April 16th, 2014

I feel bad I haven't updated my blog in a while, but I'm quite certain no one reads them anyway! I changed the layout so now the blog is one massive one that just flows through. I'll delete the sort of boring ones as we go on. The monthly event in Ambition is going really well and I think it's pushing everyone to work on things this month. Basically, we are working on goals in an exponential manner - I assign a task and for every completed one, it becomes increasingly more difficult. You can see the output (little progress graphs) on /~Evgeny. Some people are doing amazing! Nahara is in the BC this week, but he's guaranteed at least 3rd. I should try to advertise a bit more, but I've been so lazy. I'm leaving for Europe next Tuesday for two weeks!

September 20th, 2012

I had just come back from my birthday dinner, after having a great time with my real life friends and celebrating with my neofriends and I saw that. I had received a response on Friday that had made me upset for the future of my account and then that.

Almost exactly 6 months later, I got my main and esteemed back. I was so giddy, excited to have my pets, NC, items and accomplishments back. I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me in this amazing time. I also really want to thank Tony for believing in me!

Needless to say, my accounts are kind of a mess! My userlookups are outdated and even parts of my portfolio need to be changed. But, I'd gladly take that for having a frozen account!!

Surath gifted me the absolutely BEAUTIFUL Mellra to host my future button requests site :D I am so, so grateful to have such a wonderful friend. Thank you so much love, along side your other crazy amount of gifts. I can't begin to say how much I appreciate it.

Effie is helping me paint Katniss!! If TNT lets me keep the Red Draik Morphing Potion, I can finally let Katniss be the Woodland Draik she was meant to be! THANK YOU SO MUCH EFFIE! I was so shocked, I don't deserve it at all!

School is super stressful, so I had to tone down my goals. Now that I have my main back, I'll try to do a combination of avatar/trophy/drawing/writing goals. I'm so excited!!

Since leaving TNP, I've lost a lot of people I thought were my friends. I don't ever know if they'll see this, but I guess I will say I know what you've said/think about me and I'm not sure I understand why. Thank you to those people who have supported me through thick and thin. ♥

August 8th

Some days you wake up and you don't feel good. That was me today. I felt sick and so weird I decided to work from home. I did a lot of Neo stuff, like opening the Games Bloc and convincing a friend to apply for TNP. I updated my portfolio (this is round two) and I did a really thorough sweep of F&A. I talked to Surath for the majority of today.

At 1:21 PM, I received a neomail from Kido, a good friend and Katniss' owner (who I had applied for), saying that Katniss' owner was going to be chosen today. I was eager and nervous, but in all honesty, I really had believed that if I wasn't chosen, I'd be okay. Kido and I really befriended over the entire process and I think I'm walking away a better person because of her. She's so nice and friendly, it's hard not to like someone like her.

We chatted, waited for some of the other finalists and when it came close to announcing the winner, I felt sick to my stomach. I've been rejected for pets before, but nothing is more exhilarating/terrifying than waiting to hear, when it's so close you can almost taste it. She said she would mail the owner and at 2:36 PM, I saw she had mailed me. My heart, already racing a mile a minute, began to panic. But I tried to reason that it could be a general mail to inform all the finalists a decision was being made.

Needless to say, I burst into tears, my hands shook and I fumbled to find the thank you I thought I had recited and rehearsed if I had been so lucky. I was lucky and I felt like jelly. I still sort of do, but I'm regaining composure. I've gotten a lot of support from my friends and very kind strangers, but none greater than Kido herself. My heart goes to all the Katniss applicants and the finalists. I want to clone her and share her all with you, but I can't. I hope you continue to follow her story and her changes as she grows with me.

I nervously accepted her to my account redeemyourself and I stared. I wanted to customize her a bit, but being Baby has it's draw backs. I found a starter Red paint brush (fitting for a cheap colour!), put some clothes on and I stared. I'm still staring. I also moved my application to her page, so if anyone is curious, they can see it. I'm thinking of re-doing the layout and saving that image for her first BC entry when she's a Woodland Draik, but I'm unsure.

