About Me

Name: DrSlothF
Nickname: Doc
Species: Skeith-Hibrid
Color: Green
Gender: Male
Level: 37
Hitpoints: 275 / 57
Speed: 52 MPH
Strength: 60
Defense: 52
IQ: 1443

 I was not born like most other neopets. I am considered a freak of science. My name is Dr. Sloth and before you go & tell my owner off for my appearing to be a wannabe, let me tell my story of condemned failure. 

 In the beginning, I knew of nothing outside my mere existence within the test tube that I was created in. Light and darkness. Hope and despair. Good and evil. Life and death. Love and hate. None of those things had any meaning. I simply existed within the confines of the gelatinized concoction that enveloped me. 

 Then the time came that the inevitable happened. I was freed of my hibernation by sheer accident. A mutant grundo was rushing past the test tube that I was suppose to be kept in until Dr. Frank Sloth decided the time was right. The unfortunate grundo, being of massive size and lacking of intelligence, knocked over and broke the containment tube I was in that would wake me from my slumber. 

 "Uh oh." gulped the grundo as she realized her mistake. 

 "Uh oh is right," I replied gruffly as I stood up within the remnants of the shattered tube that use to be my whole world. 

 Though she was a behemoth compared to myself, she also shook in fear. I sneered at her with my white, pupil-less eyes for added effect which made her cringe. 

 "You seem like a creature that is capable of some sort of thought." I snorted as I walked towards her, not bothering to remove any of the remaining gel that clung to my body. "Tell me something useful and I may let you live." 

 "I was about to capture that pesky pink petpet as ordered, Sir..." the grundo began whimpering her reply which just as suddenly trailed off as she began to look me over. 

 "WHAT are YOU looking at?" I snarled. 

 "You're..uh.. not dressed, Dr. Sloth...Sir!" 

 The part of me that was still mainly skeith told me I had no need for clothing, whatever that was, other than wondering if it tasted good. But still, the other part of myself gave me the distinct impression that I would indeed need to be dressed in order to get anywhere. But still, did that grundo just give me a name? 

 It wasn't even a full hour later that I was wearing an insufferably over-sized black cloak-like uniform which had to be altered somewhat to allow my wings to move freely. By that time, I had begun to feel hungry for the first time and ordered a grundo to bring me some food while I got comfortable on an overstuffed chair. 

 I didn't have a chance to get too comfortable when a shadow loomed overhead. Before I really thought about what I did, I stood up into the chair, turned around 180 degrees and with several flaps of my wings, became eye level with whomever was behind the chair. 

 "You dare block my light?" I snarled before I even had a good look at the offending creature before me. "Do you even have an inkling of an idea as to who I am?" 

 "Oh, I'm very aware of who and what you are. You see, I created you by sheer accident. You are an experiment that had gone wrong." he said in an unimpressed matter as he held up the mangled name plate that was attached to the test tube that I emerged from. "See this? This is your name. Dr. Sloth, F. In your case the 'F' is short for failure." 

 Fortunately, the look of being nonplussed did not sit well with my creator. Some time after having escaped from Dr. Frank Sloth, I was able to finally see my reflection for the first time. My eyes are slanted and appear to be pupil-less, though I have no problems viewing things. According to what I had found out, I am also missing the standard pair of skeith-like ears, though I can hear perfectly fine, and my head is a bit more thinner and more upside-down cone shaped. I also have some form of plumage on the top of my head, but only one of it - where as Dr. Frank Sloth has three or more. I also wear a fitting, tailor made black uniform that is an almost exact duplicate of Dr. Frank Sloth's uniform - except that the inner trim of the collar is gray instead of red, and it has slots in back to allow for my wings to be unhampered. 

 After a long search, I finally found the babyca that had eluded Dr. Frank Sloth's grasp. Words could not express the elation I felt when I first held her and gave her the name of Pyra. However there seemed to have been a defect in her. She didn't respond to verbal communication at all. Had I gotten my hopes up for nothing? 

 The answer to that was not surprising. Although she seemed fine, the doctors at the hospital found evidence of prior head trauma that caused her to be deaf. Whether or not it was caused by my creator and if the deafness was permanent were yet more questions left unanswered on my ever growing list. 


