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Gazing up at the night sky, the stars twinkle and glimmer high above like crystal jewels as they fill the view. Looking at how many there are, you wonder if you can name them all…

Welcome to Name the Stars, created on May 7th 2011. This is a site of untaken names dedicated to naming your star, be it your precious pet, your dream site, or even a new account. I am Alex, namer of the stars, and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, do not hesitate to share them with me. Also, if you would like a custom name to suit your needs, feel free to ask!

Neopet Names

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Active tags {?}

Real Word

Aepyornidae - n. in the order (species class) of huge extinct flightless birds: elephant birds
Asseverate - v. to declare earnestly or solemnly (royal) (smart)
Dipteryx - n.
Farragoes - n.plu. confused mixtures
Hetaerae - n.plu. highly cultured courtesans, especially in ancient Greece
Nonderelict - adj. not abandoned or neglected, opposite of 'derelict'
Revegetate - v. produce a new growth of vegetation on (disturbed or barren ground)
Twelvemo - n. duodecimo; a book printed on sheets folded to form 12 leaves or 24 pages (smart)
Xiphiidae - n. (genus) comprising of common swordfishes


Buttonsarentcuter - buttons + aren't + cuter; from the phrase 'cute as a button' (baby)
Quickquack - quick + quack
Relicruins - relic + ruins
Reliefrelic - relif + relic
Renaissancewoman - Renaissance + woman
Wearentlupes - we + aren't + lupes; for Lupes hiding from Chias

Semi-Real Word

Aucbade - misspelled 'aubade'
Bilieuse - French for 'bilious' (female form) (foreign)
Boulangeres - French for 'baker' (female form) (foreign)
Cabudge - misspelled 'cabbage' (baby)
Crumpeteer - false roots; crumpet + '-teer'
Dikg - misspelled 'dig'
Drehnian - Old English for '(to) strain (liquid)', from 'drain' (steampunk)
Elbauqe - backwards for 'equable' (smart)
Elehvin - misspelled 'eleven'
Epnui - misspelled 'epuni' (mutant/lab)
Foubard - French for 'scarf' (foreign)
Gazouiller - French for 'to chirp' (baby) (foreign)
Grecques - French for 'Greeks' (or 'Greek' in feminine plural) (foreign)
Heterodiine - misspelled 'heterodyne' (smart)
Isthmos - Greek for 'a narrow strip of land with sea on either side, forming a link between two larger areas of land'; origin of the word 'isthmus' (foreign) (smart)
Jalouses - French for 'jealous' in plural (foreign)
Myngl - misspelled 'mingle' (mutant/lab)
Nevamorr - misspelled 'nevermore'
Rocheuses - French name for the Rocky Mountains (foreign) (royal)
Supersition - misspelled 'superstition'
Twyzti - misspelled 'twisty' (baby)
Whohp - misspelled 'hope'
Yllaciahcra - backwards for 'archaically' (royal)
Zappd - misspelled 'zapped' (mutant/lab)


Actark - based off the words 'acting' and 'ark'
Aracura - based off 'Acara'
Cephii - based off 'cephas', Greek for 'stone'
Charrked - based off 'charred' (Darigan) (mutant/lab) (steampunk)
Ciisytra - based off 'artistic' (faerie)
Dainete - based off 'diameter'
Ellafaru(baby) (faerie)
Evevt - based off 'event'
Ezperion(Darigan) (smart)
FaIaise - French for 'cliff' but with an 'i' instead of an 'L' (foreign) (mutant/lab)
Fantasgue - misspelled 'fanatasque', French for 'fantastic' (foreign)
Flynneth (steampunk)
Grileu - alternate: Gresgnrileu
Hyrogue - based off 'heiroglyph'
Immahl - based off 'I am'
Iterates - random Greek imitation; based off 'iterat-', Latin for 'repeated' (foreign) (smart)
Jalousse - misspelled 'jalouse', French for 'jealous' (baby) (faerie) (foreign)
Krysct - based off 'crystal' (faerie) (royal)
Lanikura - based off 'Acara' (Darigan)
Mattae (faerie)
Munital - based off 'platinum'
Natilopsic - based off 'cosmopolitan' (mutant/lab)
Neocashin - based off 'Neocash'
Novskym - full name: Novskym Oucind, Oucind (smart)
Nyradyn (steampunk)
Omzigg - based off 'gizmo' (smart) (steampunk)
Oratua - based off 'orator'
Paephre (faerie)
Purtol - based off 'portal'
Rampas - based off 'rampage' (Darigan) (royal)
Ranaia - based off 'rain'
Sandruh - based off 'Xandra'; alternate: Sandru (Darigan) (smart)
Seretisis - based off 'sisters' (mutant/lab) (smart)
Tangele - based off 'elegant'
Teriial - based off 'ethereal' (faerie) (royal)
Trapud - based off 'trapped'
Typhera - based off 'typhoon'
Umoris - based off 'impromptu'
Vicotyr - based off 'victory'
Waeynd - based off 'wind'
Weulk (steampunk)
Wolahs - based off 'shallow' and pronounced like 'Wallace'
Yllacita - based off 'poetically' (smart)
Yticilmys - based off 'simplicity'
Zegtro (steampunk)
Zwistor - based off 'twister'
Newest names: Ranaia, Typhera, Waeynd, Zwistor (miscellaneous); Aepyornidae, Dipteryx, Nonderelict, Xiphiidae (real word)