I hope that anyone who reads this knows that I am so grateful and I am such a believer that anything is possible. I used to stalk Katniss so much and was always so sad to see 'Never UFT/UFA.' My luck changed and I hope I can do what Kido did for me to someone else. Thank you to everyone for all your help and all your love/support. When I forget there are good people in the world, I think of you. Kido, if you see this, just know I can't ever express how I'm feeling to you. I cannot thank you enough.


Works in Progress
Recently Achieved

About Kate

So you've stumbled on my page and you're interested in knowing a bit more? This is your page! Along with the Off and On Neo sections, you can see some quick stats about me, including what I like and don't like, interesting facts and things I can't live without.

Quick Stats

Name : Kaitlin
Nickname: Kate, Katee or Katie
Age : 20
Birthday: September 19
Timezone : Eastern (NST +3)
How Long I've played Neopets : On and off for 10 years
Accounts: trubiekatie - main, redeemyourself, inapposite, turbulous, esteemed

Likes & Dislikes

Likes Avocado, berries, salad, making buttons, The Hunger Games, Draiks, Jurassic Park, dinosaurs, tornadoes, traveling, chatting, green tea

Dislikes Stress, onions and olives, exams, drama, failing my expectations, sunburns, sweating, split ends, vacuuming, garbage, being sick, cheaters


Music: Electronic, Alternative, Pop, Top 20/Mainstream

Bands/Artists: MGMT, OVERWERK, The Beatles, Coldplay, Dragonette, Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk

Songs: Kids by MGMT, Buzzin by OVERWERK, 12:30 by OVERWERK, Time by Hans Zimmer, Deep Shadow by T.T.L., Who We Are by Imagine Dragons, Elastic Heart by Sia

Books: The Hunger Games series (especially Catching Fire) by Suzanne Collins, Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Divergent series by Veronica Roth

Movies: The Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, Free Willy, Twister, Inception

Foods: Avocado, Egg, Potato, Raspberries, Blueerries, Steak

Games: Yahtzee, Scrabble, Risk, Scattergories, Bridge

TV Shows: Lost, True Blood, Criminal Minds, The Office, Glee, The Newsroom, Breaking Bad

Interesting Facts

  1. I have had 3 major jaw surgeries on my mouth
  2. I once said 'brb' to a friend and went to France for a week
  3. I have been to Europe over 10 times
  4. I've been tandem hang-gliding
  5. I've run a half-marathon
  6. I pull my hair/eyebrows/eyelashes out (an awful bad habit)
  7. I once scored 345 in Yahtzee (considering it's out of 375, that's in the top 5% of all scores)
  8. I gave props to a police officer once
  9. I have been skydiving
  10. I collect glasses from around the world

On Neo

I found this site at age 9, when my friend in elementary school told me about it. I played so much when I was little, participating in the Meridell vs. Darigan war. I played off and on for the past 10 years, but trubiekatie is by far my most impressive account. This page just shows what I like to do on Neo.


Ever since they released avatars for participation in the Meridell vs. Darigan war, I have been collecting. Mind you, back then, avatars were released so frequently. I even had Petpetsitter and Freaky Factory - I guess getting older didn't help with those two! I do consider myself an avid collector, since I am constantly trying to get more that I'm missing. You can see the ones I'm missing in my goals section.


I actually didn't really 'try' for trophies until I met Greg and Surath. They had over 100 game trophies each, so it made me quite envious. After their awesome advice and help, I was able to get over 40 for myself. I honestly believe if they didn't motivate me, I'd have way less and I wouldn't be as knowledgable. I get most of my flash-game trophies on Reset Day (the 1st of every month).


I absolutely love trading NC and buying NP wearables for my pets. I got into customization as soon as I found out it existed and I have spent way too much on NC (I don't want to say). Since then, I've been trying to conserve how much NC I buy and limit it to items I really want. My favourite item that I own is my Altadorian Wig! You can see my tradelist here.

Running Sites

I love to run sites! I currently have 2 open: The Draik Realm (directory of UFA Draiks) and Oasis (button requests), with the hopes of launching Bijou, a jewel themed review site at some point. I previously ran The Drawing Board, a site geared at people working on their own pet characters. Many of my sites are on hiatus while I manage my guild, but the hope is to eventually restore them (but keep them more basic in updating, only once a week or so). It is too taxing to try to do everything!