Waiting too long
Not getting questions answered
Getting challenged to fight for the wrong reasons

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How come you like Dr. Sloth so much?
    Technically, I don't like my creator, Dr. Frank Sloth, nor do I hate him. I merely want answers from him. However, as for my owner; Just because he's a villain, doesn't mean Dr. Frank Sloth can't have fans. Throughout Neopian History, he's been a constant villain while most of the others are fairly new (don't let the number of hours/days/months on my look up fool you. I've been on, near and/or orbiting Neopia for years). Besides, Jalapenojelly got bored of having a common gallery on her main account so she sold most of it off and started over fresh with some help from me. Granted a Dr. Frank Sloth gallery's pretty common upon itself, it was an undertaking I was willing to help with. There's a saying somewhere that goes Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer'. I don't think he's a friend of mine, but I'm still undecided about his possible enemy status for the time being.
  2. Um, would you, um, like to make a donation to help me get a [Whatever It Is That I'm Saving For]?
    Sorry, I can't make any donations for anyone else's funds until the necessary millions of neopoints are collected to get all of the missing items from the Dr. Sloth Gallery (and four other galleries).
  3. Do you have the Sloth avatar??
    As far as I know, we have all possible Dr. Frank Sloth avatars. Know of one we don't have? Neomail Jalapenojelly.
  4. I noticed that on the Pet Spotlight, they listed you as a Moehog instead of a Skeith. I have a good idea for the Pet Spotlight. Create a Moehog, and paint it Halloween. THOSE look more like Sloth.
    Thank you for your comments on the situation. Even though this wasn't completely directed to me and wasn't in the form of a question, I'll reply anyway. I may have been created, but I don't create Neopets. Fortunately, Jalapenojelly had found a Red Kau named Discomfort in the pound. If it wasn't for generous donations (for once, my creator gave up a transmogrification potion rather easily - the Halloween Paintbrush was a different matter), she would have stayed that way. As for my resemblance to Dr. Frank Sloth, well, as fine as Halloween Moehogs are, I'd rather look like myself - a Skeith-Sloth hybrid. Nothing against Moehogs since Discomfort is (and always will remain) one, mind you.
  5. Do you have many neofriends?
    Personally? I've yet to find a friendly Neopian who stays in constant contact. Jalapenojelly is on the same proverbial boat. The few times she had neofriend requests open, people only tried adding her because I won an award or spotlight.
  6. Can I be your neofriend?
    To follow up a question with a question; can we communicate and get to know each other before we get to the level of neofriends? I want to know the Neopian before I accept them as a friend.
  7. I just need to know why you don't want any guild invitations?
    I highly doubt you NEED to know, but if you WANT to know, the answer's this: More often than not, when Jalapenojelly joined a guild, the guild wound up being extremely inactive within very little time. Granted that not all guilds wind up abandoned, but when she opened all portals, people wound up trying to send an invite to guilds she's never heard of just because I won an award or spotlight. Though the Gelert doctor tells me I need to lay off eating them, I find guild invites to be very delicious, especially when they're covered with strawberry jelly.
  8. You are probably going to say no but will you trade one of those [Gallery Items] for [An Uncommon Item]?
    You're right. I am going to say no. Anything in the gallery is for GALLERY PURPOSES ONLY. If I start selling/trading them off, then what would the point be of having a gallery?
  9. I saw that you have the petpet Babyca. What is that? I looked it up on the petpet listing at the Rainbow Pool and didn't find it. Is that some kind of cooking pot creation?
    Actually, the babyca is just an extremely rare petpet... when it first came out it cost 600,000 nps... It's now worth quite a bit more now that there are a variety of colors... It rarely comes out in the Petpet Shop since it is labeled as Rarity 97 (r97).
  10. Hi!
    Erm...Hello. Did you have something to ask me?

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I am not in the Beauty Contest for the time being.


Come to see what I look like, eh? Well, here's where I'll be placing images of Pyra and myself and a few rare screen shots of whatever I find out of the ordinary. Interested in submitting a picture of me and/or Pyra? Please neomail me via jalapenojelly.




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Whether he still keeps hunting me down or not, I'll probably never find out. However, I like to go by the saying Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer'. Granted I don't like or dislike my creator - I do like keeping tabs on his where-abouts, information on him, games that include him (whether for good or bad), and the gallery that Discomfort and I work together upon. If you know of anything that I've left out, please feel free to contact me with information. Please keep it as factual as possible. I hate going on wild-Gobbler Chases, especially when I'm not allowed to eat the Gobblers once I catch them.

Incidentally, I also include links to our shop, our section of the Trading Post, and to the Auction house. Any and all funds gathered from those places goes towards adding Dr. Frank Sloth items that we don't have into the gallery.

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