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Welcome to the Xweetok Forest! This page is for Xweetok hoarders/customizers to show off their amazing Xweetok families/collections or customizations. We also have adoptables, a petpet matcher, and an UFA section! Enjoy your visit to the Xweetok Forest!

This page was created by the amazing Robin, thank you!

Xweetoks are cute furry ground-dwelling creatures that have been discovered in the forests of Neopia. These agile critters love to play games and be chased, so if you want Xweetok as a pet, be sure to give it a lot of exercise! Many Neopians love Xweetoks because their fur is so soft. They make perfect companions for any pet, though keep them away from Kougras. Don't forget to give them some jellybeans as a treat. They'll go crazy for them.

Interested in roleplaying your xwee? Check out this Xweetok RP Guide Alluven Voir. Neomail silverwalls for more details.


You can add to the hoarder, customized, and UFA section!


If you want to be added to the hoarders section, you need to have a minimum of 4 different colored (excluding basics) permie Xweetoks and fill out a simple form and neomail to nizehui:

Real Name:
Number of Xweetoks:
Names of Xweetoks:
Any description:


If you want your Xweetok to be added to the customized section, make sure your it is wearing 4 or more articles of clothing, and mail me its name. Your pet will be added to Gold Star if it receives a rate of 8/10 or more from me or Silver Star if it receives a rate of 6/10 or more.

Feel free to neomail me if you need some updates. You will be removed if you no longer meet the requirements.


To be listed here fill out this form:

Name of pets:
Contact username:
Rules page:

The Hoarders

Do not mail any of these users for Xweetoks UFT/A

Number of Xweetoks: 8+

TemariMisa Ryliania BlueCheesetooGaikushaDeatok ivno Daoxie ora1

Number of Xweetoks: 4+

Kayci_minca FudgetyHoshi_OnikiriAudeila

Number of Xweetoks: 8+

Emelind Emelynd Fihnny Tammas Phaustus Fairitale Norrell Cully

Number of Xweetoks: 34
Hiya, I'm Blair! My 4 sisters and I own a xweetok of every color! Feel free to check them out on

Blair's Xwees

Jayde's Xwees

Brooke's Xwees

Paris's Xwees

Sydney's Xwees

Number of Xweetoks: 17

Anzhelika Sakrowische Svenora Xwairi Herzdame Radast Rasinka Askorka Isymna Niantari Alonstro Aphaty Taurimo Blissitate Neschnaja Qalqi Symphinia

Number of Xweetoks: 4
I am currently working on a page dedicated to my little Xweetok family.

GypsyEyez Shannen Nikkeyta Dairyn

Number of Xweetoks: 13

Adorable_Abby_ Curious_Chloe_ Excellent_Emerald_ Lovely_Luna_ Corroborative Subsidizing Emretta Kojioki Atyiah Richard_Richie Thunderker Auppu Frostenia

Number of Xweetoks: 11
My friend got me started with xweetok hoarding. I love all my xweetoks, my first xwee being Midx and my most recent being Cierul. They are fun to draw and make characters for.

Midx Equidis Cierul Diiu Vwli Haermos Kreste Maroka Filetto Jvin Quyk

Number of Xweetoks: 13

Illianah Italeh Jawe Baileeh Edetic Ilyuna Ilyahna Rhymze Vinceynt Nairca Rosaleah Dhalielah Mickynsie

Number of Xweetoks: 12
Hey there, I'm Katah! The first pet I ever created (which was 6 years ago) was a Xweetok, and I've loved them ever since.

Bales Blaent Chrisoulla Cruwa Darshie Dohmi Jonleth Kaiju Katah Mims Nufai Pajuis

Number of Xweetoks: 5+
Xweetoks were the first and only pet that I ever wanted to adopt. I currently have four but am getting ready to get a few more babies!

irish_snowflake bananapixie pixies_ember shamrockpixie pixies_pinkypie

Number of Xweetoks: 15

Aribyl Tefk Tzeti Rezuen Arkasina Loliyet Ezulus Moichele Cealyx Sunpeam Raieha

Number of Xweetoks: 21
I am, to be honest, a compulsive Xweetok hoarder. I love the furry critters more than any other pet, and my collection has grown vastly since my love for Xwees developed. I love each and every one of my Xwees individually, as well as the entire group as a whole. ^^

