What started as a bright and sunny shopping trip in Neopia Central has quickly turned sour. Rain is pouring down and thunder crackles in the distance. You try in vain to keep yourself dry with a copy of the Neopian Times you found lying in the gutter. Since that's not working brilliantly, you decide to hurry home. Unfortunately it's a long trek and you're getting chilly.

     You make your way through a small neighborhood where cozy Neohomes line the deserted streets. You sigh as you consider the residents of these houses, all safe and warm inside, probably curled up with a book in front of a fireplace. As you try and shake the thought from your head, you rub your arms in a futile attempt to warm them up. It looks like this is going to be a miserable walk home.

     Oh, hey!

     You pause when you hear a sweet little voice. You look around for the source but can't pinpoint it.

     Over here! The voice calls again, Come on!

     You suddenly notice a bit of fluff peeking out over a fence. You head over to find a yellow JubJub balancing precariously on the top of a garbage can.

     You look pretty awful. She laughs, Is it a long way to your house?

     You nod meekly.

     Then why don't you come in for a bit? You can wait out the storm here. She smiles

     Yes, please! You nod eagerly

     The JubJub hops down off the garbage can and waddles over to the fence. She manages to undo the latch on the gate and let you in.

     Come on inside!

     You follow her into the quaint Neohome. Though rather plain, the home is cozy and, most importantly, warm and dry. It's decorated nicely, and the scent of the fresh bowl of flowers catches your attention right away. She doesn't stop in the entryway, though. She leads you through some halls and a kitchen, and stops inside a bedroom. From the short furniture you assume it's her bedroom. The room itself is decorated mainly in yellows and reds, with plenty of Yooyuball and Shenkuu paraphernalia lying about. The bed itself has a Yooyu-print blanket on top, which Daphli grabs.

     Here ya go! She says as she tosses it to you

     You gratefully accept the towel, despite the yellow fur that now caked it. You quickly dry yourself off.

     Oh, wait! The JubJub suddenly exclaims, Oh my gosh, I haven't even introduced myself, have I? Sorry! My name is Daphli.

     I'm loba_negra. You tell her, still coddled in the blanket

     Nice to meet you, loba_negra. Daphli smiles, Please, have a seat!

     She motions towards a beanbag chair, which you awkwardly plop yourself into. She hops onto the bed.

     Feeling better? She asks

     You nod.

     Good! Daphli smiles

     Suddenly, there's a crack of lightning outside, followed by rumbling thunder. Daphli glances out the window and sees the storm is still raging outside. She cringes.

     Well… it looks like it'll be a while before you can go. Daphli tells you, How 'bout we chat until then?

About Daphli

Name: Daphli
Gender: Female
Age: About fifteen, but people say I'm pretty mature
Species: Jubjub
Official Color: Yellow
Fur Color: Sunny yellow with orange freckles
Eyes: Dark blue, no whites
Anthro Form:
Quad and anthro form are the same
Fashion: I usually wear my Yooyu hoodie, but I also like to experiment with new clothes! It's hard to find stuff that works on JubJubs, but I'm always working on it!

Born: Don't know for sure, but I'm gonna assume Neopia Central since I was found there.
Parents: I don't know anything about my birth parents… I was adopted by Nana Rae, though! Read my family section for more about her and my family :3
Current Location: Neopia Central
Petpet: Rosie the Red Yooyu


     Most of my siblings describe me as "spunky". I guess I am. I like being active and hate sitting still. I'm also pretty outspoken. Sometimes I say stupid stuff and get in trouble for it. I have a bad habit of not thinking before I speak. I don't have a lot of secrets, because I can't really keep them. My outspokenness isn't so bad, though! I really like public speaking and writing and sharing my opinions and stuff. Sometimes people appreciate it, sometimes they don't. But I'm so cute and fuzzy it's hard to stay mad at me :3

     I really like spending time with my family and friends. I'm very outgoing. I love going shopping with my sisters and playing Yooyuball with my brothers. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE my Rosie! She's my Yooyu, but I'll talk more about her later :3 I really like Petpets in general. I don't like babies, though. They make me really uncomfortable for some reason… It might have something to do with the fact that they can't talk or do a lot, but they're usually around my size… Plus, they tend to pull on my fur. That's just not cool!

