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You know that elusive pet you've always wanted? Ever seen one while pound surfing, but barely missed it? It's that pet that everyone thinks no one wants.

If only they knew.

The Dream Pet Directory is dedicated to users with a dream. Many users around Neopia have pets that they simply don't want anymore, and decide to make pounding boards. They post the time, then allow anyone to come after their pet. Don't they know that someone out there really wants that pet? For more than just retrading, none the less!

Now they will.

Since April 16th, 2008

4/3/09 - DPD Open for business.
4/30/09 - Woah! I posted a link on the charter boards and got over 200 visits in like 6 hours! DPD hit over 1,000 page views tonight, and was over 1,100 when I added this! Keep it up, guys!
5/4/09 - 1500+ views and 70+ people on the list.
5/11/09 - 10 people got their dream pets! And we hit 2,000 views =)
6/2/09 - 2500+ page views!

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General Pet Points | The List
Ending Notes | Link Back!


The objective of the DPD is to give owners who are about to pound a pet a place to start looking for someone who actually wants their pet. If you need room right this second and simply can't wait for someone on this list to be online_ so be it—go ahead and pound your pet. But if you have the time and are interested in making someone's day, all you need to do is hit ctrl + f and plug in the color and species. Below the title will be a list of usernames. I'm afraid they're just text, as typing in a link for every single one is gonna confuse my puny brain way too much while looking at the masses of code. Just go to their user lookup, find a user you like, and mail them to see if they're interested in your pet.


Yes, you get affiliates before everything else. Why? So people will see them. xDD The lists I have are likely to be links to other dream pet lists similar to my own, so if no one on my list has it, someone on these lists might. Keep in mind that I just link you to them, I'm not involved with them in any way, except possibly having my name on it. ;)

Charter Dream Pets List
BGUP Guild Dream Pet List


001;; You can only have your name under ONE pet.
002;; Draiks, Krawks, and UC pets are excluded from this list. How often will those be pounded anyway?
003;; Don't mail the people on this list asking for trades.
004;; If possible, try to give people their dream pets with clothes. The pet without clothes just isn't quite the same. However, if you can't give the clothes, try to find someone who wants the pet anyway.
005;; If you're looking for your dream pet, you have to be accepting of the name. You may not find exactly the perfect name.
006;; Most importantly, these are your dream pets. Don't retrade your dream pets, okay? I'm not gonna blacklist you or something for doing so, but just.. be courteous.
007;; Now this isn't quite a rule, but a very humble request. If someone gives you your dream pet, maybe you'd like to link back on your lookup and/or your pet's lookup because you love me so much for making this page and getting you your dream pet app-free and you'd love to help people find my page so they can also get their dream pets. Cool, huh? ;)

how to get on the list;;

Now how unfair would it be to see a lame account with no effort whatsoever put into the account with their name up under a plushie pet? Not very! In order to prevent this, I have created a credit system. Below every color/species is a point value. If your account adds up to (or incredibly close to) this value, then you may neomail me to be added onto the list under that pet. First off, here's the credit system:

EVERY point you count must come from your MAIN ACCOUNT ONLY. Even if you have petpages and such on side accounts. ONLY. MAIN. ACCOUNT.
Clear, yes?

Simply copy and paste this box to the NeoBoards, then fill it out. Point breakdown is after this box.

^It scrolls down!

Dream Pet - Color and species.
Required Points - To make my life easier, just tell me how many points that species needs. For example, if you want a Plushie Hissi, you need to take the points of a Hissi and a Plushie pet and add them together.

Pet lookups - 5 points for premade. 10 points for a custom made by you or a friend. If you take a premade and drastically edit it (as in the coding and such, not just adding words and content), then you can count it as a custom. {40 max}
Customization - Each of the following is worth 10 points per pet: background, trinket, and string lights. (Includes NC mall items, but there is no added benefit. They count the same as NP items.) Now take the AVERAGE of all the customized pets. {30 max}
Petpages - Same as pet lookups. 5 for premade, 10 for custom. Same editing rule applies. {40 max}
Art - 10 points per drawing of your pets, including fanart. Requests on a petpage count as a petpage, not art. Sorry.
Writing - One point per 100 words. This can be story, personality, history, etc of your pets.
RP - 20 per pet used actively for roleplay. {80 max}
Stats - On your highest statted BD pet, take the AVERAGE of hp + str + def.
Pet Trophies - 5 points per trophy on every pet (BC, spotlights, etc).
Intelligence - Your smartest pet intelligence divided by 3.
Pet Total: Your points for this section.

