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Not really much of an update, I just changed a couple of words here and there because TNT's filters are really weird and claimed certain words were not allowed. You know, even though I was able to use those same harmless words just fine before the big transition in September. :/

Guide Look Familiar?

It's been published in the Neopian Times, although that particular version is very outdated. That guide was published in Fall 2009. Many years later, it could use an update. :P


Have you ever sat there, wondering how other people are awesome at customization and you aren't? Have you ever wondered what the secret is to a well-customized pet? Have you ever thought about what color socks Dragona thinks are tastiest?

Perhaps she likes a variety of flavors?

Well, I can't help you out with that last question, but I can certainly help you with the first two thoughts. I've been customizing my pets since the beginning of customization, and I've learned a lot about what makes a pet look good and what makes a pet look like it crawled out of a sewer. You know, there's more to the art of customization than slapping random items on your pet and going "AWW, ISN'T HE CUTE?!? LOOK AT THE WITTLE JUBJUB! HE'S SO CUTE, I COULD JUST EAT HIM UP!" Both I and the JubJub agree; not only is eating a JubJub absolutely disgusting, but you should put some thought into your pet's outfits so he or she doesn't look like the aftermath of an Exploding Pizza Pasty when you're done. If you want to avoid such horrible sights, you should definitely read on.

But wait, what is customization anyway? Is it a new flavor of Neocola?


*sigh* I guess this means I'll have to cover basics first...


A Brief History In Exactly 140 Words

On April 26th, 2007 (which by a sheer coincidence was also my 17th birthday), TNT introduced a new site feature that allows you to dress up your pets in all sorts of clothing. Now, as a long-time Neopets player, I was pretty excited about this feature. This was a feature that players had begged TNT for since the beginning of time. Yes, even the cavemen wanted to dress their Neopets up in tutus and high heels. But TNT said they would never do it because of how much work would have to go into it. After a group of angry teens armed with torches and advanced math textbooks raided TNT headquarters, they gave in and began working on Customization, the art of dressing up your pets in ridiculous outfits. See kids? Violence is the answer!*

*Violence is not the answer.


Your Closet And You

Before you can customize, you'll need some wearables. Wearables are the many items that you can use to dress up your pet. There are literately THOUSANDS of them, and in fact the selection can be quite overwhelming. Unfortunately TNT never compiled a complete list of all the wearable items in Neopia, but fortunately places like Jellyneo and Dress To Impress (more on this later) have listed all the wearables you need to know about, as well as the ones you don't need to know about. You can also tell if an item is wearable or not by looking at the item image. See the little clothes hanger next to this t-shirt?

If you see that clothes hanger next to any item, that means it's wearable! Now to actually wear that item, you need to put it in your closet. The closet is where you store all of your pets' clothing so that you can add them to your pet in Customization. To move clothes into your closet, just put the item in your inventory. When it's in your inventory, click on the item, select "Put in your closet" from the drop-down list, and it's added to your closet! You can also use Quick Stock if you want to add many wearables to your closet. If you ever want to take an item out of your closet for any reason, just visit the closet and remove the items the same way you'd move an item out of your Safety Deposit Box.

You don't want your closet looking like this, do you?

For the most part, it doesn't matter what color your pet is painted, it should be able to wear anything designed for that particular species (more on this later). However, owners of certain colors will find that their pets' clothing options have been severely limited. Due to the unique body shapes of pets painted Baby, Mutant, Maraquan, or 8-Bit, as well as the various fruit/vegetable Chias, most Invisible pets (Kougras and Bruces are popular exceptions), and Unconverted Pets (more on this later) cannot wear most normal clothing. For the most part they're restricted to backgrounds, background items, foreground items, etc. In the case of Baby, Mutant, and Maraquan, TNT has made special clothing that can only be worn by them. The "Masks Of Dread" released in October 2011 and October 2012 can be worn by babies, mutants, Maraquans, and "normal" colors alike.

Here's some of the other special items for pets painted Baby, Mutant, and Maraquan!


