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Hello!! Welcome to my NC Wishlist and Tradelist page!! This is where you will find all the items that I have for trade, items that I am seeking, gifts people have given me, and some of my favorite items to customize with!

So basically this page is just here to help me keep track of all my wishes etc. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc, please feel free to send me a neomail using the located above!

While you are here there are just a few more things I would like to make clear before you move on. As many of you fellow traders know, trading has become quite tedious lately. Its not easy to find trades. Because of this I am going to be a bit more trade picky.

While I do like trading, replacing just isn't worth the time it takes. Please do not be offended if your offer is completely fair and I don't accept it. It just has to do with me not wanting to replacing things that I use often. Thank you for understanding!

Attention: Please do not beg friends of mine and other people that have gifted me for items. This has become a common recurrence as of lately so I have had to remove the names of who sent me what item on my gifts section. My friends are not giving tree's that just give out when you visit them. They are people who have souls and mins of their own. Please treat them as such and not your personal bank. Thank you!

Page last updated April 2nd, 2014

March 28th: Traded 2 Gbc for Beach Lanterns Garland.

March 28th: Traded 3 Gbc for Rainy Day Umbrella.

February 17th: Traded 4 Gbc for Branch of Singing Weewoo Garland

February 14th: Traded 4 Gbc for Nurse Lucy Skeleton and Spooky Spyder Top Hat

February 1st: Traded Nurse Lucy Skeleton, Spooky Spyder Top Hat, Spooky Haunted House Foreground and Shallow Pirate Grave Foreground for Grass Foreground

February 1st: Traded 1 GBC for Hothouse Flower Garland

January 27th: Traded Mint and Aqua Flower Wig for Golden Ombre Wig

January 14th: Traded 1 NC Archives Fortune Cookie and 1 Illuminant Head Lantern for Candy Warrior Dress

Jaunuary 10th: Traded 1 Gbc and 2 Sugar Skull NC Fortune Cookies for Appetising Caramel Apple

January 7th: Traded altador cup cheerleader laurel wig for Pirates Plunder Frame

December 31st: Traded Toy Scythe of dread for minimme4-s1: the trees have eyes foreground

box count:



Frequently Asked Questions

Below I am going to list some of the questions that I get asked often. Answering these over and over again has become quite boring (as I'm sure you all know) so I thought I would just list them here so people didn't have to ask me. Before working out a a trade with me, please read these. It will save both me and you a lot of time. Hopefully I answer anything that you may want to ask below. If I don't, feel free to ask me or let me know so I can add it here.

Can you offer GBCs/custom for items on your wishlist?
Honestly, the answer is almost always no. I don't trade a custom often unless its for something I desperately want. If I am offering a custom, I will tell you, or offer it to you personally. I don't buy an oustanding amount of NC like I used to and I like to save it so that I can buy myself boxes.

Why did you reject my offer when it was fair?
I do this a lot. I am very picky with what I trade away for what - so please do not take it personally. I am much more attached to some items than I am others. It is not meant to insult you, it just saves me time from having to replace to much.

Do you have (item name here) that I am seeking UFT?
Feel free to ask me. I don't bite. I will gladly check and let you know if I do; although most of the items I own are listed here.

Are you seeking anything else for (item name here)?
I am only looking for items on my wishlist. Almost every item that I currently want can be found there. You can show me your tradelist - but most of the time I am only looking to trade for wishlist items.

Are you willing discount your items for GBCs/custom?
It really depends on the item. I will ask for the value at which I got the item. If I payed 8 caps for an item, I will not discount for 6 as its really not fair to me. *** This is my own personal opinion and my choice. If you do not feel that is fair, by all means, do not trade with me. I can wait to find the right trader. ***

Are the items in your gift section UFT?
No. Just simply no. Gifts are a gift. Do you go and trade away your birthday presents? Of course not! Who would do such a thing?! The same concept applies here on Neopets. Asking for items from my gifts section will just get you added onto my block list. It is a big no no.


