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But, dude, for real. Imagine if you could see this world in 3D. Like, I swear, man, it's coming right at me. Whoah. Did you see that? I'm serious, these glasses work, bro. Now that's what I call far out.

And rightly so, you situate yourself atop this rooftop you've come to know. The one where you tune in, tune out, and slip into the cool, smooth rhythm that is the eccentricity of life. That's right, you're melding, you're coalescing, and yes, it's true: your mind is slowly being blown. Put on those 3D glasses, man, and immerse yourself in Box.

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May 8th, 2014
I'm alive! But, admittedly, not back. (Yet, anyway...) I just wanted to update and let you guys know that yes, I am in Europe, I do still exist, but Box will unfortunately not be in working service again quite yet. There's a chance I'll be re-opening it some time later in the year, but certainly nothing to hold your breath for, sorry. Germany's semesters work on summer-winter schedule so, while the rest of you will be starting your breaks soon, I only just started my semester last month. I'll be in class until late July and then my semester back in the States starts again in August so, as you can tell, I won't have much free time ahead of me.
Still though! Don't forget about Box. You know me, always reappearing when you least expect it. If I get the sudden inspiration/time, I'm sure you'll see me again. But, unfortunately, it's auf wiedersehen for now! I love you as always my site junkies, stay cool, and hang around so I can see you again!

March 21st, 2014
I fly out tomorrow! Ahh! Again, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep Box open while I'm abroad - I'll likely be quite busy but, we'll see what happens. But I will be on a two week trip before my semester starts so, I won't be able to update between tomorrow and the start of April. I will officially know if Box can stay open around April some time.

Finished six buttons.

March 20th, 2014
Sorry about my return taking longer than expected! Turns out I'm really busy in my last week in the States (who would've thought?). I plan on finishing waiting requests today/tomorrow!

Newly affiliated with Deliciuex!

Finished two buttons.

March 14th, 2014
I meant to finish some requests yesterday but got caught up doing other things, sorry about that. But guess what? Today's officially my last day of work until when I return in August!

For now, I'm closing requests since this weekend I'm going on a little roadtrip to LA and I don't want to be overwhelmed when I get back. I apologize for those on the waiting list now who will have to wait a little extra for their buttons to be made. I promise I'll get back to them as soon as I can! See you all next week!

March 13th, 2014
Newly affiliated with the great button site Blush!

March 12th, 2014
Finished six buttons.

March 10th, 2014
Have I told you guys I'm going to be studying in Germany for six months? NO?! Wow, I'm bad at telling people things. Anyway, yes, I'll be studying in Germany in upcoming April and, believe it or not, that's really soon. I'll be leaving the country on March 22nd, arriving at my campus on April 1st and starting my semester on April 14th. I have no idea if I'll be running Box while I'm there or not, hence this heads up. I wanted to warn you guys ahead of time in case of any disappearances. I'd love to keep Box open but, considering I don't usually have time for it when school is in session in my own country, sitting on Neo when Europe is outside my window seems rather, well, unlikely. But, that isn't to say I won't try. Besides, I still have a bit more time left before I fly out and I'll still be updating Box then. Thanks for reading this rather hefty update, friends! Got questions/concerns? Neomail me!

Finished two buttons.

March 9th, 2014
Sorry about the lack of updates but, nothing's been happening around here. I got in some requests though so, I'll be working on those!

Finished four buttons + a gift button for Status Quo that I made earlier in the week.

March 4th, 2014
I added several "Apply Here" buttons (provided by the ever-wonderful TLB) to my affiliates section to let people know I'm accepting affiliate requests. Neomail me, loves!

March 3rd, 2014
Finished two buttons.

March 2nd, 2014
Sorry, I meant to let you all know I would be gone for the weekend but I forgot to updated ahead of time. Whoops! I went home, visited the family and went to the Renaissance Festival - A+ weekend.

Ranked 4th at the brand new and awesome Status Quo! Check it out! And ranked 5th at the fantastic Line Up, a site I'm a big fan of! AND (man, big weekend for Box, huh?) one of Box's buttons has been featured at the ever-wonderful Always Connected in the monthly feature! Woohoo!