Unconverted Pets

I mentioned something about Unconverted Pets before. Unconverted, or UC pets are a very unique situation. You see, in order to make this Customization thing work, TNT had to redraw all the pets to share a common pose. That meant Faerie Xweetoks, which previously flew gracefully in the air, would no longer fly. Grey Kacheeks, which usually sat down and looked at the ground, were going to have to stand up. And Darigan Krawks, previously on the heavier side, would have to go on a diet in order to be as slim as the other Krawks. It's a shame too, because I personally liked the old, bigger Darigan Krawk.

See the difference? Left is the original version, Right is the new version. Hideous change if you ask me.

But there was good news. TNT knew how mad people would get if their precious pets were automatically converted to the new artwork, so, fearing another mob of angry teens with torches and advanced math textbooks, they gave some players an option to choose whether or not they wanted to convert their pet to the new style. The pets that were given an option were the ones that TNT felt had the most dramatic redraws, such as the previously mentioned Faerie Xweetok, Grey Kacheek, and Darigan Krawk. The more basic pet designs were automatically converted. Although many people did convert their pets, many others chose to keep the old looks. The main advantage to keeping the old look is that some consider the old art to be better. Unfortunately you can't turn a pet into a UC pet, so currently the only way to get one is by venturing out onto the Neopian Pound boards and look for someone to trade pets with, and people are rather picky these days. Good luck trading imalittleteapot421475 the Blue Usul for that UC Faerie Draik you've always wanted.

Bet you can't get me!

Bear in mind also that if you're lucky enough to have a UC pet and you intend on keeping them that way, NEVER click the "Convert" button. There's no way to undo this action.


How To Get Wearables

Of course you need to get wearables from somewhere. They don't just come from outer space, right? ...Well, I guess some of the space-themed wearables do, but that's besides the point.

There are four types of wearables:

Neopoint: These are clothes that can be purchased with your Neopoints (NP for short). The main place wearables are sold in official Neopian shops are Uni's Clothing, run by an ironically not fashionable Uni and Mystical Surroundings which specializes in backgrounds. Wearables have also been known to be sold at Ugga Shinies and Cog's Togs to name a few. TNT even gives out wearables as prizes from site events and plots! Just remember that not everything might be wearable, so do your research before you buy! Of course if you can't find what you're looking for in the main shops or you didn't meet the requirements to get that special prize, try searching the Shop Wizard, the Auctions, or the Trading Post.

Let's go on a shopping spree!

You'll probably notice that many NP wearables have the name of a species in them, such as Lutari Aviator Jacket and Elegant Kacheek Warrior Cape. These are usually Species Wearables and can only be worn by the species featured in the name of the item. In our two examples, Lutari Aviator Jacket can only be worn by a Lutari and Elegant Kacheek Warrior Cape can only be worn by a Kacheek. (A couple of items such as Purple Cybunny Pyjamas and Kreludan Grundo Slippers aren't actually species wearables, they were just named that because the item looks like the species in question.)

Other species wearables include Dark Buzz Wig, On The Go Cybunny Dress, and Bori Miner Trousers.

Can't afford anything for your pet? Well that stinks, doesn't it? Thankfully you may be able to pick up some free clothing at the Second-Hande Shoppe. This place works just like the Money Tree, except it's exclusively for wearables! If you don't see anything, just refresh until you do. Most of what you'll see in here tends to be dirt-cheap stuff somebody else declared to be "junk", but on occasion you might see someone donate a somewhat higher-priced item. That being said, don't expect all of your wearables to come out of this place.

Neocash: These clothes are sold in the NC Mall, which requires Neocash to buy. Neocash can be purchased from a store like Gamestop, Toys R' Us, and CVS or by using a credit card (the main difference is that redeeming an NC card rewards you with gift boxes and possibly bonus prizes). Due to business-related and legal-related issues, NC may unfortunately not be available in all countries. If you do live in a country with NC access but can't actually buy NC for any reason, the good news is that TNT occasionally gives out free stuff from the NC Mall or may offer free NC items as prizes from various site events. For instance, those who participated in Altador Cup VI were given a free Wonderclaw widget. If you're lucky, you can also win free NC from Qasalan Expellibox.

Figures. The bag of NC is sparkly and the NP bag isn't.