Below are listed all the new items that I currently need for Thom my UC Coco Jubjub!! As I'm sure a lot of you know, my closet isn't really an islandly place so I really need to expand the amount of items I have for him. Because of this, all the items listed below in the Thom's wishlist are taking full priority over any other items on my wishlist. I will not be seeking those till most of these are achieved.

Thom's Wishlist

Cozy Summer Beach Shack

Floating at the Beach Background

Goparokko Jungle Foreground

Island of Buried Treasure Background

Leafy Green Tree

Lush Green Island Tree

Mystery Island Celebration Background

New Years in Mystery Island Background

regular wishlist

Below are listed items that I am currently seeking and or would like to add to my over growing collection. Items that are this color are ones that I am actively seeking. Items that are this color are the ones that I urgently seeking. If you have any of these items up for trade please feel free to neomail me using the link provided above.

Birthday Cake Topper Foreground

Blooming Garden

Cherub Wings

Cosy Autumn Front Porch Background

Golden Orb Lights

Haunted Mansion Background

Healing Springs Collectors Wig

Iscas Dress

MiniMME14-B: Cherry Blossom String Lights

MiniMME6-S2: Golden Flower Wreath Wig

MME3-S5: Burning Red Eyes

New Years in Shenkuu Background

Ocean Hues Makeup

Paper Lantern Staff

Pretty Dandelion Bouquet

Radiant Sun Rise Background

Scattered Light Shower

Spellseeker Fireworks

Trick-or-Treat Doorstep Background

Young Sophies Dress

someday Wishlist

Below are listed items that someday I would not mind having in my permanent closet either again or for the very first time. These will be items that I will go after once I finish my regular wishlist. For now, these are here just for me to look at and dream about someday owning. Feel free to admire them from afar with me!

Balthazars Bag of Bottled Faeries

Butterfly Dress

Court Dancer Collectors Wig

Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Lulu Wig

Isca Wig

Jhudoras Bodyguards Collectors Bonus

Pink Mountain and Cloud Background

Shooting Novas

Spyder Web Staff

Water Lily Pond Background


This is my highlights section! Below are listed items that I use often in my customizations and have noticed that are more popular than others I own. I am a bit picky with some of these items more than others. To clarify which ones I'm more attached to, look for items this color. Those are the ones that I will have a harder time trading than others in this section


Accessories Shop Dress

Beach Lanterns Garland

Boo-ffant Wig

Candy Cane Path Background

Charming Corn Husk Dress

Cobweb Banner

Dripping Ice Cream Cone

Flame Dress

Gauze and Barbats Garland

Gingerbread Wings Shower

Golden Ball Gown

Golden Ombre Wig

Golden Scattered Light Garland

Halloween Candy Shower

Hand Carved Candle Dress

Haunted Faire Background

Holiday String Lights

Iridescent Light Dress

Kacheek Pathway Foreground

Krawk Island Adventure Sword

Long Brown Autumn Wig

MiniMME4-S1: The Trees Have Eyes Foreground

MME14-S2a: Golden Neopoint Wig

MME17-S2a: Snowy Curled Wig

New Years in Haunted Woods Background

Ombre Glitter Dress

Orange Contacts

Ornate Shenkuu Lantern

Peaceful Tree Garland

Philosophers Wig

Pink Lulu Contacts

Rainy Day Umbrella

Sparkling Rainbow

Spatula of Wondrous Cooking

Spooky Green Contacts

Spooky String Lights

Spyder Web Dress

Spyder Web Gloves

Surrounded by Wraiths

Toy Scythe of Dread

Wonderland Gloves

Young Sophies Dress

Hard to Part

This is my hard to part with section here. Items here are not nearly as hard for me to trade as items from my highlights section. I will normally always accept offers on items from these sections unless I have an actual reason not to. Items that are this color are harder for me to trade than others in this section.

