Enchanted is closed?

Yes, unfortunately

Here are my reasons:

(1) I feel that it was always "one more thing" for me to do.

(2) I never enjoyed it as much as my 3rd-ever site, Buttons Galore.

(3) With all my time restraints as of late, I didn't think I'd ever be able to spend as much time on it as I needed to.

(4) There is one directory out there that's the greatest - Soroptimist Directory. As long as we have Cass updating it, is there really a need for any more directories?

(5) I would like to pursue other options in the site world, though directory owning was by no means a waste of time.

I can't thank all my listers, affiliates, exclaimers, visitors and supporters anywhere near enough. I had a lot of fun meeting all of you!

I learned a ton while running this site. I'll never forget it or what I learned from it. I ran some pretty cool events at Enchanted, got a lot of wonderful sites listed, started an exclamation box, and even had a steady stream of listing requests towards the end! I'm sorry to say goodbye, but it's not for good. I'll always be around the site community, you know, because of Buttons Galore and the many possibilities that the future holds...


This page's chapter is not over.

it remains to be continued...