Updated all of my rankings the in "Cool Stuff" section to reflect all my current rankings rather than old ones.

Finished two buttons.

February 27th, 2014
Finished two buttons.

February 26th, 2014
Waiting list has been cleared.

Finished two buttons.

February 25th, 2014
Finished two buttons.

February 24th, 2014
Finished four buttons.

February 23rd, 2014
Hit 17,000 views recently.

Finished two buttons.

February 22nd, 2014
Sorry about my minor inactivity.

Newly affiliated with Esquire!

Finished two buttons.

February 19th, 2014
Listed at the brand new Alpha! Check it out!

Finished two buttons.

February 18th, 2014
Not much action around here lately. But expect a new Limited Edition button to be released soon enough - get Winter 2014 while it's still here!

Finished two buttons.

February 16th, 2014
Entered an SOTM for old time's sake! Vote for Box?

Happy belated Valentine's Day and such! This weekend's been a busy one for me (though fun, for sure) so I haven't had the chance to do much work around here. I'll certainly catch up on waiting requests. All waiting requests have been filled and requests are still open.

New link back!

Finished eight buttons.

February 13th, 2014
Finished four buttons.

February 12th, 2014
Finished two buttons.

February 11th, 2014
Finished four buttons.

February 9th, 2014
Finished two buttons.

February 8th, 2014
Happy weekend all! Requests are once again wide open, keep 'em coming, friends.

Finished four buttons.

February 6th, 2014

Ranked 4th at the wonderful Site Inc!

I made some gift buttons for some sites I'm constantly checking up on these days.

Finished eight buttons.

February 4th, 2014

So, with the glitch in neomails (full links causing opening issues) I'm going to update my forms to try to reduce the amount of times it happens. Hopefully it helps.

No buttons made today because I've been too busy but, requests are still open!

February 3rd, 2014

Expect a new layout up today or tomorrow! New layout! I really dig this one, especially the intro theme. Let me know what you think! New layout themed link back as well.

Requests are still open.

I keep getting neomails for requests that I can't open and I'm guessing it's some type of coding conflict. If you guys could keep the wording/linking in your neomails as simple as possible, hopefully I won't have to keep asking people to post their requests on petpages.

Finished four buttons.

February 2nd, 2014

Box's layout and one of Box's buttons has been featured over at the amazing site Always Connected! Thank you to Alice and Turnip!

Added a piece of fanmail to the fanmail section of Box - I actually received it before deciding to open Box up again, it was something of the push I needed.

I finally realized the little bit of editing I was forgetting to do to buttons so, hooray, prettier buttons from now on!

New limited edition button! This version is Winter 2014!

Finished two buttons.

February 1st, 2014
Guess what?! Box has now reached over 1000 buttons made! Can you believe it?!

Requests are still open, keep 'em coming, friends.

Finished six buttons.

January 31st, 2014
Newly affiliated with Hayley's Stuff, a great graphics request site.

Requests have been opened!

Finished two requests.

January 20th, 2014
Finished four buttons.

January 29th, 2014
Affiliated with Emma's wonderful site The Button Club!

Finished two buttons.

January 28th, 2014
Newly affiliated with Alice's writing site Fiction!

Finished ten buttons.

January 27th, 2014
Helloooo, first day of being back! Have I told you guys how exciting it is to be back? Seeing requests in my inbox was kind of the best thing ever. And thank you all for the wonderful welcome wishes - I can't believe people still remember me around here!

Newly affiliated with Trophy's fantastic request site The Gift! Also affiliated with the fabulous Chinensis Designs AND the wonderful One! AND, also newly affiliated with the lovely sites Cataclysm, Opaque and Aether! I'm overwhelmed by so many awesome sites!

I had to close requests already but hopefully they'll be open again soon!

I'm hoping to get to cleaning up my sitely section some time today -- I'm a little slow with everything right now. This old crow is just a bit rusty, you know.

Finished two buttons.

January 26th, 2014
What's that?! Box is back?! Right you are children.
I know, I know, it's hard to believe. It's only been about a year and a half since you last saw me here. But, it's true after all. Box is back! Again, the good tidings come with bad, as my stay will again be short-lived. But let's live it up my lovely site world! Oh, how I've missed you.