I finally completed a long work in progress idea when I opened Ambition! It's my school-themed, goal oriented guild (you can find the webbie at /~Klau if you're interested in learning more). Since the inception in January 2014, we have around 20 members and are hoping to eventually double in size permanently. We have events, classes and a friendly, family loving community. They are some of the best gals I know!!

Writing Contests

One of my favourite pastimes on Neo is to work on their writing contests - namely, poetry contest and Neopian Times. I do enter the Caption Contest infrequently (with the hopes of being selected for the avatar round). I find writing poetry pretty mindless and a great source of NP for me, while Neopian Times is both writing articles and drawing (with the hope of both avatars).

Pet Improvement

As an owner with many permanent pets, I am always working on improving them. This includes entering the Beauty Contest, reading, feeding gourmets and drawing. Some pets get stories and characters (/~Remind, /~Katniss), while others are my customizing pets.

Off Neo

Despite what my stalker bar says, I do actually have a life outside of Neo! Funny, eh? I know it seems crazy, but I try to balance the best of both worlds. This is more of the specific stuff that I do that you can read about.

The Hunger Games

Holy kau, I'm obsessed. I've seen the movie over 10 times, and counting. I bought a pocket watch necklace that represents the movie (it has an arrow and Peeta's pearl), I've read the books twice each, and counting.

I think my favourite scene is Finnick in his boxers, and Boggs reporting that if the team thought they were impressed, they had just seen Finnick is less-than-usual clothes. Without being too much of a spoiler, I cry every single time Katniss volunteers and Prim is screaming for her to come back and when Rue died. When Katniss gives the three finger gesture to District 11, I am absolutely hysterical. I think it's just such a moving scene and the music swells, and omg, it is just too sad.


True Blood Ironically, this is where my username trubiekatie comes from (Trubie's are hardcore True Blood fans!). I am OBSESSED with this show and the books! I am a big Eric/Sookie shipper, but could live without Sookie if Eric was around. He is easily the most complex, yet amazing character on the show (and he's so good looking to boot!). Plus, it's an HBO show, so anything goes, which makes it amazing to watch (plus, who doesn't love legitimate 1 hour long episodes?!).

Lost This show really threw me emotionally. I am a big Jack and Kate fan, but I'm also very hopelessly devoted to Charlie/Claire. I have never cried so much over a show. This could possibly be one of the greatest television shows to ever air.

Glee The music is absolutely stellar and I think I have over 300 songs by the cast on my iPod. I also was fortunate to see them live in concert (about 20 rows away to boot!) and they were awesome. My favourite song they've ever sung is "Somebody to Love" by Queen. It was the last song they sung live and I couldn't have been happier.


Jurassic Park I love dinosaurs. And I love the actors in this movie. And I finally read the books my Michael Crichton. This movie is my favourite movie of all time. I can recite almost every line and I watch it all the time still. I don't care that I know what's going to happen, the dinosaurs and acting is superb. I love this movie.

Free Willy Who doesn't love a young kid trying to save an even more awesome orca whale? This movie is the epitome of my childhood. I tried to jump in the tank at Marineland to be with the orcas, I had shirts/stuffed animals, everything. I was obsessed. This movie still brings a smile to my face when I watch it.

Inception I think this movie is absolutely sick. It's so confusing, yet so well thought out. I am stunned by how crazy and awesome this movie is. Each character (especially Arthur and Eames) is perfect and the acting simply flawless. If you get lost, mail me and I'll sort you straight!

Goal Progress

This is my way of tracking how I'm doing with accomplishing my overall goals. Dark grey goals are things that are completed, whereas light grey goals are something that I am working on.

