Hi, my name is Destinys_Inferno the Eyrie. I love my owner, fear_of_falling101 so very much. Im so glad you have come to my Web Page. Isn't it the Greatest. You really should Adopt an Eyrie like me, Destinys_Inferno.... Eyrie's are the coolest. I am 118616 hours old and my strength is at level 2! Thanks for visiting my site guest, I hope you will become my friend.

This is fear_of_falling101's fave picture of me!

I think its a bit geeky but hey, who am I to judge.

All Eyries love a good challenge and I will never back down from a fight. With proper training and care I should grow into the strongest NeoPet around.
I train most days with my owner, fear_of_falling101. Its really hard, but when you are just starting out nothing is easy is it? After a good practice I love to go down to Neopia Central and have a nice big mega Splime smoothie. Those things are the best!