24th September 2004 - Yet - the content isn't finished - But the adoptables are currently to be added.

As you enter a pale white room - because you either stumbled on this page because of the adopties, banners or else - you notice a Lupe with grey pelt walking up to you.

·•Welcome nifun•·

Teal eyes are watching you as the Lupe draws nearer. White tipped paws padding on the also white floor with almost no noise at all. The more wolflike creature of a gray hue is now standing infront of you,and as he speaks his dark soft voice isn't very loud ~ you think at first that you just imagine him speaking. "Hello.. nifun .. It seems .. that you've found the secret little place of my own? What others call.. Petpages?" He rests his head on his white paws with two spots on each, his bushy tail lying around him. "So.. either you came here to know more about a Grey Lupe like me.. or you're just here to look at art/adoptables. For the last thing I mentioned.. just browse down ~ then you don't have to read.. anything about me.

.A b o u t.

Echeresis is a Lupe with a light grey, smooth pelt. Together with his ghostlike teal eyes he may seem a bit as if he wouldn't trust anyone. Somehow it's right. However ~ his forelegs do have triangle shaped white tips , with two dots above the triangle. Same goes for his tail, just that he has three spots marked there. Three bigger and darker grey dots are on each of his hindlegs. His left earis hanging and tipped white, too. The area behind his nose has three markings again. And then, there are his wings ~ almost impossible to describe. He is rather tall, his tail is longer than others and some hair is floating down his head. His personality? Well.. sometimes he cuts himself off from the rest of the whole world, then you may find him walking trough Neopia ~ almost as silent as a Kougra. While meeting new ones he is either totally shy or he just acts as if nothing would interest him. But once he found a friend ~ he gives all he is able to to protect the ones he likes.

Art by others

Art by Yakio - DO not steal or alter! Man I love this pic she did T-TArt by Etuix - DO not steal or alter! OO' I did a little contest.. and  Etuix won with this awesome picture ^-^


Lupe Adoptables

- Do NOT claim any of these as yours.
- Do NOT enter any of the adoptables into the BC or any other contest / art gallery.
- Do NOT alter adoptables or the code in any way.

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