     I like eating and food a lot, too. I have a HUGE weakness for hotdogs and chili dogs… OH MY GOSH THEY'RE SO GOOD! I eat so many hotdogs at the Altador Cup, I really shouldn't. They're not super healthy, especially for JubJubs… I need to be better about that. I have a huge weakness for junk food, though. I know that's bad. I like nachos and chips and candy a lot. But I also like fruit and vegetables! …Sometimes, at least. Fortunately there's plenty of places to get good food in Neopia Central. Like the Health Food Shop, which I go to! Really! …Sometimes, I mean. But, umm… yah. The mixed nuts you can get there are pretty good, at least!

     What I really hate are JubJub stereotypes. How we're all quiet and boring and wimpy. That's so not true! I mean, SOME are, but it's unfair to think that about all of us! I mean, take Yorris Obbles for example. He's the goalkeeper for Meridell's Yooyuball team! Is THAT boring or wimpy? I don't think so!

     Isn't he super dreamy? I keep his picture under my pillow… OH! I mean… never mind. What's next?



Having Fun

Being Floofy :3

The Altador Cup

Her Friends and Family


Sitting Still


Being Judged

Being Stuck Inside

Having Her Fur Pulled


     So! You wanna hear my story, huh? Well, I should prepare you… it's an epic tale full of adventure and excitement and drama! It's a sordid tale of treachery and deceit… You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably get a little bored at some points… but the ending is so tremendous it's well worth it!

     …Okay, just kidding. Yah… my story's not all that exciting. I'd LOVE to say I was some long lost princess or powerful wizard or brave knight… but nope. I'm just a normal JubJub. Still, as boring as it is, I do have a story. If you want to listen, then I'll tell it. It's not like we have anything better to do… Eep! That thunder is loud, huh?

     So. My story starts in Neopia Central. Was I born here? I have no idea. But that's where my Nana, Kasrael, found me. She was doing her grocery shopping when she stumbled across a cardboard box. One the side of the box was a little sign that said: JubJubs Free to a Good Home. Inside she found me. Just me. I was all by my lonesome, accompanied only by clumps of shedded fluff. Sad, isn't it? Nana thought so, too, so she decided to take me home! She already had a couple of other adopted grandchildren at home, and decided I would be a perfect fit.

     My Nana was super brave taking me in when she already had young Neopets in the home. But she lived in such a big, nice home that I even got my own room! I didn't like being all alone, though. I would cry and cry… and then the sleeprolling started. Baby JubJubs have to learn how to roll properly, just like we need to learn to walk, and I kept rolling out of my crib! Nana got a new crib with better walls, but I still rolled around all the time. Finally she ended up filling my crib with plushies. I was able to snuggle up in the plushies and sleep… well, like a baby! Baby JubJubs are naturally supposed to sleep in clumps, actually. But since I had no JubJub siblings, she had to substitute. Oh! And I wouldn't recommend filling a human baby's crib with stuffed animals like that. Just sayin'. That could be very bad.

     Anyway, like most babies, I grew up fast! And once I started to walk… oh boy! I was gone! My Nana had a horrible time trying to keep track of me. She'd get me the best playpens, but I'd always find a way out. Finally she ended up just letting me go. I never really got into any trouble, I just liked exploring. Plus, my siblings were older than me, and I hated seeing them run around while I couldn't! I got along really well with all my siblings. We played together all the time, from sun up to sun down, until we were exhausted.

     I didn't get any calmer as I got older. I still have lots of energy… and a bad habit of running off when I see something I'm interested in. I can't even tell you how many times I've gotten lost at the Altador Cup. Like, we don't even go that often, but I get lost ten or twenty times whenever we do! I always find my family again, though. And I often find a hot dog or slushie stand while I'm looking! What? No, it's never on PURPOSE. I just find them… well, being lost is scary and makes you hungry and thirsty and stuff, so why not get one or two? Or three?

     Wait, where was I? OH RIGHT! My story. Well, fortunately I have big siblings to help care for me, which is good because my Nana has trouble keeping up. Not that I need a lot of care anymore. I'm pretty independent. But sometimes I get a little distracted and end up doing something stupid. Or I say something stupid and get into trouble. My siblings help me out with that. Speaking of which, I should tell you about them! But… I've got some other stuff to show you first!


     Your eyes drift to a photo album on the floor beside your beanbag chair. Daphli notices you looking at it and smiles.

     Hey! That's where that went! She exclaims, hopping over and picking it up, I KNEW I left it somewhere!

     She smiles and turns to you, opening the book and setting it on your lap. You flip through a little and notice it's all pictures of… well, her. All in different outfits, and all with little notes written underneath.

