The garden is beautiful. At first appearing like an oasis in the desert, the lush and colorful flowers seem out of place in the Haunted Woods but you can't help but walk closer to the blossoms. The different scents from the flowers are strong but pleasant, and you wonder who created a garden so lovely.

You receive your answer as a grey grundo walks towards you. She's wearing a large sun hat and all of her gardening utensils are neatly organized in her apron. She's not old, but as she welcomes you through the gate you get the feeling that despite her age she has quite a few stories to tell.

As you make your way through the garden, the grundo gathers up a few of the flowers you think are the prettiest. Conversation flows easily, but you do end up having to repeat yourself a time or two as your new friend gets the details mixed up. You find out the grundo is called Beiki, and she invites you to tea. Thinking you'll get some details on gardening, you happily accept. Beiki beams at you and hands you the bouquet she's been gathering.

The scent of your bouquet is heavenly, and the buzzer whose job you've interrupted agrees. He doesn't sting you, but out of fear the bouquet is dropped, the flowers scattering in the wind. You feel awful for dropping them, but Beiki doesn't seem to mind. She waves off your apologies and still invites you inside.

Once the tea has been drank and both of you have eaten your fill of biscuits, you finally ask Beiki what you've been wondering about for so long. How is her garden so beautiful?

The secret of my success begins with a story. I'll warn you that it may be long, so please don't feel obligated to stay if you're not really interested. Many visitors have come and gone without listening to my tale, so should you leave I won't be upset.

Beiki waits for a response. The choice is yours to make.

I'd love to hear your story!

Thank you for the tea and conversation, but I really must go.
The small grundo sat by the creek. She stared at the water as she tried to commit every detail of the day to memory. She knew it was impossible to remember the sights, sounds and smells that helped make the day so spectacular, and it saddened her that eventually the fine details would fade away.

She knew that dwelling on matters like this made her slightly different from other pets her age, but she'd long since accepted that fact. Despite her differences, she got along well with others and had several friends who enjoyed her unique way of thinking.

The creek was teeming with life, and she found herself enraptured by the petpets who were swimming lazily in the warm summer water. A delfin in particular caught her eye and she smiled as it swam in circles near her. Taking one last look around her, she stood up, getting ready to continue home.

That's the moment everything changed.

There was a small whoosh, and a faerie swathed in green materialized right in front of the grundo. The faerie stumbled a little in her landing and blushed a little when she realized her imperfect entrance had been seen.

Hello, the faerie said, shaking off her embarrassment. My name is Nathalia and I could use your help. Should you do what I ask you'll find yourself greatly rewarded! What's your name?

The grundo was pleased to see the faerie, as she'd never gotten a quest before. I'm Beiki she said. It sounded like she was saying Becky, and Nathalia smiled when she realized she'd get the help she needed.

How exciting! Did you know you're the first person I've ever gotten to ask for help? Without waiting for an answer, Nathalia continued speaking. I just graduated from faerie school and I'm so happy to be able to do things on my own! Now, can you help me find a Magic Vial? I'm running short and I could really use it for spells!

Beiki nodded and went on her way to find what Nathalia needed. She thought Nathalia was interesting, if not a little overexcited. Meeting the faerie made her once again wish she could remember every moment of the day's events. Oh well, she muttered to herself as got closer to Neopia Central, if I can't remember today forever, at least I can hurry along with this quest!

Beiki was in luck and soon after found the item Nathalia needed in the Magic Shop. Out of breath from running all the way back to the creek, she handed the earth faerie her Magic Vial with pride.

Nathalia clapped her hands and smiled. Oh thank you! she said, now I get to reward you!

Beiki watched as the earth faerie looked around for something to give her. After a few moments of intense searching, Nathalia looked as if she were about to cry.

I don't have anything to give you! she said as she fell to the ground with a soft thwump. I could fill you up, but you're healthy and I don't want my first quest to go to waste!