Hard to Part

Baby Holiday Ruffle Dress

Baby Moustache Dummy

Baby Valentine Blankie

Braided Flower Wig

Candy Warrior Dress

Carnival of Terror Clown Pants with Suspenders

Carousel Dress

Cheery Holiday Dress

Cheery Holiday Garland

Chia Clown Eye Patch

Clear Forest Sky Background

Ethereal Spirit Shirt and Jacket

Faellie Flower Garland

Fantasy Cloud Background

Fashionable Bone Wig

Ghostly Cobweb Garland

Gift of Fresh Baked Cookies

Gothic Cherub Wings

Haunted Manor Background

Hooded Faellie Baby Blanket

Hot Air Birthday Balloon

Ice Cream Shower

Jack-o-Lantern House Background

Layered Pastel Wig

Magical Land of Jelly Beans Background

Maraquan Maiden Wig with Flower

MiniMME8-S2: Extra Reflective Wig and Visor

MME16-S2a: Menacing Tree Vine Garland

Multicolour Wig

Nautical Knot Wig

New Years Celebration Background

New Years in Altador Background

Nurse Lucy Skeleton

Ombre Tea Party Background

Pastel Pink Chiffon Skirt

Polka Dot Clouds Garland

Pop-Up Halloween Card Background

Purple Flowers Foreground

Shallow Waves Foreground

Shimmery Star Dress

Shining Princess Magic Swirl

Side Ponytail White Wig

Silken Sailor Shirt

Spooky Blorpulous Effect

Spooky Cyclops Apron

Spooky Spyder Top Hat

Sugary Sweets Kingdom Background

Valentine Baby Bonnet

Valentine Baby Dummy

Winter Rose Foreground

Wizarding Apprentice Robe

Up For Trade

These are my items that I really don't use to much. I'm normally happy to trade any of these away, even if its only for a gbc. Please note that there are a lot of buyables in here but also some decent items mixed in. I'm always taking offers on these items. Please be aware that this section is the least updated on my entire tradelist. I find it tedious to update to often so please ask if I still have the item in question and try not to get your hopes up.