     Isn't that neat? My brother Vyalia came up with the idea for it, and he helped me make it. She explains, He's the reason for most of the sparkly stickers, by the way. Anyway, that book documents all my awesome outfits! You should check them out!

My summer outfit! Surfing is fun!

I love Halloween! And don't I make a super cute Noil? I love my costume! I get lots and lots of compliments when I wear it, too ;)

What? You HAD to expect an epic Altador Cup outfit! That Cyodrake costume is a nightmare to drag around, but doesn't it look awesome?

What? You didn't think I'd stop at just one Altador Cup outfit, did you? This is one of my favorites. I LOOOOVE that hoodie so much!

Christmas shopping is fun! …Or, I assume it is. For someone who actually has Neopoints to spend.

I love decorating! As long as I have someone to untangle me…

     I may add more outfits at some point. She explains as you come to the end of the pictures, But that's what I have so far!


     She closes up the book, hops onto her bed, and places it on a shelf above her bed. Beside the shelf you notice some issues of the Neopian Times that are framed on her wall. She grins as she straightens one of them.

     Didja see these? She asks, looking back at you, These are the Neopian Times articles I've written! You wanna read 'em?

     Before you can answer, she plucks them from the wall and brings them over to you. She places them, frame and all, on your lap.

     Aren't they neat? I worked really hard on them and was so excited to get in! She points to the top one, Go on, read 'em!

Owner's Note: These articles are from before I revamped my pet's stories, removing myself as a character. So that's why she mentions me as her mom. They also take place when we lived in Shenkuu, but her home has since changed to Neopia Central : )

Life as a JubJub- Locomotion

     Hello! My name is Daphli. In case you didn't guess, I'm a JubJub. As a species we tend to get overlooked... literally, most of us are quite short. For the inexperienced user, we may not be the best choice. After all, when you're trying to steal extra free omelette it helps to have a pet with arms. Still, on a chilly winter night, most users would rather trade their Ruki for something warm and fuzzy. No offense to Rukis, of course.

     In this article I'm gonna cover some of the good and bad, ups and downs of JubJub life. Because it's a large subject I'm gonna focus on one issue: locomotion, or getting from place to place. Who knows... maybe if people like this article, I'll get more in? I've got my fingers... err, toes crossed...

     Getting around can be difficult for a JubJub. You may not think so, since we're all feet... well, about fifty percent or so at least, but it can be quite tough. Imagine picking up some groceries for your mom. You can't really use your feet to walk and carry something at the same time. I'm sure most JubJubs out there have done the "one foot hop". You know, with one foot you keep the groceries balanced on your head, with the other you bounce on towards home. Sure, sometimes it works, but it can be quite dangerous. If you live in the rough landscape of Terror Mountain, or the thick jungles of Mystery Island, you're gonna want two feet on the ground. Of course, some JubJubs balance the objects they're carrying just on their heads, but unless you tie it to your fur, it's very likely to fall... and if you DID tie it to your fur, I imagine it would be painful.

     So we JubJubs have to be resourceful. Fortunately our large heads house large brains, and I like to think we're one of the smarter species out there. In the instance of taking groceries home, for example, I find a wagon useful. Put everything you need in there, then push it towards home! Of course, if you don't live in a relatively flat land, it can be rough. Living in the lowlands of Shenkuu I can usually get my groceries home with one push downhill, but some aren't so fortunate. And carrying things isn't the only hard part of getting around.

     Now, we are a fast species when sprinting, but we can have trouble with long distances. While we can roll down hills, sometimes it can be hard to get traction on straight or uphill trips. One option, as undignified as it may be, is to have someone carry you. Of course, you won't always have your owner or siblings to carry you. And I wouldn't recommend asking a stranger. Even if they are kind enough to carry you, who knows where those hands have been? It's not worth getting an unidentifiable sticky substance in your luxurious fur. But it's also no fun staying home!

     Some JubJubs opt for larger Petpets for this reason. A Gallion or Bika can certainly be of use if you find one the right size. Unfortunately this isn't always an option. They can be expensive or hard to care for. Personally, I prefer skateboards. You can get a Purple Skateboard, a Blue Skateboard, even a super stylish Sharky Skateboard! They make life a lot easier. Since we're quite low to the ground it's pretty easy for us to control them. We can see all the little pebbles or Petpetpets on the ground and avoid them. Just one push with our giant feet and off we go! Plus, if you find yourself having to carry a lot of stuff, you can just set it all on the skateboard and it works just like a wagon! Except, it has no sides, so you have to be a little more careful. Still, all in all, a skateboard is a very useful thing for a JubJub on the go.

