and out the window with Tobbsi right at her heels. Luckily, the boy's room was on the first floor. The two set off down their own lane. The combined light of the lantern and the street lights was enough to illuminate the street. The children didn't have to go far before noticing another oddity. After passing their garden and Talie's house, the pair noticed that a window of a house three places down from Talies was flung wide open. The shutters clacked noisily in the silence of night as the curtains flapped loudly in the summer breeze. The light blanket that Tobbsi brought and was now sharing with Talie provided little warmth as the children approached the eerie -blocked- It was on the second floor, but it was low enough so that they could clearly see what was going on inside if they stood back far enough. Talie saw a bed and a sleeping child. It was a neighborhood kid, one that they often saw hanging around here and there. But this was not what turned Talie's knees to jelly and drew a gasp from Tobbsi. The tow saw Elavira, their own creation, prancing about the room as if she were alive and filled with a mysterious energy. The children stared, mouths agape, as the plush swung the butterfly net that was attached to her maw around wildly. This activity seemed very odd until Talie and Tobbsi noticed that some strange-looking butterflies were appearing inside the net, as if out of thin air. The odd creatures filtered out the end of the net and turned into a fine, gold, shimmering power. As if magnetized, the powder returned to the sleeping child and disappeared as it came in contact with them. This odd display continued for a few long moments. Before long, Talie noticed a strange, dark figure standing almost shyly at the end of the lane. Out of instinct, she grabbed Tobbsi's hand to snap him out of the trance and dragged him to safety behind a nearby tree. The ethereal figure came meekly down the lane as Elavira's strange dance continued. As it drew nearer, Talie realized that the figure was that of a strange but oddly beautiful deer. It had gleaming horns and hooves of gold while sporting a coat of various soft shades of green. The chained collar about its neck gave the deer a ghostly feel. A strange red flower sitting upon thick, green locks complemented the creature's vivid red eyes. At that moment, Elavira popped her head outside the window almost curiously. The children watched, astonished, as the two creatures seemed to converse. With what seemed like a nod, Elavira disappeared back into the darkness of the room and reappeared moments later as she leaped from the second story -blocked- She landed softly beside the odd deer. Without a sound, the deer turned and bounded towards the direction that it came, with Elavira at its heels. Talie and Tobbsi stared at each other for a few silent moments before slowly coming out from behind their hiding spot. Talie advanced after the slowly disappearing figures, with Tobbsi following behind closely. The two creatures' flights lead them to the edge of the forest that surrounded their town.
Don't some people say that this forest is haunted? Tobbsi asked the question under his breath, as if to not disturb the ambiance of the dark night.
Some do. Others say that this place is enchanted by friendly spirits.
Both children hoped for the latter as they gripped each others hands and advanced into the endless forest.
Elavira's net must have been dragging on the ground, for the children could clearly see a snake-like indent in the ground. They followed this dimly-lit trail for some time. The forest around them seemed to give off a faint light at their presence. It was like the great mass of trees was alive and was welcoming them deeper and deeper inside its confusing landscape. The trees soon gave way and thinned out a considerable bit. The pair entered a meadow that was alive with the soft purple of lilacs. The beautiful flowers were in every place possible on the forest floor and were seemingly undisturbed. As Talie and Tobbsi wadded further and further into the sea of flowers, a scene from a fairy-tale unfolded before them. The deer was standing beside Elavira in the middle of the meadow, and a handsome young gentleman with nearly translucent wings stood before them. With no for of cover anywhere, the two children were frozen in place by the strange man's curious gaze. He scrutinized them for a moment longer while saying something to the deer. He then gave them a friendly smile before advancing slowly towards the pair.
Kneeling before the frightened children, the man asked them a single question: Can you see us?. The answer was redundant as neither of the children spoke.
The man stood slowly whilst chuckling to himself. How strange. It's been quite some time since I've meet people that could see us..
Talie and Tobbsi stared at the effeminate man silently. His hair was powdery white and laced with small flowers and jewels. He wore strange, airy garb like that of a fairy.
Are you..ghosts? Talie was the first to speak of the two as she eyed the man and the deer.
I guess you could say that, darling. We're spirits. This was the man's friendly reply.
The deer and Elavira turned to face the children. Ela's sightless eyes fell upon her creators.
One those that truly believe in magic can see us. Oh my, pardon my rudeness! My name is Demo. That's Midoriya. The fairy-like being dubbed Demo gestured towards his hoofed companion.
I hope we didn't startle you two. Midoriya spoke in an airy tone as she stepped forward to stand beside Demo.
That's our plushie. Talie pointed a shaky finger towards Elavira. She was in a bit a shock from hearing a strange green deer talk.
Well then! You made her all by yourselves? I'm impressed. Demo seemed friendly and cheerful enough for the children to be a bit warmed by his praise.
Now.. I suppose you two would like an explanation for all of this.


Elavira develops a few relations throughout the course of the story that I planned out for her. Most of the pets involved are mine. Click on the image of the character to read more about them.

Talie is a little girl of about ten that loves to sew. She's the one that found the dead butterfly in the flower garden. She's also the one that insisted on putting the butterfly into the then lifeless plushie and the one that named Elavira. Naturally, her bond with Ela is very strong. They become fast friends and she and the plush are almost inseparable. She and Ela are often off in the flower garden together and catching butterflies or in the forest visiting Midoriya. Talie is very educated and well-rounded despite her young age. She can hold up a very intelligent conversation on advanced topics rather easily. She was pushed by her parents at a very young age to become as educated as she can be. She jumped at the opportunity and took up several hobbies such as sewing, playing the piano and horseback riding.