April Goals

Enter all Poetry Contests
900 HSD for Dividant
1 new NT submission
1 of Remind's adoptables
1 pet lookup art
Nahara BC attempt

Short-Term (2014)

Make 50 million NP
Restock a UB
Buy Nahara's petpetpet
Finish Remind's adoptables
1,000 HSD for Dividant
Complete all pet lookup art
NT Star and Writer avatars
Finish last row of trophies
Enter all day Poetry Contests
Enter all day Poetry Contests
Finish NQI on Evil
All Star in the Altador Cup


Own a UC Draik
All pets have petpet
All pets have petpetpet attached
All characters have reference
Complete Remind's adoptable set
Every pet has at least 1 BC trophy
Katniss wins Pet Spotlight
Obtain Avatar Collector
Finish NQI on Insane
Finish NQII on Insane
Have 100 game trophies
Train Dividant to max boosts
Win 100 Poetry Contests
Have 100 million in the bank
Complete a stamp album
400 stamps
300 Neodeck cards
Complete NC wishlist (external)
Complete NP wishlist (external)

Goal Progress

This is the massive list of goals I have and how far along I am to completing them. Once completed, they will be removed from here and put into my achievements.

Pet Related

All pets have a petpetpet //
Missing: Amorias, Dividant, Mellra & Nahara
All character pets have a reference sheet //
Missing: Katniss & Pradiva
All pets have at least 1 BC gold //
Missing: Arayla, Amorias, Dividant, Girex, Hiann, Kohena, Mellra, Mereda, Pradiva & Scallay
Complete Remind's adoptable set //
Train Dividant to 1,000 HSD //
Train Dividant to max boosts //
All pets have a petpet // COMPLETED
Every pet has been notable once // COMPLETED

account related

Get the "Avatar Collector" avatar //
Missing: here
Have 100 game trophies //
Missing: here
Be published in the Poetry Contest 100 times //
Records: here
Have 100 million in the bank //
Complete a stamp album //
Closest: Sea Shells
Finish NQI on Insane //
Finish NQII on Insane //
Album 400 stamps //
300 stamps //


This is the list of avatars I currently need. As I decide to work on achieving them, I will move them into Monthly Goals instead. Yellow is one I am actively working on and grey is an avatar that is likely not going to happen.





Here you can see the trophies I am working on or attempt to eventually have. Some are upgrades while some I will need to earn for the first time. Note: images contain links to the games.

New Trophies


Writing Contests

Here you can track what I'm doing with the different writing related contest on Neo! This includes the Caption Contest, Poetry Contest and Neopian Times. I have a small list of ideas to generate my poetry submissions.

Trophy Count:

Caption Contest

Neopian Times

Poetry Contest

Storytelling Contest



This is my page of my achievements to date! Once I begin to complete some of my goals, I'll list them here, underneath the main achievements I have. If you ever need help with anything, feel free to ask!