Sometimes, NC items are limited edition and are only given out as bonus prizes from Mystery Capsules or similar items. Additionally, NC items sometimes retire, meaning that they are no longer obtainable from the NC Mall at all. In this case you may want to look into NC trading. If you have gift boxes, you can try swapping NC items with other players. This is something that's better explained by the regular NC traders. Just remember, YOU MAY NOT TRADE NC ITEMS FOR NEOPOINTS, NP ITEMS, OR PETS, OR VICE VERSA. NC trading is for NC items only.

Anyone caught trading NC for Neopoints, NP items, or pets can and WILL be frozen, so don't do it and this guy won't knock down your door.

And while some people are generous and use their gift boxes to give NC items away for free, by no means should you ever beg for NC items. (Actually you shouldn't beg for anything, but begging for NC items is an even worse idea.)

Still looking for free NC items? Recently TNT released a special NC item called the NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie. Its description reads "When opened, you will be able to donate a select number of NC items in exchange for NC, NC items, or NP items for 4 days". But where do the donated NC items go? Well, if the donated item originally cost 100 NC or less and is currently still available in the NC Mall, it goes to the Money Tree! That's right, it's also possible to get free NC items from the Money Tree! They tend to go VERY fast though, so be quick!

Paint Brush Clothing: Did you know paint brushes sometimes come with their own special clothes? It's true! When you paint your pet colors such as Desert, Halloween, Royal, and a few others, they also get a nifty set of clothes to wear! The great thing about PB clothes is that the clothes can be used on any pet of the same species (minus Baby, Mutant, Maraquan, etc.), so your White Draik can wear the Christmas Draik Shoes, the Royal Boy Draik Trousers (even if your Draik is a girl!) and any other PB clothes you have for Draiks! Once you have PB clothes they're yours to keep, so once you get the PB clothes feel free to paint that pet a different color.

A Pirate Grundo wearing the Desert Grundo clothing. Just one of a gazillion things you can do!

Please note that PB clothing cannot be removed from your closet unless you transfer a pet painted that particular color. So for instance, if you transfer a Halloween Scorchio, one full set of Halloween Scorchio clothes will transfer with the pet. Pets that are pounded don't take their PB clothes with them. Instead the clothes will remain in the original owner's closet. The new owner unfortunately won't have the PB clothes.

Where are my clothes?!?

Codes: In some cases TNT releases special wearables that you'll get by redeeming a code on the site. You can find the "Burger King Codes" on this page. Since all of the items given out from the Canadian BK codes are marked as No Trade (meaning it's been made physically impossible to sell or trade), these codes are safe to use on your side accounts! You probably don't have the US BK codes as they were from eons ago, but if you do have them keep in mind that those are one-use and can only be used on your main account.

There are also codes that can be entered at the Grundo Warehouse which TNT released for various occasions. They are:

NTKTHANKS: The Way To Adventure Sign Post (among other things)
FB100KFANPOBFG: Piles Of Books Foreground (Might not work anymore, can someone confirm?)
200KFBPRIZECOPPMU: Copper Mustache
YOOYUBALL2011: Yooyuball Stuck in a Tree
COMICCON2011: Steam Defusing Goggles

Of these four, Steam Defusing Goggles is the only one marked as No Trade and is therefore the only one you can use on a side account. The other three should be for your main account only, ESPECIALLY the NTTHANKS code.

UPDATE: The NTKTHANKS code maaaaay not work anymore. If you never redeemed the code I'd appreciate if you try it (remember, main accounts only!) so I can get additional confirmation. Thank you chuckie001 for letting me know!

Two other codes existed but don't appear to work anymore. They were FB25KFANS for Storybook Background and FB50KFANSHLD for Shiny Silver Neopets Shield. It's likely that they were deactivated once TNT reached the next Facebook fan milestone. (Given that, you may want to use these codes ASAP in the event TNT deactivates these as well.) Storybook Background unfortunately is a No Trade item so if you missed out on that background there's no way to get it. Shiny Silver Neopets Shield is NOT a No Trade item and can easily be bought from somebody on the Shop Wiz.


Try Before You Buy

Unfortunately TNT has yet to implement any feature that allows you to try on a wearable before you buy it, save for the one in the NC Mall (and that's only usable for items currently buyable in the mall). TNT does provide previews of new wearables in the New Features, but it's not helpful for planning out a whole outfit (and who wants to go digging through years of news archives to see all the previews anyway?!).

