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2014 July 29, 8:15 pm NST - Hey lovely people. Wanted to do CreAtion over the summer, but life wouldn't have it. Honestly don't know when the next time will be, but I'm sure there will be a Run III eventually.

2014 March 31, 2:45 am NST - I'm so sorry about the lack of buttons for all those that participated in Run II of Character CreAtion. Not sure when Run III will be happening, but possibly in the Summer at some point. Will be making the buttons beforehand (learnt the lesson!) I'll also be remaking this page entirely so it just functions / looks better.

NTS: updates box w/ board link - fixed, participants list box w/ sign up form - fixed, main div (challenges, about, faq, past) - links fixed

Challenges - Part Three: Content

Day 39-40: Link Back Button (+)

CHALLENGE: Your last challenge is to create a 50x50 link back button to your page! Feel free to also create a 88x31 button if you want. These buttons can be completely new pieces of art, or they can be made from cropped art you formerly did. You could also use your pet's customization, or perhaps you'll put your graphic skills to use. If you've already made a link back, please either make another (an even better one?!) OR update your current one slightly to receive points. If you're set on the one you have, 100 more words min for content should do it.

DEADLINE: July 10th, 11:59 pm NST for 1 point

Day 33-38: Greater Art/Graphics (+)

CHALLENGE: Fill your page with more visuals!

Below is a set of tasks. Pick which tasks you want to complete, totaling a minimum of 6 days. You may have done some of these tasks in the previous challenge. If so, pick others.

1 day: like/dislike images
1 day: your character's petpet alone
1 day: 2 adoptables *repeatable
2 days: 2 family/friend/etc portraits *repeatable
2 days: a piece of art / a graphic to go with your story *repeatable
2 days: (an) image/s specific to a section *repeatable if not under the same section
3 days: a piece of character art for your gallery *repeatable
4 days: a piece of character art w/ a background for your gallery *repeatable

gallery ideas:
- your character at work
- your character's hobby
- your character entering a new setting
- you character in a different outfit
- your character with a friend
- an important event


CHALLENGE: Complete 1200 more words min for your character's story and/or elsewhere on your page.

DEADLINE 1: July 5th, 11:59 pm NST for 4 points (3 day tasks min -OR- 600 words min)

DEADLINE 2: July 8th, 11:59 pm NST for 4 points (3 day tasks min -OR- 600 words min)

Day 31-32: Basic Art/Graphics (+)

CHALLENGE: Complete all smaller art/graphics required for your page. This includes page dividers, like/dislike images, or anything else you deem appropriate as very BASIC visuals. The goal is to finish all the little stuff that will make your character page a little more visually appealing. Note: Please don't do a link back button yet. (If you already have previously, don't fret.)

-OR- (if you're having trouble finding any BASIC visuals to complete)

CHALLENGE: Complete 300 more words min for your character's story.

DEADLINE: July 2nd, 11:59 pm NST for 3 points

Day 29-30: Other Written Content

CHALLENGE: Complete other written content for your page and try to complete as many sections as possible. Below is a list of tasks. Choose which ones to complete, totaling a minimum of 2 days. You can complete more than that if you're up for it. Some you may have already completed in a previous challenge, such as the bio list. In a case like that, I expect you to possibly update it further if possible, or just choose a different task!

0.5 day: a complete bio list (name, age, etc.)
0.5 day: a likes/dislikes list
0.5 day: small blurbs for all sections
1 day: small intro stories for all sections
1 day: intro story for entire pet page
1 day: paragraphs for character relationships / family
1 day: your choice *repeatable, if said content is not under the same section

DEADLINE: June 30th, 11:59 pm NST for 3 points

Day 21-28: Character Story

CHALLENGE: Begin work on your character's story and write at minimum 1500-3000 words. Please know that you are not expected to finish your entire story. The idea is just to hit the minimum with writing you are happy with. The reason this will be the first of the content added to your page is because as you write your story, you may discover new things about your character that you wouldn't have known otherwise. The paths you could go down for your story are limitless. You could focus on your character's past, such as how they've come to be or write of a meeting with an important friend. If you've thought out the entirety of your character's life, you could delve into important moments. Another idea could be to simply write about a present day-in-the-life adventure. Be creative. Think about which point of view you'll be writing in as well. First, second, or third person? Each will have its own effects on the way a story is read.

Below is a set of tasks. Pick which tasks you want to complete, totaling a minimum of 7 days. I would suggest actually following the tasks and completing the set amount of words in the set amount of days. However, if you want to do the challenge requirements in one sitting a day before the deadlines, I can't stop you.

Outline: 1 day
Sometimes outlines are useful. Other times outlines can make writing poor, a slave to drive the plot. If you intend to make a beginning-middle-end outline, I would suggest making it as loose as possible, and allowing it to change as you write and discover new roads for your story to take.
250 words min: 1 day *repeatable
Do not aim for absolute perfection. Revision can come later. However, I don't mean to say write total dung. If you find you're not happy where something's going, start over.
800 words min: 2 days *repeatable
See previous.
A full "chapter: 2 days *repeatable
If you've split your story into different portions, this task is aimed at completing one entire portion. Say you're doing a past, present, future thing, completing this take would be completing the entire past portion. If you're doing a journalistic type story, this could be one journal entry.