     For the more high-tech JubJub, a jet pack is ideal. While they're in short supply in Neopia, with the only ones I know of being available exclusively from the Neocash Mall, they are possible to make. Plus, you can pick up just about any gadget in Moltara for the right price. You can also usually find some in the Space Station, but you never really know where they've been. Though they're a little hard to get to used to, it is convenient to be able to fly around. I suppose you could also buy wings for this purpose, but they're not as cool in my opinion. Plus, let's face it, putting them on can be painful.

     Another easy way for us to get around, though you can't get everywhere with it, is swimming. After all, most of swimming really is in the legs. Propel yourself forward with kicks and you can traverse water with ease! I've gotta say, out of my siblings, I'm one of the best swimmers. They'll tell you otherwise, but they're just too proud to admit I'm better than them.

     Right now I bet all you non-JubJubs are really appreciating not being a JubJub. But, like all species, there are benefits to being one. We tend to rule in Cheeserolling competitions, being able to roll alongside our cheese. We can also run really fast for short distances. If you and I both want the last Neocola, there's no way you're gonna beat me to it! And, while our small size may make life harder in some situations, it sure can help getting into, and out of, tight spots. Since fur can be flattened, you'd be surprised the places we can get into. Though it may not always be easy, when we get around, we get around.

     So. I hope this article helps better illustrate the joys and pitfalls of being a JubJub, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you'd like to know more about me and my life, feel free and contact my owner! Just don't flood her inbox. I've got a feeling a lot of people will enjoy my article! ...Right?

Life as a JubJub- Hygiene

     Hello! It's Daphli again. Don't remember me? Well, I wrote the article "Life as a JubJub- Locomotion". If you haven't read it, please do! Anyway, since my last article got in, I decided to write another! I bet you're all super excited!

     So, in keeping with my topic of Life as a JubJub, today I'm going to cover JubJub hygiene. Hygiene is EXTREMELY important for JubJubs. After all, we're essentially fur and feet... both of which can get pretty dirty. A lot of Neopets don't appreciate how much time and effort we JubJubs spend on keeping ourselves presentable. Hopefully, this article will help give you the idea. It will also come in handy if you know a smelly JubJub.

     We'll start with some easy stuff. Dental care. Yes, we JubJubs have teeth. It's how we eat. So we need to keep them clean. You may wonder how we can brush our teeth with our feet, but most of us are quite dexterous. Still, the shape of the Zafara Toothbrush or the flexibility of the Squeezy Toothbrush make them very handy. I USED to have a really cool Invisible Toothbrush, until my brother lost it... But I digress... Besides the toothbrush, you also need some nice toothpaste. I generally prefer mint, maybe vanilla mint if I'm feeling crazy, but more adventurous folks may want to try strawberry or even mushroom toothpaste. They all clean the same. Plus, not a lot of pets are our height, so not a lot will be able to smell our breath.

     Another important part of JubJub hygiene is foot care. After all, our feet are quite large, and can get quite smelly. I don't know about you, but after a healthy game of Yooyuball, mine are a little gross (a fact my Yooyu isn't all that fond of). So it's important to keep them properly washed and sanitized. My home is equipped with handy stools beside the sink, so I can get up there and wash my feet. I like to experiment with different soaps, but so far my favorite Gypsy Soap. It smells so cool! For little JubJubs, though, I recommend Meerca Toy Surprise Soap. It has a cute little toy inside, so when they use it all up they can keep it! Isn't that a cool idea? I used to love that soap when I was little... Now I've got a pile of those toys... Seriously, anyone want one?

     Oh! Sorry, I guess I got a little off track... Well, now it's time for THE most important part of JubJub hygiene... hair care. This fabulous 'do doesn't just happen on it's own. It takes WORK. A lot of shampooing, conditioning, brushing, and drying go into this. Let me break it down. First, you need a good shampoo. In Neopia, there are so many to choose from! Cheaper JubJubs, or super busy JubJubs, may use the Two in One Hair Care. While it gets the job done, I find it doesn't clean as well as it could. I typically use Herbal Shampoo. Not only does it smell really good, my fur gets so silky! For special occasions (maybe like an autograph signing... ?), I use Superstar Shampoo or Super Shiny Shampoo. Both give my fur some extra shine and fluff, though they don't clean quite as well. If you're looking for an extra yummy smell, I suggest trying the Scented Hearts Flower Shampoo or Cucumber Melon Shampoo. The Scented Hearts Shampoo smells DELICIOUS, but doesn't clean as well. The Cucumber Melon smells great to some, but I find it a tad overbearing.

