boy, have i got a story for you

So, there was this girl, right?

She was stupid, young and pretty. Widely believed to be the prettiest girl in town, although some would argue that that's up for debate. Rich, too. Her father owned the place. The whole town owed something to him and with the snap of his fingers he could make seemingly anything appear. He spoiled his daughter and gave her anything she wanted. She was the envy of everyone. The boys wanted her and the girls wanted to be her.

Her name was Danielle and she was not happy.

She had fine things and admirations and admirers, but what she wanted was to leave her old town and see the world, study alchemy, and have adventures. No, scratch that – she didn't know what she wanted. But she knew that she wanted to get away. Sounds like every teenager you've ever met, right?

Well, one night she decides she's going to do something about it. She packs up what she thinks she'll need and sneaks out. She is just about to leave the town's edges when she hesitates. The woods are deep, dark and scary, and she is a pale and pretty little thing. She thinks that she'd get torn up and eaten in a second – and she's right.

So, she turns around. But that's when she hears it. A cry in the night. She sees a shape at the edge of the woods. It's a child, and the child is crying. She has to do something! She's a good person, and a good person wouldn't leave a child crying at the edge of the woods. She gathers all of her courage and ignores every instinct screaming in her head and goes to help the child.

But the kid's not a kid.

I told you she was stupid.

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the only difference is all i see is now all that i've seen

Name: Danielle "Danger" -NAME REMOVED-
Gender: Female
Age: 25 in human years.
Species: Mutated Acara.
Birthplace: Fallowshire, Neovia, Haunted Woods
Status: Missing in action, believed to be deceased. Last seen on south end of Fallowshire, Neovia, Haunted Woods. Official cold case.
Personality: Danger, when she allows herself to be seen, is quiet. Her silence is not to be taken as a symptom of a timid nature, conversely it should be taken as a warning. Dani is capable, determined and smart. Nobody said anything about being nice.

It should be noted that Danger is not heartless. She's just been burned and forgotten too many times to be anything other than wary or cautious.

Physical Description:
Danger is beautiful in the way that fire is beautiful - hypnotizing to watch, but dangerous to touch. She is tall, slender, and she moves with purpose and elegance. Each step is measured, each flick of the wrist is done with consciousness and grace. Were it not for her rather unfortunate situation, one might mistake her for the lady of noble blood that her birthright tells her she is. Danger's face does not align with the rest of her body - she is horribly deformed, sporting horns and demonic eyes as the result of a cruel curse.

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i've seen some years

i. A Father's Tale

An interview with M. –NAME REMOVED- about the night of his daughter's disappearance, 36 hours after it happened.

Police Officer: What can you tell me about the night your daughter disappeared?

M. –NAME REMOVED: Well, it started out like a normal night.

PO: Please elaborate, sir.

M.: We had dinner at seven. We retired [to the parlor] at nine. I was working on letters. My wife was sewing and my daughter was reading a book. I wasn't paying very much attention. I'm buried under paperwork, what with the [Midsummer] Festival coming up. I'm one of the sponsors. I had been so distracted, I - [sounds of choked sobs] - do you think I might have missed something?

PO: Sir, please just stay on topic. The night your daughter disappeared… ?

M.: Yes, I'm sorry, I just - [muffled sobs] I'm okay. After the parlor, Danielle retired to bed early. She said that she was tired. My wife said that she was upset and being fussy.

PO: Was she upset?

M.: I don't know. I wasn't – I wasn't paying attention.

PO: Did she have a reason to be upset?

M.: I don't know… she had had some strong words with her mother.

PO: An argument? About what?

M.: I'm not sure, I… Danielle wanted to go to college, yes, that's it. She wanted to be an achemist, I remember.

PO: And her mother didn't want her to… ?

M.: -NAME REMOVED- didn't want her to. She found it unbecoming of a young lady. My wife forbid it, actually. Danielle had been very upset about that.

PO: Did you want her to go to college?

M.: Yes – no – I don't know, what does it matter?

PO: [uncomfortable shuffling] Did anything else unusual happen that night?

