You feel the touch of a paw upon your shoulder, but as you turn to look everything gets brighter-- much brighter.

All of a sudden you're scared, horrified even, and running for your life. He's going to get you, and he's already gotten your brother.
Where did this knowledge come from? Is this all happening? Regardless of the questions, you cannot stop running. The fear is too strong, too real, and too vivid to be ignored. It is your life you're running for, or is it her life?

Who is this her that keeps coming to your mind?

Your head just keeps filling up with questions. Why do the present and past tenses seem to be unclear in your mind? Are you running now, or are you reliving something you did earlier on in your life?
The only thing that seems to make any sense is the need to run, or does it make sense?

What's going on?

Keep Running or Stop?
Keep Running..Keep Breathing..
Your breath grows heavier in your chest, and the sky grows darker within an instant. It is almost as though time has been fast-forwarded through the hours of running, and now you have slowed your pace to a gradual stop.
Why didn't you just fly?
Since when did you even have wings? With full effort, you try to stretch out your wings. Long coal feathers extend upon your left wing, but your right wing wont move. It is dislocated.
Well at least it doesn't hurt anymore.
If he had been chasing you, you tell yourself, he would have caught you by now.
He has Yado. In this hazy reality you can be sure of few things, and your love for Yado is one of those things.
Catching your breath, you allow yourself to take a look at your surroundings. You've been here before. You came here with Yado. There's a pond.
Go to the pond or turn back
All the minor details of traveling through the assorted foliage to the pond, the aching of your muscles, practically collapsing out of exhaustion, and actually lowering your head to the water and lapping up the liquid, furiously, seemed to be, yet again, fast-forwarded in your mind.

You continue drinking for a few minutes before you realize what lay right in front of your face.

Is that your face? You remain still, gazing at your reflection, confused about what is going on.
You know that is your face, at least.. you think you do. Your name is Deja, and you've always looked this way. But wait... that's not your name. This isn't you, this isn't your memory. This all started with that bright light... What's going on?

Something is happening to you.

You examine the reflection for a little longer, panic filling you as questions whirl around. Maybe this is really happening, and you've switched bodies with whoever this Deja is, and she's off in your body right now? Or maybe you're hallucinating. You're dreaming. You've been drugged. You're being hypnotized.
So many explanations keep coming to your mind, but none of them seem to stick. None of them feel as though they are right. None of them are right.

Not sure if you should be angry, sad, or mortified you frantically begin to look around as though you may see a way out, but there is nothing; all you see is the sky, the stars, the trees, the grass, and the pond. You are alone, and you are, well, not you. The feelings and thoughts of Deja are still strong.
Maybe if you learn about this lupess, that you have seemingly become, you can find a way to undo whatever all of this is.
Taking a deep breath, you approach the pond again. Something inside of you (or is it you?) knows what to do.
Touch the pond.
Just as your paw touches the water, a tingling feeling surges through you. Starting from the tips of your toes and traveling through your entire body. With a single deep breath in, the air seems to change. It's much more humid now. Blinking open your eyes you notice the same bright light as before flooding out from the very paw that you're touching the water with; furthermore, the reflection in the water begins to change... filling you with knowledge and memories of the lupess whom you seem to have become.

General Knowledge

Name: Dejavuh [Day-szha-voo]
Alias: Deja
Species: Lupe
Gender: Female
Age: Forever 21
Born: January 21, 1821


Puzzles, observing, learning, falling, flying, spider webs, intertwining, dreaming
Storms, Swimming, Cloudy nights, smoke, greed, negligence, closed off characters, nightmares


What Happened To Her?
The rippled water began to show moving images, like a dream in liquid, of the lupess that you have seemingly become. Not only did the pictures move, but you could smell, taste, and feel all the things you were watching as though they were really happening to you.

This either had to be some weird dream, or some sort of magic... either way, you seemed unable to avoid it.


Warmth. Safety. Love. The image of two newborn lupe pups swirled into life upon the liquid surface. One pup was grey with gold and navy stars covering his legs, and the other was white with dark feathered wings upon her small back. They were barely an hour old, cuddling into the belly of what was presumably their mother; a white starry lupess with stunning green eyes. Another canine sat nearby, observing the new small life forms, he was grey with his own pair of feathered wings resting at his side.

.."We were born January 21st 1821,".. a calm feminine voice fluttered into your mind as you watch the moving picture of the small canine family, .."A litter of two, Ayado and I. Our parents always wanted a family, but we were nothing like what they expected."..