Achievement Screenshots

Last Month's Achievements

Achievements by Date

  • 08/08/12 - Adopted Katniss O____O
  • 08/28/12 - Created Pradiva!
  • 09/19/12 - Published in Poetry Contest. Got my accounts back!! Mellra created!
  • 09/19/12 - Published in Poetry Contest. Assignment 53 & Battle Faerie avs!
  • 09/22/12 - Top Gamer avatar!
  • 09/28/12 - Accepted to 1600th Poetry Contest!!! So shocked!
  • 10/02/12 - Painted Katniss Woodland! Earned Attack of the Slorgs bronze!
  • 10/27/12 - Got Neggbreaker avatar!
  • 12/27/12 - Got wish granted from Wishing Well!
  • 01/20/13 - Upgraded Cellblock to gold!
  • 01/21/13 - Dungeon Dash CHAMPION!!!
  • 01/29/13 - Upgraded Caption Contest trophy and wish granted!
  • 02/01/13 - Hannah and the Pirate Caves CHAMPION!!! Published in Poetry Contest and NT. Lost Tomb avatar!
  • 02/02/13 - Word Poker CHAMPION!!! Dice Escape CHAMPION!!!
  • 02/04/13 - Runner up at Poker and published in Poetry Contest
  • 02/07/13 - Wish granted!
  • 02/08/13 - Raiders of Maraqua avatar + trophy! Published in NT, wish granted and BC gold for Nahara
  • 02/09/13 - Richer avatar!
  • 02/12/13 - Discarded Grundo avatar!!
  • 02/15/13 - Published in Neopian Times
  • 03/04/13 - Third place in Random Contest!
  • 03/14/13 - Published in Poetry Contest and Art Gallery
  • 03/19/13 - Published in Storytelling Contest
  • 04/05/13 - Published in Neopian Times
  • 04/15/13 - Wheel of Knowledge avatar!!
  • 04/22/13 - Published in Poetry Contest. Obelisk avatar!
  • 04/23/13 - Wish granted!
  • 04/26/13 - Wish granted and published in Poetry Contest!
  • 05/02/13 - Math's Nightmare avatar! Meepit vs Feepit, Imperial Exam and Legends of Pinball trophies
  • 05/09/13 - Thieves Guild avatar and site theme!
  • 05/11/13 - Sahkmet Solitaire Bonus CHAMPION!!!
  • 05/20/13 - Received a FFQ!!
  • 05/16/13 - The Order avatar and site theme!
  • 05/26/13 - Completed NQ2 on Evil!
  • 06/02/13 - The Buzzer Game CHAMPION!!! Silver in Itchy Invasion, Roodoku, Terror Mountain Tilt and Petpetsitter, Bronze in Jumpin' Gem Heist
  • 06/03/13 - Kookia CHAMPION!!! Brute Squads avatar + site theme!
  • 12/13/13 - Goparokko & Freaky Factor avatars!!!
  • 12/17/13 - Snow Roller avatar!
  • 12/18/13 - Snow Wars II, Petpetsitter AND Spacerocked avatar!! Published in Poetry Contest
  • 12/19/13 - Petpetsitter CHAMPION!!! Published in Poetry Contest
  • 12/20/13 - Published in Poetry Contest & Neopian Times
  • 01/02/13 - Third in The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth, Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure & Invasion: Blatoids!
  • 01/03/13 - Third in Gwyl's Great Escape!
  • 01/05/13 - Destruct-O-Match avatar!!!
  • 01/06/13 - Published in Poetry Contest
  • 01/13/13 - TYPING TERROR AVATAR!! Published in Poetry Contest
  • 01/14/14 - Second in Typing Terror!
  • 01/15/14 - Third at the Neopian Lottery!
  • 01/17/14 - FINALLY bought Star Gazing Background!
  • 01/21/14 - Second in the Caption Contest!
  • 01/26/14 - Published in the Poetry Contest
  • 01/27/14 - Dividant reached 700 HSD!!
  • 01/28/14 - Published in the Poetry Contest
  • 02/02/14 - Cheeseroller CHAMPION!!! Silver in Dice of Destiny and Illusens Glade, Third in Feed Florg
  • 02/26/14 - Dividant reached 250 level!
  • 03/03/14 - Published in Poetry Contest
  • 03/04/14 - Upgraded Techo Says to gold!
  • 03/09/14 - Published in Poetry Contest
  • 03/10/14 - Published in Neopian Times!
  • 03/12/14 - Published in Poetry Contest
  • 03/15/14 - Published in Poetry Contest
  • 03/23/14 - Dividant reached 800 HSD!
  • 03/24/14 - Katniss earned her Booktastic Honorary award!! Every pet has been notable!
  • 03/26/14 - Published in Poetry Contest
  • 03/27/14 - Published in Poetry Contest
  • 03/31/14 - Richest avatar!
  • 04/01/14 - Third place at Geos and Armada! Published in Poetry Contest
  • 04/02/14 - Third place at Lost City Lanes! Upgraded Gourmet Club Bowls to silver
  • 04/06/14 - All pets have a petpet!
  • 04/10/14 - Wish granted!
  • 04/11/14 - Published in Poetry Contest
  • 04/12/14 - Wish granted!
  • 04/15/14 - Published in Poetry Contest
  • 04/16/14 - Third Fountain Faerie Quest!!
  • 04/17/14 - Published in Neopian Times!

Current Family

This is my portal page for all my pets, with a brief checklist of what to do, their history/character, needed items and links to their lookups and/or petpages. Feel free to browse around!

Amorias (Ahh-more-ee-as)

☐ Lookup
☐ Petpage
☐ Petpetpet
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Amorias was my very first Draik, hatched July 15th, 2011. I painted her with my second FFQ (first which I used for the avatar) and she has gone through one character upheaval. Instead of being a regular plushie, she is now a socialite who's death sends her into a sideways dream, where she is seen as a plushie.