M.: Besides the obvious? No. That was – that was the last time I saw her.

PO: How about that day? Did anything unusual happen that day?

M.: No – not that I know of. I was working all day. She went out. To the bookstore, I think. She seemed to be in a good mood.

PO: The initial report mentions a break-in at precisely three in the morning the night your daughter was taken. Could you tell me about that?

M.: [muffled sobs] Yes. I was asleep. I didn't hear anything, but it was my wife that woke me up. She said – she said she thought someone was breaking in. I didn't believe her until I heard a crash myself. Then I – I ran to Danielle's room, to make sure she was alright. When I got in there, her bed was empty and – and – someone was standing over it. [more sobs]

PO: Who was standing over the bed?

M.: [muffled sobs]

PO: M. –NAME REMOVED-, please. Who was standing over the bed?

M.: It… it was a monster. With claws and teeth and glowing eyes. And... and when I came into the room, it yelled – it yelled, oh Fyora, it yelled Daddy!

PO: What did you do?

M.: I didn't – I couldn't – do anything. I just stood there, Fyora help me. My wife, though, my wife, she screamed at it. She grabbed a lamp and through it at the beast. She was screaming at it to leave – just SCREAMING – and the whole time the beast was screaming Mother! Mother, stop, please! It was awful, I couldn't – I can't – can we stop?

PO: We're finished, sir. Thank you for your cooperation. We'll be in touch.

M.: Just get my Danielle back, sir. Just get her back.

ii. Officially & Off-the-Record

From the desk of police chief -NAME REMOVED-, head of the Neovian PD at the time of Danielle -NAME REMOVED-'s disappearance.

Name: Danielle –NAME REMOVED-, also responds to "Dani
Age:17 at time of disappearance, would be around 25 now
Disappeared: June 19th, -YEAR REMOVED-
Last Seen By: Her father and mother, the night before her disappearance at their home in Fallowshire, Neovia.
Circumstances: Had a fight with mother before disappearance, might be a runaway. House broken into at night, might have been kidnapped. Reportedly unhappy. Parents rich, influential. Hostage?

In the parlor of her parent's home.
Picture taken four days before disappearance.

Case Notes: House broken into night of disappearance. Parents had a run-in with a reported "monster" who called them 'mother and father'. Monster chased out. Trail led into woods, then ran cold. Mrs. –NAME REMOVED- reported seeing Danielle at the edge of the town at midnight with a bag. Danielle's things removed. Case goes cold either way. No leads. No foulplay suspected.

Conclusion: Official cold-case. Case lives on in infamy.

There have been reports of a so-called "Swamp Witch" that appeared a few months after the disappearance. The witch matches the description of the monster that broke into the home of the –NAME REMOVED-s. The Witch is said to use alchemy to cure diseases, a career path that Danielle was reportedly interested in.

Off the record? I've spent 20 years in service to the law and this is both one of the strangest and most obvious cases I've run into. Personally, I believe that the monster that broke into their home was their daughter and the swamp witch is her, too. Can't tell them that, though. Too powerful. Would cause a scandal. I'd like to run into the Witch one day and ask her, though. Maybe after I retire. Officially, it's my one case that got away. Personally, I think I've solved it just fine.

iii. A Mother's Tale

The first time Andrew got sick, I didn't think anything of it. Children get sick, so what? But by the third time – the time that he didn't wake up – I knew something terrible was wrong.

I wish I could say that I had doctors from all over the land come over and cure him, but I can't. I barely have enough money to pay rent, let alone hire doctors. The best that I could afford was my village's doctor. He had no idea what was wrong, but said that a doctor in Neovia might. I couldn't pay for the trip, in both money and time. But Andrew was so ill – his breath was fading, and I knew it wouldn't be long before… before…

And then I found her. I heard of the Swamp Witch, yes, but I had no interest in doing business with her. It was said that she could use her alchemy to cure anything, but so many rumors swirled around her… that she would curse you if you couldn't pay, that she was a demon, and on and on. But I was so desperate.