Beiki was grateful that Nathalia wanted to give her a nice reward, but she hated seeing the earth faerie saddened. She had an idea of what she wanted, and before she could stop herself the words were tumbling from her mouth.

What if I could remember special things forever?

Beiki felt as if the world had stopped around her for a moment. The wind in the trees stilled as Nathalia thought over what Beiki proposed. She started to get worried that she'd said too much when Nathalia replied.

You know, she said, I think I could actually pull that off! She started gathering different plants from the area and after a few moments beckoned Beiki towards her.

I've never done this spell, but I have all that I need except for a petpet. Together they walked towards the creek. Nathalia was muttering something about needing a pet of the earth, but Beiki's attention was no longer on the overexcited earth faerie. The delfin from before was still where she'd left him, swimming lazily in the sun-heated water.

Nathalia must have noticed the delfin as well, because she scooped her up and turned towards Beiki with a grin. I'm sure my water sisters wouldn't mind me using one of their pets for this.

This petpet will be your companion in the spell. Once I recite the incantation you simply have to whisper to your new pet and the magic of the spell will start to work. Are you ready?

Beiki could only nod. She was anxious to see if Nathalia's spell would work so she could preserve the day's events.

With one last smile, Nathalia opened a small book of spells. Once she'd found the correct page, she began to read, and Beiki knew her life had changed.



Who is Beiki?

Beiki finds no greater joy than working in her garden. Whether her love for gardening is natural or a side effect of helping Nathalia, she truly enjoys seeing blossoms spring to life after planting them. She has a unique ability to help plants on the verge of death overcome their illnesses and grow up healthy.

The side effects of Nathalia's spell on Beiki and Malika (more about this later!) has made her extremely forgetful except for when it comes to recalling her chosen memories. Despite her forgetful nature, she has a great attitude when dealing with issues that arise from it, and people who know her keep her from being taken advantage of.

Beiki lives in the Haunted Woods with several of my other pets. She and Sacarm enjoy the foster pets who sometimes have more room in the house than they do, and she teaches them all the basics of how to make a garden grow.

She's a born storyteller, and her ability to recall the fine details lends her a helping hand when it comes to describing things.

Even though she views her blessing/curse as a good thing, she does wonder if she'll become more forgetful over time. She's taken to writing her thoughts down in a journal, and while it's helped a bit, she has trouble remembering why what's written down is so important. The only time anyone seeks Beiki angry is when she doesn't understand what her journal is telling her.

Malika, her mutant delfin, has always been a form of support for Beiki since their lives changed together. While Beiki is sad that Malika's appearance has changed so drastically, Malika is just happy to have someone who loves her. Their bond was already starting before the spell, and now the two are closer than ever. Even though Beiki is forgetful and Malika doesn't look as beautiful as she once did, they're happy to have one another.

While I definitely can't say I know everything about Beiki, I'm looking forward to developing her character more to find out little quirks that haven't made themselves known yet! She's very interesting to think about.

i have become alive

Why Beiki?

Before I explain why Beiki is so important to me, I'd like to be honest with you. Unconverted grey grundos have been a dream pet of mine for a good while now, before I even knew Beiki existed. There's just something about their appearance that makes my heart swoon. I think it's because they don't look as sad as other grey pets. They have a more wistful or melancholic look, which makes me think of other things besides sadness. I also love their little wave and seeing it never fails to make me smile.

That being said, no other grey grundo could ever be Beiki. From the moment I saw she was up for adoption I was just swept away with the possibilities of finding out everything I could about her.

Beiki has inspired me more than any other unconverted grey grundo could. Her very name is the basis for her character, and it fits her so well. I have a connection with Beiki that I couldn't imagine with anyone else. No other pet could be the Beiki who has come to life in my imagination and I wouldn't want anyone else to be her.

Why Beiki? Because she's perfect.

greatness is what we on the brink of



What are your plans for Beiki?

One of many possible customizations for Beiki.