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Real Word

Burgeoning - v. begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish
Closeknit - adj. (of a group of people) united or bound together by strong relationships and common interests
Currency - n. a system of money in general use in a particular region or country
Flummoxed - adj./v. to be bewildered or perplexed
Ichthyic - adj. fishlike
Myrmidon - n. a hired ruffian or unscrupulous subordinate; henchman


Clawedstorms - clawed + storms
Clawsofshadow - claws + of + shadow
Norsebeard - Norse + beard
Poetlaureate - poet + laureate
Talktothehand - talk + to + the + hand
Wolfsnightmare - wolf's + nightmare

Semi-Real Word

Aegrus - Latin for 'ill; diseased'
Boreil - misspelled 'boreal'
Ephebus - Latin for 'youth'
Farfeloo - misspelled 'farfelu', French for 'eccentric'
Graffyte - misspelled 'graphite'
Honestus - Latin for 'respectable; distinguished' (also a pet name!)
Intumesco - Latin for 'to swell up; puff up; swell with anger'
Jreamz - misspelled 'dreams'
Pilosus – Latin for 'hairy'
Sooths - misspelled 'soothes'
Tutelle - French for 'guardian'
Newest names: Closeknit, Currency, Ichthyic, Myrmidon (real word), Clawedstorms, Clawsofshadow, Wolfsnightmare (constellation), Boreil, Jreamz, Pilosus, Sooths, Tutelle (semi-real)

Site Names

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Active tags {?}

Symbols and numbers-E

2 Ducats (graphics)
5 px - refers to a small font size (pixels)
Aesthete (graphics)
Anecdotal Reviews (reviews)
Beyond Limits - beyond the confines of an 88-by-31pixel box (buttons) (graphics)
Bird's Eye View (layouts/premades)
Blue Slippers (graphics)
Brushstrokes (graphics)
Building Blocks - for reviews because they introduce the 'building blocks'; child's toy themed? (reviews)
Cachet* (competitions) (reviews)
Calibre (reviews)
Chokato Stew (misc)
Coconut Cream - Coco Cream; coconut cream pie (graphics)
Coconut Mall - Mario Kart reference; best for shop directory (directory)
Colorfast (graphics)
Compilations (directory)
Count the Clouds (directory) (graphics)
Double Rainbow (layouts/premades) (graphics)
Dove (misc)
Ebullient (graphics)
Eclectic (directory)
Ecliptic - occurs only when the moon crosses it (competitions)
Ellipsis - relating to a 'dot dot dot' (pixels)
Elucidated (reviews)
Enamor (reviews)
en bloc - for a directory because all the sites are 'en bloc' (directory)
Encomium - writing of praise (competitions) (reviews)
Enthroned (competitions)
Entitled Honor (competitions)
Enumerate - to number the best (competitions)
Epicure (reviews) (competitions)
Epithet - an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality characteristic of the person or thing mentioned (reviews)
Estimable (reviews) (competitions)
Eulogy (reviews)
Eurythmic (reviews)
Excessively (directory)
Exhume - to dig up (competitions)


