Yummy . . .

You spot a quaint little bakery, and decide to step inside. Your senses are in overdrive: sweet vanilla and sugar wafts to your nose, the air feels warm on your skin and tastes slightly of cinnamon, you hear laughter of happy customers, and your eyes take in all the delicious treats around you.

Alicia greets you, saying, "Welcome to A La Carte! Take your time, enjoy all the goodies, and if you don't find something that quite catches your eye, I happily take special orders!" Handing you a menu with a smile and a wave, she returns to making her treats.


Welcome to A La Carte, a neoboard premade and font request site created by Alicia. Here you will find a selection of premade fonts available for your use on the neoboards as well as an option to request a custom-made font to your own specifications!
A La Carte is French for off the menu. I thought it very suiting for both the theme of my site, as well as the fact that I primarily set this site up to make font requests, and only as I set it up decided to offer premades too. I find desserts, especially cupcakes, are not only tasty, but eye candy too - sometimes, even too pretty to eat. I hope to achieve the same with my fonts. The neoboards are already a fun place to talk with fellow neopians, so I hope to make them fun to look at too!

05 May 2013

- New affiliate: All of the Cupcakes! Such cute adoptables, & we know I love cupcakes!
- Requests will temporarily close around mid-week. They'll be back, I just want to devote some time to premades & other site content. ^^
- Speaking of requests, I will catch up starting Monday! My weekend has been crazy. Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends! ^^
- Cleared old updates.

visitor center

The Visitor Center is kind of like a virtual customer service desk. This is where you should come if you have questions for me, to check the FAQ [short as it is ;D], as well as leave suggestions you have for me and see what font ideas or themes are currently being worked on. I've also designated this as the place to see past layouts of the site, if you'd like to see them.


How come I can't see the special symbols you used in your fonts? The most common issue to this problem is the browser. I make my fonts in Firefox, and some browsers either display the symbol differently, or not at all. Unfortunately there are incompatibility issues.

Why do you put request codes on the site to be picked up? The reason for this is I use a lot of invisible spaces in my fonts, and when I send coding that employs invisible spaces through neomail, the invisible spaces condense into one space instead of several, making your font not match what I made for you.

Do you take other requests, like layouts or graphics? Yes & no. I love making buttons - I've made most of my own, and banners, headers, etc. I have taken layout requests, so I will do them, but I'll be honest: only if I feel like it or what you have in mind is inspiring. They take a lot of time and tedious coding, so if I just don't feel like it or I'm just not really inspired by the design and idea you have in mind, I will turn you down. The biggest reason being there are people who take requests specifically for them, who are much better than me XD I do like making layouts too though, so if I'm in the mood, I will.

Have a question?

WIP, Suggestions, & Past Layouts

Working On:
• More premades & resources
• AC fonts

If you have suggestions for a certain avatar that I haven't supplied a font for, or a font theme [i.e. Plot-themed fonts, summer-themed, themed around a certain song], but don't want to send in a request because you'd like to see several premades come of it, feel free to neomail me your suggestions!

Past Layouts:
• Drag and drop to your URL bar for a full view [recommended]
• Hover over image for info & comments ^__^

site stats

Site Opened: July 4, 2011; restarted March 24, 2013
Layout Version: V3.0//Pretty in Paisley
Content Count: Premades: 25, Requests: 141
Affiliates: 14, Listers: 12


01. Please do not claim my fonts as your own, whether using a premade or a custom-made request.
02. Want to get a request/premade font rated? Go ahead. Just be sure to credit me.
03. Credit for anything from ALC isn't necessary (exception: getting one of my fonts rated), but I would appreciate a point in the right direction if anyone asks! Linkbacks are provided and appreciated if you'd like though.
04. Please do not copy or steal my fonts. Sometimes styles may come out similar, that's bound to happen, but please don't directly copy my fonts.
05. Feel free to edit these fonts, change the colors to match different avs, use a different font face, etc. However, I am still the original creator, therefore don't claim them as your own. Editing and frankenfonting doesn't make it your font, I still created the foundation.