I'm very excited to share my plans for Beiki with you! I never apply for a pet unless I intend to so something with them, and Beiki is no exception! I adore bringing pets to "life," and I think Beiki's life is quite interesting!

As soon as I began to apply for Beiki, I realized I'd be happiest if she resided on my main account. There are many reasons for this, but the one that strikes me the most is how right it would feel if she lived there. I do want to be honest and say that I try to switch out my main account pets from time to time, but Beiki's true home will always be my main account.

I do lots of things for my current pets, and Beiki can be expected to be treated similarly.

Beiki can expect to have her own lookup, personalized to tell as much about her as possible. I can't code on my own, but I use a nice template for all of my pets that helps me make what I think are lovely lookups. Beiki's will be garden themed, of course!

I'm addicted to customization! I try to have an outfit or two for all of my pets, but Beiki is super lucky! With her memories she can have many different looks and customizing her will be a joy! I've played around on Dress to Impress and I'm convinced she looks fabulous with everything. (Of course I wouldn't convert, but there are many ways to make an unconverted pet look great without clothes!) Beiki will have full use of my closet, so there will never be an excuse for her to not look great.

I enjoy reading, so I make all of my pets read as well! (Sometimes they hate me for it and will refuse to do it, but I try to impress on them how important literature is!) It's a goal of mine to have all of my permanent pets become Ultimate Geniuses. This started long ago when I realized that if I can't be a genius, at least my pets could! I have several books in mind for Beiki, and she can expect to have a steady supply until she reaches our goal.

I have many things waiting for Beiki in my gallery!

Now I'm ready to share a bit about Malika, Beiki's petpet.

You'll find out what happens to Malika in part two of the story, but I did want to at least bring her up in the plans section. Malika will be Beiki's constant companion and best friend. While Beiki does have more of a connection to the earth due to Nathalia's spell, the bond between Beiki and Malika is extremely strong. I can't wait for the two to "meet!

I hope you don't think this is an empty promise, but Beiki will have a petpage of her own! The page will probably look similar to this, but eventually I'd have more content. I've been weighing the pros and cons of starting an application review page, and if I decided to, I think Beiki would be the perfect host. After all, with so many stories of her own, she'd be a great help to others visiting her garden! If I decide not to do the review site, she will still have a page of her own, filled with all sorts of nice things about her. I prefaced this paragraph hoping that you wouldn't think this was an empty promise because at the moment none of my pets have a petpage telling about them. I'm in the process of revamping my accounts and getting them organized so none of the content I have is up. But I don't make promises unless I plan to see them through.

Finally, I want to end this section with a pledge. TNO (The Neopian Orphanage) created a pledge of good ownership that most members require in their applications. Since I require a unique pledge for my pets, I wanted to do the same for Beiki.

I, Ashley, promise to be the best owner I know how to be for Beiki. I promise to treat her as well as my current pets and will do everything in my power to bring her to life. Beiki can expect to be loved and can feel secure in the fact that I care about her and my other pets enough to not do anything risky to get them frozen. I promise that you and Beiki can take comfort in the fact that I don't plan on ever abandoning her.



in this very moment i bring, put it on everything

The second after Nathalia finished her incantation Beiki felt changed. It was a subtle thing, and if she hadn't been expecting to feel something she doubted she would have noticed it. It was as if her body was very lightly thrumming with magic. She felt the earth underneath her feet seem to lean into her touch. She relished in the feeling for a few moments before looking up at Nathalia.

She gasped. The earth faerie was lying on the ground and was very still. She ran to the faerie, hoping nothing had happened to her.

Nathalia! she yelled, reaching the faerie. Please be okay!

Nathalia was very pale, but her breathing was strong. A few moments later and her eyes opened. She seemed to be okay, but when she met Beiki's eyes she began to cry.

Oh Beiki! she sobbed, the spell. Something went wrong!