Up for Trade

A Rolling Fog

Adorable Freckles

Adorable Short Sleeved Shirt with Hearts

Air Faerie Bubble Necklace

Altador Cup Masters Blazer

Altador Cup Stadium Wave Background

Altador Cup Support Gown

Altador Cup Warm-up Tote

Among Hearts Background

Asylum Corridor Background

Baby Building Blocks Foreground

Baby Button Boots

Baby Mop Wig

Baby Sparkly Shoes

Baby Star Wand

Baby Toy Keys

Baby Tuxedo

Baby Valentine Wings

Balloon Centrepiece Garland

Bandit Mask

Basic Beanie and Raven Wig

Basic Black Gloves

Battle Scar Marking

Beautiful Shenkuu Mountain Background

Bespectacled Mootix Handheld Plushie

Bigsby Shadingtons Hat

Birthday Cupcake Dress

Black and White Curtains

Black and White Flower Staff

Black and White Sitting Room Background

Black and White Top Hat and Wig

Black Satin Bow Tie

Black Utility Trousers

Blast Off Space Rocket

Blue and Yellow Negg Garland

Blue Snowflake Skirt

Bone Necklace

Bonsai Garden Background

Bottled Faerie Background

Bouncing Tennis Ball

Box of Chocolates Hat

Bright Skies Umbrella

Brilliant Blue Faerie Wings

Brilliant Red Faerie Wings

Bubble Gum Wig

Butterfly Shower

Butterfly Sun Glasses

Butterfly Wand

Candlelit Opera Stage Foreground

Candy Cane Hair Bow

Captivating Magic Box Background

Carnival Trousers

Carnival Wings

Cauldron of Brew

Cheerful Red Wig and Hat

Chest of Plunder

Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone Wings

Chocolate Fountain Lane Background

Christmas Ona Handheld Plushie

Circle of Balloons

Classic Beauty Mark

Clockwork Eyepatch Facepaint

Colourful Carnival Hat with Mask

Colourful Coral Trident

Colourful Dandelion Foreground

Colourful Mushroom Garland

Colouring Crayon Background

Confetti Shower

Constellation Sword

Copper Blonde Wig with Headband

Cosmic Ray Wig

Creeping Purple Fog

Cumulus Wings

Curly Red Wig

Dancing Butterflies

Dapper Deathly Union Trousers

Dark Faerie Sister Wig

Dark Glowing Lilies

Dark Princess Gown

Dark Princess Shoes

Dark Princess Tiara

Dark Princess Wings

Dashing Gothic Jacket

Dazzling Feather Earrings

Decorative Bouquet of Marigolds

Decorative Bowl of Fruit Background

Delicate Cobweb Wings

Delicate Lace Parasol

Delightful Flowering Vines

Delina the Crafting Faerie Floating Doll

Deluxe Lost Desert Tent

Detective Trench Coat

Dripping Brucicle Bouquet

Elaborate Hair Gears

Elegant Armoured Cuffs

Elegant Knight Armour

Elegant Pine Cone Staff

Enchanted Apple Branch Garland

Enchanted Snowbunny Top Hat

Enchanted Tower

Enchanting Boat Ride Background

Enchanting Glass Jars of Flowers

Evil Fuzzles Shower

Faerie Circle Background

Faerie Dust Shower

Falling Autumn Leaves Shower

Fancy Purple Tights with Jewelled Flats

Fancy Sailor Dress

Fantastic Petrological Discovery Foreground

Festive Holly Princess Facepaint

Festive Stick of Gift Boxes

Fiery Golden Tiara

Floating Bree Faerie Doll

Floating Fyora Faerie Doll

Floating Grey Faerie Doll

Floating Jhudora Faerie Doll

Floating Soup Faerie Doll

Floating Taelia Doll

Floral Lace Gloves

Flower Bed Background

Flower Fun Headdress

Flower Petal Dress

Flowering Vine Garland

Flowers in Pitchers Foreground

Flying Feather Pillow Shower

Fun Flower Staff

Galaxies Beyond Background

Ghostly Blue Gloves

Giant Oversized Pawkeet Plushie

Gift Wrap Kauboy Hat

Glittery Red Trees Foreground

Golden Flower Necklace

Gothic Costume Kacheek Plushie

Gothic Flower Wreath Wig

Gothic Vine Face Paint

Grey Silk Dress

Grim Faerie Statue

Handsome Blue Jacket

Handsome Shirt and Tie

Hanging Rainbow Garland

Hero of Neopia Cape

Hero of Neopia Foreground

Hero of Neopia Mask

Hero of Neopia Trousers and Shoes

Holiday Mohawk

Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings

Hoodie Sweater with Cybunny Ears

Hothouse Flower Garland

I Heart NC Flag

Ice Cream Cone Balloons

Ice Cream Cone Pillars

It Took Me 7 Hours To Animate This Foreground

Knife Throwing Board

Lavender Faerietale Dress

Lighted Jar Garland

Lightmite Background

Lily Pad Flower Hat

Long Charming Grey Wig

Lovely Flower Corsage

Lucky Uni Shoe Necklace

Mad Tea Party Hat

Mad Tea Party Jacket

Mad Tea Party Stacks of Cups and Pots

Mad Tea Party Trousers

MAGAX Energy Shield

Magical Floor Harp

Magical Quill and Book

Magical White Weewoo Table

Mechanical Wings

MiniMME6-S1: Golden Wand of Wonder

Miss Altador Dress

MME12-S3: Musical Notes Dress

MME17-S1: Winters Eve Ball Gown