Fonts preceded by a  require a neoboard pen. Many of the fonts I make do require a neoboard pen, but I try to cater to those without one too. If you like a font that requires a neoboard pen but don't have one, see the request page, where you can submit a form for me to make a nonpen version of a premade font.
I use 2 types of invisible spaces. If you see a font that has a lot of *, that font employs invisible spaces that cannot be copied + pasted. Each * will need to replaced with an invisible space: 1. hold alt 2. type 255 on your keypad & 3. release alt.

If you're having issues installing a font, spaces aren't lining up correctly, anything, send me a message by clicking the envelope below.

text fonts      picture fonts      plot/event fonts

text fonts

This section is for premade fonts that feature a main textual component. Names, quotes, lyrics, etc. Those are the type of fonts you'll find in this section. If you like a font but want to use it for a different avatar, go ahead and alter the colors, or NM me if you're unsure how. I have a form on the request page just for edits.
My fonts are primarily made in Firefox. If you like a font but it looks really off in a non-FF browser, NM me and I'll do what I can to fix it for you.

rules  picture fonts  plot/event fonts

{babaa - maths nightmare} katy perry - wide awake


{fire paw} fall out boy - my song knows what you did in the dark


{aisha - disco} fall out boy - the phoenix


 {fiery pteri} fall out boy - the phoenix


 {nimmo - emote} david guetta - titanium


{ace zafara} b.o.b. ft. hayley williams - airplanes


 {fyora - faerie queen} queen - killer queen


nonpen version:

{dark faerie} evanescence - bring me to life
note: replace each * with alt + 255


{fire faerie} play with fire
note: Chrome does not display all symbols in this font.


{battle faerie} battle time


{battle faerie} love is a battlefield


{meowclops} i've got my eye on you


{baby pteri - cracked} justin bieber - baby


{alien aisha} katy perry - e.t.


{a day at the beach} life's a beach


{water faerie} adele - rolling in the deep


{air faerie} floating on air


{gnorbu} gnorbu lovinʼ


{blumaroo} eiffel 65 - blue


picture fonts

This section is for premade fonts that feature a main picturesque component. Pictures created using block shapes, decorative symbols in excess with very little wording, etc. Those are the type of fonts you'll find in this section. I'm fairly new to picture fonts myself, but I know they're enjoyed so I'm trying.
My fonts are primarily made in Firefox. If you like a font but it looks really off in a non-FF browser (especially the block fonts, spacing commonly changes between browsers, and it's especially important here), NM me and I'll do what I can to fix it for you.

rules  text fonts  plot/event fonts

{light faerie} shine


{earth faerie} scattered leaves


{gelert - starry} starlit city


{blumaroo - chef bonju} eiffel tower
note: huge spacing difference; included a Chrome version.


Chrome version:

{kacheek swim} bobbing kacheek
note: huge spacing difference; included a Chrome version.


Chrome version:

plot/event fonts

This section is for premade fonts that feature a main neo plot-/event- component. Altador Cup, Obelisk War, etc. Those are the type of fonts you'll find in this section. I may not always have them up in time, so you may see fonts for 'expired' events here too, but maybe you'll feel nostalgic ;D.
My fonts are primarily made in Firefox. If you like a font but it looks really off in a non-FF browser, NM me and I'll do what I can to fix it for you.

rules  text fonts  picture fonts

current plot/event theme: altador cup

{any av} customizable ac font
recommendations: leave neoHTML color as c=grey or c=0.


