Katie's Portfolio

Hi, I'm Katie. Thanks for stopping by my portfolio. I'm just getting this thing all started and everything, so keep checking back to see it in it's... awesome completeness. Until then, toodles. :)

About Me: AKA Quick Facts.

  • Name/Nickname: Well, actually Katie is a nickname. It's for Catherine, but I'm never called that. So It's Katie. :) I am also 18+ (mid 20s).
  • Timezone: I'm EST, which means I am three hours ahead of NST.
  • What time are you usually on neo: I really kind of vary from day to day, whenever I can't sleep or in between classes. I am usually never on on the weekends, because I actually try to live a life away from my computer sometimes. It doesn't work out too well. If I'm not responding to neomails, I am probably either in class, sleeping, or hiking with my guy. :)
  • Birthday (month&day): September 2nd. I'm a Virgo!
  • Which of your pets is your favourite: I don't really have a favorite. Deyhne could be up there cause I think she is gorgeous and I've got a trophy on her, but I am fond of all of my pets. Fiyerana is my BD pet, I am focusing on Romanticides' intelligence, so every pet has something going for them. I do think I have a soft spot for Deyhne though...
  • Why did you join the guild: Make new friends and socialize more. I was getting lonely.
  • What are your neopian interests (avatars, BDing etc): My favorite thing to do on Neo is to get Avatars, so that's my main concern. However, I also like customizing.
  • When it comes to your account, what are you most proud of?: Probably my pets. I hand morphed and painted them all (for example, Deyhne was originally an elephante. That's a big change).
  • On a scale of 1-10 how involved were you with your previous guild? How? Pretty involved, I would chat for a while each week and I participated in some challenges, so I would say a 5. It closed before I could start getting really involved, it was very unfortunate. The guild after that I didn't feel like I fit in so I left quickly... so I don't really count that.
  • What do you hope to improve while being here?: I'd really love to start getting some trophies, as well as hitting 280+ avatars.
  • What else should we know about you? (2-5 sentences): Well, I am in my 20s, and am currently in college studying history, with a minor in theater. I LOVE all types of theater and movies, and I love to analyze them from a technical aspect. I am a Hufflepuff through and through, and I believe in hard work and fairness above everything else. I have a dog named Sam and a cat named Liv. They're kind of my life.
    Also, this is what I look like, and my special someone Glen, just in case you ever hear me talking about him. :)


    Avatars are my favorite part of Neopets. So I'm going to list my progress here and what avatars I most want and what I am currently working on.

    Currently Working On:
    Favorite Avatars that I Will Never Get:

    Most Wanted Avatars:
    Generally needed avatars


    I have a hard time committing to what I want to collect, but I think I finally decided on gelerts, my favorite pet.

    Items Wanted

    Brutal Stamps