Filter Solutions, maintained by Weapon, was created to deal with problems following TNT's adjustments of the coding filters. The biggest of these adjustment episodes took place during September 2009 and Jan/Feb 2011, but Filter Solutions hopes to provide answers to any coding-related issues. Information has been compiled through the joint effort of discussion on the boards and other helpful users sending in new info and solutions.

You're welcome to neomail me any questions. I will try to answer general coding questions as well as filter-related ones. [C=]

• News & Updates

7th Sept: An anonymous Neopian has passed on two new filter solutions: Disappearing quotation marks and Visitor code not working!

24th Feb: FS is now listed at The Parisian and Sea. [=3]

23rd January 2013: Hey, we're back! [=D] I temporarily took down Filter Solutions (and my other pages) yesterday morning because I was having some issues with the site where I host my images (a personal website, not an image-hosting site). I still am having said issues, but I've now reuploaded my images elsewhere so I can get FS and the others back up and running.

26th October: Swept FS's listers, removing the inactive.

10th October: I should have updated about this weeks ago, when I first heard. To be honest I forgot that I hadn't. It's good news: We can once again use ampersands (the & symbol) in links without them breaking. This means we can use &recipient=, &subject= and &message_body= in neomail links, always very handy, and can also link to those parts of Neopia that have an & in the address such as Neopian Times articles.

26th September: And Pixie Dust.

26th August: And The Directory.

26th July: And Akakosui's Directory.

23rd July: And at Scamander Directory.

12th July: And at Hunters Of The Links' Directory.

23rd May: And at Delta Directory.

21st May: Now listed at Maltieca.

30th Apr: Sorry FS's linkback button stopped working. I've reuploaded the image at a new host and the code in the textarea above has been updated accordingly. [=3]

11th Apr: Also, The Secret Library.

10th Apr: Listed at Serendipity.

3rd Apr: Listed at Simple Gifts.

21st Mar: Now listed at Graylist.

23rd Feb. Now listed at The Shelf, Silver Directory and Wishing Well.

15th Feb '12. I have now added a Sitely section, down the bottom, in order to list my listers.

1st Dec. You may have noticed FS's images are back - this is because I finally gave up on the hosting site I was using and found new. Sorry I took so long about that. [n.n;]

29th Sept. Listed at Epcot Directory.

20th Aug. I have now gone through clarifying some of the solutions.

10th Aug. Managed to make a simple background. What do you think? Decent? [=)]

9th Aug. Ah... If you're wondering why there are stray Slorgs around the page, I'm afraid that's because they've escaped from their hatchery. Sorry about that! [n.n] Just keep an eye on the floor so you don't slip on the slime. Oh and if you want to help us recover them then please go ahead and report them to the Hub. Thanks!

9th Aug. I've realised this layout needs a background image, rather than just #000 back there. Haven't found one yet though.

8th Aug. And from the silence emerges a new layout! I decided FS ought to have a layout specifically tailored to suit its needs, which it hasn't until now. It's nothing too special or amazing but I think it's a bit whiter and cleaner-looking, so I'm satisfied (for now). Oh and you might see me rewriting and clarifying the solutions, where needed, in the days to come.

22nd Mar. Added Chrome and Safari versions also.

15th Mar. Added IE and Opera versions of the quick FF solution to the Can't see your Save Changes button problem (thanks to Shinning123).

3rd Mar. Hey, it's been a while - but that's a good thing; it means no new problems. [;D] I have been alerted to one though, along with its solution: petlookup layouts broken by advertizement bar.

12th Feb. Geez, this issue's been going back and forth like a boomerang. Sorry to change the info again, but apparently textareas are working fine now without the rows and cols (but still: don't include the underscore).

11th Feb. I've been neomailed an apparent fix for textareas. They seem to work fine if you include rows and cols (see textarea fix for details). But please let me know if this doesn't work for everybody. [=)]

8th Feb Again. Actually, hold that thought; seems some people are having trouble with the new textareas, inexplicably. Much like when the underscore was left out before the filter changes, some people are finding that half their petpage appears below the box on the editpetpage page after they've saved changes.

8th Feb. Textareas are back - but without the underscore. I've updated their section in the solutions.

5th Feb. Much to everyone's relief, TNT have stated that they are bringing textareas back (issue 480 - first question). They also say they've updated the filters to the latest standards, disallowing deprecated codes (align being one of the casualties, and I believe this could also at least be why target=_blank and marquee have gone).

4th Feb. Added pages not scrolling as they should be to the list, linked to its solution. I picked that one straight off the neoboards without someone actually addressing it to me in explanatory form, so I hope it's correct. Please do poke me with a neomail if it's not, thanks. [=D]

3rd Feb Again. Reorganised, tidied, redesigned, sorted, rephrased, reconsidered, cleaned, deleted. And the list of problems now links to the solutions for the problems! Handy, that! -rolls eyes- Somehow adding new bits of info and solutions several times a day really messed up any semblance of order I had to begin with.

3rd Feb. Margin and display are allowed again! It looks like TNT's autocorrecting filter is no longer deleting margin or display codes. [=D]

1st Feb. I believe TNT's autocorrecting filter is removing display:none from .sf, if you dared put that in your style. And it's also removing margin.

31st Jan Again. It appears TNT are introducing some kind of automatic code cleaning feature. Stylesheets are being formatted to use tabs and any missing ending tags are appearing upon saving changes (such as unended paragraphs, lines in ordered lists, or divs).