Tobbsi and Elavira didn't click very well at first. He got jealous of her close relationship with Talie and resented the plush for that. You see, the poor young boy has narcolepsy. This means that he dozes off at random moments and he never seems to get enough sleep. His bond with Elavira actually deepens because of his disorder. He often dozes off at random intervals during the day and during his naps he often has frightful nightmares. After Ela came into the picture, she was always around for him when he fell asleep. She cuddled up with him and often fell asleep as well. The plush made sure that no more bad dreams would haunt Tobbsi and the boy was very grateful of this so the two become great friends. Tobbsi comes from a very wealthy family, so he received the best possible education. He's as bright as Talie is, though he is often called a prodigy because of his astonishing sewing skills which can be seen as greater than even Talie's.

Midoriya is the spirit deer that found Elavira when she was catching the dreamflies. She had sensed a strong spirit among the many human souls in the town and decided to investigate. She found a strange little plush toy that could not see or speak. Midi took Ela to the Prince to figure out a method of communication. Midi is intrigued by the plush and is even more astonished with the skill of the children who created her. She helps Ela get adjusted to her new job and mentors the young spirit, in a sense. Midoriya acts as a sort of "Mother Nature" that protects the sacred forest that she and the Prince live in.

Demo, or the Prince, is the surveyor of the forest. Midoriya brings Ela to him so that perhaps the he can work a bit of magic and allow her to communicate with them. He succeeds in giving her the ability to speak, in some sort of mysterious way, and gives her a strange trinket that allows her to stay awake during the day. Demo keeps the forest and its deer in check. He makes sure that there is balance in his world and gives the incoming deer their jobs. He treats Ela like another spirit deer and gives her a job of her own.


The dreams that Elavira collects are represented as butterflies. I like to refer to them as 'dreamflies'. Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? There are six different types of dreamflies and each represents a different type of dream.
Ela's job as a dream catcher is to collect certain types of flies. The ones that she catches are the dreamflies that have a negative effect on the dreamer. Such dreams unsettle the subconscious mind and make them more susceptible to insanity and other such undesirable illnesses. Elavira doesn't know exactly why the bad dreamflies need to be collected. The Prince is very cryptic with the details of any jobs he gives Spirit Deer. Ela didn't seem to care much about the details and she was just happy that she had a purpose to serve.
After learning about the plush's job, Talie sewed another slot under Ela's chin so that she could carry a larger net. This net was found in Tobbsi's attic, just like the fabric to make Elavira was (You can learn more about her net in her reference).
The dreamflies are invisible to the average human eye. Not even the Prince or the Spirit Deer can see them. Only Ela can, which is part of the reason why the Prince gave her this job. When she's hunting the dreamflies and they get caught in the net, they are then visible for all eyes to see. The reason for this? No one knows, really. Tobbsi and Talie assume that the net in enchanted. When the bad dreamflies hit the back of the net, they filter through it and turn into a fine glittery powder. These remnants float through the air and return to the dreamer in the for of good dreams. It's quite a sight to behold.

Epic dreams : Queen Alexandra's Birdwing
Epic dreams are described as huge, compelling and vivid. They are so detailed and astounding that they have the power to stay with you for years to come. It's only fitting that the Birdwing is the butterfly to represent this type of dream. They're massive, colorful and astonishing to look at. They are also very rare and hard to come by, such as the epic dream. Ela does not catch these is she ever stumbles upon them because they can have such a huge impact on the dreamer's life.

Lucid dreams : Spicebush Swallowtail
Lucid dreams occur when you realize that you're dreaming. Most people wake themselves up when they realize that they're dreaming but some have the ability to control these dreams to their liking. The Spicebush Swallowtail has very vivid and strange colors. It's also very fast and quite rare. These fleeting flies are harder to come by than your average dream and are also quite difficult to catch. Ela leaves these dreamflies alone, as they are usually very thrilling and enjoyable to the dreamer.

Reoccurring dreams : Question Mark
Reoccurring dreams are dreams that repeat themselves. They vary very little from night to night and are usually nightmarish in content. The cause of these dreams in usually a deeply rooted conflict that is unresolved with the dreamer. These dreams can be a big question and the Question Mark's namesake makes it the perfect representation for them. The repeating pattern of their wings also makes them easy to spot as a reoccurring dream. Ela likes to catch these flies since their content can be like a nightmare and she helps the dreamer come to terms with their conflict.

Nightmares : Mourning Cloak
Nightmares are frightening dreams that often have disturbing content. They're a response to trauma, stress and many such negative things. A nightmare can also be your mind's way of telling you to that you have a feat that needs to be acknowledged. The Mourning Cloak's dark colors and elegant wings make it the suitable representation of a Nightmare. Ela is mostly after these guys. By catching them, she not only ends the nightmare but helps the dreamer realize their fears.

Prophetic dreams : Malachite
Prophetic dreams are dreams that can seemingly foretell the future. A rational explanation for this would be that our minds are able to piece together bits of information that we would normally overlook and, as a result, can know what is coming before you realize it. The Malachite's beautifully vivid colors and the repeating pattern on its wings seem like a fitting representation of these phenomenal dreams. Elavira leaved these dreamflies alone as they can be very beneficial to the dreamer's subconscious mind.

Average dreams : Spring Azure
Average dreams are exactly what they sound like. They're the normal and common dreams that everyone has every single night. During the day, our conscious minds are active and constantly gathering information. During the night, our subconscious mind takes over. Average dreams are about what happened during the hours you were awake. Our brains can jumble all of this up and thus these dreams seldom make much sense. The Spring Azure is a very common and rather plain-looking butterfly. Elavira seldom pays attention to these.


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