The voice almost feels as though it is your own. As though your own thoughts are explaining the images you are watching, explaining the memories that you had seemingly lost. In fact, as soon as the words are spoken you experience little 'aha' moments, like finding the word that was just at the tip of your tongue.

The liquid movie changed, to reveal the same two pups. A few months older. Their eyes unnaturally gazing out at you. The white winged female, oddly looking like a young version of the creature you had become, had horizontal lines for pupils. No irises at all. The grey male, also without irises, had star-shaped pupils.

.."The instant our eyes opened, our parents thought something was different about us, and it was only a few months after we were born that they confirmed that suspicion.".. Suspense filled your gut. As though you were getting tests done to find out what kind of disease you had.

.."Things started happening with us. Ayado's eyes would glow red as he painfully would get visions of the past and future. If I touched someone with my skin, and something like a memory was heavily on my mind they would instantly be pulled into vivid dreams. Or if someone else had a memory on their mind, and I touched them, I would be pulled into it."..

Is that what's happening? Before you really get a chance to contemplate it, feelings of alienation overcome you. You're strange. You're not natural. Your parents think something is wrong with you. They can deny it all they want, but when you see their deepest memorable thoughts -- you know that they think you somehow don't belong.

.."They loved us, they just couldn't grasp that we were gifted. Things like that didn't happen in real life. Only in fairy tales did magic exist. My parents were unaware of the reality of mystical power, until the day they found that Ayado and I were special, not freaks of nature."..
The image began to change, showing new faces outside of the small canine family. The faces are of snowy white canines with blue markings all over them. The scenery changed too. Northern. Mountains.
.."Our parents, trying to find out why we were so different, searched miles for anyone who believed in magic. When Ayado and I were 8, my mother heard stories about the two Alphas from the pack of lupes that lived miles north of us, having a litter of pups that had strange abilities. I don't remember how long we traveled for, but we traveled north to the canines in the mountains. That's when I met Frost and his family."..

Frost? Who is Frost? Something about the name brings strange remorseful, and yet grateful, feelings to the pit of your stomach.

.."While our parents were busy talking with Frost's parents, Ayado and I got to spend some time with Frost and his siblings.".. You watched the liquid image of the four pups playing with strange gifted abilities. .."Cure could heal any cut, Keen had super senses, Shift could seemingly teleport since he traveled so quickly, and Frost could manipulate and create ice out of thin air. To discover we weren't alone in having magical abilities made us feel like we belonged somewhere; furthermore, our parents discovered that some creatures are just chosen to have abilities, through some higher power, and they began to praise us. In fact, they saw us as miraculous blessings."..

.."Since Frost's family lived so far north from our homeland, and our parents were not fond of the cold (and neither were we) we said goodbye to them. In the last few moments before we left their home, Ayado was bombarded with the strangest vision. A vision that remained a mystery to us for many years."..

The liquid swirled with a horrific image of an older Frost. His body surrounded by blood and he lay dead on the frozen rocky earth. Many more bodies were also splattered around his, but they were blurry and unrecognizable. A strange and unfamiliar voice echoed, almost sounding as though it was drowning in water, and it said:
.."He is the answer. He is the soul of the savior"..

Simplest Times

The liquid movie began to move in fast forward. Speeding through moments into the future. .."Growing up we never really had much to worry about. We were naïve and used our gifts for selfish reasons. I would vividly tattle on Ayado, by showing my parents moments in my memory as proof. Ayado would play 'fortune teller' by trying to force the oncoming of a premonition for praise. This was always ridiculous, since he could not control when he got one.".. You watched as years and years passed in the reflective surface.

Playing With Time

.."Isn't it funny how even the simplest of days can become so significant? Until this day, we had figured that we understood the extent of our powers, but we discovered that our abilities went far beyond visions and vivid memories."..

The water swirled and rippled, and as the images started to become clear you could make out Ayado and Deja sitting, pacing, and talking in jest, by the very pond that you touched to begin watching these memories. They were young adults now; Deja looked her current age (21 years old to be exact) and Ayado had grown into a young adult with a confidence laden stature. The pond's water was much lower than now, which made it visible to see that the pond itself is really just a water-filled canyon. Very deep, without even the slightest shallow end.

.."We were inseparable. We had the type of bond that only the luckiest of creatures are fortunate to find. Yado was always careless. His confidence often got the best of him, and sometimes I joked that he had no inhibitions at all."..