Avatars - 1 point per avatar.
Stamps - 1 point per stamp.
Trophies - 5 points per trophy.
NeoDeck - 1 point per card. Premium cards do not count.
Gallery - 1 point per size
Shop - 1 point per size
Account age - 1 point per 2 months
Site Themes - 1 point per sidebar
KeyQuest - 3 points per token
Account Total: Your points for this section.

GRAND TOTAL: Pet Total added to Account Total

Now as far as ethics go, I realize that analyzing people in a point system is rather impersonal and unreasonable. However, the only other option would be to fill out a survey. While this is plausible initially, no user would ever fill it out honestly, and I'd have to judge every account by person—which would require my opinion and my opinion only to say whether they are 'good enough' for a pet.

This system is based on having different strengths. A person dedicated to their pets can easily rack up points, but lack in technical account things, such as age and avatar collecting. On the other hand, an account like mine would sweep some account areas and almost completely leave out the actual pet content.

Pets are important. But according to the boards I've made, some people also look closely at the accounts. My credit system gives both places enough strength to make it under the appropriate pet lists. If you work hard on your account and/or pets, then your name can be under any pet you want pretty easily.

frequently asked questions;;

I want the pet to go on a side account, should I add up the points for the account I want it to go on?
No, add up the points from your main still, and your main will go on the list. If someone decides to give you their pet, then let them know it will go on your side in reply to their mail.

The pet named ________ isn't an expensive pet, it's just some basic pet! You lied!
Actually, this page is a list of users who want the pets they're listed under. Not a list of pets that are up for adoption. A lot of people get confused about this. =)

Does every trophy count?
Except for Lutari Talisman and NC Mall Album, yes. =)
Does the tailsman count if you have a bead on it?
Ooh, interesting question. Well, those things are expensive and you do have to pay a lot, so sure, that can count if you have beads on it. =)

I have screenies/application/about me/etc on my petpage! How do I count it?
If it has a premade layout and mainly word content, then count it as a premade. If it's a custom made application or something with a lot of work put into it, like a screenie page, then count it as custom. Use your own discretion, it's fine.

My side account is older!/My pet with intelligence is on a side account!/My side account has more points in an area! Can I use points from my side?
No, please use all values from your main and pets on your main. If it makes the difference between you getting your pets or not, neomail me. I'll take it case by case.

I have a lot of request art/art that isn't of my pets, does that still count on the art points?
No, only art of your pets count. The point of art is to show the dedication to your pets, not to show that you draw. If you're making an application for a pet, I'll allow you to count that as well. If the deadline is passed and you didn't get the pet, then don't count it. Simple, right?

I drew a lot of art of my pets, but it's not on a petpage or anything.
Why not? Show off your art! Anyway, I'd much prefer that you only count art that is currently viewable on Neopets. However, if you have a problem like you don't have a scanner, neomail me and we'll work something out.

My pet's stats don't give me numbers to average! What do I do?
Go here.

You made a typo on this page!
Tell me where it is! I'd love to fix it. ;D

How do I find my pet's intelligence?
Wow, you guys stumped me. I honestly don't know. x) Well, usually if it's high enough to matter, it'll show up on the pet's lookup. Other than that, mail me if you know. xD

help me;;

Now, I've been making boards around customization and pound chats. If you've seen them, you know I'm asking for help. So you know, each user may only choose ONE pet to have their name under. So people with 20 or more "dream" pets can't appear on my list 20 times.

So, what can you do? Tell me your opinions. If you would like to make graphics to link back to my page, go ahead. I'll give you credit for anything you make. Other than that, ask me if I'm interested in what you have to offer.

A big help right now is really easy — link back. Tell the people in your guild about this page. You can also drop by my boards and chat. That way I'll keep my sanity for a little bit longer. x)


As this is a list asking other users to help each other, names are going to disappear according to several factors. I'm not gonna go through every single account every other day to make sure they're all valid. So here's how you can help DPD:

Users will be given their dream pet. If you give someone their dream pet, please please please please neomail me and let me know their username and what pet you gave them so I can take them off the list. If you'd like to mention that you found their name from my directory, I'd be obliged. If you receive a pet, please check my list and make sure that your name is taken off.

Users will be frozen, quit, go on haitus, etc. Please neomail me if you find any accounts on my list that have done this. They will be removed from the list without notice.

Users will change dream pets. Well, as far as this list is concerned, that will stay their dream pet. If they'd like to mail me to change it, then they may. Other than that, it's their own fault if they want a different pet from what is on my list. It's out of my hands to ask every single user if they still want x pet every day.

general pet points;;

This is just a breakdown of how many points each color and LE pet is worth. If you want a painted LE pet, then add together the points for BOTH the LE and the color as your target.