One night I made the journey. I found her cabin in the woods and, heart pounding with every step, I approached it. To my surprise, she answered the door. She gave me quite a fright. I had heard that she was a monster, but I didn't believe it until she was standing only a few feet away from me.

What? she demanded. She sounded so normal, if a bit bored and uninterested.

I… I lost my voice. I couldn't speak, but I thought of Andrew and I snapped back to it. My son is sick, I said. Please, you must help!

Why should I help you? she asked me. She swayed to my side. I couldn't believe the way that she moved. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. The air parted before her, she did not part it. I suppose you've heard the rumors about me, hmm? She circled me. I could feel her breath on my neck. It was warm. About how I'm a monster. Did they tell you that I eat lost travelers? Is that why you're so scared? She poked a clawed finger in my side and I yelped.

Please. I began to weep. I don't care about that. I don't care. You're my last hope, please. He's just a child and he's all that I have.

She stared at me for a good minute. Then she sighed. I'll help. What are his symptoms? Better yet, bring him to me. She caught my apprehensive look. She added, in a softer voice, It'll help me treat him.

Thank you, oh thank you! I began to cry harder. But… I can't pay you.

She waved her hand. You'll make it up to me somehow, she said.

The next morning, I brought Andrew to her. She allowed us into her home. It was small, and crowded. There were books and glowing test-tubes everywhere. She lay my son on a couch. Do you know what's wrong? I was almost afraid to ask.

She nodded solemnly. I have to act fast, she told me and she did just that.

I watched her while she worked. She seemed sad. How lonely it must be to be out here all by herself, I'd think. Despite her appearance, she was still a neopet like the rest of us. When she gave my son his cure, she smoothed out his hair with a motherly touch.

It's my birthday, she told me while we waited for the cure to work.

Happy birthday, I told her. She smiled.

How old are you? she asked.

Twenty-five, I answered. Twenty-five and four months. I wondered how old she was.

I didn't have to wonder for long. We're the same age, she mused. I said nothing. My age? That poor girl… what was her life like?

My son stirred from his dread sleep. Mommy? he called out. I began to weep.

I'm here baby! I managed to work out between sobs. I held his hand and I held him. Thank you so much! I sobbed.

Love your son, she told me. No matter what happens. Do that and you have paid me back.

Yes, yes! I wept, but I had something else in mind.

v. A Mother's Tale Revisited

She said that I'd repay her somehow, and I fully intended to do just that. Now seemed like the perfect time – it was the eve of the Day of Giving. There was good spirit in the air, even in my cramped apartment. Andrew was healthy as a Uni and I had found a man who was kind, loving and financially stable. He was going to pay for me to go to teaching school so I could fulfill my childhood dream. My life was looking up, but I couldn't stop thinking about the Witch.

There was frost on the windows and it was cold in the village. That little shack of hers must be freezing. How was she celebrating? Andrew and his new father were in the living room, playing games and laughing. Was she alone? I drew a star in the frost of the -blocked- I had an idea.

My sister had given me a holiday cake and this year we didn't need it. It was beautiful and sweet, but I already had my share of beautiful and sweet things, plus I knew someone who needed something beautiful and sweet. I wrapped it in pretty paper and put on my coat. Where are you going? my man asked me.

I have to give something to an old friend, I told him. It was true. I gave him a kiss before I braved the cold.

When I approached the shack, it had begun to snow lightly. The sky was grey and the air was cold, but there was light coming from the windows. I began to second guess myself. No, I thought. I'm paying her back for doing something that you can't put a price on. I knocked on the door.

I fully expected the Witch's scowling face to appear, but instead a bright Disco Gnorbu answered. Hi! she shouted at me. Happy holidays! she added. She gave me a big smile.

Kid, what are you doing? I recognized the Witch's voice. She sounded annoyed, with something else – nerves?

You have a visitor, Danger! Dil chirped brightly. And she has a present!

Danger appeared in the doorway. You! she said. She was wearing a beautiful red dress and even had tinsel tied around one of her horns. She looked… honestly, very pretty.