Chresena Kujoii po_ra Xweekerzzz Cafs _Leonarx_ Aethiane Hermyonye DerpDerps babykiki215 Tsumiko Katiri Birthe Kaddivo Vinkar Aristarkhos Meizae Ventrix Plincko Zhaleika Lieue

Number of Xweetoks: 8
Why I love my hoard of xwees- because even though they look nothing like cats they remind me of each one I ever owned, and I love them with all my might c:

Rawraa Rilegen _Japanasia_ Sunyk Anecdo DiavoloItaliano MissAilsa Dylanz

Professor J
Number of Xweetoks: 5

Nocheinmal SkyePrower 0animal00 Sakura13_8_8 Snakytt

Number of Xweetoks: 6

Cealay Terrycloth Luccia Moqr Roisa Vesiviria

Number of Xweetoks: 13

Nuegle_Shnuegles Demetria_Helea Ryeai Ahliss Kaizerflare Dibidoua Xixiannica Seyria gubbysublime Vlirai Layida

Number of Xweetoks: 14
Xweetoks were always my favorite neopet! If i had a choice to get a krawk or an xweetok. My choice would be xweetok. XWEETOKS ROCK!

La_IslaBonita Leidy_Chobits vermelhinha_1 Elizabihth Osihris splashy_dash Qzi flamingstalker makyoo Zyur _master_bling_ johnny90000000000000 Maulouka squirelet

Number of Xweetoks: 8

Espello Joirly KiutokKardelenNichul Etaiy Lomdony Oiya

Number of Xweetoks: 14+
Hiya, I'm Luna! I'm still looking or a Pirate and Plushie Xweetok to join my family!

Phariam Nadelys Whytre Yowake Dilaye Starways Koffe Yugami Quna Saken Zeronice Phani Ditalee Eclia

Number of Xweetoks: 9

Amyle Tylendal KunaikunKesbaTerasuu Xionmari Aeredia Ghiroe Yanhian

Number of Xweetoks: 14

Cashmeries Honey__98__ Ledoy Dark_knight959 Joako_1000 Speed1536 Pinkyy15 Kamehameya 16668 LunaLovegood_Xweetok Trista99 Kichiny Setritt __Inna__

Number of Xweetoks: 7
I love my Xweetoks ^^ And I´m very proud of xwentyy.

Xwentyy Farneken _SchattenschweifPhentomsiRosenstreif Laitbur Vulona

Number of Xweetoks: 20
Trying to find a grey xwee to complete our family now ^^

Nohouka Nuay Xwiriyae Mistyn Overdue Sigerik Kauhako Chanyce Mweny Kiroshya Luthw Thirlia Koyck Qajyh Nyumik Nokeep Auwep Fwiny Yghen

Number of Xweetoks: 13

Lucky3679 Marilanie Xinie Charraf Mezisa Viivu Edimira Euphordite Trexen X4ndra Aleorik Elen Cay

Number of Xweetoks: 9+
I used to own ten xwees, and I miss the ones I've lost. I'm rebuilding a mini-Xwee family with my sister and friends!

womae Skirotava Talimias Fealie Teykee Norumbega Euskii Cyolla Kloie

Number of Xweetoks: 20
I love each and every Xwee as if they were my family (cuz they are!) I am always seeking to add to my Xwee Family so Neomail me at Elphaba22253 if you have any UFA Xwees! I will gladly take them if I have room!!!

Jupiter153 Aikiro Mohitamatchi Lillie_Jo_b Gjemt Maard Nyumik Faetashi Thoroughlly Lakilis Prevved Clnoe Rikudou_belmont __Snowstorm_ Kiahry baaaybebooboobeear LunaLovegood_Xweetok KylaviKalineah Rycio

Number of Xweetoks: 5

Cayaane Chreaz SenatoQleg Scaralet

Number of Xweetoks: 21
I have always loved xweetoks! I think they are the cutest, most lovable neopets ever. I love to make art, customise, and make graphics for them. I have a really big xweetok family and its getting even bigger! I hope to get every color of xweetoks there is. I love all my xweetoks no matter what! ^-^

Nuliah Birthe JazerySweetam Rosaeliegh FairFaramir ksdjgfioashdfjmbrejk TinalynMicehael Lovelie_Anne Shorrt Beeraca Mairellonkenketsu Enqua abandoned_futureShivion Mickynsie Toep Sofeii Kilela

Number of Xweetoks: 12+

Cloudpaw_x Chititio KayimeeThunder_shock__1 Phluffy_ox AlltagsheldinKordyenRilagTheosinho Mr_Frazier LilianColchestersMeeluhh

Number of Xweetoks: 19
Hi there! I'm Sydney. I've been acquiring Xweetoks for about 5 years, and I've worked hard for each and every one of them. I love creating characters for my Xweetoks and roleplaying them in my guild, The Xweetok Clans. I hope to soon add a few more Xweetoks to my family soon.