The good news is that customization fans have taken it upon themselves to make places where you can preview nearly all the clothes you want! The most popular are Dress To Impress (often abbreviated as D2I or DTI) and the Jellyneo Wardrobe. SunnyNeo now also has a similar tool called The Dressing Room. As long as someone has modeled that particular wearable on that particular species, you'll be able to try it out on your pet!

You can find links to all three sites right here.


What Are Item Zones?

Item Zones are assigned to all wearables. This determines how clothing is layered and prevents people from stacking five hats on top of their poor pet's head. Only one item can go in a zone at a time (with a few weird exceptions; this mainly applies to Markings and, in the case of quads, Right-Hand Items). The full list of item zones looks something like this:

Background: Without one of these, you're just gonna have a blank white canvas behind your pet. To quote the background saleswoman at the NC Mall, "Why wear white when you can wear Kreludor?!
Background Item: Don't get confused. A Background Item also appears behind your pet, but in front of the background. Think of it as a "Background Enhancer".
Backpack: Every good adventurer or school girl should have one of these on their back.
Belt: Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground? You might want one of these.
Collar: Scarves and capes and boas, oh my!

That's not the kind of boa I meant, but it is zoned as a collar item.

Earrings: Earrings are always a nice touch. Not just for girls, either!
Foreground: These scenery items will go in front of your pet.
Glasses: Glasses sometimes make a pet look smart, or just downright dorky. You'll also find eye-changing contacts under this category!
Gloves: Made popular by iconic Disney character Mickey Mouse.
Hat: Not only will you find a great variety of hats, you'll also see wigs in this category! Too bad wigs don't have their own category.
Higher Foreground Item: As the name implies, these scenery items are often placed higher up.
Hind Cover: Well what do you know, pets can wear stuff on their tails, too! Assuming they have one, anyway.

That's the last place I'd ever expect anyone to wear a belt.

Jacket: Bundle up if it's getting cold, or just use these to look cool.
Left-Hand Item These items are held in your pet's hand. It's actually their right hand, but it's your left.
Lower Foreground Item: Wow, more scenery items?!? These go behind vanilla Foreground items.
Markings: There's technically two Markings zones. One is for your pet's arm/foreleg, the other is for your pet's face. Either way it adds some nice decoration to your pet.
Music: This isn't actually something you can physically see on a pet, of course. Adding a music track allows sound to be played while people view your pet's lookup. I find it rather pointless and in fact TNT hasn't made a new music track in forever.
Necklace: How about some fine jewelry for your pet to wear? Keep in mind that Necklace items appear under Jacket and Collar.

I said fine jewelry, not menacing skulls. Oh well, that works too I guess.

Right-Hand Item: Did you know there are more right-hand items than left-hand items? Did you know it's only called Right-Hand Item because it's your right but it's actually the pet's left? Therefore I believe there are more lefties than righties in Neopia.
Shirt/Dress: No shirt, no shoes, no service. Also nice to have underneath your jacket.
Shoes: No shirt, no shoes, no service. Also nice to have so you don't hurt your feet when you walk.
Sound Effects: See Music.
Thought Bubble: The concept behind this was that there would be pictures inside the thought bubble and it would express that your pet was thinking about something. To be honest they were really distracting, and TNT hasn't made one of these in forever since they're rather unpopular.
Trousers: This category also includes skirts.
Wings: If your pet lacks wings and wants to fly, give them a pair of wings to wear!

Look at you, soaring majestically through the sky. Like an eagle. Piloting a blimp.

Well that just about covers basics. Now that you know a bit more about customization, we can start dressing up our pets! Yay!

I promise you, they won't look anywhere near as creepy as Rosie.


Choosing A Species

The first thing you need to decide on, of course, is what species you're going to customize. Everyone has their own different opinion of what is or isn't fun to customize, but veteran customizers have noted that certain types of species are easier than others.

Bipeds: Species that stand on two feet and have two arms to use for holding on to items fall under this category. This group is often considered the easiest as they're more "human-like" in a sense. The way wearables are worn on bipeds just looks better for some reason. Exceptions do exist of course, but this all comes down to opinion.

