Hi! My name is Devoike, and I'm a Bernupe! What is that?, you ask? Well, I'm half bernese mountain lupe, and half pure-breed! Some call me a.. "mut". ANYWAYS, your probably here for my little fatty look-alikes. Just use the navigation on the side of the page, right there... right over there, there.. yeah! I don't blame you anyways, the page is really empty right now.. my owner's a lazy bum... but please don't tell her I said that!

About Me

Name: devoike
Pronounce: Dev-oke
Gender: Male
Species: Burnupe
Owner: roximatly or the rightful artist. No use of this artwork is permitted with out permission, so please no sticky paws!!


I just love things that glitter and sparkle! So, it should be quite obvious that I LOVE winning trophies! Any kind will do!! Some pets and owners have been so nice to award me with some, so I keep them all right here!!

Toy Chest

A little farther down from the gallery wall, there stands many little bernupe figures, and a rather medium sized colorful box. Dev must have seen a puzzled look upon your face, because he quickly bounded over in the direction and began to explain.
In this box are my most favorited toys, ever! Lots of lupes and cross-breeds live here in neopia, and a lot of their owners create these cute adoptables.. and well they just thought I was sooooooo cute they made some of me!! Now, I can't blame them or anything, but aren't they just so darn cute! And I can make myself play with me! tehehe ;]


---And without even the smallest budge from his toy chest, he added, "Oh, and those ones over there that KINDOF look like me, well those are for you. But remember to read the rules posted over there, or-else!"


1. No stealing or editing
2. Always link back to neopets.com/~devoike
3. No entering these bad boys into any contests!
4. Always feed them lots of pizza and tennis balls!

+Requests are OPEN for painted bernupes!

Custom-Made Adoptables


1. Trades are OPEN!
2. Requests are CLOSED :(
3. No taking a custom that doesn't belong to you!!

Custom Request Form
Custom Trade or Request?:
Lupes Full Name:
Reference Picture:
Tongue Color:
*OPTIONAL*requested item to replace tennis ball:
Reference to item (if not obvious, like.. a bone.):

Neomail Roximatly with your custom request form !!

to do
1. Seirill
2. Lytoo
3. zahnara

To claim your custom adoptable, take this code, and replace PETNAME with your pets FULL NAME! easy-peasy~

Link Back to me!

The bernupe's eyes grow 10x in size and begin to tear up. YOU'RE LEAVING ME..... guest....BUT I THOUGHT WE WERE JUST BECOMING BUDS!
Well, please come back, you can put this link anywhere you want! You know, to remind you that I'm here.. and that you should come back, and stuff. +sniff+


Since you're already leaving and all.... well you might as well leave MY page to go visit some other fabulous page! I mean, trade one good thing for another good thing I always say--- ok maybe I don't ALWAYS say that, but its a good time to start saying it! *AHEM*
Below are some FABBBULOUS pet pages, that I PERSONALLY can't get enough of, so why don't you check them out??

I dress myself!

Dig dig dig dig!