Welcome to my graphics portfolio!

I love to make all sorts of graphics and since I take requests, I thought it would a good idea to have a place where people can see what I made :)

So whether you're thinking about requesting a button or just like to look at someone else's work; have fun!

- Nienke


28-08-2013 - I officially opened this page :) I made an link-back button for this page and put it on my lookup.
I'm mostly trying to get the word out and trying to fill my button-portfolio at the moment :)



The buttons are in chronological order (sort of, at least). The newest on top of the page :)


I'm working on this :D
I'm not entirely sure how I want to show my petlookups and userlookups here...

Petpage Layouts

These are some of the /better/ petpages I have made (can you even imagine how horrible the worse ones are?)
I made two categories: code based layouts and graphics based layouts
Why? Because I think these are two different things and I want to show that difference (this of course doesn't mean that graphic based layouts don't have code or that code based layouts don't have graphics)

Drag to adress bar for full image.

Graphic based layouts

Code Based Layouts


Get your requested graphics :)
The upper textarea is to just copy and past to your page (the one that links back to this page). The lower textarea is the one you copy and paste to a textarea on your page (the one people can copy if they want to link back to YOUR guide).






Button Requests

Lookup Requests

So... You want to request something? That's cool :)
Just send me a neomail and I'll see what I can do :D.

In your neomail, please include what kind of graphic (button, banner, userlookup, petlookup, petpage or something completely different?) you want and what for. If there are any images you want me to use, please include that as well. I will come back at you as soon as possible :)

I don't really have rules. You just need to credit me :)
And I have the right to decline your request if I'm busy or think it's stupid XD


All graphics on this page are made by me except for the background. That's from That Ki lls Me.

I've coded this page myself and theft will be reported.

Link back?