     Once you're thoroughly shampooed and rinsed, you're going to need some conditioner. It may seem superfluous to a lot of pets, but it is VITAL for JubJubs. Fortunately, Neopia also has a wide selection of conditioners to choose from. I personally prefer Mane Conditioner. Yes, technically we don't have manes, but it's really the best for eliminating tangles and providing good body. Since our fur IS our body... that's important. Now, I highly recommend NOT using species specific conditioners, such as Xweetok or Peo. They may seem like a good idea, but they tend to not be properly suited for other species. Plus, the Peo Conditioner smells like seaweed... which is gross. Now, if you don't want too many conflicting scents, Neopia has handy sets of both Shampoo and conditioner. Cucumber Melon Shampoo has a matching conditioner, so does Chokato Shampoo, and Watermelon Shampoo, to name a few. If you're more adventurous, maybe opt for a Pebeanjay Flower Conditioner? Smells just like the real thing! Which may or may not be a good thing...

     Now, once you're fully rinsed, it's time to dry. Towels are the generally preferred way. I have a very nice Fuzzy White Towel I use. Still, sometimes you're in a hurry. While the windswept look is nice, if you live in a particularly windy area, you can get a really funky look. I've met a few JubJubs who opt for a faster, but also more dangerous option. The Basic Dryer is a battledome weapon, but can also be used to dry hair. Just be careful to put it on the lowest setting. Also, DO NOT use the double dryer. I had a friend who did... It was not pretty. Seriously... I'd rather not talk about it...

     Alright, now you're dry. Now it's time to brush. Make sure to get a good brush! Don't be cheap when it comes to brushes. After all, your brush provides the finishing touches for your look. Also, this is hopefully obvious, but make sure to get one for long hair. Unfortunately, most of the brushes in Neopia are designed for short hair. Long hair brushes are in short supply, and only available in a few colors: red, blue, and green. I like my blue one. It matches my eyes. Also, make sure to keep it clean. The amount of fur we shed is ridiculous. Seriously, I could build a second JubJub with the hair I get off in a week. I should mention, though, that a short hair brush can be good for quick touchups, and is much better suited for fake microphone duty... Err, I mean... never mind...

     ANYWAY... I hope this article has helped you better understand the troubles we JubJubs have to go through to look so fabulous. Maybe it's even given a few JubJubs some new ideas! No matter what, I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions, feel free and send them to my mom. She'll make sure they get to me.

Life as a JubJub- Health

     Hey there! Daphli here again. I hope you've been enjoying my series, Life as a JubJub! I've already covered locomotion and hygiene, today I'm going to cover another important aspect of life: health. Generally, JubJubs are a pretty healthy species. Our fuzzy bodies conceal a strong immune system. But, in order to remain healthy, here are some tips!

     The first part of health is a healthy diet. Every Neopet needs to eat, and every species has different nutritional needs. JubJubs have pretty basic dietary needs. We're naturally vegetarians (did anyone really think we hunted?) and should try to keep our meat intake down. Not that a treat every now and then can't hurt! Personally, I LOVE hot dogs. He he… my doctor says I need to be careful with them, but they're so yummy! Especially with chili and nacho cheese and…

     Whoops! Sorry. I guess I got off track. Anyway, back to diet. We should eat lots of vegetables and fruit. Bananas are especially good because they have Vitamin B. Vitamin B is very important for keeping our hair healthy. Given how much of our body consists of it, it's really important to keep it healthy. You can also find Vitamin B in grains, potatoes, even chili peppers have Vitamin B. If none of those appeal to you, you can purchase Vitamin B Tablets. They're orange flavored, and actually taste pretty good. I start every day by taking one with breakfast and washing it down with some orange juice.

     While we're on the subject of diet, it's important to make brief mention of hygiene. Make sure to wash your feet before every meal! After all, we don't have hands to hold our food. We use our feet. They get decidedly more dirty than hands, so don't skimp on washing them. For more information on hygiene, check my article Life as a JubJub-Hygiene!