I did some minor cleaning up around the site but my sitely section is currently unmanicured -- I'll get to it eventually, I promise. I can tell already that the site world is quieter than usual but, hopefully I'll still see some action.

Please, send me neomails about new things I need to catch up on and spread the word about Box's return. I want to make buttons!

And with that, requests are open!

(and, pssssst, keep your eyes peeled for a new limited edition button to come)

Limited Edition Button

Limited Edition: Winter 2014
To celebrate a glorious winter filled with snow, holidays and nights wrapped in more blankets than you can count, here is Box's "Winter 2014" Limited Edition Button! Enjoy the season while it lasts!


So, this is something or other like a site sign or award but, it's limited edition. Every now and then I'll release new limited edition buttons made by me that anyone who wants to can show off on your site. They change constantly so you never know if you'll snag one that's really rare, celebrating something, or holiday themed. Happy collecting!

Have an idea for a Limited Edition Button you'd like to collect? Suggest one to me here.

Limited Edition Buttons are my original idea and have been around since August 23rd 2010.

Well, I say rules but it's basically just info. Really, how many limitations can you put on an 88x31 button? But there are things you should know about Box because there are quite a few things I do differently than most button sites. So here:

Rules, aka tiny-bits-of-information-to-do-with-Box-that-it'd-be-cool-if-you-knew-before-requesting.

1. I make buttons for anything. Sites, guilds, applications, about me pages. Whatever. If you want a link back button for it, you got it kid.
2. I always make two buttons per request. You can only use one if you want, but please use at least one.
3. I don't care how many times you request from me as long as A), you don't request a ridiculous amount of buttons all at once and B), you've used the other buttons I've made for you.
4. I don't neomail you back til I've made your button -- if you're wondering if I got your neomail or not, check the requests page and see if you are on the current waiting list. If I have updated since the time you sent your request and you don't see your name, neomail it again.
5. There is no limit to waiting requests; I accept all requests I get in the order I get them and close when needed, no discrimination.

The One Thing That's Actually a Rule


Request a Button

Use the following choices to put together what kind of button you would like.

The Waiting List

From soonest to be made to latest.





Currently I don't offer animation selections by list but feel free to look through the portfolio and suggest an animation you'd like in the "other" section of the form.

The Types of Forms and Which to Use

Image Custom is the classic form and lets you pick absolutely everything you want on the button.
Color Scheme lets you pick the border and the general color you want the button to be.
My Pick means I pick everything. Usually I base the button slightly on the theme or layout of your site.

Because I make two buttons per request, you are allowed to mix and match forms. In your neomail, copy and paste the two forms you want to use and a button will be made abiding to the first, and another abiding to the second.

The Forms

Please use the short form of links, i.e. /~PETNAME.

Image Custom:

Color Scheme:

My Pick:









Overlord Pony:


Gift for Alia and Thomas:















Current Count: 1073
as of March 2014

Want to see all my past buttons? Here you go.

About that one kid who runs this site


Notable Sites

Most Viewed Buttons

About Me

The Not-So Abridged Version
(Last edited: January 2013)

So I decided to write an about me section because I find it increasingly enjoyable to write endlessly about myself and figure other people would revel in the thoughts of knowing more about me. Because I am so utterly interesting. . . . x)

Anywhooooo, my basic info should come first I suppose. My name is Winslow, and yes I love my name. I am a ninteen year old girl who watches too many movies, writes too much, has too wide a range in musical taste, and is too preoccupied with her own imagination. I am mature but afraid to grow up. I would live in Disneyland if I could and I collect limited edition Disney plush characters. I have every intention and little doubt that I will become a highly-acclaimed author because writing is what I do. Neil Gaiman is my idol in so many ways and I hope to achieve at least a fraction of his success. I'M INFATUATED WITH CIRCUSES AND MIMES. Don't ask me why (because I just don't know). I've been in love with with the story and concept of Alice in Wonderland for as long as I can remember but am agitated at the fact that Tim Burton's film has incited an inordinate amount of untrue Alice fans who are only following a trend. One of my favorite things to do in the site world is to read through the recently closed sites at Soroptimist. I don't know why but it is. They're like obituaries, I just can't stop reading them.