Beiki listened as Nathalia elaborated. Because she didn't use a petpet of her element, the spell warped and changed how it worked. Nathalia realized too late into the incantation to fix it, and she was devastated about it.

Each memory you save will cause your every day memories to be slightly erased. You'll still be yourself, but more forgetful than you were before. And the spell will only work for a hundred memories; no more. But the worst thing is what will happen to your new petpet. The spell didn't work properly on the delfin, and with each memory saved, her appearance will become mutated. Her beauty will vanish. I'm so sorry to you both! The faerie began to cry.

Beiki felt awful for making Nathalia upset. She couldn't help but feel responsible since it was her idea to begin with. And her new aquatic friend would suffer too? She too began to cry, wrapping her arms around the faerie as they both sobbed.

A light splashing brought Beiki out of her sadness as she looked over at the creek. The delfin was trying to get her attention once again, and she couldn't help but smile in response. It was a simple gesture, but Beiki felt in her heart that the delfin understood what happened and forgave her. The feeling didn't clear Beiki of her guilt, but it did lift the heaviness of her heart. Nathalia walked up to the creek as well, nodding and began to smile herself.

She wanted me to tell you that her name is Malika.

Malika. It was a beautiful name and Beiki knew that she and Malika would be together forever.

Thank you, for everything. The small grundo was tired now. I don't want you to feel bad about what happened, because even if it isn't perfect, you've rewarded me with so much more than I could ever dream of. I made two friends today; you and Malika. That's not something I was expecting at all.

Nathalia seemed brightened by Beiki's words, but it would take some time for her to forgive herself. The two spoke for a while longer before the earth faerie finally had to depart.

I'll keep an eye on you two when I can! See you around! With that, the faerie spread her wings and flew away.

Smiling, Beiki sat back down by the creek, just as she did hours before. Reaching down to stroke Malika, she whispered a few words to her new friend.

I want to remember today forever.



Who am I?

No, I'm not an Earth Faerie, but they are my favorite faeries!

I never know what to say in these sections, so that's why it's towards the end of my application!

My name is Ashley. I'm a 23 year old girl from the southern United States. I work as a substitute teacher from time to time and it's something I enjoy very much. I also spend lots of my time babysitting my six year old cousin, Dylan.

I started playing Neopets close to ten years ago, but my first account is long gone. I've been a steady player for almost three years now, and I see no end in sight! Neopets gives me the freedom to do things I love such as write and make friends in a nice environment. I've come to love my "pixels" as some people call them, and couldn't imagine leaving them.

I do lots of things on Neopets! In addition to spending time with my pets, I'm a member of two guilds. I've been in The Neopian Orphanage (TNO) for three years now! TNO has been great for me since it got me into fostering. Adopting out pets is one of my greatest joys, and you can find both my permanent pets and fosmies scattered all through my accounts!

Phoenix is a guild I haven't been in long, but I've grown to think of it as my Neopian home. Everyone I've met has been lovely and willing to listen to me prattle on about random things. Even though I joined the guild on a whim, it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made on Neopets. Just like TNO, I can never see myself leave Phoenix.

Overall, I'm sorry to report that there's nothing that interesting about me! I'm just an average person who has a love for this website and an even greater love for my pets and the friends I've made in my time here.

in this very moment i'm king

Why Me?

If I didn't know what to say in the "about me," I absolutely don't know what to say here! I usually skip this section because there's nothing better about me than the other applicants.

I honestly just feel grateful for the opportunity to apply for Beiki. I've fallen in love with her and getting to know more about her would be a dream come true. If Beiki weren't already a "dream pet" before her personality shone through, she absolutely is now.

If you do choose me, it should be because you feel that I'd be an amazing owner for her, not for what this little section could possibly say to sway your decision.

i believe that life is a prize



Meet the Family

I have several pets who will be with me forever. I hope you enjoy meeting them!