     Exercise is also important. You need to keep in shape to stay healthy. Swimming or jogging are the easiest ways for JubJubs to exercise. Personally, I prefer swimming. It's much more relaxing and it's less likely you'll get overheated. Swimming is especially good if you're feeling sore. Unfortunately, it's not always possible or practical to swim. If you don't live near water, you'll have to invest in a pool for your Neohome. The expense, however, is definitely a drawback. Also, fire and magma JubJubs should really avoid water. For them, and for the financially strapped, jogging is easiest. Just make sure to stay properly hydrated and don't let yourself overheat. We tend to get hot faster than other species because of our thick fur.

     While we're generally healthy, we are prone to foot problems. Mostly stubbed toes and blisters. Stubbed toes aren't very serious, but they can hurt a lot. If you're not paying attention you can accidentally bash your toe against things, thus stubbing it. There isn't a whole lot you can do to make it feel better. The pain will go away eventually. But, if it doesn't go away for a while, it could be broken. Make sure to visit the hospital if that's the case. As for blisters, they happen when parts of your feet (well, any part of your body, but they're most common on feet) rub against something enough. They can hurt a lot and sometimes they pop and… well, it's gross. Just trust me on that. If you do get one, cover it with a bandage or something to keep it protected. It will eventually heal itself.

     Along the lines of foot diseases, we have Bloaty Feet. Like its name suggests, your feet will get really big. More than just normal JubJub big. The most reliable cure is Magic Smelly Socks. But be careful when trying to purchase them! Some unscrupulous Neopians will try to trick you by selling you their non-magic smelly socks. It can be hard to tell the difference. Just remember, magic smelly socks come in mismatched pairs. One is ALWAYS green and blue, the other is ALWAYS pink and orange. If the socks are any other color, don't even consider buying them. They're fake. Also, Magical Smelly Socks have a very distinct odor. A mix of garlic and asparagus. Now, I've heard rumors that the Brilliant Draik Flower can help cure Bloaty Feet. I'm not sure if this is true. Even if it is, I doubt it will work consistently. Otherwise it would be more well known. While afflicted with a case of Bloaty Feet, you can go about your normal activities until your feet get REALLY big. At that point you should stay in bed until someone gets you a cure.

     Another bad disease is the Shock-A-Lots. It makes any Neopets fur very static and will shock those who try and touch them. Since we have so much fur, this is really bad. The best known cure is to wear a pair of Ultra Rubber Gloves until they go away. If you can't afford or find any, just make sure to wear some sort of rubber clothing. It can help keep the static down, but only Ultra Rubber Gloves can cure it. Your family may want to wear rubber, too, in case your case is severe.

     And now… the most dreaded disease for JubJubs. Worse than NeoMonia and Ugga-Ugga, it's… Fuzzitus. A terrible allergy to fluff. You can clearly see how this could be bad for JubJubs. If around fuzz (not really an "if" for JubJubs) Neopets will get a sore throat, runny nose and eyes, terrible cough, and nearly constant sneezing. It can drain all your energy and make it so you can't even get out of bed! It's HORRID. I had it once when I was little. Fortunately, my mom got a hold of the cure pretty quick. In order to cure it you'll need some Fluff Be Gone. A word of warning: you WILL lose some fur. It's a side effect of the medicine. But, trust me, it'll grow back. Usually pretty quick. And it's totally worth it to cure such a miserable disease. If you REALLY want to keep your fur, you can try the Weak Fuzzitus Cream. It IS NOT guaranteed to work, however. But if you don't want you 'do disturbed, it's worth a shot.

     Well, I think that about raps up this article. Mostly because I can't think of anything else to add… But I think I covered plenty. As always, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to Neomail my owner! She'll make sure all the letters get to me!

