September 18, 2017

How fitting that since I lost my account May 2016, I receive it again shortly before my birthday in September. Maybe I have some birthday luck with TNT! Needless to say, I lost a lot from the hack, but was luckily spared with my NC and pets.

Heavily under construction for the time being.


Works in Progress
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About Kate

So you've stumbled on my page and you're interested in knowing a bit more? This is your page! Along with the Off and On Neo sections, you can see some quick stats about me, including what I like and don't like, interesting facts and things I can't live without.

Quick Stats

Name : Kaitlin
Nickname: Kate, Katee or Katie
Age : 20
Birthday: September 19
Timezone : Eastern (NST +3)
How Long I've played Neopets : On and off for 12 years
Accounts: trubiekatie - main, redeemyourself, turbulous

Likes & Dislikes

Likes Avocado, berries, salad, making buttons, The Hunger Games, Draiks, Jurassic Park, dinosaurs, tornadoes, traveling, chatting, green tea

Dislikes Stress, onions and olives, exams, drama, failing my expectations, sunburns, sweating, split ends, vacuuming, garbage, being sick, cheaters


Books: The Hunger Games series (especially Catching Fire) by Suzanne Collins, Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Divergent series by Veronica Roth

Movies: The Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, Free Willy, Twister, Inception

Foods: Avocado, Egg, Potato, Raspberries, Blueerries, Steak

Games: Yahtzee, Scrabble, Risk, Scattergories, Bridge

TV Shows: Lost, True Blood, Criminal Minds, The Office, The Newsroom, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things

On Neo

I found this site at age 9, when my friend in elementary school told me about it. I played so much when I was little, participating in the Meridell vs. Darigan war. I played off and on for the past 10 years, but trubiekatie is by far my most impressive account. This page just shows what I like to do on Neo.


Ever since they released avatars for participation in the Meridell vs. Darigan war, I have been collecting. Mind you, back then, avatars were released so frequently. I even had Petpetsitter and Freaky Factory - I guess getting older didn't help with those two! I do consider myself an avid collector, since I am constantly trying to get more that I'm missing. You can see the ones I'm missing in my goals section.


I actually didn't really 'try' for trophies until I met Greg and Surath. They had over 100 game trophies each, so it made me quite envious. After their awesome advice and help, I was able to get over 40 for myself. I honestly believe if they didn't motivate me, I'd have way less and I wouldn't be as knowledgable. I get most of my flash-game trophies on Reset Day (the 1st of every month).


I absolutely love trading NC and buying NP wearables for my pets. I got into customization as soon as I found out it existed and I have spent way too much on NC (I don't want to say). Since then, I've been trying to conserve how much NC I buy and limit it to items I really want. My favourite item that I own is my Altadorian Wig! You can see my tradelist on DTI here: //impress.openneo.net/user/1972-trubiekatie/closet.

Writing Contests

One of my favourite pastimes on Neo is to work on their writing contests - namely, poetry contest and Neopian Times. I do enter the Caption Contest infrequently (with the hopes of being selected for the avatar round). I find writing poetry pretty mindless and a great source of NP for me, while Neopian Times is both writing articles and drawing.

Pet Improvement

As an owner with many permanent pets, I am always working on improving them. This includes entering the Beauty Contest, reading, feeding gourmets and drawing. Some pets get stories and characters (/~Remind, /~Katniss), while others are my customizing pets.

Goal Summary

This is my way of tracking how I'm doing with accomplishing my overall goals. Dark grey goals are things that are completed, whereas light grey goals are something that I am working on.


Enter 2 Poetry Contests


+100 HSD for Dividant/Katniss


Restock 5 UBs

Status: 4/5

2 stamps albumed from Others II

Status: 1/2


1 stamp avatar

Restock 50 UBs

Status: 5/50

Enter all Poetry Contests

Status: On-going

Win 100 Poetry Contests

Status: 96/100

50 new stamps

Status: 12/50

5 new Neodeck cards

Status: 4/5


Own a UC RG or Faerie Draik

Obtain Avatar Collector


All pets have petpet

All characters have reference

Complete Remind's adoptables

Every pet has 1 BC trophy

Katniss wins Pet Spotlight

Finish NQI on Insane

Finish NQII on Insane


Have 100 game trophies

Train Dividant to max boosts

Have 200 million in the bank

Status: 105/200

Restock 200 UBs

Status: 163/200

Complete a stamp album

500 stamps

Status: 452/500

300 Neodeck cards

Status: 289/300


This is my way of tracking how I'm doing with accomplishing my tasks, avatars and more within Aethia.