Faculty (reviews)
Fairy Floss (pixels)
Fever (graphics)
Fish in the Sea - phrase 'plenty of fish in the sea' (directory)
For Example - an example to other sites (graphics)
Full Deck - because having a bunch of sites is like having a bunch of cards (directory)
Galleria - best for shop directory (directory)
Glistening (misc)
Golden Piazza - best for shop directory (directory)
Grey Scarf (misc)
Haunting (graphics)
Headend (directory)
Honeybug (pixels)
Horizon Line (layouts/premades)
Inkblot - letter layout/theme (reviews)
Ink Typhoon - for font sites because lots of writing would make an ink typhoon (misc)
Jubilant (misc)
Kelp Field (misc)
Keychain (directory)
Kiwi Icing (pixels)
Lead By Example (competitions)
Leaf on the Wind (misc)
Life's a Beach (misc)
Limelight (competitions) (reviews)
Melon Bliss (misc)
Minutiae (reviews)
Neon Sign (buttons)
Over the Moon (competitions)
Pastels (graphics)
Painted Skies (layouts/premades)
Patchwork (directory)
Pick a Card - buttons are 'cards' (buttons)
Plaque (buttons)
Primesque (competitions)
Quilin Roar (misc)
Red Envelope - awards show envelope (competitions)
Royal Flush (directory)
Sea Shells - beach theme; sea shell collection (directory)
Shades of Midnight (graphics)
Shake It - for competitions because it could be dance competition-themed (competitions)
Shenkuu Markets (directory)
Southern Cove - also: Tropical Cove (misc)
Starry Evening (reviews)
Strawberry Meadow (pixels)
Sweetie Pie (pixels)
Sympatric - overlapping (plants) in a geographical region (directory)
Twist and Shout (misc)
Twist of Fate - for a directory because great sites are found by a 'twist of fate' (directory)
Upper Class (competitions)
Without a Doubt (reviews)
Zigzag (directory)
Zippity Doo (pixels) (misc)
Newest names: Coconut Mall, Galleria, Golden Piazza

Custom Names

Would you like a unique, original name for your star? Is there a certain color, species, gender or personality you want to create, but never thought of the perfect name? Ask Alex for a custom-made name by requesting with the appropriate form below! If you would just like to ask for advice on an existing name on the list, you can Neomail Alex informally.


A Rose by Any Other Name

Though this site is dedicated to giving our stars brilliant appellations, not all pets have had the fortune of being named with such care, especially one's beloved first pet. There is a phrase immortalized by William Shakespeare: a rose by any other name smells as sweet. In this section, we recognize those roses who are as special to their owners as any 'well-named' pet. To submit your rose, simply send me a message.

_Lucky7_3_45, also known as Lucky or Captain Anastasia Fiore, was my first pet. Of course, when I realized the name 'Lucky' wasn't available, I gave her this name riddled with underscores and numbers. But now, her name's flaws matter no more to me, and she is my beloved character: a female pirate captain who won't take 'no' for an answer. ~ Alex

Feel free to use this button on your pet's lookup or petpage if they are on here!

Shooting Stars

Though I do condone using my fine-tuned names for your stars, what of those elusive, rarely seen stars of beautiful names – without owners? You may want to create a unique pet of your own, but the Pound has so many beautifully named, already existing pets, lonely and starving. Every week, I will list 10 names of pets in the Pound who deserve better, with a short evaluation of the name beside.

Click the picture to see the lookup, and the name to find the Pound!

1337_r0ckstar What better gamer's pet than 1337 here? ('1337' is chatspeak for 'leet', short for 'elite'.)

Candy__Smiles__ Nothing can make you smile like Candy can!

Gweetox Not really a Xweetock... but a Gweetox! What implications could the 'g' change have? 'Ghost'? 'Green'? 'Guardian'...?

Lavilovie French for 'Cheap o' life', this pet surely won't put a strain on your wallet.

Mailee_May April showers bring May flowers," and Mailee will happily bring flowers to her new owner!

Ranitas_tortuga Tortuga is an island in the Caribbean, and 'ranas' is Spanish for frogs, so 'ranitas' are smaller, cuter frogs.

Salsa11 Mmm... who doesn't like salsa?

Sfhaqr It appears to be a random combination of letters, but think of it as 'Safhaqar' (pronounced 'sahf-hah-kar').

x_Jhaya_x Aside from the decorative x's, Jhaya is pretty well-named.

Zhunade Pronounced either "zhoo-nahd" or "zhoo-nayd", this is a great name that I can picture on a spy, space pilot, queen...

Feel free to use this button on your new pet's lookup or petpage!