Family & Friends

You wanna know about my family? Sure! Who do you wanna know about? Hover over the pictures for more!
Nana Rae is my adoptive grandma. She's basically my mom, though, since she doesn't have any kids. But she's kinda too old to call my mom. She's raised me since I was a little puffball, though. Well… I still am a little puffball, I suppose but… you know what I mean! Rae is really sweet and a great grandma. She's a really good cook and takes great care of me and my siblings. She's also a lot of fun, and has lots of energy for her age. She even plays Yooyuball with me sometimes! Tocksic's my big brother. He's a really great big brother, too. He likes to play Yooyuball and other games with me. Plus, he's really smart. And, yes, Grundos CAN be smart. You should know not to believe stereotypes by this part of my page! Anyway, he has a HUGE library of books he shares with everyone. There are some really good ones about the Altador Cup and its history in there. I've read them all several times, but they're still fun to reread. It's easy to forget parts. Xorfino's another brother of mine. He's kind of a grump, though. He considers himself a scientist and is constantly messing around in his laboratory with some machine or another. And don't you dare interrupt him while he's in there! He gets super mad. Even when he's not in his lab, he's not the chattiest or most social pet. And he's always criticizing everyone else. Tocksic insists I need to give him a chance and that he's really sweet deep down, but I dunno... I kinda prefer to just ignore him. Aly's my little brother, even though he dresses like my little sister. He's super energetic and fun. But, seriously, when I say energetic I mean it. I can't even keep up with him! He's really sweet, too, but sometimes he can get a bit annoying. I mean, I love him and all, but every once in a while I need a break from all the hyperness, ya know? Don't tell him I said that, though! He's really sensitive. He doesn't seem like it… but he is. So don't be mean to him or anything, alright? Promise? Pinky- err… I mean toe promise? Rozwyn is my big sizster. She's also a witch. She's super nice, though, and we spend a lot of time together. When she's not practicing magic, of course. Her room's up in the attic because… well, she has a tendency to cause explosions. She hasn't caused one in a few weeks, though! I think she's getting better. Flapzo is another sister of mine. Hey, remember that April Fool's Day when all those pets from the pound were sent to Neohomes to be 'fostered'? Zo was sent to ours! It was… umm… an odd day. But at the end when it turned out it was all a prank, we all decided she would have to stay! She's normally a pretty nice sister, but she can be a bit grumpy and sarcastic and stuff. Still, she's sweet deep down. I think. I'm not entirely sure yet… We're all still kinda getting used to each other. Capricia is another sister of mine. She's really nice and sweet and has some awesome aquariums in her room! She can be kinda shy, though, and doesn't like playing very much. She's also not the best at Yooyuball, though she's tried playing a few times. I think her fins get in the way. No offense to anyone on Maraqua's team, though! Libly is my baby sister. Well, I say baby, but she's four. She's nice, but can be super hyper and tough to handle. She has a crazy imagination, too, and is always making up insane stories. But I guess that's just being a kid? I dunno. She's not too bad, but I hate getting stuck babysitting. I rarely do, but when I do it can go pretty badly. Last time she trapped me in a makeshift cage and said I'd have to wait until a prince came to rescue me. It's hard to babysit someone who's taller than you… Uncle Spire is Kasrael's big brother. He insists on being called "Professor" by most, but lets us call him uncle. He's… umm… interesting? He lives in the Haunted Woods, and sometimes we visit him in his mansion. He studies the paranormal and can be a bit weird. Be careful around him, he tends to rope everyone into his crazy experiments! But Nana says he's really sweet deep down… maybe he is, but it's not really worth risking. I do like exploring his nifty mansion, though! Babatte is a ghost who works for Uncle Spire. She's actually really cool and fun to hang out with. Normally I won't go out alone in the Haunted Woods at night, but sometimes I go with her. It's actually really beautiful at night… as long as you have someone spooky to protect you. Otherwise Babatte and I like to read magazines and play games together. Velioka also lives at Uncle Spire's place. She doesn't work for him, though. My uncle has a greenhouse he NEVER uses, so he lets her use it instead. I don't think she even sees my uncle very much. Anyway, Velioka is a wood nymph who's studying Haunted Woods flora. She used to study under Illusen. She has a lot of specimens from the woods in her greenhouse. They're all really cool… buuut sometimes they try to eat me. I don't like those ones. Plant drool is hard to get out of your fur. It can be a good hair gel, though.


Rosie won the 542nd Petpet Spotlight!
     Rosie's so special, she gets an entire section! Not only is she a Petpet, she's the realization of a lifelong dream! Ever since I discovered Yooyuball, it was my dream to get my very own Yooyu. Not just because they're so much better than inflatable Yooyuballs (which stink to practice with, FYI), but they're just amazing creatures. They're so beautiful, and have such an incredible history. They're also known to have super sweet temperaments. I mean, how else would they put up with being tossed around on a regular basis?

     Unfortunately, because of how popular they are, and because until recently the Altadorian government wouldn't allow them to be owned by anyone who wasn't going to train them for the Altador Cup, they're really expensive. It took me a really long time to save up the money for her, but eventually I did! If you want to know more about the day I got her, take a peek at her Petpet Spotlight entry I linked to! It took forever for me to finally get a Yooyu of my own… but she was worth all the work and Neopoints.