Nahalie Tourine TarvirTruein Toverin CeraixFicirQnoy Sakumarii JanduiSalunaryna SkaevoltTeyrei Nactume EniokuMoltaen Kunrae TremaoiFerahyn

Number of Xweetoks: 10

Ayuro Bazzingah ElisabellaFabi__14 Chancia CyruuiDejety Eerryn RinnolIlluyare

Number of Xweetoks: 7
My name is Vixen and I absolutely adore Xweetoks! All of mine are going to stick with me forever. o3o

Astheniology Kassiya Neirre Warrizard MikiataKunaikun Sliqhtly

Number of Xweetoks: 6

tyflots CinaryForestersRaiihasqueekypie71 Yarizai

Number of Xweetoks: 20
Hi I'm Allie and I adore all of my xweetoks! I especially love to customize them and I am in the process of giving them all stories!

Tobeyas VerinicaIndeanna Auofi Yelix FeticiaMialeiSelenetteThymie JemiotaTortoliKizzieaKayonuh RemyuaTirraiVarsouviana Cashmeries FayleriaAdeniah Alearo

Number of Xweetoks: 4

Zaunea xiaolin_grand_masterXafinnaEchaeso

Number of Xweetoks: 10
Started out with a Xweetok, now I'm never going back

dimmond_123 EllsBells0GoldenFire0101Avalios Lilly_CupcakezBlueberry078Duke_Child Photographyzrarebeauty0205Casper_Jasper_00

Number of Xweetoks: 11
I love all my babies dearly, and my Green Xweetok Swekswe was my second pet on this site. The last addition to my family was Toto, and none of them will ever be UFT/A

Swekswe XyocoTica_CatXarazi Rose_80_2 NaatoKasolyt DonderDW Ivy010720Toto6798 xMilanie

Number of Xweetoks: 29

Mariniley SemkDukeNassirTerinin Arkelosn EkleyaProcurable Dracurtz LoriandyTaudus yikes_scooby Brotastorphevitelaamarela Kepor HitsauruRaxenoDiossela CelceyStarfien Coriniette GwyedhielSiegesgottin MiereiahHuvec Spelush SyoiHissandrea Bambrinna

Number of Xweetoks: 19
I just adore xweetoks! Still waiting for that UC one though

bobert18234456457 AbandenHayseyTourinei Terasuu AresteiLukarigan Fyanora NayitriKaichetara Tuphtay FlyleeafFlyleaaf Percuss TixleyXelvip SamsonRichAubraya Skumk


Gold Star

LuirikaZauneaSenysa Midx S0phia69 la_islabonita makyoo Ahliss _Harley_Belle_ Kaizerflare Excellent_Emerald_ Schattenbluete Himemaya Tourine Ceraix Ruxn

Silver Star

Katah heidibub Sevothtarte_Leighaa_Leaa


Adoptables are listed in alphabetical order by color. Feel free to take one of these adoptables. Please don't take the link off the code. The following adoptables are made by 5966001.

Other People's Adoptables

Petpet Matcher

Need the perfect petpet to match your xweetok? Here is a list of petpets that you can try. You can make better matches by painting your petpet to match your pet, but for those on a budget, I have included mostly affordable petpets and colors. Mouse over for their names. Click here for a more complete list of petpets. * = buyable from the shop wizard.


