April 30th, 2012: Please read the FAQ before mailing me + I'll probably not reply anyway.


Did you make those layouts/buttons?
Yup, this is my portfolio!

Can you make a layout for me?

How can I request a layout from you?
You don't.

Do you have the time to perhaps make a layout for me please Brian?
Love your manners, but I'm very sorry to say that I don't have the time to personally make you a layout unless you can somehow deposit money into my bank account.

Do you take layout requests?
Not anymore.

Are layout requests open?

Do you know any sites that offer layout requests?
Try either Bedazzled or J'accuse, both are lovely site owners and layout designers.

Will you ever take layout requests again?

Can I use your premade layouts?
Yes, that's why I've provided the coding for you. Just don't remove the credit!

Can I use your template's base coding for my own layout?
Sure, but credit me even though it's ridiculous to claim coding, same goes for my layout/template designs.

Can you make me a button?

Are button requests open?
When I've got a thread up.

Can I request another button?
When I've got a thread up or the next time I do, but please try to restrain yourself to one button at a time, thanks!

So the only way to request from you is when you have a board up accepting requests?
Yes. Do not mail me out of the blue about making you something.

I was just wondering which program you use to make your layouts and buttons?
I use Photoshop CS3.

How do you do -insert graphic feature here- in your buttons/layouts?
Tutorials and being self-taught. Looking up your problems on Google is better than asking me over neomail, especially with character limits and the overly sensitive and stupid filters.

Could you help me with -insert coding problem here-?
I guess, but don't expect any instant gratification as I won't be coding anything for you. Sorry.

Is Opulence your site?
It's my portfolio and hosts my premade layouts.

You should open a site!
Thank you very much! However, I have previously, and I have more beneficial things to spend time on rather than site-owning on Neopets. Sorry, but free service is not worth the stupidity I had to deal with here.

Are you back as a site-owner?
No, sorry, never on Neopets.

Will you ever reopen your sites?
No, sorry, but thanks very much for the thought!

Have any tips to running a site?
Yes! Although there are benefits to site-owning such as reviewing (helps your grammar, writing skills, critiquing, criticism, and perspectives), graphic requests (constantly improving on graphic design if you read tutorials and take criticism), coding (if you code your own layouts) and being social (eventually able to deal with stupid people who have absolutely no common sense, friends, helping out others, a sense of purpose around the community, slight fame, taking criticism positively and taking advice from experienced site-owners/reviewers), site-owning is usually very time consuming, especially if you want to run a top-notch site with thousands of unique views. Overall, site-making revolves around being sociable and your site will thrive the more sociable, friendly and professional you are!

Would you like to be a co-owner of -site name- with me?
Nope sorry, but good luck with your site.

Would you like to be affiliates with my site, -site name-?
No, but thanks very much and good luck!

Could I list Opulence in my directory, -site name-?
I'd love it if you did! List Opulence as a Premade Layouts site (I offer petpage and shop layout templates as of now). I'll most likely request to be listed at your directory, but if you have listed Opulence, please let me know and I'll link back below! Thanks very much.

All layouts are tested in the following browsers:

Background image textures on buttons by zerofiction @ deviantART.
Light textures on buttons from Details.

Hover over each image to get a full-size preview of each layout without all the dragging and dropping!
Base coding © Genesis CSS and That Kills Me.

NEOPETS, characters, logos, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Neopets, Inc., © 1999-2012.

Contact me

To-Do List

- Premade userlookups.
- Pet lookups.

The templates below are available for anyone's use as long as the credit linking back to this page, http://www.neopets.com/~Edglin, is visible in the content and/or layout.
Also, do not claim that you yourself designed/coded my layouts and do not redistribute my templates.
Thank you!

Prominence Premade Layout.


Shelled Premade Layout.

- Change image with your own (333px width x 490px height).


Clause Premade Layout.

- Change image with your own (496px width x 356px height).
- Image credit: LeggNet at Flickr.
- Texture credit: Nienke's Resources.


Shroud Premade Layout.

- Change image with your own (400px width x 270px height).
- Animated navigation.


Effluent Premade Layout.

- The boxes may vary in shape and size in different browsers. Their coloring, size, and location can be easily changed.
- This layout is completely reliant on coloring, so make it your own by changing up all the colors!


Circulating Premade Layout.

- If the navigation overflows into two separate lines, either edit the text size or the padding.


Studio Premade Layout.

- If the navigation width is too wide for your page or your site name's title overlaps your navigation, change the navigation's or #header positioning.


Courts Premade Layout.


Quilted Premade Layout.

- The DIV #backingsplash2 is used to edit the outside border color and #backsplash controls the interior dashed border.
- Remove the letter-spacing in the navigation's text styling if it creates a second line.


Elation Premade Layout.


Figure Premade Layout.

- Banner is by Caro at Glow.
- The banner's dimensions should be 569px x 265px for absolute convenience, otherwise you'd have to manually change the positioning of all three DIVs.


Embed Premade Layout.

- The navigation and decorative stripe are both fixed and stacked in front of all other elements.
- This layout is NOT anchored. But the content can be split into separate sections using the a name codes provided.
- The content box's height stretches according to the amount of subject matter within it.
- Edit the last DIV's left positioning if the navigation overlaps the content box.


Zest Premade Layout.

- The navigation is fixed and stacked in front of all other elements.
- This layout is NOT anchored. But the content can be split into separate sections using the a name codes provided.
- The content box's height stretches according to the amount of subject matter within it.
- The color scheme is capable of being edited.


Shopped Premade Layout.

- This template is exclusive to shops only.
- The coloring of the entire shop layout is competent to change.