I could talk endlessly about films since I'm obsessed with them. I watch a movie almost every night, go to the theater far too often and have seen approximately 900 or so films according to my Netflix rating count. (netflix is my heaven) I'm a total cult/understated/underground film enthusiast; so many of my favorite movies are ones that nobody else knows about. I have far too many favorites to narrow it down but here are a few I quite like: Labyrinth, Donnie Darko, V for Vendetta, Mirrormask, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Stand By Me, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Stardust, Coraline, Waking Ned Devine, The Breakfast Club, Benny and Joon, L.A. Story, The Hudsucker Proxy, Dream a Little Dream, The Fall, Pirate Radio, Mary and Max, Amelie, The Shining and, of course, many more. Talk to me about one of these movies and I shall adore you forever. I am also thoroughly obsessed with film scores and their composers. My knowledge about them is unnatural. I watch stage productions as much as I can such as Cats, Into the Woods, Cirque du Soleil, Wicked, Les Miserables and so on which I adore just as much as films.

I love how different I am from everyone else and attempt to reflect that absurdity in this site. I do hope you like Box, so enjoy it. Adieu!

Things-people-don't-really-ask-but-I-want-to-answer-anyway aka T.P.D.R.A.B.I.W.T.A.A. aka NOT an F.A.Q.

It always bothers me when sites have FAQs with questions people never actually ask. So instead of being one of those sites, I'm actually telling you, these are questions not very frequently (sometimes never) asked, but I just want to answer anyway.

Why is your site called Box?
Truth? I have no idea. I started making the layout before I named the site and I randomly put the word "Box" at the top to test fonts and liked the way it looked so much, I kept it.

What program do you use to make your buttons?
I actually use three different programs. I use Photoimpression for image editing, cropping, layering and such. Depending on what kind of button I'm planning on making, I'll either use Microsoft Paint or GIMP for fonts and animation.

Why did you decide to open a button site?
I had this graphics request/resource site called Such Nonsense that I adored but that wasn't very successful. I most enjoyed making buttons but it's rare that your button making becomes popular with a general graphics site rather than a particular button site. So, I opened Box but kept Such Nonsense open at the same time and tried it out that way. And it worked. Pretty darn well in fact. Eventually I closed Such Nonsense because making other graphics nobody really used became slightly less interesting. My button making got better and Box got successful so I'm pretty happy with my decision.

Can you make me two buttons?
*pokes rules* Section 2, Paragraph 3, line 1
I always make two buttons per request".

Why do you always make two buttons per request?
I started doing it early on because I would get few requests at a time so I'd try to soak up as much button making as I could so I offered to make two buttons instead of just one. But turns out, making two buttons is actually easier. You have a greater chance of making at least one the requester will like, you can animate one but not the other, you can be really creative with one and it balance out with a simpler one. Overall, it actually makes button making a bit more stress-free.

Can you make me a layout?
Sorry, but no. I do love making layouts but, I'm slow, picky and bad with responsibility (and designing the image of someone's site is responsibility). I'm honored you'd want me to make you one though.

Why do have such weird layouts?
To tell you the truth, I'm really sick of the same old too-bright, too-texturized, over-colorful layouts most sites have. Don't get me wrong, they're usually great looking but just so... common. And I'm all about originality. Surreal, eccentric, and totally odd is my thing. So, I've begun using artwork from some of my favorite artists to make sure Box does its best to stand out.

Can I review you?
I'd prefer it if you didn't. It's not that I have anything against review sites; I think they're fabulous and tremendously helpful, but I'm not really looking to change the site to anything other than my own preferences. By all means if you see something pertinently wrong with the site such as broken links, a messed up layout in different browsers, and so on, tell me. But I don't want a reviewer telling me how they think I should reword my introduction or that my layout choice is too scary. The site is all mine, the buttons all yours and, voila, we're all happy.

Does my site have to be high-quality to be your affiliate?
Actully, no. Not all sites are going to be of amazing quality right away (mine for example was FAR from it). But why should that stop you from getting affiliates? I love to affiliate with sites that are brand new, growing and showing promise. I loathe elitism in sites and getting to know the lesser-knowns is what I'm all for.