Quadrupeds: Species that walk on all fours are called quadrupeds. Because they don't have any free limbs to hold on to items with, often times a hand-held item will simply lie next to the pet... or sometimes just sorta stand upright on its own, as if the pet is using psychic powers to keep it held up. Between this and the way wearables generally look on quads, this group is usually considered trickier than the bipeds.

Interesting to note is that unlike most quads, the Acara, Cybunny, and Xweetok do in fact have one free paw that they use in order to hold on to items.

No Feet?: Pets that don't have any feet at all can be even weirder to customize. Sure they have something to hold items with, but trousers and shoes often look kinda funny on them. The trousers sorta become "Tail Cover Part 1" and the shoes are "Tail Cover Part 2". Many people who customize these sorts of species like to forget about shoes entirely. Pets that lack feet are often considered even more difficult (although the Hissi is rather popular).

Jubjubs And Kikos: Jubjubs are mostly armless. Kikos are footloose. They also happen to be shaped like potatoes, making them quite a challenge to customize! Not impossible by any means, but for those who want to get a feel for customization first it may be best to avoid these two species until you get the hang of things.

Vandagyres: Neopia's newest species, the Vandagyre may arguably be the most difficult species to customize. Why is that? Aren't they bipeds? Shouldn't they be easy to dress up? Well, in theory, they should. The problem is, the vast majority of wearables predate the Vandagyre and were never retrofitted for the new species. As such, there are relatively few wearables they can wear. On the bright side, any wearable released after November 14th, 2014 (and isn't a species wearable, of course) is wearable by the Vandagyre. Don't get your hopes up for the older wearables to become wearable by Vandagyres, though. TNT has stated that they have no plans on retrofitting any of the old wearables.

In the end, the most fun species to customize will probably be the one you always loved before you started customizing.


Giving Your Pet A Theme

Anybody can throw together a few clothes and call it a day, but can you make your pet's customization tell a story? One of the most popular things customizers like to do with their pets is come up with a theme for their outfit. Is your pet an adventurer? A spy? A wizard? An athlete? A report-happy n00b that shoves another report form in TNT's face every five seconds? Whatever the case may be, give them the right clothes to bring out your pet's true character!

Here I've dressed up my Buzz as some kind of a hunter or adventurer. He's got a bow, some arrows, some tough-looking clothes, and a Daring Adventurer Hat. Ready to brave the elements!

Basing your outfits off of video game characters, book characters, etc. is a fun idea, although it can be very difficult to execute properly since the exact clothes don't always exist. These were my attempts to recreate Eddie Wachowski from the snowboarding video game SSX Tricky and a fireman from the Ray Bradbury book Fahrenheit 451. Anyone familiar with either of these can see I've had to take a few liberties here to get the point across.

Don't feel like your outfit has to have one strict theme in mind. While I had a traveling doctor in mind when I made this outfit, one friend of mine saw this as a sailor returning home and another friend thought this looked like a bratty kid. As long as the viewer can make some interpretation of what's going on, you have a good theme whether it was the intended theme or not.

This, however... Yeah I have no clue what this was supposed to be at all.

Themes are one of those things that can really add personality to your pet and one of the most fun things about customization. See what you can come up with!


Sets And Superpacks

TNT likes to release full ensembles of clothes with a common theme in mind. These are called Sets and Superpacks. The main thing that distinguishes the two is that a set refers to NP items while superpacks are from the NC Mall. These can be useful for those people who are having trouble coming up with an idea of what they want their pet to look like. Does your Lupe like the outdoors? You can use the Lupe Fishing Hat, Lupe Fishing Pole, and Lupe Fishing Shirt and...

Voila! Instant fisherman!

BUT before you call yourself a customization extraordinaire for giving your Lupe that entire set, just keep this in the back of your mind. You're using a premade outfit. If the set you're using is exactly what you want your pet to look like, that's fine, but don't go expecting any originality points for it. To truly stand out from the crowd, consider mixing and matching a variety of items from many different sets. Don't get caught up in the fact that it's called Lupe Fishing Hat, because it can be used for more than just fishing if you think outside the box.