Happy holidays! I said. I was nervous, and it showed. But Danger smiled.

You here to pay my back? she asked. Dil looked confused and was about to speak, but Danger put a finger to her lips. I nodded.

Cake, for you. It's the best I can do, after you did so much… I was in danger of crying. Dil squeaked and grabbed my arm, pulling me inside.

It was warm and cozy and we weren't alone. There was a zombie, a werelupe and an older Gnorbu. All were smiling and laughing and having a wonderful time. Danger took the cake from me.

Thank you, she said. Her voice was sincere.

Thank you, I said in reply. And happy holidays.

You can stay? If you like? Danger offered. I was taken by surprise.

I can't, but thank you. I've got my family to get back to, I told her. She nodded.

Have a wonderful holiday, she wished me. And now I've got my own family to get back to.

with everything i feel...

I don't like company. I didn't go looking for friends.
They found me and now they won't leave my house.

An Annoying... Thing

I'm used to people knocking on my door and asking for help, but most of them are more collected about it than this one. One evening she came a knockin', with a freshly bitten Werelupe in tow. My first instinct was to turn her away, but then she mentioned a grandmother. Nice woman, old Gnorbu. We do herb swaps. So I helped her and her unfortunate companion. I thought that was going to be the last of her.

It wasn't. This kid seems to be under the impression that we're friends. I don't know what I did to deserve this. She's loud, obnoxious and pokes her nose into places she shouldn't. My life was simpler without her, but... well, I'll admit that things are more fun with her around. And, heck, maybe she's sweet.

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A Disgustingly Mild-Mannered Zombie

It appears that I'm not the only unfortunate soul that Dil has picked up along the way, this one just happens to be one of the few people who can connect the dots between "Danielle" and "Danger". Bru owned the bookstore I used to frequent. He was mild-mannered back then and he's mild-mannered now, only a little more dead. Apparently Dil found and attacked him in the woods. Poor guy,

I've seen things and I've met things, but Bru's the only Zombie I've ever been able to say I know personally. He's just as nice as he used to be. I haven't been able to ask what happened to him - how he got that way - and he seems thankful for it. He's done the same for me. What can I say? I appreciate this guy. He knows when to keep his yapper shut.

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Dil's Unfortunate Werelupe Companion
This is the unfortunate soul that, reportedly, passed out in Dil's backyard after a bite. She brought him to me and I treated his wounds. They weren't severe, just a little swelling. He's stuck around, mostly. He's from Neovia, like me. A few years younger, so I didn't know him. I know how they take to monsters like us around those parts.

Howl (who was stuck with that name before the bite, apparently) is a gentleman. True Neovian born and bred. If I were younger, I'd remark on how boring this was. I had met hundreds of guys like him. But now... I find it endearing. Almost refreshing. But I shouldn't get to used to it. He's got a future ahead of him, despite his curse. Other villages take a kinder lurk on his situation and I'm sure he'll marry a nice non-monster and have little non-monster children. So I should just forget him while I still can. It shouldn't be too hard. It's not like I like him or aything.

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i feel you've already been here

made it this far?

If you're here already, I hope that you've enjoyed Danger's page. It is for your enjoyment! If you have any questions/comments or suggestions on how I could make it more user friendly and interesting, please, don't be afraid to neomail me! (:

I've had Danger's character in the works for over a year. I love Mutant Acaras and I've wanted one since I returned to Neopets in June 2011 and discovered their existence. I made it my goal to get one. Originally, I wanted to buy the potion myself, but once that proved... difficult, I decided to trade for one. All came to fruition when I won a Hallow PB from the Fruit Machine and traded a Hallow Eyrie custom for Danger on September 9th, 2011. Yay!

Construction on this page began in April of 2012 and ended (unofficially) early July 2012. I had a really good time making it, ngl. I found her story fun, especially the parts with the interview. And yes, -NAME REMOVED- was placed in their on purpose. :D

Song lyrics used on this page come from the band Franz Ferdinand's song "Outsiders". It's really lovely.

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