MME17-S2b: Sparkling Blue Ball Mask

MME17-S3: Chiffon Snowflake Wings

MME17-S4a: Snow-Covered Balustrade Foreground

Moltara Inventor Trousers

Muted Library Background

Mystery Island Summer Background

Naleap Bath

Nautical Souvenirs Garland

Neopets Holiday Gift Tag Background

New Year Celebration Wig

Night Music

Ninja Star Wig

Noil Costume Slippers

Operatic Star Dress

Operatic Star Gloves

Operatic Star Handheld Mask

Operatic Star Wig

Orange Polka Dot Tights and Green Shoes

Oversized Compass

Oversized Squishable Yooyu

Pastel Blue Hair Bow

Peaceful Garden Background

Peppermint Earmuffs

Perfect Landing Background

Petpet Plushie Garland

Petpetpet Gymnastic Trinket

Pink Bow and Sparkles Headband

Pink Pencil Skirt

Pink Plaid Coat

Pirate Knots Shirt

Polka Dot and Flowers Shirt

Polka Dot Blouse

Polka Dot Flowers Foreground

Polka Dot Sunglasses

Polka Dot Throne

Present Conveyor

Prissy Miss Bow

Pumpkin Carriage

Rainbow Fountain Background

Rainbow Rain Shower

Rainbow Shower

Rainy Day Cloud

Roo Island Toy Merry Go Round

Rose Garden Background

Rugged Work Boots

Rustic Outdoor Theatre Background

Sassy Red Wig

Scored Goal Background

Set Anchor Staff

Shenkuu Lantern Garland

Shenkuu Warrior Princess Boots

Shenkuu Warrior Princess Shirt

Shenkuu Warrior Princess Skirt

Shenkuu Warrior Princess Wig

Shiny Silver Wig

Ship Hat and Wig

Silver and Blue Facepaint

Silver Star Bracers

Skull Bow

Slumber Celebration Pyjama Bottoms

Slumber Celebration Pyjama Top

Slumber Celebration Spardel Pillow

Snowman Nesting Dolls

Space Trooper Armour

Space Trooper Leggings

Space Trooper Oxygen Tank

Sparkler Contacts

Sparkling Crimson Slippers

Sparkling Rainbow Wings

Sparkling Red Hair Bow

Sparkling Waterfall Background

Sporting Suit Jacket

Spotted Print Glasses

Spring Garden Bouquet

Starry Auburn Wig

Starry Wreath Wig

Steam Defusing Goggles

Striped Summer Dress

Stylish Altador Cup Wig

Summer Sun and Stars Wings

Sun Shower

Super Sleuth Hat and Wig

Swirls of Numbers Background

Sword Collection Garland

Techo Master Cane Sword

Techo Masters Abode Background

The Big Dance Background

Timely Smoke Bomb

Tousled Brown Wig

Tower Princess Gown

Tower Princess Wig

Tower Room Ruins Background

Trading Card Game Frame

Traditional Stone Lantern

Training Equipment Background

Twinkling Star Garland

Twirling Umbrella Garland

Valentines Daydream Wig

Vintage Gold Earrings

Vintage Gold Necklace

Wall of Trophies Background

Warm Fur-lined Dress

Warm Yellow Cardigan

Waterfall Piano

Whimsical Gothic Dress

Winged Altadorian Sandals

Wings of Flame

Wings of Water

Wonderland Garden Background

Woodland Archer Body Art

Woodland Archer Wig

Yarn Decorations Garland

Closet Items

All the items below are closet items and are extremely difficult for me to trade. These are the items that I am using in my customizations almost all the time. Unfortunately these items are not for trade unless I say I'm taking offers on them, or offer them specifically to you. ***Please note that some of these items were achieved prior to their re-release so I traded a lot more to get them.***

Closet Items

Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon

Appetising Caramel Apple

Bakery Display Case

Branch of Singing Weewoos Garland

Brilliant Blue Faerie Wings

Brilliant Green Faerie Wings

Brilliant Purple Faerie Wings

Brilliant Red Faerie Wings

Brilliant Yellow Faerie Wings

Candy Stripe Dress

Cherry Blossom Garland

Cyodrake Temple Garden

Darkness Attacks

Fancy Sparkles Shower

Feet in the Clouds Foreground

Gate to Deserted Fairground Foreground

Gingerbread Dream House Background

Gingerbread Wings

Grass Foreground

Healing Springs Foreground

Lenny Conundrum Wizard Collectors Wand

MME17-S4b: Icy Mist Shower

MME2-S1: Mystical Rain Shower

New Years in Faerieland Background

Nutcracker Face Paint

Playful Fountain Set

Robertas Collectors Contacts

Skeletal Face Paint

Tasty Bakery Background

The Three Collectors Cloak

Amazing Gifts

Below are all the gifts that I have received from wonderful friends and neopians throughout my years here on neopets! I cannot thank you all enough! All these gifts truly mean a lot and it shows that despite what people say, there are still lots of amazing people here. Please do not ask for items from here. They are not, and never will be up for trade! Thanks! ^_^

Amazing Gifts


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