{lupe - king altador} style 01 - altador


{brightvale} style 01 - brightvale


{darigan peophin} style 01 - darigan citadel


{queen fyora} style 01 - faerieland


{count von roo's deadly dice} style 01 - haunted woods


{kiko - snack time!} style 01 - kiko lake


{pirate! - krawk} style 01 - krawk island


{grundo - forever orange} style 01 - kreludor


{anubis} style 01 - lost desert


{ king kelpbeard} style 01 - maraqua


{turtum} style 01 - meridell


{blumaroo - fire!} style 01 - moltara


{krawk - island fever} style 01 - mystery island


{dice-a-roo} style 01 - roo island


{kiko ninja} style 01 - shenkuu


{taelia the snow faerie} style 01 - terror mountain


{jubjub - tyrannian} style 01 - tyrannia


{grundo warehouse} style 01 - virtupets



Looking for a custom-made font? You've come to the right place! Here you can send me a form to request a font made to your own personal specifications. The same rules apply, even if I'm using your specifications, I'm still the creator of the font, so please don't claim custom requests as your own.
If you'd like to get an idea of what I've done based off the forms you send me, check out my portfolio to see past requests.

Request Form:

Write "Font Request" as your subject

Alternate Forms:

Nonpen version of premade

Edit premade with new avatar/colors

Notice: I'm not usually online over the weekends. I don't mind if you submit requests over the weekends, please feel free to, but just keep in mind I probably won't be getting to them until the following Monday at the earliest. Thanks! ♥ Waiting List:
01. Honora
02. Krissy
03. Eve
04. Open
05. Open

font claim

Reserved for font pick-up. Requested a font? Pick up your coding here!
Please neomail me when you have saved your coding & made sure it works, so that I know when it's safe to take the coding down. If you aren't quite happy with how your request turned out, just politely tell me! I want you to be completely satisfied and to love your new font ^^ To make changes easier for me though, please try to be a little specific about what you don't like, or do like for that matter, so editing is a little easier.
Do not use these fonts unless you are the requester. These fonts are tailor-made to the people who submitted the requests, and unless they give me permission to share them, these fonts are for their use only.

{paranoidly} Honora




{khenma} Krissy




Most of A La Cartes 'business' has been font requests, and since I have gotten quite a few requests since my first opening (thank y'all so much!), I decided I'd put all requests on display. My hope is that this portfolio will give you an idea on what I am able to do with your requests, what my fonting style is like, etc., if you'd like to ask for a request instead of using an existing premade.
I will eventually be putting my personal fonts on display too. These will be fonts I haven't yet shared on the site, that have remained for my sole use only. I've been bad about taking screenies of them, so I have a lot of work to do to get that set up, but I'll get a page for that at some point too for more examples.
note: This page will get very image-heavy, so I'm not including the corresponding avs in the portfolio.

most recent ⇢ oldest

note: indented text before neoHTML; neoHTML and sig centered.

note: 'sandwich' fonts only made if asked for

goodies for you

This section is a collection of resources that I hope you can utilize to make your own creations! Currently available resources are font templates, font faces, color palettes, and tips & tricks. If there is a resource you'd like to see added, please feel free to neomail me. If I think others could benefit from your suggestion, I will happily add it to the site!

font templates
Premade fonts that are made to be customized by you! Fill in your own colors, custom text, custom symbols, etc!

font faces
A list of font faces that work on the neoboards. Included are the more 'popular' ones; I won't be listing all typefaces that work.

color schemes
Premade color palettes; color combinations from specific avs as well as color combinations I just happen to think look nice, for use with any av you want.

tips & tricks
A list of pointers that was put together in an effort to help you with your own font-making adventures.

font templates

Here you will find premade fonts that are meant to be edited and customized by you! These have been designed in monochromatic greyscale to allow you your own artistic freedom to change colors, put in your own special quote or favorite lyrics, your name, etc. Have fun!

 line fade + name


line fade + name


back to goodies

list of font faces

Here you will find a list of some font faces that work on the neoboards. Some may need to be downloaded to your computer, but keep in mind that those fonts that need downloaded can't be seen by everyone.