- Sacarm is probably the first Neopet I've ever truly loved. I created him the day I made my current main account, and he will never leave it! While he doesn't have a true personality, he's very important to me! He runs my adoption agency, Over the Moon Adoptions.
- Ark has always been lucky, but I've recently found out why! She was once a genie inside a lamp, but was freed and she now enjoys a lucky gamble or two! I plan on repainting her Darigan one day to match her new story.
- Wishies is the embodiment of good deeds. When she's painted plushie, the hearts on her body will glow or disappear depending on the goodness of those around her. Wishies comes from a magical place, but she's adapted to the Neopian lifestyle quite easily and you can often count on her to be dressed in the latest fashions!
- Skye lives in a futuristic world where acting different can have severe consequences. Over time Skye has realized that their way of life isn't truly living, and she's itching to break free. But how can she when every move a pet makes is monitored and other pets will report odd behavior automatically?
- Ilana Shredmore comes from a long line of Jupiterians who travel the stars. Since she's the last in her line, she's determined to see and discover more than anyone so her family name will become a legend.
- Moe was originally going to be part of Skye's story, but his role didn't really fit him. We're currently trying out different characters to see what fits him best!
- Cadoce is the Coffee King of Terror Mountain! He enjoys working hard in his coffee shop, but he always has time to listen to a guests' troubles. You can't help but feel happier after taking a sip or two of his coffee!
- Bonnie is my newest pet, so I'm still learning about her. I do know that she escaped the Chocolate Factory, but she prefers not to talk about it. Soon after her escape, she found herself on Krawk Island, and has since adopted the ways of pirates.

no, i'm not lucky, i'm blessed



The story was finished, and you find yourself eager to hear more. You're about to ask Beiki more questions, but a quick look outside the window lets you know that it's getting a bit too late for visitors.

Beiki agrees to show you to the road that will lead you back on your travels. You hear a splash from a pool and you run towards it eagerly; you have to see Malika. The spell did indeed change her, but she's still beautiful, and when you say so to Beiki, she beams at you.

Beiki's story is still in your mind, and you can't help but wonder what other tales she may be willing to share. As you finally reach the end of the path, you ask Beiki if she has other memories, and if you can come back to hear them.

Come back anytime you wish, she says, offering you a fresh bouquet of flowers that gratefully accept. I have 99 stories that can be shared with those who want to listen.

You don't say anything else to Beiki, but you vow to return as soon as you can. You know you'll remember the little grundo for a very long time.


If you made it this far, I want to thank you for reading my application! I had so much fun getting to know Beiki, and I hope you had fun reading about her!

I have to admit that I kind of failed on keeping it short, but it was hard to restrain myself! I do wish you the best of luck choosing an owner for Beiki. I know it will be a hard decision, but I will respect whatever you decide.

Thank you again for reading! I hope to speak to you soon!

At this moment I'd like to say thank you to a few people who helped make this application what it is today.

First off, I'm not sure if you noticed, but throughout this application are song lyrics. Moment for Life by Nicki Minaj helped put Beiki's personality together for me. I honestly doubt she'll ever read this, but without those lyrics this application may not be what it is, so thank you!

I'd love to thank my sister for listening to me talk about this application all the time! Not only was she a fantastic listener, she helped me with so much! Without her I wouldn't have known what pet Malika would be, or even what her name was! Thank you for listening even when it annoyed you!

Alex, an incredible person and amazing friend, wrote a reference for me! It actually made me cry, and I appreciate the fact that she thought enough of me to do so! Thank you Alex!

My wonderful friend Zoe wrote a reference for me, which can be found here. Thank you so much! It was more than I feel I deserve!

I got a fantastic Rated Review from Poise! The helpful review enabled me to fine-tune my application even more! Thank you, Poise!

And finally I'd like to thank Phoenix for putting up with all my app talk. I tried to avoid it as much as possible, but in moments of excitement I posted about it. Everyone has been so supportive and caring that I just want to hug them all! Thank you for being such an amazing guild!
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