31st Jan, 2011. Looks like TNT have been tinkering with their coding again. Textareas and marquees have gone boom - they are displaying the text placed within them without the effects they're supposed to create. Also some layouts are majorly messed up in other ways, cause unknown as yet. I have been sent some tips that may help quell some issues; that and any other info I find is being added to the new 'Problems of the 31st' section you can find immediately below.

22nd April, 2010. There may not have been much to update on this page after TNT finished changing the filters, but my six-month silence is just not right. [xD] General tidying up. Added proper links to the other pages with filter guides.

• Known Issues

• Solutions In Full

Ruined layout / coding showing up where shouldn't

Easy Fix:

While once upon a time those extra backslashes were a filter solution in themselves they no longer help with anything and are now the cause of broken layouts.

Textarea not working

Easy Fix: Textareas work fine just so long as you don't include the old underscore. Yes, despite the fact that it still instructs you to use the underscore above your edit box. It must now be written textarea and /textarea.

Opacity, marquee, target=_blank and align

Opacity - Easy Fix: Timothy1998580 has a page providing auto-generated background images, which may help to simulate opacity in some cases. You can of course create your own translucent images.

Align - Easy Fix: Try replacing with float. Where you might have align=right, replace with style=float:right;. Same with left. Unfortunately float doesn't have a float:center. In some cases simply the html code center inside the less-than and more-than tags will achieve what you're after. Using both margin-right:auto and margin-left:auto at once also achieves centering.

Advice: Opacity, marquees, target=_blank and align have all been deprecated. This means that by the current standards of coding they are obsolete and should be phased out. Thus why the filters now remove these codes.

img src / incorrect file extension errors

Easy Fix: None yet.

Advice:: If an image is causing the img src error where the error page goes on about only using certain file extensions, you can try checking your image's url (address) for accidental letter combinations and words that might be blocked. Reports have indicated that TNT's profanity filters might have become tighter, causing these errors. It's also possible that your img url is not correct in some other way; check to make sure all your urls are genuine and not example urls such as what might be used in premades. Spaces in a url can also cause problems - spaces can crop up in the name of the image file itself or the folder it may have been saved under on the site it is uploaded to (if this could be the problem you can simply change the names to delete the spaces and reupload your image). You can also check to make sure you have the necessary quotation marks, one both sides of the url.


Easy Fix: If you have style for your underlines in your stylesheet, a simple way of fixing them is changing your u{ to .u{ to create a class and changing your opening and closing us in your HTML to span class=u and /span. Or font class=u and /font, alternatively.

If you don't have style for your underlines in your stylesheet and only have one or two to fix, you can always do this:

Trouble finding/clicking the Save Changes button

Easy Fix: 1) If you're using Firefox, select View on your brower's toolbar - go to Page Style and choose No Style. Your Save Changes button should now be visible somewhere on your page. You can switch back to Basic Page Style as soon as you're finished.

2) If you're uing Internet Explorer: From the top left hand menu bar, click "View" and hover your cursor over "Style" from the drop down menu that should appear. Select "No Style". Scroll all the way to the bottom and you should find the Save Changes button. You can revert back to "Basic Page Style", which should restore the coding.

3) If you're using Opera: Click on the little red button that says Menu that is next to the tabs bar and from the drop down list, hover your cursor over "Page". A second drop down menu should appear and from that, hover your cursor over to "Style". Click "User Mode". Scroll all the way to the bottom and you should find the save changes button. You can revert back to "Author mode", which should restore the coding.

4) If you're using Chrome: There's an extension called Pendule. After installing the extension, click on its icon in the upper right hand corner (next to the wrenchbar). You can select "Disable CSS". Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the Save Changes button.

5) If you're using Safari: In the menu bar (left hand corner), click "Edit". Select Preferences from the drop down list that should appear -- the last option. A pop-up should appear. Choose Advanced. There should be a box to check "Show Develop in Menu bar". Click "Develop" that should now appear on your menu bar, and from the drop down list, click "Disable Styles". Scroll all the way to the bottom to find the save changes button.

Advice: Though rudimentary solutions, you can also try:

1) Zooming out on your browser by holding ctrl and pressing - (+ will zoom back in, or you can probably find these functions in your browser's toolbar under View or similar). This may bring the Save Changes button temporarily into view.

2) Pressing the Tab key on the keyboard until you think it might have selected the Save Changes button, and then pressing Enter.

3) Adding large amounts of the br tag immediately after your stylesheet.

Pages not scrolling as they should be

Easy Fix: I believe this seems to be cropping up where layouts have overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y:auto; in the stylesheet. Replacing this with overflow:auto; should fix the problem.

Petlookup layouts broken by advertizement bar

Easy Fix: Including .slug {display:none;} in your stylesheet should fix this problem.

Position being blocked

Easy Fix: Where you want your div or other element to use position, you can simply remove it from your stylesheet and set it as an inline style. This means you add the code in where your div or other element starts in your HTML. For example: div id=main style=position:absolute.

Advice: Unfortunately, this can't be applied in instances where you are trying to re-position one of Neopets' preset modules in userlookups or guilds. In these instances margins can work as a makeshift positioning alternative. For example if you want a module to be positioned top:500px and left:200px you would need to use margin-top:500px and margin-left:200px.

Disappearing quotation marks

Method 01: Type before the quotation mark. This will appear as a space and should prevent the quotation mark from being removed by the filters.

Method 02: Type in place of the quotation mark. In preview this will appear as and then after saving will appear as a quotation mark. Unfortunately the full must be typed back in every time you wish to make changes to the page.

Visitor code not working

Type in place of the #visitor code. After saving this will function as the #visitor code is meant to and display the viewer's username. Unfortunately this must be typed back in every time you wish to make changes to the page.

• Sitely

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