Arayla (Ar-eh-la)

☐ Lookup
☐ Petpet
☐ Petpetpet
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Arayla was the result of a trade because I love desert Draiks so much. She is merely meant for customizing and will not have a character. She is a serious work in progress!

Dividant (Divide-ant)

☐ Lookup
☐ Petpetpet
☐ 1+ BC Trophies
☐ 1,000 HSD

Dividant was my first morphed Draik and probably my favourite colour, besides Mereda. As my resident battledome pet, I am training her in the hopes she will one day be 1000HSD. Her character is a music box dancer, trapped in the darkness of the box, only to be freed with the crank of a key. Her name is an uncommon real word, meaning 'different' or 'distinct'.

Girex (Jeer-ex)

☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Girex was my first successful penny trade! I adore his nickname potential (Rex) and his character ties into this masculine name. Despite having stellar grades, an amazing social circle and almost uncanny athletic abilities, Rex is plagued by the problems within his home, frequently experiencing spells of depression. It's through his dreams with Remind and Nahara that he learns to adjust this problem.

Hiann (hi-anne)

☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Hiann was the first Draik I was able to trade for! I loved her name since it was extremely boyish, and fits perfectly with her character. She is a shapeshifter - with a twist. Instead of changing forms, she changes gender depending on her surroundings and present situation. She is based out of Shenkuu.

Hiann will forever host my Agenda, which is my site-related portfolio.

Katniss (Cat-niss)

☐ Lookup
☐ Petpage
☐ Gourmet trophy
☐ Book trophy
☐ 4+ BC Trophies

Katniss is my second adopted Draik, thank you (x a million) to Kido. She is going to be based solely on the Hunger Games series, but with more detailed placed on her childhood. I've taken an angle that she was both born into her role as the rebel leader and given the best opportunity. Katniss is currently undergoing a major revamp, in terms of her petpage and lookup.

Kohena (Ko-n-ahh)

☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Kohena was the result of an extremely kind gift from my best neofriend Surath, who bought her paint brush, Draik egg and the foreground. Her character is still in the works (since she does not have a character petpage), but I wanted her to work in a garden. Doing what though, is still a thought. She will permanently hold The Draik Realm and will forever reside on turbulous, which has been deemed my Ladies account.

Mellra (Mel-rahh)

☐ Lookup
☐ Petpetpet
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Mellra was my 20th birthday present from Surath!! Elise helped me with the name, which I think is stunning. I was so shocked, but so grateful to add another wonderful addition to my family. I have not decided on a quasi character yet, but she does host my button request site Oasis!

Mereda (Mere-ee-dahh)

☐ Lookup
☐ 1+ BC Trophy

Mereda was a wonderful Christmas gift from Ken. She is my siren character - luring men to fulfill her loneliness from a former lover gone astray. She appears to these men's desires, but converts them to her merpeople. When they are no longer of use, she casts them aside.

Her name is a play on the word 'mer', French for 'sea'.

Nahara (nah-harr-ahh)

☐ Lookup
☐ Petpetpet

Nahara is the first UC pet I ever was able to call my own, thank you kindly to my former best friend, Ken. When he quit, Nahara found home with me. He is a bustling, high-class lawyer with insomnia. His medication causes vivid dreams with an odd side effect.

Pradiva (Prahh-Dee-Vahh)

☐ Lookup
☐ Petpage
☐ 1+ BC Trophies

Pradiva was a character long in the works and finally hatched from the help of Amy! Her story follows as she makes the transition from the Gutters (the land of the impoverished) to the Lands (the area of the wealthy/beautiful) and as she changes from her innocent youthful self to a corrupt and deceptive woman. Her character was refined for an application for a Draik, but ultimately I wasn't chosen.

Remind (Re-mind)

☐ Lookup
☐ Pet Spotlight
☐ 4+ BC Trophies

Remind was the first pet I ever applied for and was chosen to adopt (thank you Chia!). Her initial character (which was based off Inception) was in the works for a while before I actually adopted her. The week of May 4th, 2012, Remind placed 1st in the Draik category of the Beauty Contest.

