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Prices as of September 30, 2011 11:12 A.M. NST
Next update: Still on half-hiatus, but I will leave the page up as a reference even though prices are not being actively updated.

Secret Laboratory Map Prices


Price change since last update:
Up , down , or no change .

Full map cost (entire set on trading post): 840-850k

You save around 22k if you buy separate map pieces at lowest prices.

When buying full sets on the trading post make sure the trade lot contains all 9 distinct pieces!

Separate pieces:










To buy pieces, check the shop wizard and trading post.

How To Use


To use the lab, first have all the pieces of the "Secret Laboratory Map" in your inventory.
(If your pieces say "Petpet Laboratory Map", click here.)

Click here to check which pieces you already have and/or to turn your pieces in.
Remember that once you finish the map and turn the pieces in you do not get the pieces back.

Once you turn them in, you will be taken to the lab page, HERE.

Click the button and you will see this screen:

Every day when you get to this page you can choose one of your pets to zap. You may zap a different pet each day.

Possible Results


Remember that what the lab does is completely random.

All possible zap results:
  • +2 levels
  • -2 levels
  • down to level 1
  • +2/3 strength
  • -2/3 strength
  • +2/3 defence
  • -2/3 defence
  • +2/3 movement
  • -2/3 movement
  • +2/3/4/5 endurance(HP)
  • gender change
  • color change
  • species change
  • no change
The lab does every species (draik and krawk are extremely rare), and every color except
baby, plushie, pirate, royal, usuki/quiguki, and the ice bori.

Special lab colors are:
alien, chocolate, clay, coconut, custard, garlic, ice, jelly, mallow, robot, snot, sponge, and the msp poogle.

All fruit/vegetable chia colors are also available through the lab.

There is no paint brush for these colors, although there are chia pops as well and most of these are available at the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland. Robot is available through the One-Use Robotification Zappermajig in the Return of Sloth Plot prize shop. (Note: The plot is over and you can no longer receive additional points.)

Frequently Asked Questions


What is it?

The lab ray is available to users who have all 9 pieces of the "Secret Laboratory Map".
The ray can be used once a day forever (the day resets at midnight NST) to "zap" one of the user's pets.
See above for possible results.

How do I get pieces of the lab map?

You have a few choices:
1. Wait to get them from rare random events around the site.
2. Play Key Quest and hopefully win a piece.
3. Wait for Tarla to hand them out.
4. Buy the pieces from other users.
5. Win from the Wheel of Extravagance.
The prices listed above are current shop wizard and trading post prices for each piece.
Just type in "Secret Laboratory Map" and look for the images of the pieces you need.
You can also try to buy the entire set at once from trades.
See above again to see which method is cheaper.

I have all the pieces in my inventory but they won't show up on the page?!

You most likely have the "Petpet Laboratory Map". Check the item names under your pieces. They must say "Secret Laboratory Map" to work. If you have the "Petpet Laboratory Map", click HERE.

How do I use the Petpet Laboratory Map?

You need to have the entire Secret Laboratory Map set turned in for access to the secret lab for zapping PETS before the Petpet link will appear at the top of this page.

How do I get the Lab Ray Scientist as a battledome challenger?

Once you have the map done and turned in, go to the pet selection page HERE and refresh until he challenges you.

To get him to change the gender of your pet, fight him in the battledome. The change can happen anytime, and you do not need to win. It will look like this if it happens:

Can I get the lab for my side accounts?

Absolutely. Just buy another set of pieces on your main and send them over to your side. Turn them in there and you'll have the lab on that account. You'll still receive the neopoint prize for finishing the lab (10k or thereabouts), but it does not count as earning neopoints on a side.

Can I sell the lab after I'm done using it?

No. Again, the pieces disappear once you use them to open the way to the lab, and so cannot be resold. You will have access to the lab as long as you have that account.

Can I use my lab to zap pets for other people?

There are basically two scenarios.

This is NOT OK:
Someone gives me their pet, or I adopt/create a pet for them and I promise to give it back once it's zapped a certain color.

This is OK:
I zap a pet, and then choose someone to give it to or just pound it.

What's the difference? TNT defines the first scenario as sharing the lab map, which is not allowed. Lab maps were not meant to be shared. If you wish to use it, you must buy your own. You are, of course, allowed to move pets around within your own accounts to zap.

Why won't people sell me pieces for cheap?

The prices of lab map pieces, while far from stable over time, tend to be fairly firm when being sold/traded since they are easy to sell and in high demand. Sellers probably won't deviate too much from their asking price (which I have tried my best to predict with this page), so finding any piece for "cheap" is unlikely unless you get lucky.

Is it worth it?

  • It can paint your pets pretty colors
  • It can save millions in training
  • It gives you an easy way to change your pets' genders
  • It's a one-time investment that will continue to "pay out" as long as you have that account
  • It costs a good sum of Neopoints
  • The results are random, and you can go weeks without anything good happening

So is it worth it? You tell me.

Neomail me if you have additional questions.

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