Monthly Challenge

Aethia Challenges
Food Club Profit
Game High Scores
Restocks and Snipes - Unbuyable
Shop Upgrades
Aethia Posts
Battledome Codestones & Nerkmids
Closet Items
Neoquest I/II exp
Restocks & Snipes - Buyable
Shop Items

Leader Challenges

Earn 500K

Status: 387/500

Save 1M for new stamp

Status: 0/1,000

Sketch a new BC entry

Status: Unstarted

+200K FC Profits

Status: 0/200

+20 EA Jobs

Status: 0/20


Status: Unassigned


Goal Milestones

Restock an unbuyable worth 2M
Restock an unbuyable worth 1M
Restock an unbuyable worth 500k
Restock an unbuyable
Restock a r98
Restock a r97
Restock 200 unbuyables
Restock 100 unbuyables
Restock 50 unbuyables
Restock 20 unbuyables
Restock 10 unbuyables
Restock 1 unbuyable
Restock an unbuyable from Magic
Restock an unbuyable from Stamp
12 rows of trophies
11 rows of trophies
10 rows of trophies
9 rows of trophies
8 rows of trophies
7 rows of trophies
6 rows of trophies
5 rows of trophies
4 rows of trophies
3 rows of trophies
2 rows of trophies
1 row of trophies
500 stamps
450 stamps
400 stamps
350 stamps
300 stamps
250 stamps
200 stamps
150 stamps
100 stamps
50 stamps
300 Neodeck cards
250 Neodeck cards
200 Neodeck cards
150 Neodeck cards
100 Neodeck cards
50 Neodeck cards

Goal Progress

This is the massive list of goals I have and how far along I am to completing them. Once completed, they will be removed from here and put into my achievements.

Account Related

Have 100 game trophies //
Missing: here
Be published in the Poetry Contest 100 times //
Records: here
Have 200 million in the bank //
Finish NQI on Insane //
Complete a stamp album //
Closest: Sea Shells
Album 500 stamps //
300 Neodeck cards //
Finish NQII on Insane // COMPLETED
10x Neopian Times Champion (NT Star) // COMPLETED
Get the "Avatar Collector" avatar // COMPLETED
Restock 1000 UBs //

Pet Related

All character pets have a reference sheet //
Missing: Katniss
All pets have at least 1 BC gold //
Missing: Arayla, Dividant, Kohena, Mellra, Mereda, & Mizy
Complete Remind's adoptable set //
Train Dividant to 2,000 HSD //
Train Dividant to max boosts //
All pets have a petpet // Missing: Koka
Every pet has been notable once // Missing: Koka

Project Pages










My Neodeck | HST

Current Goal: 300 cards
Dream: 365 cards, gold trophy
Status: On-going


Game | Guide | Guide

Current Position: Normal Chapter 3 done
Status: Find pet to play Insane with

UC Draik

Project Page

Offer: BN/DN UC Tyrannian Draik
Status: On-going

Training Tracker


Strength: 513
Defence: 513
Health: 512
Strength: 540
Defence: 539
Health: 539


Strength: 69
Defence: 69
Health: 69
Strength: 88
Defence: 88
Health: 88






Here you can see the trophies I am working on or attempt to eventually have. Some are upgrades while some I will need to earn for the first time. Note: images contain links to the games.

New Trophies


Neopet Contests

Here you can track what I'm doing with the different writing related contest on Neo! This includes the Caption Contest, Poetry Contest and Neopian Times. I have a small list of ideas to generate my poetry submissions.

Trophy Count:

Caption Contest

Neopian Times

Poetry Contest

Storytelling Contest


Art Gallery


Major Achievements

One of my favourite avatars and FINALLY, on my second attempt, I can now call NT Writer mine.
June 20, 2014
My all time favourite avatar, Top Collector, which has been a goal in the making for years is done!
June 2, 2014
I have been slowly training pets over the years, but Dividant was the first pet to reach 1,000 HSD!
May 31, 2014
After years of trying, my 10x entry was finally published and I earned the NT Star avatar!
May 28, 2014
I put this off for a long time, but after playing one week, I beat Neoquest 2 on Insane!
May 16, 2014
After spending several million, on March 24th, Katniss finally had read enough Booktastic books!
March 24, 2014
I was shocked to get in two times to the elusive 1600th and 1700th Poetry Contests!
September 28, 2012 & June 2013
In a crazy adoption, I waited 3 months to find out I was chosen to adopt Katniss!!
August 8, 2012
I previously applied for Draiks, but in March, I was chosen to adopt my first Draik - Remind!
March 2012

Last Month's Achievements

Achievements by Date

  • 08/08/12 - Adopted Katniss O____O
  • 09/19/12 - Got my accounts back!! Hatched Mellra!
  • 09/28/12 - Accepted to 1600th Poetry Contest!!!
  • 03/24/14 - Katniss earned her Booktastic Honorary award!
  • 04/19/14 - Restocked my first UB!
  • 05/28/14 - NT Star avatar!!!
  • 05/31/14 - Dividant reached 1,000 HSD! 300 stamps! Published in Neopian Times
  • 06/02/14 - TOP COLLECTOR AVATAR!!
  • 06/20/14 - Neopian Times Writer avatar!!
  • 09/17/17 - Dividant reached 1,500 HSD!
  • 10/13/17 - Beauty Contest avatar, as nahara won gold! Wish granted
  • 10/20/17 - Katniss graduated pirate training school
  • 10/22/17 - Traded for Koka!

