I thought this was cute, that's all.

omg Rawri ♥ I'm still all omg over this.

this was my VERY FIRST zap!

Rawri was totally jealous, so I let her have him!
and she gave me Sialithar who got me some BD avatars and trophies

~ ~ ~

Dahal's Zaplog

This will only include the colour/species changes, even though I'm actually zapping her for stats and avatars.
Dahal was created as a green Gelert, and her first zap changed her to Glowing but I didn't think of making a zaplog then, oops.

Done in screenies because that's more interesting than a written list.

I painted her red after this zap, because I already have a Tyrannian Gelert!

Tyrannian again! I painted her yellow this time.