Why did you decide to make an FAQ?
This is mostly just an extension of my About Me section so I can ramble on and on about things nobody really cares about. Besides, there's things I'd like people to know about Box that take up too much room on a rules or about me page.
Notable Sites
I don't particularly want to order sites in the way I rank them so, instead, I'm just listing the ones I find particularly wonderful. There are some obvious choices, some not so obvious ones and below, I explain what makes them particularly notable. And yeah, this is basically a list of my favorite sites.

(Listed alphabetically)

Although there are SO many amazing button sites out there, Aurora merits a place amongst my favorites because of the fact that Elizabeth sticks to her style, regardless of what every other site out there is doing. All about great textures with rare color schemes and classy text, I love that I can recognize her buttons whenever I see them which, with today's caliber of quality and regularity, is something that's very hard to do.

Checkmate is a Portuguese premades and request site that I find completely fabulous. Frueer's layouts are incredibly original and I say that with utter truth; it's hard to find originality in today's site world and while many claim it, few actually are. Checkmate is one of those sites. Of course, I admire the fact she offers what many other sites couldn't even imagine but, the layouts are of immensely high quality as well, there's no downside.

This is one of those obvious choices that it may not even be worth mentioning but, no, it's worth mentioning. The insane amount of helpful information held on this site is mind-boggling. The Closet is one of those sites that people just know. We kind of accept it as part of neopia. not a site someone made, but a legitimate part of neopets. It's obvious, I know, but still, it's one of my favorite sites out there, regularly updated and jam-packed with everything you could possibly need to know about neopets' clothing.

The Lunch Box has to be one of the most dedicated sites out there. I mean, Turnip has, what? 1000 available resources? And not only that, she goes through and re-does them to keep everything up to the highest quality it can be. Continually churning out amazing resources, graphics and requests, TLB also offers some of the most work-intensive and helpful extras of any site. The guide on great service, the ranking explanations, the fact TLB's one of the only sites that actually keeps up with featuring sites/graphics and everything else, how can you not be amazed?

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Lola's sites. Although sad Cloud Nine has gone, it's good we still have Pirouette to keep us satisfied. Her pixel skill is kind of ridiculous because, seriously, I can't even fathom how what she makes are even pixels. They're just too perfect. And the fact that she actually comes out with new pixels so often, re-visiting Pirouette is an absolute must.

Not only is Fa is my very good pal but her site Psychochromia is now pioneering the icon world. With an adamant mission statement, she has strongly set her views against what is now accepted as a high quality icon and not only explains why, but shows that her icons, completely void of the regular over-color, over-texture, over-whatever, bear just as much, if not more, quality. She's the first to focus so strongly on simple, textless icons and everyone else is soon to follow. But, let it be known, Psychochromia was the first.

I know, this one's a little obvious but, I don't care. Cass at Soroptimist, although known by all, constantly gives up credit for everything she does by allowing basically EVERY site out there to borrow each original idea she has. There are so many things today that are just accepted as a routine part of a site when really, Cass CAME UP with that idea. I know Soroptimist's success is enough reward but, it's hard to appreciate the composure someone has to have in order to not go crazy angry when they see their original ideas being used with the least amount of credit. So props to Cass, guys.

Features Seriously guys, stop featuring Soroptimist and The Teahouse. A feature is something given attention and publicity. So why are you featuring sites that already have all that? Think about it: is someone coming up to your site, reading your feature about Soroptimist and then deciding, hmm, you know, maybe I should visit that site. NO. You know why? Because they probably used Soroptimist to find YOUR site. By all means, give the amazing sites credit -- there's no question that they deserve it. But that's what rankings are for. Gush all you want about how much you love Buttoness's buttons... in your site rankings. But save the featured sites for sites that deserve attention that haven't necessarily had it.

Most Viewed Buttons

I've recently been having fun checking which of my buttons are most "popular". In this case, a buttons popularity is determined solely by the number of times it has been viewed, this being the number of times a button has been fully loaded and appeared on any person's computer. This is usually dependent on the number of sites displaying the button and the popularity of said sites.
This is simply a fun feature reflecting Box's creations and doesn't particularly reflect my opinions of the sites belonging to these buttons. So, without further ado, here are the current top viewed buttons!