Current Family

This is my portal page for all my pets, with a brief checklist of what to do, their history/character, needed items and links to their lookups and/or petpages. Feel free to browse around!

Arayla (A-ray--la)

Arayla was the result of a trade because I love desert Draiks so much. She is merely meant for customizing and will not have a character. My hope would be for her to win the Customization Spotlight, but I do not have high hopes for that! If you ever have a great customization idea for her, don't hesitate to mail me or make a suggestion!

Lookup | Petpage

☑ Petpet
☑ Petpetpet
☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Dividant (Div-id-ant)

Dividant was my first morphed Draik and probably my favourite colour, besides Mereda. As my resident battledome pet, I am training her in the hopes she will one day be 1000HSD. Her character is a music box dancer, trapped in the darkness of the box, only to be freed with the crank of a key. Her name is an uncommon real word, meaning 'different' or 'distinct'.

Lookup | Petpage

☑ Petpet
☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy
☐ 2,500 HSD
☐ Max boosts

Katniss (Cat-niss)

Katniss is my second adopted Draik, thank you (x a million) to Kido. She is going to be based solely on the Hunger Games series, but with more detailed placed on her childhood. I've taken an angle that she was both born into her role as the rebel leader and given the best opportunity. Katniss is currently undergoing a major revamp, in terms of her petpage and lookup.

Lookup | Petpage

☑ Petpet
☑ Petpetpet
☐ Lookup
☐ Petpage
☐ Gourmet trophy
☐ Book trophy
☑ Booktastic trophy
☑ 1 BC Trophy

Kohena (Ko-n-ahh)

Kohena was the result of an extremely kind gift from my best neofriend Surath, who bought her paint brush, Draik egg and the foreground. Her character is still in the works (since she does not have a character petpage), but I wanted her to work in a garden. Doing what though, is still a thought. She will permanently hold The Draik Realm and will forever reside on turbulous, which has been deemed my Ladies account.

Lookup | Petpage

☑ Petpet
☑ Petpetpet
☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy

KokaKolaz (ko-kaa ko-la-zzz)

Text here

Lookup | Petpage

☐ Petpet
☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Mellra (Mel-rahh)

Mellra was my 20th birthday present from Surath!! Elise helped me with the name, which I think is stunning. I was so shocked, but so grateful to add another wonderful addition to my family. I have not decided on a quasi character yet, but she does host my button request site Oasis! I loved rainbow Draiks and this customization was the reason I wanted this Draik in particular. I absolutely love all the colours together.

Lookup | Petpage

☑ Petpet
☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Mereda (Mere-ee-dahh)

Mereda was a wonderful Christmas gift from Ken. She is my siren character - luring men to fulfill her loneliness from a former lover gone astray. She appears to these men's desires, but converts them to her merpeople. When they are no longer of use, she casts them aside.

Her name is a play on the word 'mer', French for 'sea'.

Lookup | Petpage

☑ Petpet
☑ Petpetpet
☐ Lookup
☐ 1+ BC Trophy

Mizy (mitt-zee)

Text here

Lookup | Petpage

☑ Petpet
☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Remind (Re-mind)

Remind was the first pet I ever applied for and was chosen to adopt (thank you Chia!). Her initial character (which was based off Inception) was in the works for a while before I actually adopted her. The week of May 4th, 2012, Remind placed 1st in the Draik category of the Beauty Contest.

Lookup | Petpage

☑ Petpet
☑ Petpet
☑ Character reference
☑ Petpage
☐ Lookup
☐ Pet Spotlight
☑ 1 BC Trophy

Dream Pets

This is my list of pets I am currently working to saving, trading or applying for! For the higher tied UCs, I am currently offering JadedEmeraldKisses the UC Tyrannian Draik.

To see my project page, please visit /~KokaKolaz!

Neoboard Fonts


Altador Cup Tracker


Let It Go - Idina Menzel

Snowman - Sia

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


King of My Heart - Taylor Swift

Sunny - Boney M

Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

Lucky Ones - Lana Del Ray

Ultraviolence - Lana Del Ray

Counting Stars - One Republic

39 - Queen

Who We Are - Imagine Dragons

Elastic Heart - Sia

Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys

Little Talks - Of Monsters & Men

Video Games - Lana Del Rey

Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey

Drive By - Train

No Beef - Afrojack & Steve Aoki

It's Working - MGMT

The Way - Fastball

Silhouettes - Of Monsters and Men

Blue Jeans - Lana Del Ray



Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Katniss [1]

Katniss [2]

Top Collector

Gifted Art

I wanted to admire all the art I've collected for my pets over the years. A massive thank you to all of those that have gifted me art - I really do appreciate at it!

Favourite Sites

These sites are my bread and butter - I would be utterly lost without them! They give me inspiration, help and ideas. Some I use more than others, while some I simply admire. You should definitely check these out and bookmark them!


Garet's FC Page

Favourite Sites

Other Portfolios


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