Step into darkness

Exit: light
Enter: night
Take my hand
We're off to never never land

Enter Sandman, Metallica


Nickname: Dan or Danny, but that's reserved for the family - don't try to call him that for your own safety.
Species: Kyrii
Color: Darigan
Gender: Male
Age: ~24

Despite being Sharpbeak's brother, she doesn't cut him slacks. He is also not fit to take the role of the leader which requires reliability and some scrupulousness. He is quite content that his sister takes care of the logistics. That way he can just jump straight into the fight and not bother about petty details. His magic relates to anything dark balancing on the verge of necromancy, but bringing much more straight damage. He is the only member who always takes his petpet for the missions. Don't let the size of this wretched grotesque dog-like figure fool you: this scrawny hound is capable of more vile tricks that you could imagine. Danakar tends to carry his guitar with him everywhere, not only for the performances. This instrument can not only damage sensitive ears, but also smash and slash enemies.

Short Stories

The Lesson

The parents guided their children through a murky corridor which led to a huge hall similar to the Altador Colosseum. Row of cascade balconies encircled the area on which a survival game took place. So far there never was a winner. There were no seats for the spectators except the royal throne hidden in the shade of large pillars – the Lord's seat. There was a murmur of quiet chat and everyone already knew who the sentenced person was before an official announcement to open the punishment ceremony was made. It was not common to see children at a place like this, so Sharpbeak and Danakar were another topic of the whispered disputes. But for everyone there's time to learn and it is better to do it quick at the Darigan Citadel. When the ceremony started, the small chats ended and all eyes were fixed at the arena, where the former Darigan knight, accused of betrayal, was dragged to the centre by the guards and released from his chains. Having free hands and legs gave him no advantage over the pack of ravenous Werhonds that did not get their dinner, yet.
The boy who came with his sister and parents: the short Darigan Kyrii, not older than 11, with his mane neatly cut in a "page" fashion, dressed in black trousers and formal shirt, was observing the scene. He did not look away even for a moment. He seemed paralysed by the "show". Suddenly, when the Werhonds were putting a swift end to the fight, his voice broke the silence: "Mom, Dad, can I get a puppy?".
Sharpbeak glanced at Danakar and it came to her that her brother is an total idiot, but this time, she was quite sure of it.
The Sorceress and First Charge Division Captain suddenly felt all eyes focused at them.
Before they could respond to their son's unexpected behavior, Creek noiselessly glided up to them, suddenly revealing his presence to them with a meaningful cough. Creek was one of the Lord's Darigan closest minions and one of these that never get invited by other minions to the parties. Probably neither the Lord would invite him to a party, if he ever threw parties, that is. "Our Majesssty, Lord Darigan is not pleasssed with you." the skinny Lenny made shifty eyes. He spoke as if he suffered from asthma – a common condition of those who are on the dark side of the force. "You are ssspoiling the atmosssphere.".
The Captain and Sorceress knew better: they did not dare to look toards the stone pillars and throne, as they knew the sight of displeased Lord would be more unpleasant that what just occurred on the arena below. They hastily left the dome, dragging the little trouble-maker with them. Danakar started to suspect he would have to wait for the puppy longer than he first thought.


There would be no darkness without light. Even more subtle relationship between the two could be observed where there where only scarce and unstable sources of light: it made the darkness acquire a character, a menacing one. Such conditions were in Danakar's room where only several, strategically placed candles were casting a flickering light over the array of occult objects arranged inside a pentagram. The teen Darigan Kyrii could comprehend the obscure secrets of dark magic, but he did not understand why his parents were getting so snappy whenever he mentioned he wanted a puppy. What was the big deal? But since he didn't get it for birthday, he was determined to get it by himself. In all the ancient spell scrolls and volumes of mystic knowledge he did not find a single good puppy-making recipe. That was always the cause: you couldn't find the right spell. So he combined all information he found relevant and now was eager to try it out. He made sure all doors and windows were closed and that no one will interrupt him. The ritual has started...

The guards at this level always felt weird in the presence of Sorceress children. There was something eerie about that Eyrie and her brother, even for the Citadel's standards. Seeing Danakar crawling on the floor like the filthiest bug that emerged from the dark pipes of some cosmic sever, was something they would never forget. What kind of wicked evil force could tarnish the boy who was no newbie to the dark magic?
Danakar wanted to keep the puppy-summoning ritual a secret to his parents. To his mother, in particular. Especially, that it was a fail. Now, if he only could make his limbs work properly again and let the overwhelming exhaustion vanish...