In this example I did with my own Lupe, I used only the fishing hat from the fishing set and also used Pirate Lupe Shirt, Xandras Cunning Disguise, Khaki Trousers, Bigsby Shadingtons Wrench, Shields and Weapons Garland, Weapons Forge Background, and Fur-Trimmed Shoes. Together I formed some kind of a weaponsmith, mechanic, or however you may want to interpret it. Don't let an item's name make you think it can only be used for that specific theme.

tl;dr don't use full sets/superpacks if you want a truly unique look for your pet.


Too Much Or Too Little?

There may be over 20 item zones, but by no means should you ever use all of them at the same time. On the other hand you don't want to have too few items, or else your pet will look like a barren wasteland. It's a good idea to try and keep some sort of a balance so your pet is neither cluttered nor empty. I like to refer to the amount of wearables your pet has on as Density.

Eep! Is that supposed to be a Lutari? Looks more like a Cluttari to me.

What's this? Only three items total? This isn't a Grundo, this is a Grun-Don't.

Now that's better! He's wearing plenty of clothes but isn't suffocating in polyester and cotton.

How many wearables you should use in any customization is a judgement call you'll have to make for yourself. Typically I use at least six items but at most twelve, the latter of which is really only if I've been using a lot of small items that can hardly be seen or don't cover much of a surface area. "Enough" is something you'll have to decide on a case-by-case basis.


Color Coordination

Another thing to be careful of when you're customizing is the color scheme of your outfit and how it looks on you pet's base color. Base Color refers to what paint brush your pet is currently painted. So if you have a red Meerca their base color is red, if you have a wraith Korbat their base color is wraith, and so on and so forth. Keeping your pet's base in mind is important because, quite frankly, some colors just don't look good with others at all.

I can't remember the last time mold green and pretty pastel colors looked good together. Oh, that's right. They don't.

As you can plainly see, that looked awful. You also don't want to be using too many colors at the same time, like this.

Besides the total lack of any logical theme here, the sheer amount of colors in this is just dizzying. Let's see... Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple... Yeah that's a whole rainbow. It's not a pretty one either.

The best advice I can give you for good color coordination is to limit what colors you use and make sure each color is a compliment to the outfit as a whole and doesn't steal the entire spotlight.

Here's something much more controlled. Much of this outfit uses brown and black (which are great neutral colors that work in many scenarios), with some green to go with the trees in the background and a touch of gold to add interest. The purplish color in the sky doesn't go with anything that my Draik is wearing, but it doesn't matter. In this situation it really isn't invasive or gaudy.

As always, use your best judgement when you determine what colors look good with each other. If you're on the fence about something, it probably isn't the best choice.



Backgrounds may look great on their own, but sometimes it just... isn't enough. This is wear various foregrounds and background items come in to play. These scenery items may not be worn on your pet's body but they sure can add a lot of flavor!

Let's compare these two versions of the same outfit. The one on the left looks alright. Colors match. Theme is... up for interpretation but generally has an angry look to it. But add just one item; Shrubbery, and you get the version on the right, which makes the cliff less barren. This is just a basic example of how you could work with scenery.

Thanks to the different item zones, certain foreground elements can overlap each other! Old Cobwebs Foreground is zoned a Foreground, and Pile Of Logs Foreground is a Lower Foreground Item. Because they're in two different zones but are essentially in the same spot, you can accomplish that "Webs Over Logs" look you've always wanted, or the one you didn't realize you wanted until you saw you could do it. Experiment with all sorts of layering!

Now that you've got some ideas on how to use scenery items, you can come up with your own ideas. Get creative!


Last Minute Thoughts

Don't know where to begin? After you've bought some clothes, just start trying anything out! I mean, if it looks bad, take it off. But many times I come up with new ideas just by trying anything I have in my closet. You never know what will look good until you see for yourself.

If you still having trouble, don't be afraid to ask around for help! The Customization Boards are a great place to ask for advice. Sometimes one outfit ends up being a collaborative effort of one person trying something and another improving on what's already there.

This concludes our tour of the wonderful world of customization. Please make sure you throw all trash in the proper bins and be sure you have all personal belongings as we are not responsible for lost items. Don't forget to visit the gift shop on your way out! ...Oh, the gift shop is closed for renovations? Okay, skip the gift shop for now. Hopefully your trip has been enlightening, educational, and fun! And if it hasn't... too bad.


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