Just like the other moving pictures, this one pulled you in to it. You felt the: joy of the laughter of watching Ayado perform his oft-done act of making silly faces and treading along the edge of the pond, the love of Ayado and all his ridiculousness, and the utter horror as he clumsily fell over the cliff and into the water. He couldn't swim. He never could. You watch Deja plunge herself into the water, and you can feel the cold pinch of the liquid as if it was soaking you to the bone. You watch as Deja continuously elevates her brother and struggles back up towards the water's edge. But the water was low, and the edge dropped off like a cliff. It seemed hopeless. Hours passed. The images seemed to speed forward, but the feeling in your stomach made the time seem more real than ever. Constant struggles of trying to keep the two afloat. Ayado had long since passed out; he must have hit his head on the ledge on his way down because blood had crusted in the fur on his head.

Then, unlike all the feelings of hopelessness that you had been feeling, you now feel guilt. Deja saw an opportunity for her to pull herself out of the water, a rock, protruding from the edge of the cliff, sticking out enough to allow her to pull herself up... but there was no way that she could take Ayado with her. The guilt of the thought of actually going through with this plan, and allowing Ayado to drown, overcame you.

.."Yado, Yado wake up!".. The image of Deja spoke with a quiver, though she looked the same, she sounded younger than the Deja you had been hearing omnisciently. Yado's eyes opened to reveal his star-shaped pupils wearily gazing at his sister. .."You have to pull yourself up on that rock there, okay?".. You felt the guilt grow stronger as you saw the suspicion of Ayado's refusal come true. He shook his head weakly, that small movement obviously taking more energy than he had. The sun had long since set, and the coolness of the night made your muscles feel even stiffer in the freezing water.

.."You're going to have to hold yourself up then."..
The words she spoke, were spoken with determination and belief that she could possibly make it up and pull Yado up, but the feelings you felt were solid in their knowledge that there was no possibility of Yado making it out of this water alive. You watch as Deja pulled Yado closer to the rock ledge, and forcefully pushed his paws onto the edge. .."Just hold yourself here, okay?"..

You watch in anticipation as Deja pulled herself up onto the rocky ledge, and then up again to the grass. Her whole body ached with the cold, and she turned herself around and extended her paw down to help her brother up. Yado was drifting out again, his eyes obviously starting to loll, and his already weak grasp was sliding from the ledge. Desperation, and adrenaline, gave Deja the ability to extend her paw forward with the slightest touch of Yado's paw. She pinned her brother's paw to the rock, somehow the pads of their paws were touching. Her brother had no strength, and he was not helping to pull himself up, and Deja could not do it. Yado's eyes met Deja, and their eye contact was so intense. This was goodbye. This was going to be the last time that they would ever look at each other, or ever be with each other.
All because of: One. Stupid. Moment.

Suddenly you feel a gripping in the pit of your stomach, as though you'd been turned inside out; furthermore, the moving picture seemed to pull into itself, like a massive black hole sucking up the entire world. Then bam! The moving picture shows that it is daylight. A spectral version of Yado lay on the pond's surface, as though it were just a glass floor, and a spectral Deja stood on the grass, shocked by what was before her. There, just as earlier, were past-versions of Deja and Yado. Talking, jesting, and pacing by the edge of the pond.

.."Holy Flotato! What did we do?".. Ayado's very-alert-and-very-much-okay voice boomed out of the moving images, as his spectral self easily jumped onto shore, seemingly defying gravity to do so. .."De.. we've totally gone back in time!".. He sounded much too happy for the entire situation, as Deja was in some sort of state of shock. The past-selves obviously could not see or hear the spectral versions of them, or they'd be turning and noticing the conversation that ensued.

.."Don't be ridiculous. We must have died, or blacked out or.. or something."..
.."No, no, no, no. We're not dead, sis, we time jumped. It must have happened when we touched. We combined your memory jumping with my visions. What were you thinking about when you reached for me?"..
.."that I was going to lose you forever, all because of one stupid-"..

You watched as Ayado's spectral self bolted towards his past self and collided into his body just as he was about to fall off the cliff. He body checked his past-self to shore, which completely prevented him from falling in the water. Then, as quickly as it had begun, the image sucked into itself again, and the gripping feeling returned briefly as the liquid shifted back to moving images of Deja and Yado, safely on the grass beside the pond, on the could-have-been-deadly night.