The clouds started gathering in the sky with a promise of a heavy rain and a storm maybe. Even if, surely not as powerful as the one which occurred several months ago, thought one of the guards who entered the stable. The stable boy reported one of their canine beasts was now a mother. Indeed she awaited them inside her nest made of hay and rags and raised her head as the two guards entered. Anyone at this time was an unwanted visitors. She gnarled revealing her sharp teeth, then calmed down a bit feeling the familiar scent in her nostrils, but still kept an eye on both men. There should be puppies: a bunch of squeaking blobs with undistinguishable "front end" and "back end". Just as it ought to look like. Except there was only one there, which looked more like a suggestion of a puppy. The younger guard pointed to it:
Shouldn't there be more? Ya said they tend to come in bunches. It looks kinda odd to me. Say, Grol, should we do something with it, eh?".
The older guard called Grol, as someone with more life experience, gave the suitable answer:"Nyaaah, let it be. C'mon lad, we have some cards to play and that Bomberry Grog not gonna drink itself up." And left the stable with the younger guard.
Deep inside his tiny primitive mind the odd puppy was certain there already was a master who awaited him.

Howl of Darkness

Meet the members of the soon-to-be-most-popular band in Neopia

Vocal and electric guitar – Who else could be the frontman? His weapon of a mass destruction turns into a tool of mass enjoyment. At least for those who not only can bear its shrieking sound but actually feel hypnotized by it. Could it be a touch of black magic there? He brags his music can make the zombie dance which is not far from the truth. He is so devoted to his music hat little he cares about the audience. But of course the more the better to join him at worshipping the dark forces. If he gives out an autograph you can choose between ink, blood or leaving a burned signature on your body.

Vocal – Harpagon – Danakar's loyal companion. He gives a real show on the stage. He cannot speak much but what he can is just enough for the simple refrains. Even the best death-trash-acid-folk-metal singers cannot growl like him. Due to this their single "A Curse on you!" was a hit... at least among some death-trash-acid-folk-metal fans. He is the only artist who can be paid in bones.

Bass guitar - Silverpaint – She would prefer to play in a country or pop band. Or pop-country. Something that is light and merry rather than dark and scary. But her sister said so, she will obey. She truly want to help the band, after all they are family. Fortunately she also has a sprouting musical talent so she got the bass guitar. When they play together she seems lost in her thoughts, totally insensible to world beyond the stage. A good thing to deal with her shyness. But the fading halo is no good, a signal that someone inside her enjoys the show and would like to make the words of the dreadful songs come true.

Drums - Hollygrove – His enthusiasm to join the band was tamed by the fact the frontman post was already taken. To make matters worse his talent for singing got depreciated when he learnt Danakar's mongrel is doing the vocal. Unable to rebel against their sadistic manager (Sharpbeak of course) he took the drums. But the drums are always in the back and people never even care to memorize the drummer's name! Still, there is no way that a star like him would not give a good show. And he feels the rhythm, baby!

The Manager - Ostrodzioba (Sharpbeak) – Because Danakar focuses only on playing he needs a manager more than anyone else. His sister is already the head of "Schlagring" so having control over the "Howl of Darkness" came naturally. She is a manager from hell and her working methods would not be approved by the Worker's Association. She yells, she threatens, she uses corporal punishment and sometimes acts like a slave warden standing there with a whip and giving orders. She is harsh towards her brother (it takes a lot to get him affected), never passes an occasion to call Hollygrove an idiot and slap his head (he should get used to that) and mostly skips on Silverpaint, because the girl is already obedient and eager to do her best for the sake of her family.

Discography & songs


A Curse on You – the first single album which owes to the main vocalist, Harpagon.

Howl Me to the Moon – "An uncanny experience with a twist of eerie romance", said their Manager to attract the gothic audience. Uncanny? Maybe. But Where's the romance?!

______Song Lyrics______

Here are some lyrics of the band's greatest hits for all fans to sing (growl) along.

."A Curse on You".

One that seeks their doom

Those who prefer sun to moon

You there who enters my room

A celebrity in the swimming pool

The little girl with a balloon

The grocery lady, yes, you too!


."Howl Me to the Moon".

Howl me to the moon
And let me eat the light of stars
Dark energy radiates from the setup of Jupiter and Mars
In other worlds something grabs my hand
In other words: you there! Kneel to me!

Fill my heart with fear
And let me serve the darkest force
That is all I long for
To destroy and devour
In other worlds it comes true
In other worlds there's Cthulu!

."Black Dog".

Lurking in the night
A black dog
He is on your pavement
His flaming stare
Penetrates your soul
Panic won't help
Nothing will do
You can't stop him
From doing evil chores
The dawn strikes
So he leaves behind
A devilish dung
In front of your house

."Meepits in the Walls".

There are close
Meepits in the walls
They gonna rule the world
When you sleep safe and sound

Wake up! Wake up!
Can't you hear their chant?
They're hidden in every wall.
In the kitchen and living room
And the bathroom too!

Watching you
(yes, in bathroom too)
With hypnotizing eyes
You do not realize
Till it's too late.

Meepits in the walls!


Coding inspired by: Bedazzled
Background: Silent Serenity
Icons: Spring Fresh

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It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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