Scallay (Skal-ehh)

☐ Lookup
☐ 1 BC Trophy

Scallay is my third Draik, hatched myself at the beginning of Draik deflation. Her character, which began as a pirate, is in turmoil, I'll admit. I want her to remain a pirate, but I'm not sure of the backstory. I was potentially thinking of her as a spirit that corrupts pirate souls aboard a special ship, but it's just an idea.

Scallay's name comes from the pirate word 'scallywag'. Her page hosts Oasis's button portfolio!

Dream Pets

This is my list of pets I am currently working to saving, trading or applying for!


Ambition is a goal-oriented, school-themed guild that focuses on helping its pupils achieve success, meanwhile building enduring relationships with their peers and the community. We maintain a close-knit, family-like atmosphere, tons of activities and events, and a marks system that pays its students in gratuity and reward. I created the guild with the hopes of forming new friendships, continuing past ones, while we all collectively work towards our goals.

Guild Roles


In my role of President, I am the leader of Ambition. I look to help all students understand the guild, including the application process, help plan monthly events, meet with council and ensure the guild is running smoothly. I am in charge of maintaining the guild calendar and the member library. I also am in charge of trying to envision where things will go next. To keep everyone focused, I also run guild accolades, which are the Ambition awards.

I should always check that the guild calendar is 100% accurate every day and that the library is correct at least once a week. I must have the awards page continually updated with stickers and ensure that all plaques are correct.

Avatar Class Professor

With my love for avatar collecting, I am teaching the avatar class. I am in charge of creating new events every few months, ensuring that all students are registered and their marks are accurate. I must also ensure that I have stickers created for monthly events and on-going assignments. This page should be updated at least once a week and any major changes should have a mailer sent out to all student participants.

Stickers & Accolades

Here are all the stickers and awards I have earned to date! I am very grateful for all the support I've had from my fellow guildmates. Thank you all so much! ♥ Hover to see the requirement of the sticker.

My Report Card

Plaque Cabinet

Monthly Event




Host: Me
Page: here
Last Update: 04/10/14


Total: 380
+341; earn an avatar
+23; design a font
+1; lend an avatar item
+10; participate in event
+3; create avatar wishlist
+2; create font storage


Host: Heather
Page: here
Last Update: 04/10/14


Total: 171
+90; submit to contest
+80; win contest
+1; submit writing goal


Host: Chiara
Page: here
Last Update: 04/10/14
Looks: here


Total: 147
+5; create look book
+5; create wishlist
+12; add item to closet
+50; add to look book
+20; enter event
+8; vote in event
+15; win event
+30; notable pet
+2; catch notable


Host: Maryann
Page: here
Last Update: 04/10/14


Total: 150
+27; silver key
+84; gold key
+28; play KQ w/ guild
+6; add KQ token
+5; enter in guild tourny

Pet Improvement

Host: Bex
Page: here
Last Update: 04/10/14


Total: 315
+63; increase stat
+13; eat gourmet
+16; read book
+39 ; choose petpet
+39; choose petpetpet
+65; attach petpet
+50; attach petpetpet
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Gifted Art

I wanted to admire all the art I've collected for my pets over the years. A massive thank you to all of those that have gifted me art - I really do appreciate at it!


Meet my absolute divine friends from Neo! Some no longer are around the site (the former), but that doesn't mean they haven't left an impression on my life. These people make me laugh, cry and have given me more than I can ever express in words. I've really made some friends for life on this site and I hope that I will be able to meet some of them in the real world! I love you all so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Surath intimidated me. He had an amazing account and was so well respected. I forced myself onto one of his Bilge Dice boards and I actually thought he was a lot older than me. Turns out he isn't older or scarier than I originally thought. Turns out, in fact, that I love him so much it hurts. I talk to him every single day. And I don't just mean a quick 'Hey, how are you?'. I'm talking 5-10 hours of non-stop chatting. I don't know how either of us find time to do school work in all honesty, but we both are okay. I think we've bettered each other, in all our time of chatting, and I will always love him for that. We help each other out, when we hit low points, and I couldn't survive without him. I don't think I can really put into words how I really feel about him. My life revolves around him. I'm sad when we have to sleep or the internet isn't working. I'm sad we don't live in the same country and I can't see him every day after school. I'm sad there is useless distance between us by which we had no choice. I'm sad I can't give this guy the hugs I want to give him when he says the kindest things to me or he's having a bad day. I think he's such an incredibly talented writer (actually, talented at almost everything, he just doesn't acknowledge it).