Name Origins Guide

Have you ever seen a Neopian species and contemplated the origins of the name? If you have, you've come to the right place. Below, I have researched Neopets history and etymology – that is, the origin of the names. If you have any information, especially on the names marked with an asterisk*, or you would like to argue an origin, please Neomail me!

Blumaroo – from the word 'kangaroo' – possibly with allusion to Blume'sThe Boy in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo
Bruce – Bruce Forsyth was the original Neopet name and design, but was changed due to copyright; the tuxedo became a penguin with a bow tie, and Bruce Forsyth became a Bruce
Bori – they bore through ground
Buzz – buzzes around; formerly Flye because it was a flying eye
Chia – Chias have chia pet-like hair
Chomby – the species chomps on leaves
Cybunny – combination of 'cyberspace' (a common nickname for the Internet at the time of creation) and 'bunny'
Draik – from the word 'dragon', from Greek 'drakon' (the Draik resembles a dragon)
Elephante – Elephantes resemble elephants
Eyrie – bird nest for bird of prey, like the bird-esque Eyrie; the word 'eerie' means 'strange and frightening', and the Eyrie's design is based on a 'strange and frightening' mythological creature, the griffin (thanks Emily!)
Flotsam – floating objects discarded in the sea; phrase 'flotsam and jetsam', hinting at the Jetsam species
Gelert – legend of a loyal dog named Gelert; story is told here
Grarrl – a growling noise, like those made by the species
Hissi – the species makes hissing noises
Ixi – Ixion was a king in Greek legend who was the ancestor of Centaurs, who are half-human, half-horse beings
Jetsam – discarded objects; phrase 'flotsam and jetsam', hinting at the Flotsam species
Jubjub – probably derived from Jubjub Bird, a creature in poem 'Jabberwocky', which is on the Book of Evil page
Kau – misspelled 'cow'
Kiko – 'kiko' is Japanese for 'frog'
Koi – Japanese word for. and English variety of 'carp', like the fishy species Koi
*Korbat – 'corbie' is Scottish for 'crow, raven, rook', the second part is simply 'bat', the basis of the Korbat's design
Kougra – an altered version of the word 'cougar', as Kougras are cat-like Neopets. Also, a 'kula' is an island ceremonial gift exchange
Krawk – misspelled 'croc', short form of 'crocodile' (like Krawks)
Lupe - 'lupus' is Latin for 'wolf' (thanks Katie!)
Lutari – 'lutra' is Latin for 'otter'
Meerca – shortened 'meerkat'
Moehog – possibly the words 'moehawk' and 'warthog'
Ogrin – possibly an anagram of 'ignor' (short for 'ignore'), as Ogrins are apparently shy in social situations
Poogle – possibly an altered version of 'poodle', based on the canine implications here
Pteri – 'pteron' is Greek from 'wing', probably from pterodactyl (who lived in an environment like the Pteri's Tyrannia)
Quiggle – a 'quag' is boggy, frog habitat
Scorchio – breathes fire that scorches
Tuskaninny – likely a combination of 'tusk' and 'ninny'
Uni – the species resembles a unicorn
Usul – 'usagi' (Japanese for 'rabbit') + 'squirrel'
Wocky – probably derived from 'Jabberwocky', a creature in poem 'Jabberwocky', which is on the Book of Evil page

Were you wondering...

How the names are organized?

In the pet names section, first come the Real Word names. These are real words, real names or real places. They have been found in dictionaries and comply with the Word for Word real word directory standards (though it is now closed). The second section is Constellations, for multiple words combined. The following section is Semi-Real Word, or names that are almost Real Word, but not quite. This includes words in other languages, backward spellings, typos and misspellings. The final section is Miscellaneous, for names that have been altered further, or completely random. The usernames section is organized similarly, though with no miscellaneous section (based on demand; change this?). Sites are only organized alphabetically, with tags.

What tags are, and how to use them?

Tags are part of a quick and easy system to find names. Most names come with a tag, which is a category that the name falls under, in brackets. To use a tag, simply hold down the Control (or Command for Mac users) and F keys on your keyboard and input the tag in brackets, for example, (sandan-related) then press enter. The number that shows up (Safari and IE users) is an indicator of how many names have that tag. Press the 'Next' button to see the next name on the list with that tag.

Why this site needs tags?