.."I know you're confused, but there is still more to tell.".. her gentle voice filled your head as you started to feel the pain of your dislocated wing again. .."After we had discovered that we could jump in time, Ayado wanted to do it again at every opportunity he figured was best. For instance, if he had missed a chance while hunting, he wanted to jump back in time to rectify it. I wouldn't let him, but he always tried. He would put his paw on mine and wish really hard to go back to a certain moment in time, but without my wanting it as well, it never happened; furthermore, even though I was grateful to still have my brother, I vowed to never time jump again. I knew that there had to be consequences to changing fate like that. And though I didn't figure it out for awhile, after that jump in time, Ayado and I had stopped aging. Because of that one moment of jumping back in time, part of our existence had been taken away."..

Brewing Darkness

.."About 3 years after the incident at the pond, rumors started to spread through the land. "..

More of Deja's memories started flooding into your mind. Fragments of rumors of a beast that seemed inviolable were suddenly being remembered. He was hunting creatures with powers. The beast took shape in many different forms. The beast would often change the body that it inhabited. It would take over, and possess, a body for a period of time before getting bored with the vessel and killing the body off and finding another body to act as its vessel. The beast had been known to be in the shape of a gelert, skeith, uni, and in these images, a zafara. Most believed the tales to be false, but Deja and Yado believed them. After all, if magic existed to a few of those who are good, then it must also exist to a few of those who aren't.

.."The beast took on the English name of Devil. That's what everyone who ever survived his presence spoke of him by, so he adopted it as his own name. He still exists today, in your world. I don't want you to start believing that we somehow conquered him. We did tame him, I guess... in a way."..

The water began to shift and swirl. .."Creatures from up north, came south for sanctuary. They spoke of flames, smoke, blood, and just absolute horrors. The more that sought safety near us, the more that others began to believe that the beast existed."..

.."Ayado and I spoke of going north to try to stop the beast. But with all the creatures traveling south to us, injured and scared, came their memories. They were so traumatized by their experiences, that if I brushed up against one of them, it seemed as though I was always being pulled into their memories of the beast. I would then share those memories with Ayaodo, and even with his confidence, he felt weary of encountering Devil.".. The liquid film began to ripple in pulses as images of horror flashed upon the water. These were flashes of the memories that the refugees unintentionally shared with Deja. .."We had formed a new reputation for taking in the wounded. Creatures would come to us from the carnage of the beast, and we would provide them with shelter, food, and a renewed sense of safety. In some cases, the creatures that came to us were too traumatized, or too injured, to ever leave. Many had horrid nightmares, reliving their encounters, and some even were killed by just their fear of the beast.".. The rippling calmed as an image of a strangely serene looking canine came into view. Her fur made up of soft blues, grayish purples, and greens. .."And then we met Yiore. She told us that she was a higher Being that came to our realm to stop Devil from upsetting the balance of good and evil. "..

.." Yiore told us about how special it is to be alive, and how much potential we had. She told us that our spirits were chosen before we were born, chosen to be given the special gifts that we were given. But she also warned us to not go after the beast. Yiore Left, and Ayado and I continued looking after the refugees. It was not a week later, that we heard about the beast taking his new form as a lupe. Fewer and fewer refugees made their way to us. Devil was stronger than ever, and in the memories that the few refugees brought with them, we learned that the lupe that Devil had taken the body of - was Yiore"..

The water showed the image of Devil, now in a vastly different body - barely recogonizable to be the body of Yiore. Her once petite frame, was now gigantic, her soft oceanic coloured fur - was now the blackest black with flame-like markings on her hyper-demonized features. The only indication that the body was once Yiore's was that the marking on her forehead, though now different in colouring and twisted to include the mark of Devil, was still there.

.."The next few months were horrible. Our parents"..

The image of a familiar canine came to view. He was an adolescent now, on the merge of being an adult, and his normally white and blue designed fur, was stained with blood.

.."There was only one survivor that made it to our homeland this time—his name was Swift. He was severely injured, and with his memories, and his last breathing moments, I was able to witness Devil in the body of a lupe -- barely recognized as Yiore –- standing over the two bodies of Swift's parents. In that memory, I felt Swift's heartbreak as Devil then killed Keen, Cure, and Frost."..

The beast was moving more and more south, closer and closer to where Deja and Ayado had a pack land full of refugees. Yiore said she was going to stop Devil, but he now seemed stronger than ever.

.."We have to go De. We have to figure out a way to stop him."..
Once again you could hear Ayado's voice, this time tame and dry, as you saw the memory of the moment play out in front of you.
.."You've seen him, Yado, through others. What could we do?"..

An idea: to jump back in time to a time when Devil didn't exist; however, it would not be possible. Deja and Ayado could only go back to moments that they both remembered together.

.."We don't have time to sit around and wait for him to come to us. We need to head to him... we can think of something on the way."..

