March 24, 2019: Completed one requested! yay ^^

March 20, 2019: Just wanted to add that if I haven't responded to your mails during my inactivity, please do re-send them :) Hope you don't mind!

March 16, 2019: Hi All, Del here, just wanted to say I'm not dead yet :P So, a lot of things happened over the past year. Things in RL got too hectic so I took a break from Neo. After a year or so, I checked in on Neo only to find that my account (deceivus) had been hacked. And then, thanks to the neopets team, I was able to recover my account and my precious family without anything being compromised! (I think) *Phew* that was huge relief. But I was still paranoid and took down all of my work on Neo including Aurum.

I was just checking my neomails today and I realized that some of my neomails were tended to by the one who got into my account. I'm sorry if that has caused any inconvenience to anyone.

And if you're wondering about Aurum, I might get it back up one day for I love this site too much to completely part ways T_T I still love working on layouts and coding. You can send in a request and I might just accept it. Although it hasn't been updated since quite some time, here's my portfolio page with some of my previous work: ~/Identia

I'm pretty sure I have a lot of catching up to do after this hiatus of mine so drop in a mail and keep me updated on what's new on Neo, will ya ;)

Thank you all for your understanding :)

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