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|Chapter One|
The Begining
There was darkness around me I open my eyes and the first thing I saw was my owner, Ess. She looked down at me and said, "My little beloved Driffin...I will always love you no matter what you become." On the same day my two brothers Flame and Fiofu were also born. We were realy born in the Haunted Woods but but my owner chose to live in Neopia Central.

|Chapter Two|
A long goodbye
One day while me and Flame were messing around by the money tree Fiofu came running like he always did to catch us doing trouble so we ran as always. Fiofu Actualy cought us that time but he had a sad expretion on his face, he said, "Mother is gone!" me and Flame laughed since we though that was another sceme to get us home and get in trouble, "I didn't even see her leave..." Now we knew it was serious, so we all flew as fast as we could to get home and when we arrived, no one. The house was empty she just left like we didnt exist anymore, she was gone and we were left alone.

|Chapter Three|
After the terrible news we had gone back to our birthhome hoping for better lifes and we kinda did until the terrible accident. So one day me and my brothers had split up to look for food and me not caring about anything in like chose to go to dragon territory. So I went, unprotected, and hopeless, when I arrived it was so quiet I though it was some kind of trap but kept wondering anyway. I saw cave up ahead and I thought it might of had food stored in it so with my hunger I went inside. I came to a sudden stop as a blue dragon-like thing stoped me in the way, "My son! I can't beleive its Realy you!"

|Chapter Four|
The dragon apeared to be a male, "You look SOO much like your mother..." I inturupted, "my MOTHER is an alien!" The dragon looked at the floor for a second and said, "when your true mother entrusted you to Ess, she was dying..." I was tottaly confused, "Wait if I look my my mother and obviously nothing like are you my Father?" The dragon smiled at me and said, "We married silly but thats a long story..." So we sat for a while and talked...alot. So after an hour of stories I found out that his name was Draneren a Driffin witch is half dragon and half griffin, and my mother's name was Ashagrin.
Now I need you to go, they will come, I am the last of my kind and they will destroy me and I dont want you getting hurt" I was struc with terror, I had just met him and now he was leaving too. "NO! you can't go away! me and my brothers can live here with you! fine then I've had enough of this anyway!", I said as I left the cave. Then I heard moving behind the tall, dark , trees, it was "THEY" the ones my father had talked about. I flew back into the cave faster than I ever flew, but I was too late, I hurried to my father and sat by his side, "Do not forget who you are..." those were the last words I heard my dying father say, then there was a flash of light and when it was gone I had no longer a beak or paws, I looked like my father only diferent colors. I was a Driffin now finaly knowing why that was my name and the words kyogre had said to me when I was born , "I will love you no matter what you become" then I had hope inside me knowing my owner would someday come back.

|Chapter Five|
A Family Again
I hurried back to look for my brothers witch took less than usual because I had gotten twice as fast. When I found my brothers I had told them everything that had just happened and Flame was extremely jelous of my new look. After all the boring storytelling we headed back to the cave. We were stoped by a suspicious noise behind the trees, "what was that?!" Fiofu said nervously, "Shine your light over there Fiofu." I commanded him. So fiofu pointed his shining tail in the direction on the noise, "OW that hurts my eyes fiofu!" Ess came out of the trees with an arm over her eyes and a blue creature hiding behind her. My face lit up with joy as I saw her, "I knew I would find you trouble-makers here." she said with a smile. "Who is that behinnd you mom?" Flame said going to check behind her. Ess smiled and grabed the creature's little hands, "This is your new brother, Drakrusher, while looking for you guys I saved him before he was crushed, and he has no family left so I told him to live with us" Drakrusher smiled sweetly at us with his necklace swinging from side to side. Ess gathered us toghether and said, "Lets go home"

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