Last updated August 13th 2011

*Note: this list only accounts for buttons made after July 2011.

#1: Box's Zombie Button

#2: Made With Love's Paper Crane Button

#3: Innocent Banner's Squirrel Button

#4: Zioned Directory's Laser Gun Button

#5: Critique's Canoe Button

#6: Planetarium's Earth Button

#7: Green Jasper's Link Button

#8: Once Fallen Directory's Wing Button

#9: Jewel Reviews' Jewel Heart Button

#10: Freezing Heat's Burning Heart Button


Curious about how many times a button I've made for your site has been viewed? Send me a neomail!

Link Back


Click here to ask about becoming affiliates.

My Other Sites

The Badly Named Project is a site idea I had to decrease the amount of pets stuck in the pound. The Project is all about adopting pets from the pound with names so bad no one would adopt them, zapping them to a color then re-releasing them back in the pound for someone to find. It has recently expanded to a guild which I also own. Visit and contribute to the BNP!

Royal Revolution is my very old royal pet directory and guide that I created as my very first site. It's undergone several changes since opening over four years ago but is still a pretty old-school neosite. Although I don't update it anymore, I don't have the heart to close it and just let it chill solo, like a piece of site world history.

Listed At

Hover for Ranks/Recommendations.

Past Layouts

Drag and drop to your address bar to see full-size screen shot of the old layouts of Box.
v.1, Kacheek Herder Box (June 16th-July 16th 2010)

v.2, Solo Box (July 16th-August 5th 2010)

v.3, Ghost Box (August 5th-August 19th 2010)

v.4, Ratty Guitarist Box (August 19th-September 20th 2010)

v.5, Explode Box (September 20th-November 9th 2010)

v.6, Runaway Balloon Box (November 9th-December 7th 2010)

v.7, Applesauce Box (December 7th 2010-January 3rd 2011)

v.8, Big Top Box (January 3rd-February 6th 2011)

v.9, Bunny Box (February 6th-March 10th 2011)

v.10, Hot Air Box (March 10th 2011-June 28th 2011)

v.11, Cloud Eater Box (June 28th 2011-July 13th 2011)

v.12, Helium Head Box (July 13th-August 7th 2011)

v.13, We Followed The Horses Box (August 7th, 2011-July 23rd 2012)

v.14, Umbrella Field Box (July 23rd 2012-January 26th 2014)

v.15, Tightrope Elephant Box (January 26th-February 3rd 2014)

Cool Stuff, Yo

All Current Rankings
Ranked 1st Button Request Site at Rowlier's Guide to Neopia
Ranked 3rd Button Request Site at Line Up
Ranked Top 4 Button Site at Planetarium
Ranked 4th Request Site at Site Inc
Ranked 4th Button Request Site at Status Quo
Ranked 5th Request Site at Delicious Pie Directory
Ranked 5th Button Request Site at The Faerie Compass

Featured at Atlas on Sept. 22nd 2010
Featured at Bijou on Dec. 6th 2010
Featured at The Lunch Box on Jan. 14th 2011
Featured at Buttoness on Jan. 15th 2011
Featured at The Button Workshop on June 5th 2011
Featured at The Workshop on July 20th, 2011
Featured graphic at The Lunch Box on Aug. 5th 2011
Site of the Week at The Faerie Compass on August 28th 2011
Featured button and layout of January 2014 at Always Connected
Featured button of February 2014 at Always Connected

Interviewed at Lotte City
Considered one of Morgen's Sites of the Year - 2010
Interviewed at Blank Canvas Magazine; September 2011 Issue
Third Place and Turnip's Pick and The Golden Sandwich Awawrds for Best New Site
Fourth place in The Golden Sandwich Awards for Favorite Site Owner


I love you all!!!


Buttons, content and layout created by me, silvernonsense. (Current layout, v.16, Tune In to Box: Artwork by Anat Efrati.)
Limited edition buttons my original idea.
Open/Closed/Request signs from The Lunch Box.

Images either credited to neopets or their respective artists with a particular nod to deviantart(dot)com.

Contact Me

If for any reason you want to neomail me or add me, go for it. =]

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