Hit ctrl + f and type in the color you want. The point values are all beneath the paragraphs of colors.

Pet Colors

Biscuit, Camouflage, Checkered, Christmas, Cloud, Disco, Electric, Ghost, Glowing, Golden, Invisible, Purple, Rainbow, Silver, Sketch, Skunk, Snow, Speckled, Split, Starry, Strawberry, Striped, Tyrannian, White
300+ Points

Brown, Fire, Mutant, Orange, Shadow, Spotted
400+ Points

Baby, Darigan, Desert, Halloween, Pink, Royal, Usuki
Lab-only colors and fruit chias.
500+ Points

Faerie, Zombie
550+ Points

Grey, Island, Maraquan, Pirate, Plushie
600+ Points

Pea, MSP

Limited Edition Pets

Koi - 20+
Tonu - 20+
Kiko - 30+
Jetsam - 40+
Cybunny - 40+
Hissi - 40+
Chomby - 50+
Poogle - 60+

dream pets;;

Use ctrl + f to find the color and species of your pet. Make sure everything is spelled correctly! If there are no results for that search, then no one on my list currently has the specified pet as a dream pet. Multiple-word colors are listed as one word. So a royal pet of the male gender will be listed under royalboy and a girl would be royalgirl. If this is confusing, simply scroll down to the species and check if it's there in whatever format. It's all alphabetical.
Also, red/blue/green/yellow will most likely be grouped under basic.
Last note. xD Usernames that are this color are staff members, being myself, Jenn and Shira at the moment. They come on and help me run boards all the time, so hopefully the color will draw your eye to these amazing Neopians!


Alien Aisha


Chocolate Aisha


Desert Aisha


Grey Aisha



Desert Bori


Plushie Bori



Chokato Chia


Pea Chia



Chocolate Chomby


Pirate Chomby


Plushie Chomby



Basic Cybunny


Faerie Cybunny


Halloween Cybunny


Maraquan Cybunny


Rainbow Cybunny



Darigan Eyrie


Faerie Eyrie



Baby Gelert


Darigan Gelert


Pirate Gelert



Faerie Gnorbu


Fire Gnorbu


Pirate Gnorbu


Plushie Gnorbu


Robot Gnorbu



Maraquan Grarrl


Zombie Grarrl



Marshmallow Grundo


Royalgirl Grundo



Basic Hissi


Fire Hissi


Mutant Hissi


Robot Hissi



Jelly Ixi


Pirate Ixi



Chocolate Kacheek


Island Kacheek


Rainbow Kacheek


Royalgirl Kacheek


Pirate Kacheek



Jelly Kau



Chocolate Kougra


Maraquan Kougra


Rainbow Kougra


Royalgirl Kougra


Spotted Kougra



Pirate Lenny



Halloween Lupe


Tyrannian Lupe



Desert Moehog



Chocolate Mynci


Pirate Mynci



Rainbow Ogrin


Pirate Ogrin



Plushie Peophin


Tyrannian Peophin



Camouflage Poogle


MSP Poogle


Plushie Poogle


Robot Poogle



Faerie Pteri



Royalboy Quiggle






Darigan Scorchio



Royalboy Shoyru



Desert Uni


Royalgirl Uni



Chocolate Usul


Royalboy Usul



Desert Xweetok


Faerie Xweetok



Island Yurble


success stories;;

Celest got her Faerie Uni!
Lanette got her Faerie Shoyru!
Kiwi got her Starry Poogle!
Shira got her Marshmallow Grundo!
Eagle got her Ghost Hissi!
Jenn got her Halloween Poogle!
Becki got her MSP Poogle!
Emily got her Strawberry Zafara!
Zi got her Rainbow Cybunny!
Peaches got her Baby Chomby!
Sammi got her Biscuit Kau!
Nicole got her Chocolate Kougra!
Hermione got her Faerie Poogle!
Ania got her Maraquan Chomby!
Ripsi got her Chocolate Chomby!
Aida got her basic Hissi!
Esley got her Strawberry Poogle!
Mel got her Spotted Lupe!
Sage got her Chocolate Xweetok!

If you're on this list, feel free to mail me for a custom link back button with your pet's name, picture, etc on it! Just tell me what you want! ;D


link back;;

Thanks, Shira!

Thanks, Angie!

Thanks, Nicole!


Thanks to Suta-Ratio for the Xweetok image.

Thank you to people on my boards who helped tweak the point system!
Thank you very very very much to Jenn and Shira who bump my boards for me and keep me sane!
All coding and content done by me.

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