Welcome to Dragonscales, the first Dragon Directory in Neopia. My name is Rose, and I list all types of dragons, some that you might think aren't dragons, but truly are!
In each of the sections to the right there are the different Neopet species, plus 4 categories. In the area above each listing of dragon, I will explain why that species is included in this directory.

Please watch your step and keep hands, feet, fingers and heads to yourselves; some of these dragons might be hungry...


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Added my dragons, Hubby's, son's, and daughter's dragons as well.

Finally picked out a layout and got to work on getting this set up.

September 2017
I guess since TJST released the 5th pet spot, I really should get to work on this directory...

September 2016
With all my new dragons, it makes sense to have a Neopian dragon directory...

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The Draik (a homophone of drake, an archaic word for a dragon) is a dragon-like Neopet, released on June 25, 2002. They appeared in Neopia as if they had come from another world - later discovered to be Meridell.
Draiks are curious Neopets that like to hunt, and like Scorchios they can breath fire and fly. They are popularly featured as guards, being seen guarding Meridell Castle during the Champions of Meridell plot and Altador and Brightvale during The Faeries' Ruin plot; despite only being around three feet tall.

The Hissi (from hiss, onomatopoeia for the noise a snake makes) is a snake-like Limited Edition Neopet released on 4 May 2005. It has wings, like an amphiptere or the Aztec serpent god Quetzalcoatl. They have acute vision and a keen sense of smell which makes them extremely good at games of hide and seek.
A limited number are available for creation every Hissi Day. An existing Neopet can be turned into a Hissi by a Transmogrification Potion, Morphing Potion or by certain zaps the Lab Ray. The Ice Hissi is reminiscent of the Snowager, and the Spotted Hissi is reminiscent of a real life snake like a Boa constrictor. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of darkness.

The Krawk (from the first syllable of crocodile) is a crocodile-like reptilian Neopet introduced on 10 January 2002. It is the rarest Neopet in Neopia - only a little over 2,500 have been created, although more exist as a result of other species being morphed or otherwise transformed into them. Krawks are created when a Krawk Petpet eats the fungus from Fungus Cave. They retain the colour they are painted as a Petpet when they transform.
In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of Dark.

The Scorchio (from scorch, to burn) is a dragon-like Neopet, and one of the original species available from the sites launch on 15 November 1999. They prefer hot climates like volcanoes or deserts. Scorchios can fly and breathe fire - the Maraquan Scorchio can shoot lukewarm bubbles instead.
Their affinity for fire and hot weather leads to them being exceptionally resistant to fire attacks in the Battledome. They are also associated with fire in the Neopets Trading Card Game.

The Shoyru is a small dragon-like Neopet originally created by a user in a "Create-A-Pet" competition run on the site and then released on April 20, 2000. Since that time, their basic design has remained relatively unchanged. The Shoyru's original side profile had created the misconception that they only had a single eye. This was remedied slightly with the introduction of Neopets 2.0 in 2007.
Despite being draconic in appearance, Shoyrus do not have the ability to breathe fire unlike other dragon-inspired Neopets such as Draiks and Scorchios. They are however described as fiery in terms of their personality - being loyal to those that treat them kindly but never forgiving of those that don't.
Shoyrus are fantastic flyers that love to soar through the skies and play hide and seek in the clouds. They are generally friendly pets but do have a mischievous streak to them, especially during the full moon. Shoyrus are tough little Neopets that, with the proper training and care, have the potential to become great warriors.

The Skeith is a gargoyle- or dragon-like Neopet, and one of the original 14 when Neopets began on November 15, 1999. As one of the largest Neopets of Neopia, they are quite strong but also lazy, preferring to get smaller creatures to do things for them. As is the case with several myths about dragons (Fafnir or the dragon in Beowulf), Skeiths often hoard or guard treasure.
Skeiths are capable of eating anything, including furniture, Petpets, Petpetpets, codestones, dubloons and Paint Brushes, an ability which only Skeiths and Grarrls have.

This category includes colour and species combinations that appear draconic, although their typical kind are not.
It is entirely subjective and my opinion. And I will list those you can see below regardless if their character is draconic or not.

Not every Dragon assumes an obvious draconic form, sometimes they are a dragon spirit, or dragonbourne.
This section will also list Dragon Riders.

Sometimes, the only dragon we have in our life is a petpet or a petpetpet, and that's ok! They matter too!

These dragons aren't attainable in Neopia, but they sure are pretty.

This section will have animals that exist in the same realm as players that resemble dragons.
I also have a page regarding different types of dragons and the mythology surrounding them.

Western vs. Eastern Dragons: The Western dragon is four-legged and winged and is commonly found on crests and shields. Western dragons are usually portrayed as more aggressive, fiercer and warlike than their Eastern counterparts and, in the Western tradition, are said to prey upon maidens and children. Their virtues of keen sight, power and fearsomeness made the Western dragon a popular symbol among the wealthy and powerful of Medieval times.

Using fear and intimidation, Draizurd recruited rebellious vagabonds to join the ranks of his growing army horde, dubbed the Drakes. The Drake's power and influence grew as they eventually outnumbered the innocent populacenear the Ice Wall.
As King of the Drakes, he was extremely powerful. Early in his life he took leadership of the ragtag group referred to as the Drakes away from Gashrok, in northern Tyrannia. The group grew and became organzied under Draizurd's leadership. Almost every village was taken under control and every resident of the villages near the Northern Ice Wall were either sold as a slave or conscripted into his army.

Draizurd's habit of incinerating Drake members that failed him in any matter would become a source of great unrest amongst his underlings... His righthand cast a spell that was meant to affect the enemy, but caused Draizurd to fall into a death-like sleep that halted his horde's progress in it's tracks.

Now a relic of times past, this monster has emerged from an accidental slumber. He was a scourge on the tribes of ancient times, and has begun spreading his illness again...

Dragon Awards
For I am not the only one that is Dragon obsessed. There are others that have as many as I do, and I'd like to give them a symbol of their devotion to our beloved scalies. Below; you will find 5 levels of awards for thos that collect dragons in their den. PLEASE mail me if you take one of these so I can show you and your collection here.


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