There are three main functions of tags, and no drawbacks. First, you can use a tag to find a name that has already been predetermined as suitable for your needs. Second, if you like the style of one name and wish to find similar names, you can use a tag on the name to look at names in the same category. Lastly, when searching a tag, you can see the names in their category, without leaving the larger categories of Real Word, site names, et cetera.

Why usernames don't have tags?

There is not a great deal of usernames (partially due to the fact that they are not in demand, since each player can only acquire 5 accounts), and there is not as much of a need for precision. Pet names might need to be tailored to a character or paint color in mind, and site names need to fit the type of site, but usernames can be as random and 'badly-named' as you want.

If you need to link back if you use a name?

For pet names, I'd love it if you could show some appreciation and put a button their lookup. However, this isn't mandatory. For usernames, I honestly don't care! However, for site names, I ask for some common courtesy - a bit of recognition in your Credits section, maybe a link back, perhaps. Please Neomail me if you do use a name so I know it's taken!

How I make names?

Site names are just cute little phrases, noun + adjective combos, or something that goes with the site type. Usernames are even simpler, just a random word or readable letters. Pet names, however, can come to me in a variety of ways. I see the word in the dictionary and try that directly as a pet name. I use a method where I take a word, flip it, then add or remove letters (occasionally flipping the name backwards again during the process) until I have a short, sweet name. I might hear a word in a foreign language (typically French, which I study) and search it, or hear a word and check with an incorrect spelling. A lot of times, a combination of syllables and letter patterns are put together and checked for availability.

Why this site was created?

I love creating characters, ideas and names. After a while, though, I realized I couldn't keep all these names to myself. I was preparing to open an 'ideas' site in mid-2009, where I'd give away these characters and site ideas. It was originally going to be called Storm (so you'd 'get storm'd' when you were named) but after discovering Storm CSS (now closed) I thought it would be confusing. It was then going to be called Think Big, but before I'd a chance to open the site, I realized not creating your own characters is no fun. Now, all I offer is names, but this site has a wide variety of extras as well!

Who I am?

My name is Alex (though please Neomail me here!) and I love making characters and names. I think etymology is awesome and Shakespeare was the coolest guy of his century. I might open a pixel site sometime because I like pixelling - as many pixels possible, on this site, are created by me! However, you might already know my Altador Cup site, ROOT, or my super-new review site Euphonious.
The pet who hosts this page, Czoar, is a special one. Her name is a homophone to soar, which means 'to fly'. I had loved this spiritual name, and so I created her for the December dream pet giveaway, to be a Shadow Draik. Now, she remains one of my most precious pets. I hope this page offers names that you cherish as much as I cherish Czoar's!

Something not answered here?

Don't worry, just ask away and I'll try to answer you as soon as possible!


Find your way by the stars?


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Fellow astronomer

Appellation is a fabulous untaken names site by Michelle. Like Name the Stars, Appellation offers a huge variety of pet and usernames. There are tons of categories to choose from so you can find exactly the kind of name you're looking for - I personally love to browse sections like Mythology and Different Language. Don't forget to play The Name Game on your way out!

Other astronomers

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Requests for affiliates are open, with preference for untaken name lists!


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Ranked #3 at iSite
Ranked #3 at Kaleidoscopic
Ranked #3, #4 at Soroptimist Directory
Ranked #3 at The Faerie Compass (closed)
Ranked #4 at Spark (closed)
Recommended at Angel's Directory
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#3 of Top 3 of the Notable & Newly Listed section of Soroptimist Directory, May 7th 2011
(Temporarily) Best New Site in the Notable & Newly Listed section of Soroptimist Directory, May 13th 2011
Featured site at Zioned Directory, July 6th 2011


Real Word pet names: 9
Constellation pet names: 6
Semi-Real Word pet names: 25
Miscellaneous pet names: 62
Total pet names: 102

Real Word usernames: 6
Constellation usernames: 6
Semi-Real Word usernames 11
Total usernames: 23

*Button site names: 4
*Competition site names: 14
*Directory site names: 19
*Graphics site names: 12
*Layouts and premades site names: 4
*Miscellaneous site names: 13
*Pixel site names: 8
*Review site names: 15
Total site names: 89

Total names: 214

Used pet names: 73
Used usernames: 32
Used site names: 8
Total used names: 113

Total taken custom names: 4

*Note: Each site is classified by only one tag - the first tag. Miscellaneous sites are classified as such unless there is another tag; in the event of multiple tags, the first tag other than 'miscellaneous' will be counted.

Counter started July 10th 2011


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