DEADLINE 1: June 23rd, 11:59 pm NST for 3 points

DEADLINE 2: June 28th, 11:59 pm NST for 5 points

Challenges - Part Two: Layout

Day 9-20: Layout

CHALLENGE: Complete a layout for your character's petpage! You have 12 days. Break down those days and make a plan for yourself. Don't wait till the last minute, especially if your layout is more complicated. Please don't produce anything more than the layout, as later challenges will involve all sorts of content creating. A suggested way to go about this challenge is outlined below. You may move/delete the old challenges that are not needed from your page or use them as text filler.

- how are all your sections going to fit in?
- what style of layout will you be choosing?
- what exactly will you need to do for your layout?
- clear your page and start coding the very basics, nothing needs to be set in stone
- or start looking at coding guides to understand how to code
- or decide on a premade/template you'll be using and put it on your page
6 days for MAIN VISUALS
- work on the MAJOR pieces of art/graphics for your layout
- if you're making a banner, will it work on the page?
- did you prepare enough room for information if it's based on a piece of art?
- if your art/graphics will be broken down into separate images, ensure everything fits together nicely / matches
- find/make a background
- don't forget image links if you're doing those
- start finishing the rest/majority of the coding, positioning things properly, stylizing things, etc.
- modify premade/templates
- add your (empty~) sections
- work with coding to fit with the visuals you did
- modify visuals to fit/look/work better now that you've tested them on the layout
- what does your layout look like in other browsers and resolutions?
- ask for suggestions/opinions
- fix and re-code where/if needed/wanted
- other minor changes to graphics/coding

If you plan to use a premade/template for your character's page, below are some sites to consider looking through. There are a ton more out there if you go searching yourself! Please follow the rules of these sites if you intend to use their codes.

If you need help with coding, below are some useful sites, and don't be afraid to ask on the chat board for help as well.

Css {For:You;} Neopets coding tips, tricks, articles from doubleSTANDARD whispywill css

DEADLINE 1: June 14th, 11:59 pm NST for the first 5 points

DEADLINE 2: June 20th, 11:59 pm NST for the final 5 points

DAY 8: Content Brainstorm

CHALLENGE: Without thinking specifically how the actual layout is going to look, think about the content you want on your character's page and make a list of all the sections you intend to have. An example list could look like: intro, profile, story, art gallery, adoptables, links out. Perhaps you want to add a section for a map or a section for your character's relevant friends. This list of sections doesn't have to be perfect, as you can always add and delete sections when you start working on the actual page, but really give it good thought as it will affect your page.

DEADLINE: June 8th, 11:59 pm NST for 1 point

Challenges - Part One: Character

DAY 5-7: Reference Sheet

CHALLENGE: Create a reference sheet for your character. This can be drawn and/or written. Look at your designs from brainstorming, see what you liked and didn't, mix things, and start coming up with a concrete design.

If you plan to draw your reference sheet, your character should be shown from head to toe and you should add a color palette to the image. Really put into consideration how you're going to lay everything out. Are you just going to place everything randomly or will there be a method to the madness? Will you add a background color? How will the color you choose effect the color scheme of the character? Think about drawing your character in different angles, adding little character tidbits, including different outfits, drawing close-ups of certain details, and/or doing separate human/anthro/quad references. Although it should be recognizable as a reference sheet, you don't have to make it like every other character reference sheet out there. Think outside of the box!

If you plan to write out a reference sheet, look at the list below, fill out, and erase and add points to fit your needs. The more detail, the better. You are describing your character and trying to let others envision him/her/it. If you wanted someone to draw your character, you would refer to this sheet. Maybe add a point on what some of their hobbies or likes are. Consider including an image of a completed customization from Dress to Impress, a little doll made from a doll generator, an adoptable, or color in a makable yourself. If you're up for it, get creative and possibly make a graphic instead of a plain text list. The main idea is to really get the details concrete.

Color Scheme:

DEADLINE: June 7th, 11:59 pm NST for 3 points

Day 4: Appearance Brainstorm

CHALLENGE: What does your character look like? Brainstorm what you think their physical traits are and come up with some ROUGH ideas/designs. Think about their eye color, hair type, body shape, etc. but also take into account where they are from, what their job is, what kind of world it is, the time period, the type of things they would wear, the state of their clothes/hair/fur/skin, the kind of smile they would have, the items they would always carry around, the importance of those items, etc. Try to come up with more than 1 idea. Don't settle for anything. You can doodle or you can write. Also, hold off starting a reference sheet if you were thinking of doing that.

DEADLINE: June 4th, 11:59 pm NST for 1 point

DAY 3: Thirty Words

CHALLENGE: Explain your character in one sentence 30 words and under. What is your character all about? Find what you think was most significant when you were brainstorming. This can be something about their personality, their backstory, their current status, etc. One example is "Rinete is a floral sprite with the unfortunate ability to steal life from everything around her, which forces her to leave her home." Another simpler example is ʺKedryc is a slightly insane war strategist bent on revenge.ʺ The more precise you can be the better.