Plushie Faellie *Plushie Symol *Plushie Babaa *
Plushie Angelpuss *Plushie Miamouse *Plushie Hasee

Puppyblew *Blue DoglefoxAnubis *
Spardel *Fangy *Tapira
Beekadoodle *Barlow *Naalala *
Seece *Antwerph *Sandan *

Doglefox *Symol *Raindorf *
Deaver *Vacana *Albat *
Nuk *OmbatCrocalu

Warf *Noil *Scamander

All chocolate colored petpets can only be obtained via the petpet lab.
Jinjah *Candy Vampire *

Cirrus *Blue Floud

Darigan SnufflyDarigan CarmarillerDarigan Vacana

Desert EizzilDjutiKepru

Faerie EizzilFaerie UkaliFaerie Tasu
Carmariller *Faerie WibrethFaerie Drugal

Melton *Fire MinitheusFire Albat
Fire BabithFire Werhond *


Miamouse *Pawkeet *Mallard *
Cobrall *Melvie *Blurtle *
Fir *Gulper *Karren *
Searex *Carma *Tasu *

Pfish *Ganuthor *Zomutt *
Rock *Droolik *


Visit the lookup of a Faerie Xweetok that is at least 365 days old.
You can visit Gr33n_Apple137

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Link Back


Feel free to neomail me if you want to be affies.

join the Aisha Frenzy today

Check out this Xweetok roleplaying guide by Sydney:
The Xweetok Clans

Listed At


Here are some Xweetoks that are UFA! Neomail the owners if you wish to adopt and read the rules!

Deadline: None
Rules: None


Added 1 hoarder

Added 1 hoarder

Added 1 hoarder and 1 affie

Added 1 hoarder and 1 customized + updated another.

Added 2 hoarders + 1 customized.

Added 1 hoarder and 2 customized + updated another.

Added 1 hoarder and 2 customized.

Added 2 customized.

Added 1 customized.

One hoarder got 2 more Xweetoks. Congrats!

Added 1 hoarder.

One hoarder got 3 more Xweetoks. Congrats!

Added 2 hoarders.

Added 1 hoarder.

One hoarder got more Xweetoks. Congrats!

Added 1 customized.

One hoarder got more Xweetoks. Congrats!

Added 2 customized.

One hoarder got more Xweetoks. Congrats!

Added 1 affie.

Added 1 hoarder.

Added 1 hoarder.

Added 2 hoarders. Added the UFA section.

Listed at Rosette, starting to add a petpet matcher section. Added 2 new affies and one customized! One hoarder got two more xwees. Congrats!

Added 2 hoarders and 6 customized, removed 1 customized.

Brand new layout!

Added 1 hoarder.

Added 1 hoarder.

Added 2 hoarders and 2 customized.

Added 1 hoarder and 2 customized.

Added 2 hoarders and 1 customized.

Added 2 hoardes and 2 customized.

Added 1 hoarder.

Added 1 hoarder.

Added 1 customizer. Received a custom button from Missing Link

Added customized section, 1 customized, 1 hoarder, 1 affiliate, avatars section, and clothes section. Listed in The Faerie Compass.

Grand opening! Added 5 hoarders, adoptables, and 2 affiliates. Added to the Soroptimist Directory.


Here are some Xweetok wearables that will make your Xweetok look amazing. Mouse over for the names

Lotus Xweetok DressLotus Xweetok FanLotus Xweetok GlovesLotus Xweetok WigSnowy Xweetok CollarSnowy Xweetok DressSnowy Xweetok HatSnowy Xweetok WandSpace Gypsy Xweetok DressSpace Gypsy Xweetok GlovesSpace Gypsy Xweetok WigSpace Pirate Xweetok FlannelSpace Pirate Xweetok HatSpace Pirate Xweetok ShirtSpace Pirate Xweetok TrousersXweetok Popstar DressXweetok Popstar EarringsXweetok Popstar HatXweetok Popstar MicrophoneXweetok Repairman HatXweetok Repairman ShirtXweetok Repairman SlacksXweetok Repairman ToolXweetok Space BootsXweetok Space FlagXweetok Space HelmetXweetok SpacesuitXweetok Wizard BeardXweetok Wizard CloakXweetok Wizard HatXweetok Wizard Staff

Paint Brush Clothing

Baby Xweetok BowHalloween Xweetok CloakHalloween Xweetok GlovesHalloween Xweetok ShirtHalloween Xweetok TrousersLost Desert Xweetok BracersLost Desert Xweetok EarringsLost Desert Xweetok MakeupLost Desert Xweetok WrapPirate Xweetok EarringPirate Xweetok ScarPirate Xweetok ShirtPirate Xweetok Skull TattooRobot Xweetok Body HousingRobot Xweetok Chest HousingRobot Xweetok Cranium HousingRobot Xweetok Tail HousingRoyal Boy Xweetok CrownRoyal Boy Xweetok ShirtRoyal Boy Xweetok TrousersRoyal Girl Xweetok CrownRoyal Girl Xweetok Dress

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