     Rosie is my best friend in the world. We're inseparable. Mainly because she tends to fuss when we are separated. She's really sweet and affectionate, but she also loves to play games, especially Yooyuball! When I first got her, I thought I might eventually train her for the Altador Cup, but that went out the window pretty quick. While she likes to play with me and some of my close siblings, she doesn't really like strangers to play with her. I can totally understand, though. And I don't mind if she never joins me in competing in the Altador Cup.

     Rosie has a special Petpet bed with a dome cover on it. She used to sleep in the bed with me, but she kept rolling out of it. Sometimes she rolled all the way down the hall before waking up! Then she'd cry and fuss and FREAK. Fortunately, I'm familiar with sleeprolling, having experienced it a lot when I was little. I knew the best way to combat it was a hooded Petpet bed. It took her awhile to be willing to sleep away from me, but once I put her bed near mine, she was better. She's gotten used to it since then.

     Rosie eats a special diet made for Yooyus. You can buy Yooyu feed in Altador, but it's crazy expensive, especially to ship out here. So I did my own research and put together a special formula for her. I won't give you my exact recipe, but I'll tell you it focuses on fruits and vegetables native to Altador, with extra protein added. I also needed to figure out something I could give her for healthy, but yummy, snacks. I've found she loves dried fruit and grapes, so I generally use those. It's funny that I put so much effort into her diet, when I tend to eat whatever is easy myself.

     Oh! I should tell you more about her spotlight win, huh? Well, it was pretty amazing. I decided to enter on a whim and quickly wrote all about the day I got her. Then I took that adorable picture of her and sent it in. When we got the news THAT WEEK, there she was! I remember seeing the entry, and thinking someone else had a Yooyu named Rosie! I was totally flabbergasted, I felt like I was dreaming. A few weeks later we got her trophy in the mail. I put it up on my shelf, near my framed Neopian Times entry. I'm still so proud of her! Now all of Neopia knows what a fabulous Petpet she is!


      You notice some other paintings hanging on the wall and ask about them.

     Oh! Those are more pictures of me! She pauses, Umm, I'm not quite as self-absorbed as I seem… ANYWAY, wanna check out the pictures?

Drag and drop the pictures to the address bar for the full view! If that doesn't work, right-click, go under "properties", and copy and paste the link into your address bar!

     I even have pictures other people drew for me because I'm so adorable! Daphli explains, puffing out her fur

This awesome person did the first picture!
This equally awesome person did the second!
And this totally amazing person did the third!
     That's the art I have so far. She tells you after you look everything over, Though my wall still has lots of room for more! I may add more pictures at some point, too. And if you or anyone you knows what to give me some art I'll happily hang it up!


     You cross your legs, your foot hitting a box you hadn't noticed before on the floor. It tips over, releasing yellow puffballs on the floor.

     That's where those went! Daphli exclaims happily, Huh… I should probably clean up in here a little bit…

     She glances around at the others things lying around the floor haphazardly. You think to yourself that it's probably easier to avoid tripping when you're so low to the ground. You help Daphli clean up the mess, ushering all the puffs back into the box. You ask her about them as you tuck them away.

     What? Oh, no! They're not pompoms! She chuckles, They're little yellow JubJub toys!

     You glance back inside the box for a closer look.

This Jub came from Floobz's Petpage! This Jub came from Floobz's Petpage!

     And this last one is my favorite! Daphli grins when you pull out the last one, Someone made it especially for me! You can totally tell, right?


     As you set the box back down on the floor you happen to glance out the -blocked- To your surprise, the rain seems to have stopped completely. The sun is now shining brightly and you can hear Beekadoodles chirping. You stand up and politely fold Daphli's blanket for her, while thanking her and explaining it's time you go.

     Aww, no? You have to go now? Daphli frowns, Ah well. I suppose it makes since to go when the weather is good. But if you ever want to come visit again, here-

     She hands you a little link, which you stuff in your pocket.

     And these are other cool places you could check out if you're bored! She explains, handing you more links for your pocket

     Lemme know if you find any other cool links, too! I'd love to swap links with more Neopets. She smiles as she hops off the bed and begins to lead you to the door

     You thank her once more as you head out into the sunny, if puddle spotted, street.

     No problem! Daphli calls after you, Thanks for stopping by!


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