These are just a few of the font faces that will work on the neoboards. Any font face that is a one-word name should work, but these are the ones that look 'best.'

back to goodies

color palettes

Here you will find color schemes that you can use in your own fonts; these might come in handy if you're using font templates as well. Some will match existing avs, while others are just nice color combinations.
The hex code for each color scheme is in the text box below the respective palette, with hex codes appearing in the order of the palette.

non-av palettes

av-matched palettes



back to goodies

tips & tricks

Here is a helpful list of information that I hope you can use for creating your own fonts.

non-matching font

Feel like using your own colors, maybe a favorite color combination you have, but worried about matching avs? Is the default av not exactly your cup of tea? There is a default av that is actually very cute, and goes with any colors you can think of: the Kau av.

legible neoHTML

It's tempting to go crazy with colors and different font faces, but remember you want people to 1. be able to read your posts and 2. actually want to. Ultimately, you should make a font that makes you happy, but bear in mind that decorative, bright/light neoHTML can be hard to read and people may just skip your posts.
My suggestion is to keep to sans-serif font faces like arial (default), tahoma, and verdana. These fonts are easier to read, and won't clash when you want to use more decorative fonts in your sig. Keep your neoHTML in neutral colors like black or shades of grey (not too light), or very dark shades of a color in the av you're matching.

removing the siggy line

This is surprisingly easy to do, and it really makes a 'meh' font look a lot better! Simply place a left-opening square bracket ( [ ) at the end of your neoHTML box and a right-opening square bracket ( ] ) at the beginning of your siggy box. And done, no more line breaking up your pretty font!


You may have noticed that regular apostrophes don't work when placed in the neoHTML & siggy boxes. Here are some alternate apostrophes you can use; just copy and paste them where you want your apostrophe in your neoHTML/siggy. ´ or ʼ

off-centered sig

Do you want to force the alignment of your sig, especially while keeping your neoHTML centered? There are two ways you can accomplish this, both using invisible spaces. You want to use invisible space rather than white text, because it takes up a lot less room when coding fonts. In both cases, if you want to force-align to the right, place the invisible spaces in front of the sig/text you want to force-right-align; to force-align to the left, place them after the sig/text you want to force-left-align. For non-pasteable spaces that should be uniform across all browsers, hold down alt on your keyboard, type 255 on your keypad, and release alt. Repeat for each invisible space. For wider, pasteable spaces, simply copy + paste these: (          )

saving space

Making fonts is a learning process, and can be frustrating when you don't have the space for what you want to do. Here are some ways you can save character space to use your limit to the fullest:

01. If you want to use black somewhere in your font, you don't need to use a full color code (c=#000000); c=0 will be enough.
02. Arial is the default font. Instead of using fontf=arialc=#000000s=1, you can put fontc=0s=1 in your neoHTML box to make neoHTML of size 1, black, arial text.
03. The default font size is 2. If you want a size 2 font, you can leave the size code out. fontf=georgiac=#333333s=2 becomes fontf=georgiac=#333333 to give a grey, size 2 georgia font.
04. Hex codes don't need to have the # sign in front. This is a small one, but it can add up. So instead of c=#888888, you can type c=888888. To shorten it even more, when you're using a code in which all 6 numbers are the same, you can remove the last 3, but leave the #; in my example, c=888888 would now become c=#888.
note: I have done this in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and had it work, but do remember that not all browsers work the same way.
05. Some colors may have even shorter word names, i.e. if you want a basic grey neoHTML, instead of c=727272, you could just type c=grey. Neocolors is a great list of color names. Some will be too long (hex codes are only 6 characters max when the # is removed), but in some cases you may find a short word name that works equally for you.
06. If you want to use a code (italics/bold/underline/center) on several parts of your font, don't use it in each tag. I.e. if you want a whole line of italicized georgia text, but it's gonna be switching colors, just put the [i] at the front of the first set of [font] tag, and [/i] at the end of the last [/font] tag, rather than in each individual font tag for the color changes.
07. If you want to use Times New Roman, you can simplify it to fontf=times.

For more tips and resources, see the following pages:


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sitely & credits

Please consider linking back to A La Carte if you've used one of my fonts! ♥




Affiliate spots are open - 14/25
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Layout, while my own, inspired by bedazzled.
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