DEADLINE: June 3rd, 11:59 pm NST for 1 point

DAY 1-2: "Who?" Brainstorm

CHALLENGE: Who is your character? Brainstorm things such as personality traits and backstory. The following are some questions you can answer, but PLEASE feel free to add, delete, and come up with your own. You can do this interview style, write a paragraph... nothing overly formal. Explore different ideas, choose one, and get a good sense of who your character is.

What is their name? Where did they grow up? Or how did they come to be? Where do they live now? How old are they? Do they have siblings? What are some good/bad memories they have? How have both effected them? How about life changing events? What do they like? Dislike? Introverted or extroverted? What motivates their actions, behaviours, and personality? What kind of life style do they have? What do they do on a daily basis? What are their skills/powers? Do they have a job? Who is important to them? Could they sacrifice themselves, a friend, a love, or a stranger? Would they pick a forest or the ocean? If they got put on a deserted island, what would they do? What kind of food do they eat? Etc.

DEADLINE: June 2nd, 11:59 pm NST for 1 point


CreAtion is part of an initiative to spread creativity and help procrastinators work on their pet's character pages! During this 40 day challenge, you'll be given tasks to complete. All of these challenges will revolve around giving your pet a thorough character and creating content for that character. The more challenges you finish, the more points you'll get. Points and deadlines are there for motivation. The end goal is that spiffy character page you've been slacking on!

Challenge Outline

This is so you know what to expect and to make sure you don't ahead of yourself...

Part One: Character - brainstorming = concrete ideas on character, reference sheet

Part Two: Layout = structure of page, layout

Part Three: Content min = story, art, link back buttons, other = misc personalized content


Before a Run

RE: the state of your pet's character
It's fine if you've already worked on your pet's character a little bit, though you may have to do certain challenges differently to obtain points. The best kind of pet to go into creAtion with is a pet you have some general ideas for, but have done nothing with yet.

Do I need to know how to draw and/or code?
Not necessarily. It would definitely help if you are interested in these things, but it's not a requirement. For the challenges involving art and layouts, there will be other options available so you don't have to draw or code.

Can I participate with an application?
While I don't particularly recommend it, I don't mind either. As a reminder, TNT doesn't allow apps to be required when applying for a pet, so it's best to add a disclaimer.

Can I participate with more than one pet?
You may only sign up with one pet, but if you want to do the challenges with your other pets as well, feel free. Note that challenges can get intensive.

During a Run

Can I get an extension for X reason?
Sorry, but because of the way creAtion is designed, all deadlines are final. You can of course still work on a challenge after deadline, you just won't be able to get said challenge's points.

How much do I need to do for X challenge to get full points?
As long as you complete the challenge, even the bare minimum, you'll get full points. No partial points are rewarded. How much work you put into everything is completely up to you. The points and the deadlines are there as ~motivation~ for you to actually complete something that will hopefully go towards your character and their page. That said, the quality of both after the 40 days is on you.

Why are there asterisks (*) next to some names?
Those are there to help me keep track of points. Anyone who doesn't have the maximum points that has done the latest challenge will have an asterisk.

Can I still sign up to participate or is it too late?
It's not too late. Sign up will remain opened throughout a run, but late comers will not be able to get points for challenges that have already passed deadline.

Other questions?

Link Back



Listed @

Run I: November 2012


- 63 people signed up
- 49 people actually participated
- 10.3 pts was the average
- 4 participants got 0 pts
- 15 participants got above average (30.6%)
- 4 participants got the total 40 pts (8.2%)

Top 12

40 pts - Claire with Khaos
40 pts - Hoyun with Claire
40 pts - Mirror with Rhose
40 pts - Koko with Knautilus
32 pts - Chavo with Angelos
32 pts - Hera with Kulaine
29 pts - Kit with Jezebels
26 pts - Nix with Enochlophobia
19 pts - Lore with Rinete
18 pts - Annie with Akuna
18 pts - Ace with Soula
17 pts - Heather with Taemestra


Run II: June 2013


- 147 people signed up
- 111 people actually participated
- 13.2 pts was the average
- 0 participants got 0 pts
- 40 participants got above average (36%)
- 12 participants got the total 40 pts (10.8%)

Top 20

40 pts - Samantha with Yumamoru
40 pts - Pente with Krugil
40 pts - Mourn with Shirokov
40 pts - Mellie with Curtsie
40 pts - Jenny with Ceirie
40 pts - Shu with Dobrashin
40 pts - Katelyn with Yemsu
40 pts - Emi with Adven0
40 pts - Kirstie with Dencu
40 pts - Bookkeeper with Ryadure
40 pts - Vicats with Skava
40 pts - Steve with Shirokagetori
39 pts - Unole with Anzema
39 pts - Emerald with Kaihalulu
37 pts - Krissy with Groowwlithe
37 pts - Carr with Arizona
36 pts - Solo with Mira
31 pts - Finchia with Palatena
31 pts - Nikki with Altalena
30 pts - Amy with Voli


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