The liquid film shifted and changed to show Deja and Ayado traveling through the forest just north of the pond that you are currently watching the moving images on.

.."We weren't even an hour away from home, when Ayado got his vision of Yiore. Often we can't tell the difference between a vision that is of the past from one that is from the future, but this vision was obliviously of the past. He shared the vision with me, as he usually would, by allowing me to jump into his memories..."..

You see Yiore, alive and well, with Frost's family. It was a very simple encounter. She spoke to Frost and his siblings, in a similar way to how she had spoken to Deja and Ayado - she told them they were special, and chosen before their births to have the responsibility of having their powers. She told them they all had potential. And in her final moments before continuing on her travels, she whispered something to Frost. The vision didn't allow for the whisper to be heard, as it ended abruptly.

.."Why would the Powers that Be decide to show Ayado such a random, and seemingly useless vision of the past?".. Deja's omniscient voice seemed to mimic your own thoughts, .."But then again... why does anything happen the way it does?"..
THIS IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION Memories are funny – they aren't always accurate. We accurately remember emotions, but actual occurrences become stale and untrue. For me to see a vivid, and true occurrence, it has to be a Start going north, encounter Devil in the forest just north of the Pond on the way. The smell of him – blood, death. Etc etc. Deja dislocates her wing, because he throws her, with the smallest flinch of her paw. – In that moment, painful as she was flung against the ground, she saw the image of Yiore meeting Frost – Yiore's memory. Yiore was still 'alive' inside of the body that Devil had taken over. It was her voice that they had heard on the way into the forest. The vision is of the whisper that was cut off before. It said "turn back". Ayado, no inhibitions, jumped on him to fight him. Crazy and stupid. ..".".. *In this section – must incorporate meeting YIORE. Yado bumped into her and caught a vision of her meeting Frost's family. The future that they change – Yiore leaves a day early – [in the changed memory Yiore spends a few nights because she hurt her leg. Establishing a relationship between Frost and Yiore – so that she returns to him when Devil as possessed her, and protects Frost from Devil, and then Devil possesses Frost instead of killing him.


-death destruction. Up north. Creatures sought sanctuary. Flames. Death. Smoke in the air, always. Etc. Death. Death. Death.
-Then Ayado and Deja went after the beast. Yiore's body.

-Ayado, risking his life to save Deja, jumped on Devil's back. All happened so fast, they both ran. Basically re-iterate/re-show what was done at the very start of the page. Hehehe. XD
-waited. Heart pounding. Fear overcoming her. He wasn't chasing her. Was he chasing Yado. Did he have Yado? He had to of had him. He did the last moment you saw him.
-Miraculously, out of no where, Ayado showed up. Something about the beast having a slight inner battle. (Yiore fought off Devil inside of the vessel. )

Only Option

-smoke. Destruction. Death. This world was not what it used to be. Connecting the dots. Frost-- savior. Yiore.. the one possessed knew Frost before she was possessed. It all had to add up.
-didn't matter if they died, lose something else. What other option did they have? So much death and destruction.
-time travel again.

Changing Fates

-back in time, to Yiore and Frost. Before Yiore ran off to go after the beast herself. Small instance. Causing the onset of Yiore and Frost to fall in love. Distracting her with him, the mortal feelings she had.
-complete time shift/warp.

New World

-beast-- took over Frost. Strong.. he fights, suppresses him. He is tortured for life, but for his torture the whole world lives happier.
-Deja now carries scents of old memories.
-cannot find Ayado. Always had a connection when they were younger. Always travels back to this pond, hoping to find him there. Never is.




Suddenly, that bright flash of blue light appeared, blindingly, again. The water, the forest, and the foreign feelings that you had been feeling disappeared. You feel dizzy, confused, and that bright blue light faded away-- leaving your vision to be slightly impaired with floating dots.
In front of you there is this lupess. Her fur mainly white, with each of her paws, and her muzzle, dipped with coal and upon her back, there sat large and dark feathered wings.

You look familiar....

Dizzy, and disoriented, you stare at the oddly familiar canine who's life you were just completely consumed by. .."I am sorry for intruding your mind with vivid images of my past,".. her sweet voice was encompassed with sincerity, .."just no one ever believes the story if I just tell them it with just my words."..
Not sure how you feel about the entire situation, and invasion of your mind, you remain quiet as she gazes at you with her strange eyes. .."I guess I should formally introduce myself now,".. she offered you a weak smile, .."My name is Deja"..

Currently being worked on. 'Tis Aug 2012.
Will be done soon/eventually

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