Surath, to me, is that person in your life that is a constant. He is always going to be my friend, whether he likes it or not. He's that guy I run to when I get 100% on a test or when I am crying my eyes out. I honestly cannot imagine my life without him. He's like breathing to me- so needed and vital to the enjoyment of my life. I know it sounds so mushy, but I honestly don't care. It's how I feel when I think of him. I've never been so happy to call someone my best friend in the world, despite the miles between us. We do our best to get around this. Surath, I love you so much. I think more than you know and more than I can say. I worry about you and care about you, when perhaps you forget this. Just know I'm always here for you, and I will be till the end of time.


Anh is one of the people I just love. I want to go see her and hang out with her and just chill. Couldn't meet a more awesome person. Ironically, I was terrified of Anh. She is AMAZING at graphics and coding, I thought she was going to be mean. Turns out, she's even nicer than I ever could have imagined. I feel like we're old best friends, that's how tight I think we are! I know she is going to be a great friend and we'll stay close for a long while.


I feel like Maryann and I's friendship is the equivalent to twi-hards. Every time I see her, it's like we've just seen each other for the first time in weeks. Maryann is AMAZING. I have a hard time describing her because she is just so awesome. I simply love her to pieces. Also, she designs the most sensational cupcakes ever.


Rico is one of the nicest guys I know! His buttons are so perfect, it always makes me envious. I love getting the chance to talk to him because he's always great to be around. He never stops to help me fix my buttons ♥ I might have made him a bit obsessed with Draiks and customizing them, but at least now I have another Draik fanatic to gush to!


Fish and I have just recently become friends and she is AMAZING! She runs such awesome sites (Petticoat, Oolong and Velvet Underground) and she has one of the bubbliest personalities. She is simply adorable and always says the sweetest things that cheer me up. I feel like she's my partner in crime in running sites on Neo.


Greg used to REALLY intimidate me. He had one of the most impressive accounts I had ever seen on Neo. Then, he actually turned out to be this old, goofy softy who I've had such a great time befriending. I know he's not around anymore, but he always teased me about how emotional I got over this site and I have never laughed so hard with a guy. I love you tough guy.


Jared is just amazing. Such a kind guy, yet HILARIOUS. He has awesome customization taste and I think that's one thing we never cease to talk about. I think we really do try to look out for each other and that's what I love about him. I feel like he's my younger brother, and it's such a nice feeling. He makes me so happy when I'm down.


OMG this girl is amazing. We met, ironically, as I helped her with a petpage application, then we began to do some character work, then I discovered her and I aren't too different. She is that friend I go to for any problem, on here or offline. I love her to pieces and I really think of her has this sister I never had. She has always given me much needed character advice and a good laugh when I'm down.



Ken, despite his super personable chatty nature, scared me when I first met him playing Keyquest. Then after a long period of not talking, we bonded over a bad moment in his life. Ever since, I have never felt so happy to call him one of my best friends. He is one of the first people I plan to meet in real life and I describe our friendship as hilarious Tyra emoticons and laughs. One of my fondest memories was trolling him with a fake RS. I cried I laughed so hard at his reactions. He is such an inspirational part of my life and always will be, despite his permasilence. He has given me so much (literally, if I tallied how much he is given me, many of you would throw up in disgust at his kindness), I will always be in debt to him. He has always been an amazing friend to me, so I hope that we can be friends for a long time. I love you so incredibly much Ken, forever and always.


Blake and I have had some hilarious offsite moments together, but on Neo, he was nothing but kind and out going. I miss him quite a bit. We met chatting on a special kind of game board in the AC and we bonded immediately. He is such a great guy, he 's an amazing friend who I hope will one day see this.

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